Wednesday, May 29, 2024

"There's No Such Thing as Luck. Luck... is Something that Lazy People Depend on... to Compensate for Their Lack of Effort."

God Poet Transmitting.......

Well... that shiny new pier they imported from Midnight Solutions in The Dark seems to be a couple of suspensions short of the necessary tension.

It's not like there's any shortage of tension, so... it must have something to do with the supply chain being around the necks of whatever gangsta rappers they put in charge of the project. Project? Projects??? Hmm... apparently it was not whatever floats your boat, BUT rather a matter of how to torture and kill off a whole lot of people due to accidents that won't be attributed to you.

It is a remarkable irony that Chief Shit for Brains had this happen on his watch, BUT... I always ask myself... first off... was it intentional? I mean... The Usual Suspects were almost certainly in charge. Larry Silverfish most likely had the insurance contract, and Bill Maher was doing the PR. It all fits nicely together... in order to not fit together.

Of course, it was intentional!!! Someone... somewhere... hired somebody that was incompetent and then just sat back while The Darwin Principle worked itself out. Otherwise... The PalestIndians have really got a Guinness Book streak of bad luck, and there's no such thing as luck. Luck... is something that lazy people depend on... to compensate for their lack of effort.

It's really hard to tell sometimes... whether a person is really that stupid or they work for the government. Take the latest... everyone famous is a tranny... thing. I think there might be an argument that could be made for Nailer Swiftly being a Satanist... or a complete tool, BUT... a tranny? That necessitates an unfortunate combination of poor research skills... laziness... stupidity, and probably an inherent need to slander and lie. She ain't a tranny. She's a whole lotta other things, all of them lacking in substance, BUT... no...

...she's only a tranny in the minds of people who lock themselves in the video booths at the porn shop... where such fantasies are a thing.

If you are one of those people who think this is true, you should probably go have your name tattooed on your forehead... because the time will come when you will need a prompt of that sort. Hopefully, your name is not Ambulance. Don't worry. You won't get that either.

Is it just that people want to believe certain things so badly, they think... if they go around saying it to everyone... that it will become true? I mean... we see rumors become true for some people every day. The Crass Media and Social Media, and just about every other media does nothing else but lie, and... they're doing okay... for the moment... if you call that sort of thing; doing okay.

I was about to say something about people having so little pride these days, and then... I thought about all the negative connotations that attend Pride, and that... in fact... these days... too many people have pride in things that people used to feel deeply ashamed about, and I realized it was not pride I was thinking about but Self-Respect.

The need to be a somebody these days... no matter what that entails... and no matter what one has to go through to accomplish it is... well... from my perspective at least... unbelievable.

Some people are not going to survive for very much longer unless they find some way to disabuse themselves of all that self-importance that they have woven into a choker around their necks. Can you make a charm bracelet out of cinderblocks?

It's like that thought that keeps coming to mind... about... where is The Deep State going to get the cannon fodder for their endless wars? The infantry does not march on high heels. Slapping the enemy with your purse is not a recommended intimidation device. The weekend warriors of The IDF are finding out now... what it's like to fight people... who are lean and hungry, and... not afraid to die.

Is it always the same... sad testimony... that attends the fall of a culture... strangled by the Kudzu Vines of Materialism? You see... there is a visible progression that occurs when one's affections are more and more placed upon inanimate objects. They eventually become your tombstones. Everything is happening outside of you... at a distance... somewhere that only the imagination can travel to, and then... well... you don't wake up, but you still feel bad... until you feel worse, and then you don't feel anything at all.

Something really... REALLY big is going to happen... at some point... and it is closer than the future that appears in your side view mirror. It's not going to be like The Quiet Earth, BUT it could well involve a massive disappearing act on the part of those who are unable to... or indifferent about... making The Cut.

There seems to be a spectrum of consciousness that is present. It starts out... in a rather dense population zone... of life forms that are dumber than dirt... or mindlessly fascinated with the most trivial vanities and attractions; being utterly clueless to anything outside The Zone of Immediate Gratification. Then there are various other stages of awareness moving toward a brilliant light that is too bright to actually see. However... because of the intense blanketing of Materialism, a large part of the population has become unconsciously evil... due to having become obsessed with externalities...

… so much so... that if their comfort zone is affected to any great extent... the will to live... will altogether leave them... OR... someone's going to get hurt. When I say unconsciously evil, I mean to say that they act impulsively in defense of self-interest... should anything arise to threaten the seeming stability of it.

All Evil comes out of Selfishness and Self-interest. All Good appears as a collateral effect of selfless service. These days... most people cannot even comprehend the meaning of selfless service... unless they can be photographed or filmed in the act of it... so that it can go on Social Media. Everything has become an act... a performance in desperate need of an audience. You see it everywhere now, as people emulate and imitate... brainless celebrities who... show them the way it gets done when the skids are greased.

Glamour... as Alice Bailey noted over a century ago... is a world problem now. It's all become an act of posing in distorted mirrors. Any sane person... should run as fast as they can... from any possibility of fame and celebrity, BUT... few of us are sane anymore. The Glitter is too intense. You are willingly embracing a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes when you become a name player.

