Wednesday, May 08, 2024

"Some of Us Have a Real Job... Heh Heh. It's Funny to Those Who Know Why It's Funny, but It is Still... Assuredly... True."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Everything taking place in The Phenomenal World... at this time... is being operated as an introduction to the next age. Certain features of human interaction are coming to the fore. Other features are being disempowered. We are... at present... in the worst stage of the spectacle of selfish indulgence. This is being dramatized to the general delight and dismay of The Hive Mind.

The Hive Mind is schizophrenic. It is divided against itself. People are headed in more than one direction, and... they are traveling there in groups... as much as they are headed anywhere individually. Even those who imagine they have set off for some unique location... all by their lonesome... are also in a group... where the individuals are separated by distance and degrees of non-sequential time.

A person may get there tomorrow to find that someone else got there last week... or last year. Some of them may even be gone by now. All of them might be gone. I'm trying to say something that is very difficult to put into words.

There are many different kinds of people on this planet. Some are not even human... regardless of seeming human. However... we can all... more or less be separated into two main groupings. The Bhagavad Gita talks about this. So does The Bible. So does every holy book that references the tenets of a religion. Here is an extract from The Gita;

Krishna is speaking to Arjuna-

6 Some people have divine tendencies, others demonic.
I have described the divine at length, Arjuna;
now listen while I describe the demonic.

7 The demonic do things they should avoid
and avoid the things they should do.
They have no sense of uprightness, purity, or truth.

8 “There is no God,” they say,
“no truth, no spiritual law, no moral order.
The basis of life is sex; what else can it be?”

9 Holding such distorted views,
possessing scant discrimination,
they become enemies of the world,
causing suffering and destruction.

10 Hypocritical, proud, and arrogant,
living in delusion and clinging to deluded ideas,
insatiable in their desires, they pursue their unclean ends.

11 Although burdened with fears that end only with death,
they still maintain with complete assurance,
“Gratification of lust is the highest that life can offer.”

There is more than one form of Gravity on this plane, and all of them are invisible. They are forces. You can see the effect of a force in action. You cannot usually see the force itself in action. Fire is an example of seeing a force in action... or is it? Otherwise... they are mostly not visible, like The Wind. Time is a form of Gravity. It demonstrates its force in The Aging Process and in the process of Change. Time can be just as palpable as the planetary gravity. We have all had Time weigh heavily upon us.

There are textbook answers for what Gravity is and where it comes from. The fact is... we just don't know.

We assume a lot of things, and a lot of what we believe comes from that discredited source of so many of our problems with ourselves and each other; Conventional Wisdom. Conventional Wisdom is a 24-hour restaurant for dumbasses. You can find one around any corner and they are always open.

I live in a world where people constantly argue about shit they don't know, but they are certain about it (most fortunately this does not occur around me). They read it somewhere. Someone in authority told them it was so. Everybody else thinks it's so. More often than not, it started out as a lie... a rumor... or a theory... that stuck around long enough to become a fact. It's not a fact. It's something a group of people got together over and decided was a fact.

The Tower of Babel is an interesting metaphor for diversity and the vagaries of diaspora. We are all incoherent... wandering groups of people... who got lost upon the way, and then decided they were actually this... that... or the other thing. Entire civilizations and cultures have grown up around This... That... and The Other Thing. Everyone needed laws to control conduct because of the memory of the invading Visigoths and barbarians; some got Vikings... some got pirates... some got nationally approved pirates.

Roving bands of brigands... Jayhawks... Bushwackers... Red Legs... Swamp Foxes... Bloody Bill Anderson and serious sundry; Hatfields... Quantrill... McCoys. There's a pack of them. History is filled with ravening psychopaths... warlords who became despots... who ruled countries filled with people who had some reason for being there, yeah... laws were necessary... until you made too many of them.

