Friday, May 03, 2024

"We Are The Problem. We Think We Are What We Are Not... And It's Much Less Than What We Are. That's The Problem."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Somewhere in the neighborhood of ten years ago, Mr. Apocalypse told me he was going to do all the things... that I am now observing... taking place in The World... at this time. It is seriously uncanny, and always... in the background of my thoughts... is his voice saying, “Visible, I'm going to sneak up... and appear right in the middle of them, and pull their pants down in front of The World. I am going to employ the most ingenious methods of driving them out of their minds, and... Visible... you know how ingenious I can be?” As I was about to respond he said, “No! You don't.”

He said; “I am the very spirit and soul of ingenuity, and I take great pleasure in bringing it to bear on those who are too smart for their own good, and I will tell you how it is that they are too smart for their own good. They caused me to show up, and that is about the worst possible outcome for people who are too smart for their own good.”

So... he came around this afternoon... on the day before you are reading this... to take me on a little convoluted travelogue of what he's been up to, and as he discussed it with me... I could see it as clear as clear could be before my eyes. It all came together... like the exploded parts of a machine... that you see in the blueprint... prior to the assembly... and then it assembles itself by mysterious magnetics. It all comes together. Uh... yeah.

You know, I'm pretty smart. I'm smart enough to know better than to be too smart for my own good because... I have some idea of what I'd be dealing with if I did. Oh! Nothing comprehensive. Good Lord, no! I almost don't have a clue, but I got an idea... heh heh, and it just makes me chuckle, and sometimes... break out into peals of laughter... as all the connected images roll across the mindscreen.

There's not much that is more entertaining than watching clever people build traps for others, without realizing they are walling themselves in. It sure didn't look like that when they were putting it together, but... next thing you know... Presto! Shazam! AND... yikes!

So... in a way... this is what's going on now. They are like surfers who took on a wave too big for them, and now it is only a matter of time before they come down on the reef. The people who imagine they've been running the show... are now having to put out fires that they can't remember starting. They are having to appear in locations that they can't remember arranging for. They are getting bad deja vu.

This bullshit just appeared in The Washington Post.

I couldn't read it there because I wouldn't sign up, or pay them to piss in my ear... and tell me it is rain. So... I just take the headline and put it in a search engine and it will show up reprinted somewhere else where I don't have to jump through hoops to read it, not that I should bother to in the first place.

It all comes in stages and phases, my friends. It is all scripted and directed. It was cast a long time ago, and it was already screened on less materialized planes earlier on. A coincidence is you seeing more pieces of the puzzle than usual. Realization is seeing the entire jigsaw in a single piece. Illumination is understanding what you are looking at, and enlightenment is when it looks like it is looking back at you, and suddenly... you see it's a mirror, and there's no one but you anywhere you look.

There's nothing new here. It's quite simple too, but the forces of The World are constantly veiling the reality of the matter... so that they can sell you a new car or... even bend you over the hood. People show up to tell you about this, BUT... depending on the level to which materialism has advanced... sometimes the noise and dazzling confetti of images, and distorted mirrors... make communication near impossible for those who can't arrest the process.

I sat in my meditation chair this morning around 6:45 and The Divine said, “Well... here I am... more present than I was last time, but not as present as I will be next time, and really... visible... isn't it nice to sit here and feel me shining on myself?” Heh heh... we had greeted the rising of The Sun together... an hour previously. The thing is... the trick is... to get inside the head of anyone... where you already happen to be in the first place... cause there is only one mind, and think so well of them... that they can't help but feel the same way about you. That is the real martial art that never runs into an actual conflict in need of resolution. It's over before it even happens.

From Patanjali's Sutras (Book 3 Sutra 9)

"One of the ascending degrees is the development of Control.
First, there is the overcoming of the mind-impress of excitation.
Then comes the manifestation of the mind's impressof Control.
Then the perceiving consciousness follows after the moment of Control.
This is the development of Control.
This is a difficult sentence. Its meaning seems to be this:

Some object enters the field of observation,
and at first violently excites the mind,
stirring up curiosity, fear, wonder;
then the consciousness returns upon itself, as it were,
and takes the perception firmly in hand, steadying itself,
and viewing the matter calmly from above.
This steadying effort of the will upon
the perceiving consciousness is Control,
and immediately upon it follows perception,
understanding, insight."

The steadying effort of The Will allows one to enter into and experience The Control that is already present... in the ceaseless meditation of The Divine... upon his creation. Until it becomes clear in your mind that EVERYTHING is ABSOLUTELY under control at all times, and... the only thing that isn't under control is You... you are just whistling past the graveyard, and... it's only a matter of time before you have to be broken down... and then restructured... yet again... and then given the opportunity... ONCE AGAIN... to get it right, and on and on it goes.

Getting it right starts with coming into resonance with The Almighty. Everything else is egocentric bullshit. There is no You, not in that way... not apart from the one who brought you into being... in the first place... to realize this. Everyone is so afraid that they are going to lose their sense of self... their identity. Hah! How can you lose what you are? Sure... people go nuts because they lost contact with the false-self personality... mental construct... that they had been walking around behind; that mask. That overlay upon the animal nature.

