Saturday, August 22, 2020

"Pulling out ALL the Stops with Mr. Apocalypse and the Dance of the Headless Chicken."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had an unusual experience today. I was meditating this morning, as I do every morning, for an hour to an hour and a half from 6:00 AM on. It was a remarkable meditation in any case. It appears that my friends on the other side, in the wider and more refined reaches of the bandwidth, know that today is my birthday and that was a wonderful present. It doesn't get better than that. It can get more intense, deeper, and more profound. It can amplify and expand but it doesn't get better. Love and ministrations from The Celestial Realm cannot be improved on, only increased.

This morning, while I was meditating, the thought of, the image of Dax Shepard came into my mind. I didn't even know that was his name but I knew who he was because I had seen him in films. He reminds me somewhat of Owen Wilson in his style of humor and I enjoy both of them. Most entertainers are peripheral to me. They are off to the side. There is only one celebrity that is directly in front of me and that is the various personifications of The Ineffable, as he appears in whatever guise he assumes... for... The Purpose of Demonstration.

Having finished my meditation, I came inside and went into the kitchen to fix my second cup of Morning Thunder tea. My life moves in a 'somewhat' clockwork fashion these days. There are certain routines. The Big Pot of Morning Thunder is one of them. It came into my mind that I would like to hear, “Independence Day” by Bruce Springsteen. Rarely do I listen to music at that time and if I do, it is usually Gospel or Worship Music. Those are wide banners for me and under them are songs that many people would not categorize as such. As I went to the Alexa (constantly eavesdropping) Box, the image of Dax Shepherd came up and there was a brief mention that he had spent 7 hours at the hospital due to a motorcycle accident.

Dax Shepherd

Wow! I don't know if that just happened or if it was in reference to another time. I haven't looked into it BUT... he came SO CLEARLY into my mind during the meditation. Hmm... That sort of thing doesn't 'usually' happen to me. Does this presage some new ability? I often get a metaphysical present (or two) on my birthday, especially lately. That would be interesting.

I've managed to detach myself (pretty much) from expectations. What comes, comes. What goes, goes. I've had some revelations of late that have transformed the day to day for me. One of them is the mindset that there is no me. The presence of 'Me' hinders the presence and passage of The Divine. I can either be aware of me or The Divine. In the process of practicing this in every moment that I can remember to, which is... often, I have come into some understanding of The Operation of the Sun. It is often termed, “The Operation of the Sun and Moon with the aid of Mercury.” In the procedure, my job is the fixation of 'my Mercury' upon it being in operation. That is my ONLY task. I DO NOT accomplish the work myself. That is done, entirely, by The Guardian Angel. It proceeds as long as I DO NOT HINDER IT.

This came to me in visceral fashion, as if to say, in the words of John Milton, “they also serve who only stand and wait.” Milton was not referring to this. They say it was about his blindness. Hmm... interesting. Given that this could be about my blindness too. Milton was a towering figure in his time, much like Ben Johnson, Victor Hugo, Charles Dickens. There are a number of these historical icons and that has little, or perhaps nothing to do with the subject of this post... digressing... digressing...

I was 'told' that in all the time when I am not interfering, the process will proceed.

This is what we do. We get in the way. We work contrary to our best interests, through the larger portion of our lives. ALL MOTION is God's, whether it be personal or impersonal, the power to move comes from God. Thought and feeling are motion too. The Tarot Card, The Chariot, exemplifies the posture of one who permits the unhindered passage of The Divine.

Bota Deck, The Chariot
Bota Deck, The Chariot

Its descriptor is, “Intelligence of the House of Influence.” It represents, 'Triumph in the Mind'. I read that as one who successfully stands guard at the Gateway of the Mind. One who has stilled the Reactive Mind. One who is able to step aside and let the Great Life Spirit, change personas like we might change from one set of clothes to another. Think of Arjuna in the chariot with Krishna driving. Think of the Sphinxes like a team of horses. These are powerful horses and they can take you galloping down the road or, should you lose control of them, these mind senses, take you crashing off into rough terrain.