Some of these characters got romanticized, like Jesse James... that latter iteration of Robin Hood, who was an iteration of someone else, etc. Everybody is dreaming about being someone other than who they are, and if they put enough focus on it... they can dream it into being. It will not be the way they once dreamed it would be, but it will be a lesson... one way or the other. People come here to play dress-up and pretend. It's exhausting. It never occurs to 99.99% of them to be themselves.

Believe me, all sorts of romance and wonder... adventures galore... happen when you are being yourself because... each of us is already a story waiting to be told, once we get done playing at being someone other than ourselves.

All of this nonsense takes place within The Playgrounds of Time. There are some number of these playgrounds which are separated by degrees of density. Gravity varies... depending on the degree of density. Some people are plodding. They always look like they are walking uphill... or into the wind. Others appear to be skating with the wind at their backs. People could see their lives displayed in the map of their features... if they know how to look. Anyone paying attention can see where someone has been. This is always an indication of where they are headed.

What does any of it mean? Well... it depends on who you ask. Most people have some kind of an answer for that, and... since it means something different to each one of us... you get all kinds of answers. Who are you going to believe? Some people say you should go that way. Some people say you should go this way. I'm not going in any particular direction because I am already where I am supposed to be, and... have no idea about what's coming after. Maybe nothing is coming after. Maybe it just keeps getting more and more like it is.

When conditions get more like they are... when they intensify... you get the same thing... only different; sounds like a commercial. It's like the real thing in the back of your mind. Have you ever considered what it is that goes on in the back of your mind? Location... location... location.

We are in a stage of rapid change. The archetypes are being repurposed. There's a better word for it, but the meaning will still be elusive in many cases. Most people don't know what the archetypes are in the first place. You might think of them as metaphysical infrastructure. Let's say there's a picture in a frame and it hangs on a wall. The thing; nail... screw... hook it is hanging on is the archetype, and... does it determine what's in the picture or... does it determine how the picture presents itself to your mind? Lots of people see the same thing differently.

Archetypes are best displayed in Tarot cards... sometimes you get statues... sometimes you get mathematical formulae. Sometimes you get stars and constellations.

There is no permanence here. A new age will come with new problems, and I don't care how many times the wheel of The Zodiac... the Masloth in Chokmah turns around... every segment comes with the problems that need to be solved and which define the nature of The Age. We are in The Field of Time here. Change is the one certain constant. (grin) You are here because you want to be... because there is something that you want. Desire never ends. You channel it somewhere and off it goes, having ignited The Force of Attraction.

Some of us prefer to live outside of Time... even if we are occasionally present within its confines. Some of us have a real job... heh heh. It's funny to those who know why it's funny, but it is still... most certainly... true. For the masses... they scurry like ants. Up goes the tower, and... at some point... down comes the tower. Then they really scurry. Some are parasitical and do not build. They might feed on the builders, and they might feed on the building... like termites. Eventually... they cause the building to collapse so... steps have to be taken to control their activities.

In Times of Material Darkness... the parasites grow fat on the corruptions of advanced materialism. The Good News is that Apocalypse and Awakening... are built into the structure... of the existence of human forms in motion. People wake up to what's happening and steps are taken. Whatever the remedy... it works for a while, but... as long as corruption occurs there will be life forms that feed on it. My advice is to keep a clean kitchen.

You can't keep everyone else's kitchen clean... unless that is your profession, and there will still be plenty of dirty kitchens left. All you can do is set a good example, maybe people will notice and maybe they won't, but it will account for the sort of visitors you get... personally.

The way to a clean kitchen and a life worth living is to first cleanse and renew your mind. This is actually done by professionals that you have to call in for that purpose. Professionals don't miss anything because it is their job not to. You might miss something, and... sooner or later... corruption will appear, and then... inevitably... it will manifest externally.

