Thursday, May 16, 2024

"It's More Dance Lessons with The Rest of The Clumsy Dancers in The Drunken Mosh Pits of Stupidity, and Endless Wanting."

God Poet Transmitting.......

When you can close your eyes and see the glory of the coming of The Lord, it's a safe bet that... when you open your eyes... you won't see anything like that. Hollywood is the human version of The Westminster Dog Show. In the animal version... the dogs are hoping for a leg up into The Land of Hands so that they can open a refrigerator. In the human version... they practice a religion where Twerking is The Litany. There are some kind of trigger codes written into the advance of Materialism that activate Beast Mode.

Beast Mode is when you abdicate your humanity and get down on all fours for The Horned Goat of Mendes and his orcs, so they can service your departure from Sane Mode.

I saw the Tom Brady Roast the other evening. It was three hours of nasty... evil... commentary. Tom said his kids weren't happy about it. Hmm... really? I watched these important and self-important attendees and one thing stuck out to me that made no real sense. It was the presence of Kim Kardashian (who I don't remember ever having anything to do with Tom) roasting Tom Brady, which she sucked at. Why was she even there? Hmm... then the whole crowd booed her, but Netflix removed it.

Hollywood is owned and operated by Satanists and Witch Covens. Kardashian is a high-ranking member of the latter, though the witches and Satanists are mostly always on the same page of The Grimoire of Honorius The Black Pope... this was a demonic photo-op... giving face time to a high servant of The Dark Lord... who had no connection to the subject matter.

Behind the scenes in Hollywood is a clique of depraved characters who have LITERALLY traded their souls for certain degrees of latitude and access on The Material Plane. I remember Kanye... who, as stupid as he is... catching on to what he had stepped into, and I remember him reflecting on the cost of fame. I don't follow any of these people. News simply appears on my desktop because it gets sent out everywhere as part of the effort of mind control that is practiced on the blind and clueless.

The same thing happens in the corridors of political and financial power. There are club progressions like Skull and Bones that move... from the perverse fraternal... to the flaming eternal. As for the fires of Hell... they are metaphorical to a degree. That same fire that the saints rejoice in... the damned burn in. It's conundrums and contradictions all along the winding road to Doomsday's Break, and Heaven's Gates.

You... the reader... already know most of this. You've heard it here before, and no doubt... run into it through other sources as well. I bring it up on this occasion because of The Celestial Clock. As this cosmic engine ticks along... it triggers events at different moments. We approach such a moment now. It is a truly momentous moment. (grin) It has to do with yet another stage in The Awakening. Keep in mind that The Awakening does not only apply to The Sleeping Classes. It also applies to The Delusional, and to those who traffic in delusions for personal gain.

For a long time... The Divine has fed the ambitions of the spiritually twisted and the sexually perverse. They imagine that they are responsible for the significant strides... into material darkness... that have taken place in recent times, and provided such monstrous servings of Evil that have been heaped on The Common Plate. Flambé is to be expected when the sommelier arrives at each table.

The Divine has convinced EVERYONE in the service of The Dark Lord, which is God himself behind a mask... for The Purpose of Deception... of a particular deception, and he also tells them they have nothing to worry about... he's The Father of Lies after all, and... they get a card that lets them through certain doorways, BUT... there is ONLY God in every direction... far... far beyond what the eye can ever see.

The Divine accommodates at the level of perception... with any encounter... with anyone or anything. Those deceiving... meet a face of deception far more skilled than their own, and always The Voice is in their ears... urging them on... to The Great Denouement.

Evil has NO POWER except what The Lord grants it for The Purpose of Demonstration. Now... the people in Hollywood... don't get to the higher ranks... without making certain sacrifices... or paying penalties as a rite of passage. Usually... this involves the life of a loved one or accepting some chronic health problem. What really happened to Bruce Jenner?

You can skate on certain entrance fees... if you are willing to up the ante. Many people in Hollywood are suffering terribly right now, BUT... not nearly like they are going to. You might say... it comes with the territory.

It was once an open secret that many of the Hollywood Elite were devil worshipers. As times became darker and darker... censure was lifted from these activities. Adrenochrome and... all the rest of what gets released into the common parlance... are actually blinds for something much worse. I'm not saying Adrenochrome does not exist, BUT why can't anyone get their hands on it? Surely... that would have happened by now.

Then there is the matter of all these people being executed and replaced. I'm not saying it isn't happening, BUT... where is the actual evidence? If these whole head masks were a real thing in that department, then why do we always get these photos of mask edges on necks. Don't you think they would be better at concealing it? When you find something out it is because they wanted you to find out.

