Thursday, September 03, 2020

"Sheer Panic is Going to Thin the Herd in the Places of Greatest Human Concentration."

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It is being bandied about that September is THE MONTH for radical change coming. I am NOT on the New Age Network and don't know what they are saying BUT... I have seen this. I don't subscribe to predictions; I don't care if they come by way of Nostrildamus or Madame Cleo. What I do know is that no one knows the hour of the coming of anything, outside of the hours, the days of the week, and the turn of the seasons. We 'think' we do and we are especially motivated to support the idea of the arrival of conditions we prefer or agree with. A long time ago, I had it pointed out to me, VISCERALLY, that I DON'T KNOW. I really don't. What I am told is so, appears in my mind, when needed, due to my having emptied it for that purpose and that seldom has to do with dates or specific events. Also, by the same author is this lengthy, well researched, speculation exercise. How much of any of it is true?

I can't say, 'Yeah' and I can't say, 'Nay'. All I can say is that there is BIG TROUBLE looming, like the specter of Sauron, rising over the battlements of Mordor, metaphorically speaking. This trouble is being stirred up by powerful collectives, who hope to profit from it and protect their Place of Power. They are being PERMITTED to do what they are doing, for The Purpose of Demonstration and everyone going in fear of it, or in support of it, are to be considered Players in it.

The REASON it is all coming to a head is because of THE CHANGING OF THE AGE. Those who have held power, through various personas and agencies, wish to extend their control from the passing age into the arriving age. It is for this REASON also that The Avatar is coming down through the planes and evicting The Powers and Principalities and Rulers of Darkness from their Places of Power in the invisible realms. They are, alternatively, being sent directly to Hell, or pressed downward and outward into manifestation for Judgment.

If you have been following these blogs for the last couple of decades, and some of you have, you remember that for years I was trying to form a community in advance of what you now see occurring. I've known this was coming for a long time. I've been getting regular updates all the while. My efforts resulted in spectacular failures. They weren't supposed to happen, at that time- OR EVER; I don't know which it is at the moment. I was also, MY CHOICE, not going to be trotted out as some kind of important figure and this is what happens in circumstances like this. I have learned A GREAT DEAL in the process of my failures and clumsy avoidances; not the least of which is that EVERYTHING... REALLY is UNDER CONTROL. I had to go from intellectual to visceral about that.

There are all kinds of places I could go to facilitate a gathering of kindred spirits and more of them appear as time goes by. Some have larger possibilities and some are offers from kindred spirits to huddle together. I'm not thinking about any of that anymore. I've learned that I am not supposed to do anything. I am only supposed to show up, whether it is here, each day, for the rest of my tenure, or elsewhere when the time comes; pretty much like the rest of you, who are, by varying degrees, aware of the implications.

The BIG PROBLEM with physical life, taking place within a brief period of time, is the LACK OF a wider awareness of the impossible reach of existence and all of the different climates and atmospheres that come and go. There were times, long... long ago, when the world was flooded with light and times that followed that were still much more light-infused than it is now. Each of these periods was far larger than the one we find ourselves in and the one we find ourselves in is a VERY... VERY long time. How do you get a perspective on that? There is a mindset of timelessness, possessed by certain yogis and mystics, and the odd anomaly that appears now and then. This mindset includes the possibility of a timeless perspective BUT... it isn't something we can talk about in this medium.

We are TRULY blind, naked, and dumb. We KNOW less than nothing but that doesn't stop most of us from thinking we do and dressing up in The Emperor's New Clothes each day. The level of Vanity that exists in the present-day worlds of Rich and Famous is incredibly amusing, as well as horribly tragic. One can, with considerable accuracy, classify these people as hopelessly insane. Worse than that are the millions who admire and emulate them and would give ANYTHING to be in their shoes. Those who see clearly, OTHERWISE, are in an incredibly small number in these times and... for the most part, scorned and derided, should they have the temerity to say anything about it.

I look at Racism as LUDICROUS, given that we are ALL born into each color by rotation. I look at the war between the sexes as inconceivably stupid, given that we are each born as male and female on a regular basis, for the purpose of Understanding and an evolution in consciousness. Those who are asleep come back as a member of the other sex with every new incarnation. The CONDITIONS AND ROUTINES change, once one comes awake to a greater degree. Attendant with that comes an ever-increasing FREEDOM and all manner of perks.