The Chariot has always been symbolic to me of my personal life challenge. There are 3 cards and they are in a row; The Chariot, Strength, and The Hermit. My life is supposed to be a transit from the one, through the other, to the other. Once one has triumphed in the mind, one takes control of ALL subhuman forces= Strength and then one, naturally, attains union with the Supreme, Indwelling Self= The Hermit. I suspect that each of us has a series of cards (archetypes) that we transit through on our particular, personal route up the mountain. It either gets ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION, or... you will depart from it... that window will close AND the default dream of your life will follow to death and then rebirth, death, and rebirth, until THAT LIFETIME when you've had it with death and rebirth, not to mention the 'little chat' you have in-between appearances.

There is the little life that each of us occupies till the tape runs out and there is the greater life of all of us, collected in a common time frame. Some doubt the existence of the one I call, Mr. Apocalypse. Briefly defined, that would be God in a particular outfit and he is VERY MUCH in action at this moment. The whole of Kalifornia is under the spell of a cabal of kindred types. Here is what one fatuous lunkhead had to say about the Trump engine they want to derail, “their coroprste (sic) lobbiests think they be in control.” This is a white guy, culturally appropriating with, “think they 'be' in control.” He just fell into the elevator shaft of my measure of esteem. This is ALL the work of Mr. Apocalypse! The fires... the OVER eleven thousand bolts of lightning that hit in a short period. The extreme high heat and tinder conditions. The homeless epidemic. As James Baldwin said, “the fire next time”. Kalifornia is a case study in irony and mutually clueless self-destruction. Judgment is being done.

We are only in the preliminary stages of Judgment. The Avatar is sweeping the inner planes and driving all of the long-entrenched powers and principalities of negative intent, OUT INTO MANIFESTATION for Judgment. This is 'how he do'. The steaming load of hypocrisy demonstrated by John Cusack and his ilk has made its malodorous way to Heaven's Gate. An appropriate response HAS BEEN SCHEDULED.

In the mean and in-between times, each of us is occupied with those duties or attractions that compel us to our waiting destinies. They are the stuff of our Fate and 'most of us' are blind to the implications that they portend. Life... IS DEMONSTRATING before our eyes and... as ever... “there are none so blind as THOSE WHO WILL NOT SEE.” Each of us is presently engaged with our version of what we think is important and... “as a man thinketh, so is he.” I am ASTOUNDED at what I see unrolling and unraveling at the moment. I am further astounded and astonished that seemingly intelligent people DO NOT SEE what is in the Event Horizon.

THEY... whoever 'they' may be, have decided that they will, AT ANY COST, prevent the sitting president from being reelected. This, they have decided, no matter what the cost, to 'pull out all the stops.' Most probably don't know this but that phrase is based on the nature of the pipe organ; the 'stops' on a pipe organ. It means to 'make every possible effort'. This is what I mean when I say, AT ANY COST. What this SHOULD TELL YOU is that there is NOTHING they will not attempt in the process. It is as if their very lives were at stake and... perhaps they are. Certainly, their plans for a REAL HORROR SHOW are on the line. So... what is going to happen when Push and Shove get into that Steel Cage Match? We will surely see. Mr. Apocalypse WILL determine the outcome. The plans of everyone and anyone are of no consequence, except as they apply to the result intended by Mr. Apocalypse.

It IS in motion. Are you in some state of HINDERING or... are you NOT HINDERING? Hindering can involve all kinds of complications. Not hindering is simplicity itself. The pressure WILL INTENSIFY. The pressure will intensify like rising wind. Whatever you are holding on to is going to bend and your grip is going to weaken until the force becomes so great that one can no longer hold on. There is pressure without and pressure within. IF what you are holding on to is holding on to you, the outcome may be different. It also may be that the wind will not be at a fury everywhere and it may be that the pressure within and the pressure without is no pressure at all in some locations. It just may be equal to the degree of the pressure we put on ourselves with our resistance to the overflowing fountain of everlasting love.