I don't know about all of what goes on in Hollywood. That's not my department... neither is what goes on in the corridors of power. What I happen to know... unequivocally... period... is that The Divine is in control of Everything, for The Purpose of Demonstration. People who get sucked into any other perspective are living in a state of delusion. The cabals of both Good Guys and Bad Guys all do as they are told, and it has NEVER been any different.

There is... ALWAYS... what seems to be going on, and what is actually going on. All the tales you hear about fantastic creatures from the past... aliens in space... what physical shape Earth is in... these are ALL manipulated areas of interest... whose intention is to deceive those who look into them. I'm not saying there are no fantastic creatures or aliens in space. I've seen them plenty of times. I'm just saying that the stories that surround them are designed to mislead.

A great deal that you hear about is all extra-dimensional. They are not physical entities that exist on the physical plane. They come into view when your spiritual senses are opened. Paracelsus could see these life forms at any time, and so does anyone whose higher senses are open.

The end result for ALL practitioners of Magic... IF... they reach a certain level of expertise... is that they run into The One who waits at the other end. The image and appearance of this entity are determined by the intention of the one having the encounter.

Nothing you can attain to, and nothing you can obtain Out There... Out Here... is The Thing Itself. These are all fool's errands. One always discovers something other than what they expected to discover in any quest they set out upon. Every area of magical enterprise is guarded by door wardens. In all cases... arrangements have to be made.

Everything is a guided tour. Tell yourself whatever makes you feel good, BUT... everything is under control. This point is made in every body of scripture. It is in the tenets of every faith. The Divine is all-knowing. The Divine is all-seeing. The Divine is everywhere and in everything. Cave Dei Videt!

The Divine explodes the whole of existence... into manifestation... from a central core of absolute purity... the hidden spring of all hidden springs. Existence descends across planes that go from the finer to the grosser, and The Physical Plane... The Material Plane... is the grossest state of being.

We are sent forth on the endless search for The Indwelling that is not to be found in external experiences. Still... we explore everything... picking it up... turning it over... trying to see into it; “Alas poor Yorick!” One day we find ourselves or... we come to the bleeding edge of The Ring Pass Not... to see how completely lost we are. Then... it's all the... long... road... back.

Do the right thing, to begin with! Heh heh... I wish I'd had better sense, BUT... I also know there was no other way around or over it, but... through it. Woulda... shoulda... coulda... are as pointless as 20-20 hindsight. We have had no choice but to fall into disorder, which is what makes redemption possible, and forgiveness... a most necessary attribute for anyone... who intends to actually get There.

When you finally get to that place of being free of judgment... where there is no rancor or resentment left... because it all got swallowed up... when you kissed the false self goodbye... while discovering that you had no part in any of it... you realize that your only contribution was to let it happen... to not hinder it... to give way; get out of the way, and let The Divine live its life in you. Until then... it's more dance lessons with the rest of the clumsy dancers in the drunken mosh pits of stupidity, and... endless wanting.

End Transmission.......

More from that remarkable character, Jili, whom I had never even heard of before.

Reynold A. Nicholson

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0 said...

Fili, Kili and now Jili eh?

It was a good read, curious to see the reference god-man there like with Careys book God-man; the word made flesh.

The land of milk and honey overflowing via the internal channels of ones iteration of form.



Visible said...

I am trying to showcase... what can be illustrated on the field of words... truths- relative though they may be... from each faith... moving from one and then to another. However... as soon as I put something in from some specific perspective... I hear about it from certain quarters.

There is this certain passive-aggressive character who likes to turn up the heat on me as he spins out of control into vituperation, and I have to shut him down here... now and again. So... he finally moved over to Truthseeker to ply his bent antagonisms... though he doesn't realize yet that I have certain controls there... just like I do here. I'll let him simmer and grow increasingly malignant and then I will have to shut him down there too.

It doesn't matter how broad a person might reach to show the commonality in beliefs across the spectrum of religions. Someone is always going to get bent out of shape, AND... it has nothing to do with what it seems to. It goes back to previous encounters that weren't even on the internet, though he doesn't know that I know about that.

It doesn't matter what efforts one might make on behalf of harmony. There will always be people looking for trouble. The way to handle them is to just go right past them... their problems are with themselves... not me.

I got the Lord of The Rings reference, by the way. (grin)

M - said...

Tom Brady may be a talented athlete, but he's also a self-serving Narcissist. Another individual I've never taken a shine to... My gut says he's not as squeaky clean as the media would have you think.