AH... THE WONDERS that await for those on the upward path!!! You can't tell the sleepers anything though. Perhaps they have some simple and inaccurate idea of Deity and Heaven. Over the course of regular coming and going that gets clarified. More often than you might think, IT DOES NOT. THE KEY to Understanding and its counterpart, WISDOM, is the enduring and visceral awareness that one DOES NOT KNOW. Only then... ONLY THEN can one be informed and guided and freed out of bondage to appearances and the Web of Lies that contains them. There is a Web of Lies and there is a spider on the web.

I've known about Emmanuel Swedenborg since I was very young. I've come across his work here and there, through quotations and occasional excerpts that have appeared in the works of other writers BUT... I've never given him any greater attention. It wasn't time. It is time now, apparently. I am going to give you a link to a PDF download of his, “Heaven and Hell.”

Hover over the document to view the controls to flip through the pages

I've read a considerable amount of it by now. I've jumped, since yesterday, to the last chapters on Hell (FASCINATING STUFF) and I've jumped from location to location in the book, to get an overall feel. He wrote in Latin and his translators have done a marvelous job of rendering him comprehensible. He's very wordy and Brevity is not his strong suit BUT... he presents the clearest picture of THE WORLD'S AFTER that I have seen, in The Christian Tradition. I believe him. He seems to be sane, although gifted far beyond the rest of us. He spoke with (and saw) angels on a regular basis. I believe he did. He was a true renaissance man of the stature of da Vinci. He may not be to your tastes BUT... what he has to say is fascinating. You need a degree of intelligence to appreciate what he is saying.

I am providing access to this man's work. It would take years to read all of what he has written. He was VOLUMINOUS!!! Knowing me, I will probably read a lot of it, or until I am routed elsewhere. I love to read spiritual work. The reason I am providing these links is because I consider what he has to say VERY RELEVANT to the times we find ourselves in. As I said, he may not be to your tastes but I KNOW there are a few of you who will delve therein.

Materialism= Insanity ...and CRAZY has been insinuating itself into all of the different levels of local, state, and national government. It's been going on for some time and certain deep pockets psychopaths like George Soros, who is the Red Shield Frontman, have been financing these efforts. Here is a classic example of the intentions at work. These deluded stick figures might imagine that they are working toward wider equality in the human estate; not realizing this is impossible.

NO MATTER WHAT, a few of us will be very rich and a larger amount will be substantially rich and an even larger amount will be well off and the masses will be at varying levels of getting by and utter desperation. The world IS FAIR, you just can't see it because the players come and go and whatever you may be seeing are the fruits and results of previous lifetimes. That is HOW IT IS, like it or not and you can arrange for ANYTHING in the future for yourself... if you will just get to work on it, keeping in mind that it may all amount to crushing disappointment and worse.

Perhaps some of you are thinking, as I sometimes do; 'where will God send me next?' Will I go to Bali, or Northern India? Will it be a vastly different locale? It matters not, God knows best and I am in full agreement, NO MATTER WHAT.

You must think of the rolling waves of darkness as being geographically specific and also consider the concept of Passover. You'll want to know that applies to you AND IT DOES... even if you don't get passed over. Hopefully, you know what I mean. Sheer Panic is going to thin the herd considerably and the seriously intense locations are going to be where the larger populations are pressed up against one another. I pray for Awakening and MERCY but Heaven knows the whole of it far, far better than I EVER will. May God be with you!

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Anonymous said...

Something along the lines of this phrase...

"And they said to him, 'Where will this happen, Lord?' And He said to them, 'Where death is, there a gathering of vultures will be.'”
Where, Lord? - Where, or in what direction, shall these calamities come? The answer implies that it would be where there is the most "guilt and wickedness." Eagles flock where there is prey. So, said he, these armies will flock to the place where there is the most wickedness.

Similar to what you just wrote.

English is my second language so sometimes (so I've been told) I come across a bit rude/crude.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, if this month ain't interestin' enough fer ma taste, I'll be e-mailin' a couple o' people some virtual nose licks. But worry not! You made no promises, so no SLUUUURPS for you in you inbox.

Visible said...

You came off fine this time!

brian boru said...

