Wednesday, March 30, 2022

"Don't Believe The Gloom and Doom Merchants from The Land of the Blind. Turn Your Face to The Sun."

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So often I wonder how people get the way they do. Of course, modern society disconnects you from your humanity. You get alienated and isolated... disenfranchised would apply, like a side order of fries, with the main course being a showing of Cannibal Holocaust. Everything I see in this hurdy-scurvy world serves to convince me how very... very fortunate I am to KNOW that there is a God and to be intimate with him/her/it; however your pronouns handle that.

I wonder if pro-noun means that they are not real nouns, but... someone is in favor of their maybe... someday... becoming a real noun; a sort of Pinocchio story... “I'm a real boy!” How do I remember these things? It's my fault, of course, I grew too fast when I was young, having to constantly get out of the way of things... coming at speed, and... you don't get an instruction manual on arrival.

There are instruction manuals; The Way of Life by Witter Bynner. The New Testament, The Eight Fold Path, The Bhagavad Gita, The Emerald Tablet... but, you don't get these early on. A certain amount of grief comes your way when you are totally defenseless. I can't answer any of that. Karma is all I can come up with, and... I did not come up with it. Reincarnation has been proven many times by prodigies, past-life recall; fluently speaking foreign languages that the person had no exposure to, intimate remembrances of somewhere they have not been in that life. I'm not going to get started on it. The evidence is overwhelming from my perspective and I don't really care if anyone else believes it.

I prove things out to my satisfaction. I await confirmation from within. When the two dovetail... begin to resonate in accord, I have found the truth of it. It may be, and usually is... relative truth, but... it's good to know what it is. One's understanding of something does not survive one's first exposure to it. There is the life you hear about, via degrees of separation and the life you experience. They are not the same. A great deal of our knowledge is wrong or ridiculous, given personal prejudice, and all the countless variations between us in our unique-snowflake way. I'm not sure if a pun is intended there or not.

Whenever it looks like The World is catching on to the people manipulating it behind the scenes, they sow discord among us until the spell (awakening) passes. Not this time. This time you are going to see many a peculiarity... many an anomaly. Several quite different world-changing events are going to be happening in close proximity to one another. An example? Okay... imagine there is a revolution in some major country and just as it is hitting its stride there is a massive earthquake; then you add in something else for that Three Times a Charm thing- ♫ you're once, twice, three times a dingbat ♫

Think of the documentaries they can produce! If they can find their cameras and accessories they will be in business. Right now there are thousands of budding auteurs running around with cellphone cameras. There is a whole lot of crazy out there. I've seen people step off cliffs in the process of a selfie. I've seen them get assaulted for filming. I've seen them fall or trip countless times for not paying attention to spatial awareness or where they are going. There are many examples on rubetube and all the other me ME ME graffiti sites, where people keep you updated on what they get up to, or... others provide you with the details because the main player is no longer with us.

Maybe it has always been this way and I just didn't see it because I was suffering from my own version of it, or... its just gotten really bad over the last 20 years due to The Internet. It has profoundly changed the way we live. Remember when there were no cellphones? I was in possession of them early on, due to being a resort manager and always on call. Before that there were beepers or maybe they arrived at the same time. I can't recall. I don't keep with the empirical side of things. Watching a dog chase his tail got old around the time I was 5 years old.

The Internet has made it possible for us to see The Crazy from a distance. It has put a world of information at our fingertips. To me... that is the most amazing feature of it all. I get to seek and to study... ANYTHING. Sadly... most people do not see The Internet at The World's Biggest Free University. Sure you pay for the service but it is a pittance. You can even get it free, just head on down to your nearest Obama Phone outlet, and... God's your uncle.

Oh, how I travel!!! For some time, I have had the landscapes inside my head, and... fortunately, the walls around me, within, have pretty much fallen away, and I'm in no mood to rebuild them. Now I have The World itself... at a disrespectful distance.

Look at the gadgets we have! 3-D Printers? Virtual Reality for people who can't deal with reality, but... there is a lot of good that can be extracted from all of them, simply by using your tools properly and for the right reasons. We see where it has gone... though... half... or a great deal more of the traffic is Porn. A very large chunk is pure superficiality. Some of the hottest entertainments going are to be found in reality TV, which follows narcissists around or delves into the profane little lives of people without any talent beyond the ability to not be embarrassed for themselves.