You want to watch something really perverse? Try Netflix's miniseries Hollywood. I wanted to watch it because I've always loved the style of old Hollywood (late 40s). The clothes, the cars, the style - which they got right. However, it is a HIGHLY fictionalized account of Hollywood's Golden Age revised to satiate the appetites of today's audience. No doubt there is some truth to what this series portrayed, but it is clearly skewed towards pushing Agendas. Very little male-female action but plenty of man-on-man. Yuck.

"When you find something out it is because they wanted you to find out." Yeah, baby. Many haven't caught on to that. Bread & Circuses.

robert said...

Thank you Visible!

Pardon my french; reacting to a turn of a phrase

We are sent forth on the endless search for The Indwelling that is not to be found in external experiences. Still... we explore everything... picking it up... turning it over... trying to see into it; “Alas poor Yorick!” One day we find ourselves or... we come to the bleeding edge of The Ring Pass Not... to see how completely lost we are. Then... it's all the... long... road... back.

Not to be found in external experiences, until our external is consonant with our internal, that is.

What-is cannot be grasped with our external appendages nor directly perceived using dimensionally constrained, flattened sense perception

The Real cannot be hugged using false motives or illusory being

But the tantalizing trick of leading human being by desire for shiny emptiness is not just a tease for no purpose!

When our inner vision is allowed to dominate our outer husky desire for gratification we may see the rings of resonance which sound the dinner bell

Integration of the density which is actually the least dense with the the impenetrable source, packed impossibly full is the goal worthy of living

Putting together what was asunder for the training of the puzzle montkly mind is not an empty pursuit after all

There is nothing to discard but the fruitless ways of being less than perfect

There is no matter to excrete but to recycle into better and better integrity with the Original Meaning

Ironically, we discover the Indwelling wherever we cast our attention but in our willful ignorance, we cast it aside thinking" "That can't be it!"

Too proud to acknowledge that we have been like babes held in our Mother's sling throughout all of our lives
While we explored in naive knowing-it-all, thinking any of what we found was new
When the only newness was the wonder we create by being new to the game of being Conscious
Or rediscovering what we forgot, who we were before we parted ways with the One
On our way to work ourselves back to knowing

What delight we bring to the One, when we realize we are one

Bringing our experience of being split into wandering error cyphers
Back again to Unity, gathering more unknown darkness into the light
Putting all the puzzle pieces into a jigsaw mosaic that continues to grow in faceted fascination

0 said...

Hehe yeap, to some people, that one can be-come is offensive.

Ironic since they are so bent already having be-come what they are NOW thru their own choices that they are willfully blind to the Truth of using their iteration of form to be-come what they Want to be instead of defaulting to what they Are.

Hopefully that wasn't directed at me, tho if so it went right on by.

Did you see they're gonna make a prequel movie about Gollum now?

Take care, lets see if the black sky event shows up this weekend.


Visible said...

Good Grief! No... of course it was not directed at you. I just clipped this excerpt from tomorrow's spiritual reading by that same fellow who has been the focus for the last couple of days.

I love when I hear a voice across the ages that corroborates what we say here and which some... especially fundies... object to vehemently

"Divine worship, he says, is the end for which all things are created, and therefore belongs to their original nature and constitution. The different forms of worship result from the variety of Names and Attributes by which God manifests Himself in creation. Every Name and Attribute produces its own characteristic effect. For example, God is the true Guide (al-Hádí); but He is also the Misleader (al-Muḍill), for the Koran says, "Allah shall lead the wicked into error." He is the Avenger (al-Muntaqim) as well as the Forgiver (al-Mun‘im). If any one of His Names had remained ineffectual and unrealised, His self-manifestation would not have been complete. Therefore He sent His prophets, in order that those who followed them might worship Him as the One who guides mankind to salvation, and that those who disobeyed them might worship Him as the One who leads mankind to perdition

All God's creatures worship Him in accordance with His will, and every form of worship expresses some aspect of His nature. Infidelity and sin are effects of the Divine activity and contribute to the Divine perfection. Satan himself glorifies God, inasmuch as his disobedience is subordinate to the eternal will."

Yes, I read an article about this and Andy Serkis. I don't think it comes out till 2026. At least it's Peter Jackson at the helm

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky as I eagerly await to leave this garbage heap of a realm behind.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Most People don't Know Dirty Harry from Debbie Harry... and They Can't Find Their Ass with A Google-View and A Compass."



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