Tuesday, August 25, 2020

"COVID is a Myth Wrapped in a Fairytale Told by Idiots, STUPID is the Real Pandemic."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Now we know. By this time, every 'thinking person' knows that COVID is a scam, with several basic intentions. The primary intention is to get rid of President Trump (the Impeachment scams didn't work) and... were this not an apocalypse it would have proven to be an effective tactic... maybe. 'Maybe', is because, NO MATTER HOW GOOD ONE'S TACTICS ARE, all tactics are subject to THE WILL OF GOD. Even when someone comes along like Sun Tzu, Clausewitz, or Machiavelli, from the Strategy Department, or Alexander, Hannibal, or Napoleon from the Applied Department, this is also according to THE WILL OF GOD. Yeah... I left all kinds of people out of each department; so what? The point is that NOTHING happens that is not in accordance with THE WILL OF GOD, period. Until you get that, you are more than a day late and a dollar short.

COVID was also for the purpose of CONTROL, precisely because of the 'present' climate of the human mind and culture. The exponentially increasing population is ALSO a factor. The weather is not the only climate experiencing Climate Change. As well... this has been in the planning for some time, just ask Albert Pike; if you can find him.

People, including some (or all) of the aforementioned, have been trying to control the world from the beginning. This is a particular pathology that comes out of a deep and abiding insecurity. NONE OF THEM have succeeded. As Lao Tzu says, “the world is a sacred vessel and at the mere approach of the profane, it recedes.” These usurpers and social reformers are all case studies, for The Purpose of Demonstration. Life is an endless cycling of Object Lessons. It is the outworking of Karma.

A woman got killed in remote Saskatchewan yesterday by a bear; Karma, neh? Her son saw it from the cabin; also Karma. She was talking to someone on the phone at the time; more Karma. The bear got shot; even more Karma. Everywhere you look, it is Karma. Without Karma you would not be here. Karma IS NOT the simplistic, Cliff Notes force of common understanding. It is a complex and profound power whose deepest realities are beyond human ken.

We've provided certain equations here on a regular basis, like Materialism= Insanity= Atheism= Satanism= yadda yadda. That is not the only equation. I am using the term, 'equation' in its, 'to equate' mode. I've got another one, Materialism= Stupidity= Degeneracy= Dodo Bird Motif. Well... it is not just a matter of equating as much as it is a matter of GENERATING.

COVID, is now the present cause of all death. Old Age no longer kills you, Old Age + COVID is what kills you. If you happen to be thinking about COVID when a fatal accident occurs, it was not because of the accident itself but it was due to COVID. The COVID virus killed you and then the accident happened.

COVID IS NOT the pandemic we should be concerned with. STUPIDITY is the real pandemic, epidemic, plague and pestilence. Were it not because of STUPIDITY, COVID would not even exist. Without STUPIDITY, Covid would be no more than a variant on the common flu, only possibly less dangerous. It is STUPIDITY that makes so many things that should not even exist, prolonged and amplified, not to mention, celebrated.

People build IMMUNITY through EXPOSURE! None of this nonsense that is taking place was or is necessary. So some people die. Far, far more people are dying from alcohol and bad lifestyles than from COVID. Nothing is being done about either of these, in fact they are promoted.

Of course, FEAR is a factor, also due to Materialism. This is the fear of loss. FEAR is a byproduct of STUPIDITY. Of course, it is very easy to live in a state of fear when you have no idea of the composition or context of what you encounter. These days, if you can't eat it or fuck it, it is probably a mystery to many people. Okay... so STUPIDITY and IGNORANCE walk into a bar... Moving right along.

You have heard that, “You can't fix STUPID.” That is not entirely true. STUPID can be fixed. It just takes a REALLY long time. That is the thing with evolution. It is in no kind of a hurry. There are, HOWEVER, certain periods of time when specific and particular aspects of the human condition are acted upon with some urgency. That is the case in an apocalypse.

There are periods of Awakening that occur in certain time periods and in those periods certain people with certain gifts appear... for instance, around the turn of the last century there was a technological explosion and we got Edison and Bell, along with a host of others. Of course, as is ever the case, SEVERAL people were independently working on the same thing at the same time but only one of them eventually wound up getting the lion's share of the credit. That period (and others) could be considered as times of Awakening in a limited sense. The present case is much more comprehensive overall and will wind up impacting on that most serious of considerations; THE WAY PEOPLE THINK.

STUPID, no matter what form it takes, gets programmed out of existence at regular intervals. There is a whole plethora of STUPID in action at the moment. You hear or see evidence of it every day and it is a worry in the minds of many, who do not get the real life effect of the DODO BIRD FACTOR. What happened to all the screaming mindless mobs of the past? What happened to the millions who embraced particular lockstep modes of existence that came and went? No good records have been kept over the centuries that concern the details of the presence and departure of STUPID. STUPID doesn't keep records. Its capacity in that regard ends with grocery lists, if it even gets that far. The thing is that it is STUPID itself that programs itself out of existence. This is well and good, except for one unfortunate feature. STUPID does reproduce, so there is ALWAYS some amount of STUPID around and now we come to this present atmosphere of Awakening; The Grand Apocalypse.