God is merciful beyond human understanding. At ANY point, one may relent, one may repent, one may cease their hindering. The Presence of The Divine, within each of us, IS WATCHING AND WAITING. People are going to be spinning like tops. Each of us has a weakest link. Our opposition CANNOT stand against the superior force of Mr. Apocalypse. Will you surf the wave or will it crush you? The power of irresistible change is growing by the hour and the Dance of the Headless Chicken is about to commence. My prayers are with all of you at this time and most certainly with the unfortunate residents of Kalifornia. A great many souls are trapped in a nightmare they are only now beginning to comprehend. May God's mercy release the living waters of his light.

End Transmission.......

Today's Song is in the process of being recorded;

♫ Let me stand in the living waters of the light
Let me go where I’m led until you find me
Call it God or love, it’s something you can’t name
No matter how it comes, it will always be the same

You can’t find it in religion or the money that they make
There’s no fish to feed the multitudes, no lady in the lake
And dressing like a vulture well, that can’t be where it’s at
What kind of wisdom comes from a man who’s dressed like that?

You can beat a man with words but the Bible’s not a club
You can change another’s heart if you enter it with love
All that dogma’s just confusion; You can argue there all night
I’d rather stand inside the living waters of the light

I went looking everywhere, I opened every door
It got so sometimes I forgot what I was looking for
And now I’ve just forgotten what it was I meant to say
Make sure you travel light and you will find it on the way

Let me bathe in the water- In the waters of the sun
That flows out of the heavens to wash over everyone
Let me swim in the water that is everywhere in space
And the never-ending source of the smile on my face

For all the things that happened and none of them were real
It’s a world of smoke and mirrors where you don’t know how to feel
Bad magicians in the shadows, it's a prison world of night
Let me stand in the living rushing waters of the light

If God is everywhere then why is he so hard to see?
They say God is invisible. He's not invisible to me
If he's hidden in your heart is that why he's out of sight?
Let me stand in the living waters of the light

Let me bathe in the water- In the waters of the sun
That flows out of the heavens to wash over everyone
Let me swim in the water that is everywhere in space
And the never-ending source of the smile on my face ♫

Oh... what the heck... after all;

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If... as they seek to shackle us with fear of COVID, as they seek to CANCEL us and shut down commentary that provides a different perspective than, 'all fear and confusion all the time' there is at least one place they cannot shut down and that is the decentralized website of Pocketnet.

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robert said...

Dear Visible One,

"One of them is the mindset that there is no me. The presence of 'Me' hinders the presence and passage of The Divine. I can either be aware of me or The Divine"

Yesirree Vis!
Our subjective shadow self only appears to actually exist but our habits of empty clothes, rigid from the accumulated grime of experience uncleansed, make it seem like a real scare crow!

How to disappear, become less visible, yet still relate to others under the rule of their little tyrant shadows?
You gift us with many angles on this pragmatic topic. Thank you for choosing to stay here now, while we all take precious time to realize our true Self.
Give up control, not to other human surrogates but only to Source Owner, daily

"We get in the way. We work contrary to our best interests, through the larger portion of our lives. ALL MOTION is God's, whether it be personal or impersonal, the power to move comes from God"
We resist, we balk, we go on strike, we cry for attention, we cause all of our own pain, we some pain for others who love us.
How to we get out of our own way?
'Fade away and radiate' captures the essence.
Christ gave his self away while keeping is inner eye fixed upon the unchanging ultimate order.

"t either gets ALL OF YOUR ATTENTION, or... you will depart from it"
WHen we are climbing a tree or a mountain, we pay full attention or fall down go boom.
To Whom should we pay attention but to God?