Get with the program! You can't lose what you are. What happens is that you come into a state of immortal awareness of The Everlasting. The Dark Night of the Soul is that procession from the unreal into the real. You're not losing anything but your illusions. That is no more than the temporary forms taken by vapor, by mist... until the invisible hand... or wind... shapes it into something else.

From the unreal, lead me to the real.
From darkness, lead me to light.
From death, lead me to immortality.

There is something that is immune to this force of continuous change which ALSO goes on forever... within the bandwidth of its influence, in the nightclub of The Three Dancing Gunas. Call it mind... emotions... and body if you like. Call it Mercury... Sulfur and Salt. Call it whatever you need to for the tri-fold nature to sufficiently explain it to you.

None of this is hard to get. We just don't want to get it because it... interferes... with... what... we... want! It all boils down to that; what we want... based on who we think we are... prodded and pushed from inside and outside... Sisyphus going up and down the hill... POINTLESSLY. We are already the accomplishment. There is nothing further to accomplish other than union with The Higher Self, and the ability to hold still... while The Divine expresses through us. We are the problem. That we think we are what we are not... which is so much less than what we actually are, is... the... problem.

BUT... BUT... BUT... what about The Howling Unknown? Heh heh. Again... it reminds me of a man who is hanging from a cliff... that he thinks is some great distance in the air. His fingers have nearly grown into the cliff. Somehow... through cosmic event... he is able to let go, and he discovers that he is only inches above the ground. The abyss we must traverse is only... and exactly... as wide as our fear.

There is this song I used to listen to as a young boy. I think the lady who sang it was called Skeeter Davis. She did a song called, “I Will Follow Him.” That song always stuck with me. Only lately did I realize it was because subconsciously I thought she was singing about God, and that is how I hear any love song now. They're all about God, BUT... we personalize the matter cause we are living in The Temporary Land of pinball-bumper attractions.

The song regularly comes to my attention now because... I use a timer to tell me when my tea has steeped sufficiently, and the sound of the timer going off, and the sequencing of the beats... are very much like that in the song. So I wind up singing, “I love him. I love him, I love him, and where he goes, I'll follow, I'll follow. I'll follow” Heh heh. It's pretty funny. She did another song called “The End of The World” that has such a haunting atmosphere to it... suffused with pathos as it is.

Anyway... we tend to remember things that are similar to us; the timer sounding... the beats in the song. We live in a world of familiar things... or we often hope for that. It's much less threatening.

Religion is a terrible thing. The same avatar... primary expression of The Divine... appears in a certain getup... with a specific storyline, and he becomes the be-all and end-all, and a religion forms around him. Then he goes somewhere else, then he comes back, then he goes somewhere else again, BUT... he is always here... so he never really goes anywhere, and people argue about his appearances. They have this exclusivity thing, and you can't tell them any different, and... you really shouldn't anyway, if you want to avoid conflict.

Rama... Krishna... Christ... same force... same sun-god... same first emanation of The Father... who is NEVER in manifestation. The Son represents him. It's all Ishwara who dwells within his own mystery of The Mother. It's all turtles all the way down to here.

He comes again and again, and people need to color between the lines. They need training wheels on their bikes, and so The Priest Class sheers them like sheep at regular intervals. One might say they hide the truth from the people, but they don't know what the truth is in the first place.

Well... until this dawns on one... one doesn't know any better, and it's best not to rile them up... unless you are looking for a holy war. That dawn is now upon the horizon. It is shining already in The Event Horizon. Some of us are closer and see it sooner. Some don't see it at all. That's the thing; the battle between the blandishments of The World and the pull of The Spirit.

They are both attractive forces. You need to make up your mind about which direction you will turn your attention in. After that, it takes care of itself. Until there is a full commitment it is a tug-of-war. It strains... it stresses... it suffers on The Cross, AND... it will keep on keeping on until a full commitment is made. God's not dead. He's merely hiding.

End Transmission.......

I forgot the links or... something else happened! Links are at GAB.

If you've got the time... this is a really entertaining journey with a metaphysical forensic pathologist who does an autopsy on The Flat Earth Theory.


0 said...

Yep, the all is more internally resident by the day it seems.

People being good to people who other people mistreat and my becoming aware of it let me experience that sort of full body suffusations in the moment of becoming aware of it...

Still packing, Cutting tree branchs and filling bins in spite of the wonky back. It feels good to hold a branch/log in one hand and the chainsaw in the other in free air to cut thru it. What needs doing is what I'm aware of, the pain of sticks cutting and scratching my hands and arms is irrelevant, the work Must be done. So I will to do it and it is done.

Thanks for the skeeter davis reference, I have heard those songs but I don't think by her. I also like patsy clines tracks.

Take it easy pal,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Rama... Krishna... Christ... BUT NOT CESARE BORGIA! Oh, the irony of those paintings.
Speakin' o' life bein' stranger than fiction. Then again, some think the same of me.

Nostrils to the sky.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Deep State has The Life Expectancy of a Borscht Belt Folksinger with Tourettes Syndrome in The Korengal Valley."



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