Angels are coming near the Earth. Angels are DIRECT EXPRESSIONS of the WILL OF GOD. Angels and... most certainly CERTAIN ANGELS, interact with humanity all the time. They even assume human form BUT... there are times when the influence of angels is far greater than at other times and this is such a time. Everyone who is numbered among the STUPID are receiving the influence of angels at the moment. So is everyone who is not STUPID. IF... if one CAN BE AWAKENED, one will be and one will also be awakened TO THE DEGREE that it is possible. In EVERY CASE where STUPID can be fixed, it will be fixed.

One of the reasons that there is so much STUPID present, at this time, is because the conditions of Materialism have given them far greater chances at survival than was previously the case. These are not the days of the Old West/Civil War. These are not the times before penicillin-antibiotics. There have been no major wars for some time, so there has not been the call for large amount of Cannon Fodder that STUPID usually answers.

Keep in mind that I am aware of leaving a great deal out of my descriptions and commentary. You must needs fill in the blanks. There are space constraints here. I am not in a position to write War and Peace this morning; nor tomorrow or the day after. I can hear the minds of the readers asking, “But what about this and what about that?” Uh... you know about THIS and THAT, yes? Otherwise, why would you bring it up? Ergo, you should be able to answer your own questions; you're welcome.

STUPID is a particularly thorny problem. You can't reason with STUPID. Why? Because it's STUPID! You can't explain anything to STUPID. The ONLY thing that impacts on STUPID are the persistent blows of life that are visited upon it, over and over again, life after life. For more detail on outcome, please refer back to what was said about evolution. Suffering tenderizes STUPID and gives it sensitivity. STUPID can have an exceedingly hard carapace.

An intelligent person protects themselves from STUPID by not hanging out with or engaging it. Unfortunately for some who are not as smart as they think they are, there are things STUPID possesses that they want, like their bodies for carnal reasons and other assets. This does not, in the long run, work out for the predators, NO MATTER WHAT THEY THINK. Keep in mind that The Purpose of Demonstration covers every thought, word and deed that occurs in the realm of Time-Space and Causation and once again we come back to Karma. Not believing in something does not protect you from it IF... IN FACT... it does exist. And Karma, I assure you, does exist.

You don't have to be STUPID to do STUPID things. Temporary STUPID exists, just like Temporary Insanity. Do you see all of these factors in the various equations coming together now? NO? Then what does that make you? STUPID, right? (grin) Sorry... sorry, I couldn't help myself. That could prove to be STUPID as well. Offending people can be STUPID but sometimes... you have no choice, especially when your just being there is offensive to someone.

Don't be STUPID! Embrace the influence of Awakening or... be recycled. A New World is on the doorstep. I don't care what anyone else says about it; a Golden Age is in the offing. It REALLY is but many people are not going to see it. ANYTHING can and possibly will be happening soon. Natural and manufactured Catastrophes, such as have not occurred in recorded history, ARE on the menu. Manufactured or Natural; they can ONLY happen if they are the WILL OF GOD. The same applies to the ever increasing social unrest. There is the specter of food shortages and real pandemics, unlike COVID, which is nothing more than a scam, permitted by the WILL OF GOD. Everything created here by both Good and Evil intent, can ONLY happen through the WILL OF GOD.

Why do I keep saying certain things? Because YOU MUST bring yourself into accord with the WILL OF GOD. This is accomplished by recognizing the presence of The Indwelling and ALLOWING it to operate in an UNHINDERED fashion. There are ONLY one of two things that any of us are doing at any time. We are either opposing or not opposing the WILL OF GOD and The Purpose of Demonstration follows in the wake.

I was trying to communicate something because there are events coming SOON that one must be able to adjust to. I am not sure I was effective and I apologize for my lack of clarity and percentage of STUPID that may have hindered me in the process. I'm doing the best that I can.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Mister Visible,
If you take the greek letters: omicron, omega, and nu. It looks like OWN in english. As in own. To own. Where and how did the 'word' 'own' originate?

In 'real' icons the three letters (omicron, omega, and nu) refer to 'The one that is.' ie God's name.
Meaning (sort of), you own yourself (not a slave/host). You are 'the one that is' also.
People are deceived into stupidity and they need help from wise teachers.

I mentioned this before and hope this time more of the 'gang' catch the drift...
Immunity does not exist in nature. How could it possibly when God gave life. You can not be immune from God or the effects of the creation. Its a fiction to claim immunity.


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Indeed, ever more Visible...''Because YOU MUST bring yourself into accord with the WILL OF GOD. This is accomplished by recognizing the presence of The Indwelling and ALLOWING it to operate in an UNHINDERED fashion. There are ONLY one of two things that any of us are doing at any time. We are either opposing or not opposing the WILL OF GOD and The Purpose of Demonstration follows in the wake.''

Ahhhh, if only i could shake off STUPID, boy, decades of Stupid trying to shake off STUPID, and except for rare moments of Grace, Stupid continues.... whether sittign, walking or laying down.... praying for help in shaking off Stupid in the timing of the Ineffable....

Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug

Visible said...

I'm pretty sure what visible meant was immunity to the virus, like they did in Sweden or what happens when one builds up resistance to something. I must be missing something.

Anonymous said...

Mister Visible,
I don't particularly like to always quote others but sometimes writers far more skilled come up with some pretty incredibly profound statements which I can't ignore. We live by words as well as food.
Our satanic masters love to pervert the meaning of words but it doesn't always work no matter how hard they try. Does the word 'one' have more meanings than the obvious? No.
What does 'immunity' really mean?

late 14c., "exemption from service or obligation," from Old French immunité "privilege; immunity from attack, inviolability" (14c.) and directly from Latin immunitatem (nominative immunitas) "exemption from performing public service or charge, privilege," from immunis "exempt, free, not paying a share" (see immune (adj.)).

To throw into this specific meaning a new 'medical' meaning doesn't cut it. Sure they do it all the time but its like Mr. Orwell...war is not peace. Doesn't matter how you want to pervert the meaning its still the same. You may have 'resistance', capacitance or even inductance but not immunity unless it is 'granted' by an external power.

Are our 'dark' overlords going to grant you 'immunity' by injecting toxic chemicals directly into your blood stream? Or is it perhaps more like a tic (horse-leech) injecting you with something that just weakens you so they can suck blood more easily?

I'll end with this quote.
“While the truncheon may be used in lieu of conversation, words will always retain their power. Words offer the means to meaning, and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.”

Not trying to be dramatic, just so happens our creator conveyed this message to me.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Think I met an angel last month. Never looked at his face, and I'm pissed at myself for that. All I remember is blindingly flaming light red hair, a bag that may have held a change of clothes, and bare feet. Reminded me of a Pavee who may have been exiled. Uh, Traveller. I said 'Hi!', and he said, 'Be well.' Accent was u.s.. When I turned to look a few seconds later, he was gone. I think that's the fifth angel I saw in my life that I remember. They appear in all colours, and all ages, and all economic strata. All an illusion for what suits the moment. I wonder now if it was the same angel in different forms?

This post describes why I am an isolationist to the highest degree possible in my situation. 90% of my discretionary time is spent on the internet, finding and spreading news. I have no tolerance for incurably stupid. Judging from the riots, it's obvious they can be lethal and quite inconvenient associations.

This post really ROCKS!!!!!!!! I send you 3 virtual nose pets for it.

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

My reference was to my own mental virus which results in stupid...... this virus which makes any theme or interest capable of interrupting my connection with Ineffable continuous and contiguous, this stupid order of priorities that impinge on Love.

Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'non-stupid' column. Thanks!

Recently, I went into a place that required masks. I only pulled mine to the bottom of my nose, since I don't like rebreathing my own CO2. At the pickup, a worker-lady told me to pull the mask over my nose. On a whim, I pulled it over my nose and eyes and started groping for my package. This produced both a humorous and reproachful response from this lady, and I think the symbolism went through...

Also, we have to distinguish Stupid from Innocent or Naïve. There is an old (probably Buddhist) tale about a missionary sent-out to convert the natives. He lays it on, talking about miracles, walking on water, etc. When done, he packs up his stuff and departs by canoe. Soon, a few natives are running upon the water toward his canoe, eager to question him further...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

It took me a moment but I can see what's going on now. Things like this show up here now and again with the nature and mentality of a cat and there's no successful way to deal with it except to pass right by. Consider this the act on me doing just that.

Anonymous said...

The Compartments in space have the potential of billions of year delivery systems, observation of inflation is yet still a localized phenomenon and short-sighted presumption to be sawed off like prionic inheritance. These potential delivery Vehicles that spontaneously give rise to Homo cyborgensis spp. within a pure materialistic mechanistic spiral saw Universe that is Endless or not. No wonder why so many mythologies seek to escape from it.

brian boru said...

I went on to Parler but I can't seem to find you. I entered 'Les Visible' in the search but it didn't give me anything. I'm probably doing something wrong.

Hereticdrummer said...

Yes, VIS, part of the Corona/Covid hoax is to destroy Trump. However, I believe that even if the despicable Hildebeast Clinscum won in 2016, this scam would have been promulgated. It would have gone into effect regardless of the occupant of the Oval Orifice. The Cryptocracy plans things years in advance. The Jew Holocaust and this Corona/Covid-19 mind fuck, are two of the greatest scam/hoaxes in recorded history, both designed for nefarious purpose.

Visible said...

Brian; you just click on the link (the HOTLINK) on the front page, where it says; "Then there is the matter of Parler. Many people come there, according to the count but... NOTHING HAPPENS. They don't vote. They don't comment. They don't sign up to FOLLOW. What do they do, I wonder? If you think that indicates something you'd like to avoid having anything to do with, why not stop by and let the heart grow fonder? Parler... where NOTHING occurs to you and you can't remember having been."

The last sentence is highlighted, CLICK ON IT! I did and it took me right there. I don't understand what the problem is. For some there is no difficulty at all and for others... it's baffling... heh heh... heh heh... I know not what to say.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"What do You Prefer, Light or Darkness...? You Make the Call."



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