"I am further astounded and astonished that seemingly intelligent people DO NOT SEE what is in the Event Horizon"

Seemingly intellectually preoccupied, precluding the awareness that is intelligence!
Compassion and mercy will be coming into greater demand, as rigid minds melt down from the heat of events.
Like laser treatments to remove tattoos, there will be pain involved to clean the stain of human unconsciousness but oh, what follows!
All your austerities to permit you to be here now and write the counter narrative to the corporate nightmare vision are being recompensed!
We who still sense reality directly, not mediated, feel the pain of birth but all will be delivered of their true being!

Happy Birthday to Leo-Virgo Cusp!

"Let me stand in the living waters of the light
Let me go where I’m led until you find me
Call it God or love, it’s something you can’t name
No matter how it comes, it will always be the same"

Love the song lyrics!

Just getting better and better every day, as you say:

"It can get more intense, deeper, and more profound. It can amplify and expand but it doesn't get better. Love and ministrations from The Celestial Realm cannot be improved on, only increased"

Is the Ineffable in every one alive which makes our existence possible, bearable and coherent. Every fractal makes the whole clearer, like every additional fragment of a hologram.
The living picture increases in detail daily!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, one of your recent titles comes to mind.


I heard on a community forum that I'm not a part of but my nose-poo is; we're due for another storm or two starting tomorrow, which is 8/23/2020, and they expect dry lightning.

California fire map incidents:

Check the site out every morning. It updates at least once a day. I only check it once a day.

Our sky is light grey all the time, and I watched a brilliant red sun go down a couple of days ago when I went up the hill to see if I could see the fires across the bay. I couldn't, but someone who lives higher up got pics, though at a later time when it was actually dark. It is really beyond strange living where we do. There is a humungous fire south of us, in the county we used to live in a long time ago. (Santa Clara. San Jose, to be exact. What a shitty city. Never liked it from the get go. Even in the 1970s. It's just my job was there, so. . .)

I feel sorrier for the animals and plants than anything. After all, I'm a misanthrope who makes exceptions for the individual; despite the fact that I know everything in existence is equal in the Cosmic Scheme of things. Even, antifa, gavin newsom, bedbugs, skeeters, blm, gill bates, a pile of doo-doo, a toxic waste dump, and jeff bezos.

Then there's the matter of me having a lot of hostility for this state. After all, I'm kinda stuck here; and have to live with it. The land of fruits and nuts, political imbeciles, over-regulation, over taxation, over crowdedness, and such a high rate of the dregs of society with more encouraged to move in. Well, have fun with that next year, ya blimmin' neep noddles who take the bait. Wait until our 9.6 quake hits the San Andreas, or whatever. (MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!) Am I enjoying this too much?

And now for something completely different. I post the audio of The Emerald Tablets, which seem to agree with Les Visible 110%


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

As an aside--my 98 year old Dad is wearing that shirt you gave me a few years ago. He likes it. He's recovering from a bout of shingles currently. Tough old bird.


Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Happiest and most joyous of birthdays to you....!!!
having Mandela moment here, was SURE that it was on the 23rd.... hmmm.... well, may Every day be a Birthday !!!
Cheerful Love Grizzlybear Hug

Ray B. said...

Happy Birth Day, Vis!

Stepping back from the details, all the actions which I read/see/hear in recent months are intended to induce Fear. Good ol' FUD. Throw enough of this around and the population will be begging for Stability. The PTB will introduce their desired agenda, and the population will lap it up. Problem->Reaction->Solution...

There is kind of a Manifestation aspect to all the above. One teacher trained us relentlessly that your thoughts and emotions manifest your personal future. For our 'modern' age, I have adapted this truth to thoughts are the steering wheel and emotions are the gas pedal. We are all manifesting, consciously or not.

And by the way, this includes thoughts and emotions shunted-away from conscious recollection which are due to various past traumas. They are still there, manifesting away. 'Decisions' about life are still thoughts and emotions in action, until unwound... (And yes, you can have Grace step-in.)

The more the Baddies can have us collectively manifesting-away towards some dark future, the happier they are. Misery loves company. Once you know this to your bones, the more 'active' you can be in grouping-up with Others who wish a different future for mankind...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Hereticdrummer said...