During stages of great change... like the aftermath of a civil war... you are going to get the sort of people we've already mentioned here. My advice is to not build your house by the seashore or on the slopes of a volcano. Do not build your house by the riverside when the river has a history of overrunning its banks. Don't build your house in a tornado alley. If you do build your house in the woods... be sure you have a perimeter of open spaces... firebreaks... yadda yadda.

If you build your house where large crowds of people are also building their houses... you can expect certain conditions... like clockwork... to appear at certain intervals... because that's how it works... sooner or later.

My advice is to seek out and associate with The Great Companions so that you grow to be like them.

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Letgoist said...

Hi Vis. You do seem to admire Andrew Tate. I have my doubts. I know a person who would like to fight Andrew. His reasons seem compelling.

Visible said...

Actually... I have mixed feelings about him. On the one hand, he is an arrogant... self-important braggart who is far too immersed in material things. On the other hand, he often speaks truth and does so without fear. He cannot be intimidated and in that sense, he reminds me of myself. (grin) He's a larger-than-life character and he is going to come up against IT sooner or later. He is cruising for a bruising. Whether he gets this from The State... some creature of destiny or Time... it is as inevitable for him as it is for all of us, BUT... he's asking for it. I've learned about that stuff myself, and so... he has my sympathy for what awaits him.

Who knows? An epiphany might find him beforehand. We shall see.

Visible said...


Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is one of the most powerful things I have read in a long time. I am glad I responded BEFORE I read the piece. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I've had some comment I made about Tate responded to by people who don't like him or... maybe don't like my liking him. I guess I should be more careful with disclaimers attendant etc when I seem to favor someone that I actually have mixed feelings about. Thank you for posting that. I hope everyone who reads here reads that. I can't remember the last time I read anything quite like that and given... that I am someone who spent a few years behind bars and in some dangerous locations I get where the guy is coming from. My money would be on him... but I don't bet things like that.

M - said...

Before I knew anything about Tate, I didn't like him. I got an "ewww" feeling just by looking at him - same as I got with Musk. My gut feelings about both men have not changed and I don't expect them to. They could be Jesus come back to Earth and I still wouldn't feel any differently. The whole World could love them and I STILL wouldn't feel any differently.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

word bird said...

In an electric universe, all gravitational phenomena are fundamentally electric.

0 said...

Fields are curious things huh. Voltage versus Amprage, orthagonally offset from each other. We haven't the tools to measure the more subtle fields of Consciousness, tho JC Bose went at it over a 100 years ago and found he could measure such in plants and rocks. It had to be Contained in an iterated form to produce a measure tho.

How to measure that which has no container to isolate it from everything else?

To my mind the universe is a cavitation engine, in one part of space an event happens that conditions some other part of space for the change the All wants to show up there. A confluence of events happening at far remote points may all be timed to aggregate in some common locality at just the right moment and change is then had.

Course to my mind the yugas which define the solar systems travel around its arm of the galaxy we're within is just demarking a shift in the density of the underlying space or fields which connect everything together. As the solar system moves from its outtermost to its innermost, we go from kali to satya, and in the reverse direction we go from satya to kali. It seems like the reason for the time differences is that moving inward moves into higher density which takes longer to traverse as more resistance is had to movements which is why we have a longer period in satya than we do in kali.

All that noted, ain't it curious how the supposed alt news keeps saying the fights finally over and the good guys won? when nothings over and nobodies won anything? Now that Pascal Najadi guy is claiming JFK is still alive, which would make him about 107 years old... not sure what he'd be coordinating at that age, if we hadn't seen his head come apart on TV during the killing.

Seems like the fight is only finally just about to begin. People are tired of wealthy clowns making assertions and having No proof to back them up. Its a good change to my eye. Past time to hold the multitude of clown liars accountable and at the least shut them the hell up.

Guess we'll see how it goes when Rafahs border is run by American Mercenaries come the weekend.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Well, You See, The Time ALWAYS Comes... when The Terrestrial Runs Seriously Afoul of The Celestial, and... that Time is Now."



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