You can see that some sort of widespread destruction has to be in the cards. The offspring have been turned into a generation of vipers who react like trained seals to every triggering phrase. They have turned away from God. That is about all I can say on the matter, and every time the masses do this, ruin follows in the wake of their departure. It's clear that many people are not hardwired toward self-inquiry.

When you live riotously... when you eat terrible food and do not exercise, other than a great deal of wrist-action, you are going to be in trouble down the road. When all of your meditation is upon a screen filled with odious vanity... covering a hideous self-loathing, at some point... a profound disconnect is certain to take place. People are being systematically murdered by the vaccine manufacturers, and celebrities are cheering from the sidelines. This CANNOT end well.

The Global Warming Cult is beyond anything Jim Jones ever thought about creating. People are horrified by Charles Manson and Ted Bundy. Yet they laud far bigger serial killers like George Soros, Bill Gates, and Klaus Schwab. What these men have done to millions of people is far beyond what these tinhorns accomplished. What they intend to do to the world entire is terrible to contemplate... and around The World? Most of them are in bed with each other... The World leaders... the big-name entertainers... the religious leaders... sports figures... you name it. They all bend the knee to The Beast, or they don't get their haunch of slaughtered antelope.

Decades ago, I heard Guru Bawa say that you would know when end times are upon you because cannibalism would be widespread. You can see the breakdown in the social structure all around... at a distance. It is moving very fast. What... oh what is going to be the outcome? I am troubled not at all. It's happening in places that I have no desire to go.

When the soundtrack went to Hell, that is when I knew that end times were upon us. Once grunge brought out the inner, Satanic atheist, RAP took over to celebrate physical excess and rampant hedonism, not to mention a free-fall of the general IQ. Few are learning anything useful. First, you make the people stupid. Then, you tell them what is good for them. Then you enforce it.

It appears as if they can do as they please, BUT... they cannot do what they please. They can only do it to the people who empower them. The Witch-Doctor Curse has no effect on those who are not culturally programmed to believe in it. It ALL takes place in your mind, This is where you sort it out and later see it appear in front of you. Raise your vibrations and they won't even be able to see you.

Get ready for The Summer that Sanity Forgot, prior to the harvesting machines breaking down in the fields. You materialize what you believe in. The World operates on Faith, just like The Stock Market. When that ceases to be present trouble is suiting up in the wings. Everything good and positive that comes about in life is part of a harmonious exchange between Heaven and Earth. This is the ONLY THING you have to get right. Make yourself a tail-flap reflector on The Gospel Train. Let The Good News take you to a good place.

Don't believe the Gloom and Doom Merchants from the Land of the Blind. Turn your face to The Sun. Let Impersonal Love sit upon the throne in the secret chambers of the heart. Let it radiate without respite. Impersonate The Sun. You can just as well spend your time shining on others, rather than to wrap yourself in thunderclouds. You pull grief up out of the well and then complain about what's in the bucket. You really can pull something else up out of there. You should at least try it and see.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

About that slap:

Great post. Can't wait until next week.

M - said...

Pfizer sponsored the 2022 Oscars.

Pfizer is getting ready to bring an alopecia drug to market.

I don't believe in coincidences.


Anonymous said...

Yes, we always appreciate the Elf's hand in things!

As for the post - yes, yes, and YES! Another one of those wrap ups of the way most
of us must feel at this point in time. Most grateful for the belief in and trust in God
without which I would be totally lost.

Love, priscilla

Gregory said...

Les Visible said...

"It is a very rare event to meet someone who is not carrying a crowd of personalities around with them. "

FYI, we are still working on that one.

Anonymous said...

Makes one wonder what the Russians uncovered in Ukraine if they're letting this go ahead. Damage control via distraction?


oldmaninthedesert said...

awesome Vis

The Gospel in a sentence
" No guilt in Life, no fear of death this is the power of Christ in me"

Anonymous said...

be like the Sun and shine impersonal love. Well, humans are pretty difficult to love but then I realized can't i shine that love onto the trees and the grass and the river and the clouds?

One thing the elite is correct about- humans are destroying this green earth. Once again, i strongly feel the vaccine is karma for all of this.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now=

"God Stays in The Background Unless You are REALLY... REALLY Serious and Determined about The Presence."

Visible said...

Bellerian; I got as far as the first paragraph... Wow!



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