Happy Birthday VIS! My very best to you always. Brilliant post by the way.

Anonymous said...

Happy solar return dear Visible!

Like the magnificent light streaming through a beautiful stained glass window, the integrity of your message shared with love, faith, certitude & determination is gift beyond measure. Thank you Visible for remembering who you are & reminding us to be the stained glass. You giving us a gift every time you sit to share the remembrance of getting out of the way is generous & appreciated.

My birthday wish for you is health, joy, laughter & the comfort of knowing your many talents are appreciated & provide succor to all fortunate enough to 'know' you.

Sending all that is good always, all ways...
From NJ with Love

Anonymous said...

Mister Visible,
There are many and varied 'dots' to connect regarding our present state.
A few things have come into my consciousness as of late.
- immunity does not exist in nature, it is a political construct only, the meaning was perverted
- parasites must have hosts or they perish, and how do parasites retain their hosts?
- have a look/read the bible meaning of 'horseleech' very telling! also related is the term 'lapwing'.
I could go on and on. Seemingly we are ruled by parasites of some form and their goal is obvious to anyone with eyes to see.

Anonymous said...

Mister Visible,
Just wanted to add something for your other readers.
If you listen to the first few minutes of this video, a few more dots may connect.

I know many people are skeptical, so be it. But it is my duty to advise people of the truth.

"There are two ways to be fooled. One is to believe what isn't true; the other is to refuse to believe what is true." ― Soren Kierkegaard


Guy Reid-Brown said...

Indeed, Mr. Apocalypse WILL determine the outcome.

It will 'take a miracle' for Mr. Trump to get elected come November.

That makes good odds, as that is precisely what it took the last time -

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Somehow, by Supernatural Agency, You are Reassured and find Sweet Honey from the Rock."

Thomas said...

Happy birthday, Visible :)

Sher said...

My dear Visible,

When the HOLLYWOOD sign burns down, THAT will be a triumph! There are actors in that town that are okay, but most of them are owned by China. These people are part of the psyop just like the corporate news.

The fires are caused by weather geoengineering. And Newsom knows it. He was given an extensive briefing on it when he was Lt. Governor. He and his Aunt Pelosi are power hungry psychopaths.

The UN's Agenda 21/30 spells out what was going to happen if anyone was paying attention to it. They want to get people out of the cities so they can build high rises with coffin sized "apartments" connected to "smart grids," so they can control electricity. All of this under the guise of "Human Caused Global Warming." They changed it to "Climate Change."

I have read scientific evidence, that there is a giant hole in the ozone layer from all this Weather Warfare carried on by different MIC's. Not just ours. But this country started working on it after WWll. Lydon Johnson said at a commencement speech (paraphrasing) "Development of a weather satellite that will determine the world's cloud weather. To control the weather. And he who controls the weather controls the world."

The MIC also has bio-weapon labs all of the world. There was a "pause" that was lifted in 2015 by Oboma and Fauci went to work taking stuff from Ft. Detrick and then transferred it to UNC at Chapel Hill at a BL3 bio-weapons lab. Then he and Oboma sold it to the Chinese. I think it got loose there at the Wuhan Virology lab which is a BL4 lab.

It is SARS2 with a HIV insert and then was given "gain of function" technology. All of this information was, or course, scrubbed from the internet.

Anyway, sorry to tell everyone that. A vaccine is NOT going to help anyone if you understand how vaccines work. I just pray that President Trump will make sure it is not MANDATORY.

I worry too much I guess. But I am not too worried. What will be will be.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie

Sher said...

George Carlin was not only funny but prescient.

It's his "Saving the Planet" bit from "Jammin' in New York.

It always makes me laugh and feel better.

Brian Crossland said...

Happy birthday Vis.
Much gratitude for all your gifts to us.

Anonymous said...

Belated Happy Birthday Les!! Commenter #7 expresses what I wished I wrote!! God Bless You Led!!!



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