There are two audiences. There is The World, and there is The Divine. You can get The World to notice you... for a certain period of time, but you will go right off of God's TV screen. Or... you can get God to notice you... by doing good things... out of the sight of everyone else, and you will go off of The World's TV screen.

When you leave this world... who will be waiting for you... as you exit the anchor... that has held you in the vibratory zone... that you have inhabited for all these days and nights? Will a host of angels sing you to your rest OR... will you run into the Swiss officials that run the customs portal... between wherever you are... and wherever you get directed to afterward? Purgatory has a real meaning... spiritually. It's a waiting zone. It's The DMV of The Invisible Planes. You didn't do enough to distinguish yourself enough to get sent to hell, so... you are in Limbo.

Try to remember this phrase; As Above... So Below. Try to brand that into your consciousness. It can be of immense help... when trying to negotiate foreign locations... that you never took the trouble to familiarize yourself with... prior to having yourself sent there. Try not to separate yourself from yourself, which is something people do hundreds of times a day and hardly notice.

You are EITHER in some degree of a separated state OR... some degree of Unity... Unity is The Fruit of Love. Unity is what Love results in. Love is a directed force. Unity is a state of being. You don't go to Heaven when you die unless you are already there. Heaven begins where your feet touch The Earth. I've said these things before and I will say them again... and again... and again.

I know that many criticisms flow from my pen. Do not imagine that I spare myself the same. I speak of these things because they are real enough for what they are, and the consequences are just as real. It can make all the difference to plan ahead, rather than to simply stumble about... without a thought for where you might end up. It's like the ant and the grasshopper... children's fables are more than they might appear. In the spiritual sense... if you are not laying up treasures where moth and rust do not corrupt... you really should be. You really should be.

You never know when The Sword of Damocles will fall. You never know... what you think you know... when you have to call on it... to explain what you do not understand to yourself. It could all be so much simpler if you had a working... every day relationship... with your creator. We seem to have little problem with having a relationship with our deceiver. Probably because he is ever so much more present... for some reason.

Even a little effort to reach The Divine will not go amiss. Time and Circumstance march on. What you can accomplish here... you cannot accomplish there... until you are here again. There is a science that explains the matter, BUT... too few have the time or inclination to study it. Perhaps it is an inconvenience to know something... that might interfere with... wasting your life.

End Transmission.......

The broadcast with James Jancik and me about
The Purpose of Demonstration is still up (and will be).
However... now that we've mentioned it on all 3 blogs I won't be mentioning it again... not that anyone will notice. (grin)

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The next excerpt from Chapter 4 of The Bhagavad Gita=

The process of offering is Brahman;
that which is offered is Brahman.
Brahman offers the sacrifice in the fire of Brahman.
Brahman is attained by those who see Brahman in every action.
Some aspirants offer material sacrifices to the gods.
Others offer selfless service as sacrifice in the fire of Brahman.
Some renounce all enjoyment of the senses,
sacrificing them in the fire of sense restraint.
Others partake of sense objects
but offer them in service through the fire of the senses.
Some offer the workings of the senses
and the vital forces through the fire of self-control,
kindled in the path of knowledge.

Some offer wealth; others offer sense restraint and suffering.
Some take vows and offer knowledge and study of the scriptures;
and some make the offering of meditation.
Some offer the forces of vitality, regulating their inhalation and exhalation,
and thus gain control over these forces.
Others offer the forces of vitality through restraint of their senses.
All these understand the meaning of service
and will be cleansed of their impurities.

True sustenance is in service, and through it,
a man or woman reaches the eternal Brahman.
But those who do not seek to serve are without a home in this world.
Arjuna, how can they be at home in any world to come?

These offerings are born of work,
and each guides mankind along a path to Brahman.
Understanding this, you will attain liberation.
The offering of wisdom is better than any material offering, Arjuna;
for the goal of all work is spiritual wisdom

Approach those who have realized the purpose of life
and question them with reverence and devotion;
they will instruct you in this wisdom.
Once you attain it, you will never again be deluded.
You will see all creatures in the Self, and all in me.

Even if you were the most sinful of sinners, Arjuna,
you could cross beyond all sin by the raft of spiritual wisdom.
As the heat of a fire reduces wood to ashes,
the fire of knowledge burns to ashes all karma.
Nothing in this world purifies like spiritual wisdom.
It is the perfection achieved in time through the path of yoga,
the path which leads to the Self within.

Those who take wisdom as their highest goal,
whose faith is deep and whose senses are trained,
attain wisdom quickly and enter into perfect peace.
But the ignorant, indecisive, and lacking in faith, waste their lives.
They can never be happy in this world or any other.

Those established in the Self have renounced selfish attachments
to their actions and cut through doubts with spiritual wisdom.
They act in freedom. Arjuna, cut through this doubt in your own heart
with the sword of spiritual wisdom. Arise; take up the path of yoga!