I follow what you say and understand at some level but I still have a great sense of unease and insecurity in my every day life when I observe what is going on in the world. From a practical perspective should one spend one's time in prayer and meditation and just trust in fate or is it right to try to get some place and condition of physical security too? I sometimes wish I could just be in a remote and secluded place, self sufficient and living in peace but I think that what's coming will impact everyone everywhere.

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'wonder'ful column. Thanks!

Vis: "What I do know is that no one knows the hour of the coming of anything..."

I wanted to address the 'hour' of doing nothing. Quite a few times, Higher Self and I had finished-up whatever was being done and were just 'there'. But by being in a higher state and a receptive state, other entities could be 'heard' when they wanted to chime-in. If they were helpful types, they often volunteered information: "Did you know you were carrying that?" "Did you know that this area was really mucked-up?" "Did you know that you were blocked there?" And if permission was given, they proceeded to do things to resolve that situation. Stuff which required one to be both Present and Immobile...

The key here is that receptivity had to be present - at any hour. Recognition of the 'offer'. Most of the above would not have happened if I was heavily-immersed in Beta-land (day-to-day consciousness). Awareness of attempted contact is Important.

Contrary to what MSM would have you believe, the important 'action' is in the upper levels. That is where long-term, important changes happen - which then cascade Down Here. So, one must make time for the Unseen, whenever one is metaphorically 'tapped on the shoulder'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Thomas said...

Jacques Fresco's "Venus Project" has made it onto the pages of Forbes Magazine. Perhaps it can pick up some funding, and if so, what will that entail?

Visible said...


How I see it and... what I tried to explain... is that as a result of prayer and meditation, our intuitive facility is strengthened, and our ability to be guided increases. Racing for shelter BEFORE there is reason to could cause adverse conditions. TRUSTING in the omnipresence of the Ineffable places a CERTITUDE upon one's being INFORMED WHEN NEEDED. It can come in many forms besides as an INTERIOR VOICE. OFTEN we receive what are termed, 'hunches'. Some also call this phenomenon, 'leadings'

The more you put yourself 'in the way of it', the more likely it is that you will be able to interpret correctly. I know FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCE that I have often wound up somewhere without knowing how I got there and (grin) this was not due to being high.

I have mentioned the 3 critical, necessary qualities a person MUST HAVE to succeed in the endeavor called LIFE. They are FAITH, CERTITUDE, and DETERMINATION. Trust in The Ineffable and he will, by mysterious means or otherwise, see you through to security WITHIN AND- WITHOUT.

Ray B. said...

Vis, I thought you might like this on 'living' Suns (although it is science-based, not metaphysical):

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you like sports? maybe some of your readers do?
Also i'm not trying to hi-jack your thoughts, just sometimes it is worth changing tacks (as in sailing) for someone to 'get to where they are going'.
'A sport, not a game'
Another Labour Day Celebration.

Visible said...

Intentionally ignorant comments also have no place and I DO NOT block nonanonymous posters. I don't block anonymous posters unless they are trolling me. Sending in songs like Big Bad John and Rawhide indicate that you are messing with me. By the way, I don't block anyone. We don't have that facility. I've got someone whose comments I am letting through this very minute and I KNOW what his negative intentions are BUT SO FAR the comments fit the criteria. If I don't like what you have to say, you don't get to say it. I assure you I will not be stricken by my conscience for doing what I think right.

Visible said...

Some final thoughts. If your comment does not make it through THAT DOES NOT MEAN I trashed it. Blogger has been blocking comments here FOR SOME TIME. The place is run by vindictive individuals of a particular persuasion who have proven across the centuries where they are coming from. I've been hearing about comments not getting through for awhile. This is the Incel's at Blogger trying to stir dissension. I advise not taking yourself so seriously and not attributing blame UNTIL YOU KNOW MORE. When you come in all self-righteous and complaining that I blocked you, you are ALREADY demonstrating an attitude I am not fond of and there is always the chance, as happened with a lady here earlier, who has now disappeared, that you made it up. I'm not stupid, nor am I wracked with guilt about anything. I KNOW that I do the best I can and am fair to a fault. BUT I WILL NOT let self-serving trolls take over this section. It's not going to happen and if you don't like it. Good, that actually makes me feel better than I did.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"KARMA... It's What's for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, and Everything Else Besides. You Wouldn't be Here Otherwise."

Anonymous said...

Some nuggets and maybe even a gem or two might be gleaned here.

Karma: What Is It?
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