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If Swift were a metal, she's be iron pyrite at best. Also, I must say that every failure I read about perpetrated by the wrong side of history has me rollin' on de floor a'laughin' my fat arse off. Unfortunately it grows back fast.

Kudzu is edible. Never had any, but I read it tastes like spinach. My favourite leafy green veggy. Man, I'd love to try kudzu paneer, or a saag clone outta that. They oughta sell that in the produce section.

Makin' de cut. I don't wanna. I'm philosophically opposed to how this 'realm of the demiurge' works, and can't stand it. I want off as soon as my contract is up, which I hope is yesterday, but unlikely. And I must add, I have it better than most. Low overhead, statistically few obligations, and no monetary debt is nice. I'm now collecting with interest all the discretionary time I never had in the past, being semi-retired (Only working part time, though weekends and holidays are Hell.) and basically telling the world and society at large they can't have my time and they can pet their own goddamn noses. I've HAD IT with those who live for the world, to boot. They can HAVE it. My mind is already in the next one, though unfortunately the body is still here. Oh well.

Nostrils to the sky!

0 said...

hehe... maybe monday since they been playing up the planetary alignments... they can nuke places then claim it was the alignments that brought changes... :P

Tho maybe they'll put it off till 6/11 to keep up with the first 9/11 and the second 3/11 events that already happened.

Past time to light up the unaccountable so they burst into flames and turn to ash.


0 said...

The guy in the quiet earth sorta looks like Neal Degrassius Tyson. Hahaha...


0 said...

This bit describes the way my now ex-wife is acting to a T.

"There seems to be a spectrum of consciousness that is present. It starts out... in a rather dense population zone... of life forms that are dumber than dirt... or mindlessly fascinated with the most trivial vanities and attractions; being utterly clueless to anything outside The Zone of Immediate Gratification. Then there are various other stages of awareness moving toward a brilliant light that is too bright to actually see. However... because of the intense blanketing of Materialism, a large part of the population has become unconsciously evil... due to having become obsessed with externalities...

… so much so... that if their comfort zone is affected to any great extent... the will to live... will altogether leave them... OR... someone's going to get hurt. When I say unconsciously evil, I mean to say that they act impulsively in defense of self-interest... should anything arise to threaten the seeming stability of it."

Whats sad to watch is how my kids now treat their mom after her constant mistreatment of them. Its expected as consequences and I told her 15 years ago this day would come, and she still thinks she can somehow manage to make people do what she wants while she only does what she wants.

I do appreciate that my kids now have a sort of means of identifying this sort of behavior in others courtesy of their moms behaviors. It makes them want to discuss something and come to a compromise versus dictate terms and throw a fit if they don't get their way. Course alot of that is how I interact with them in spite of how their mom does.

Clearly the marraige has affected me negatively. I spent a decade using her negative behavior to adjust how I respond to it, but at this point its just Stress for Stresses sake. I need to let it go and get on with getting on.

Eh. It is what it is, and ain't what it t'ain't.


Visible said...

Help is on the way.

AL said...

Nailer Swiftly is, well at least when she was a little girl a girl. One of my old and closest friends did pest control work at her home in West Reading back in the early 90s and until they moved and she would follow him around the house, he said she was a very pleasant kid back then.

Anyway everything we see that we wish we didn't have to comes from the age old illness LackofGodIttis and we know the cure which is being slowly rolled out as we speak. I can see it and feel in myself and certainly in others and soon the flood gates open.

Good one today Les, it hit the right places for me man, have you by chance been elevated to a chiropractor of light?

Visible said...

I got a promotion recently. I was already doing adjustments. (grin)

As for Nailer... there are many anecdotal tales about her being a girl from disinterested parties... close up AND at some distance. it is not a matter of dispute. There's a poncey fellow over at Truthseeker... with an appropriate name... who keeps insisting she's a guy; probably wishful thinking.

I've never understood people holding an unverified perspective, and then holding forth on it, without caveats indicating a lack of comprehensive knowledge. but people do that without even thinking about it these days. They figure that assumption is all the proof they need. They have earned my contempt, but mostly I keep that to myself or I'd be in the midst of all kinds of barking dogs... with a similar pack mentality.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Everything Outside of You is a Distraction from What is Inside You. It is The Reason that God is Lonely and... So Are You."

ID-Strider said...

LV! One of the funniest memes I ever saw was that not so Swift is Napoleon Dynamite in drag!
I don't even know who these people are but they are entertaining, as jesters should be.
When a meet a new gal it is only a matter of time before OMG! Tay is the greatest thing ever.
As the facepalm and sad trombone sound.
Another CME is coming!
A sibling said that comrade commissar Bragg of the CPUSA (D) is worth over $30 million.
Selling your soul to Soros is worthless and material items don't carry over.
An elder family member has a malignant growth and they did get the not-a-vaxx as the first on the block.
Praying and giving thanks for everything multiple times a day and speaking it during walks.
Not really talking to myself but to a Higher Power.
Keep calm and Love God.
Stride On.



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