Tuesday, May 21, 2024

"Lose The Personal Shit to See The True Details... Otherwise It All Ends Up as a Projection, AND YOU DECEIVE YOURSELF!"

God Poet Transmitting.......

We have long maintained here that the whole spectacle concerning Trump has been orchestrated to put the magic momentum into his tailwind... to sweep him into office through a populist fever dream. You probably notice that though the parties... switch their ownership of The White House on a regular basis... the same vested interests are continuously promoted. There is the appearance given that there is a struggle between one side and the other. The truth is that every single one of them services the bankers or The Bankers kill or discredit them.

Of course.... all of what is going on... looks one way to the clueless, and another way to those who see some of the magician's tricks... cause they are paying attention more than the clueless are capable of doing, and then... it looks even more radically different... for those who can see through the magician... to the intelligence that is operating him. The puppet strings are not hidden from those who can see the invisible lines of force. They are a little like the forces that shape a person's expression.

Most people just see a person's expressions... which can tell you a great deal... depending on how much attention you are paying, BUT few people can see what it is that is shaping the expressions. I am trying to convey a state of consciousness that is available to everyone, but that very few people are able to access because their minds are filled with personal details. One has to lose the personal shit to see certain details... otherwise, it all ends up as a projection, AND... YOU DECEIVE YOURSELF!

Most people do not realize that they are in a magic show. They just proceed along the conveyor belt between birth and death... over and over again. In Times of Awakening... a certain percentage of the public begins to wake up and see what's been being practiced on them. This is one of the ways that The World is changed. It happens spontaneously... as if that were a kind of magic too, and... it... is.

Let's say there is a tsunami coming over the horizon, but it is coming in slow motion. People might see it but they tell themselves it's a long way off, and... maybe it will turn to one side or the other, and maybe it will run out of steam. Many of them forget about it because they have more immediate concerns, and then there are all those coming attractions... that play in their heads through the day, while they are working... when they are in school... while they are driving from one to the other, and back home... and back out... dreaming... imagining.

Some people who are more awake... than those acting like herded livestock... milling all around them... know what the tsunami is all about, and what it portends, BUT... what can they say? No one is listening. There is so much background noise that it is harder by the day for people to hear what anyone is saying, and not a moment to spare before someone else is saying something else. It never stops. It's like New York City... the city that never sleeps... in their heads.

Have you ever wondered why people remain in a location that war is coming to? Why do people stay in neighborhoods that become more and more dangerous? Why do they allow their children to attend schools where they are taught to be promiscuous and accepting of every perversity that a sick mind can imagine? Why do people vote for people who hold them beneath contempt? What are these strange mindsets that dominate their consciousness, and LITERALLY tell them where to go and what to do?

Kingdoms and nations rise and fall. Land masses emerge from the sea and sink beneath it again. People just dream on... living and dying... coming and going, and coming back again, and again, and again.

I know I mention these things again, and again, and again. I am just a small... animated... microdot of a being... whose tiny island of knowledge is surrounded by a vast ocean of what he does not know. Every day I sit before the altar of The Sun... several times a day, and I am told certain things over, and over, and over again, by someone whose knowledge... dwarfs mine... like The Sun dwarfs a streetlamp.

Repetition is a form of imprinting. How does one train a dog or any animal... for that matter? They do it through repetition and the associating of certain words and gestures with certain commands. I am less than a dog in comparison to my master, and he does the same with me, and... why is that? It is because the separated mind is a wily snake... always probing for a weakness, and any applied discipline works to build muscles/strength... in every location where it is applied. Discipline eventually builds habits that it becomes nearly impossible for the separated mind to break.

Yoga is like that because yoga links you up with something of far greater power than your power to resist it.

Until the separated mind is brought to a standstill and performs on command without resistance... the struggle continues. Sooner or later... the separated mind falls into line. It really depends on how strong that mind was to begin with. It may be harder to bring it into line if it is very strong, but... it also remains very strong afterward, and a weak mind? What do you do with a weak mind? It is resistance that makes us stronger.

One thing that psychedelics do... can do... is open the door of the subconscious and you can be present while The Sun of The Superconscious shines down upon it... if you know how. It's not difficult. It involves getting out of the way and staying out of the way... while paying attention to what is taking place and allowing The Higher Mind to imprint on your Lower Mind. I am not promoting psychedelics. I am not... at the moment... or for some time... taking psychedelics. I am explaining something that can be accomplished with them, but the same thing can be accomplished with a variety of different disciplines.

Today... I was asked if I knew why I kept hearing the same advice over, and over, and over again. I was told it was in order to circumvent the self-conscious mind... that resists the free flow of the divine through me... and to imprint this message over, and over, and over again... upon the subconscious... until it is written into the fabric of my being... so that the self-conscious mind... the self-identified persona... ceases to react to everything that happens. It stops stepping in the way of the divine... and playing God when it is not God.

The Reactive Mind is the impulsive and undisciplined devil... the driven carnal force... that interposes itself between God and our areas of transformation. It takes the idea of attractive material forms, and substitutes them for the living... conscious... light of God.

There is an old... a very old tale about a devotee following Krishna on a path, but Radha is walking between them, and her rolling... swaying form distracts the attention of the devotee. Of course... this is a natural thing. There is nothing wrong with it... for the purpose for which it exists... bringing together two opposite sides of a dynamic to produce a third. It is the dance of life. I am more interested in the possibilities of the supernatural aspect. I... and others like me... are in a conscious departure from the same old... same old act of... making more life that ends in death, BUT...

...once again... the deceivers who manipulated the doctrine of Ageless Wisdom... as it once existed in the unadulterated version of Christianity... left out some very important details. If the female aspect is responsible for the fall of man... through the medium of being misinformed... about the meaning of something, AND... by representing The Sensitive Life into which man falls...then yes... She plays a specific role in the process of bringing The World into being, BUT... it is ONLY through Her that man can rise again, in... every... sense... of... The... Word.

I prefer to have the male and female aspects present and awakened... within me... in a particular relationship... that then transforms me into The Sphinx. It is probably why I was born on August 22... when Leo is passing into Virgo. We are here for the reasons that we are here for... UNTIL... we change the reason or the reason is changed for us. I want to be an acceptable hosting mechanism for The Divine. That means that everything unacceptable has to be transmuted or done away with. It's not my job to do this. It is my job not to interfere with it taking place.

We are literally our own worst enemy, and life demonstrates this every day... near and far.

I was told that the reason I keep hearing about The Divine being more present in me each day, but not as present as he will be tomorrow... he says... is because he comes with an entourage... like Salvador Dali... only in a much more expanded sense. He not only comes with a massive entourage, but he comes with all his powers and abilities, so... anything I think I am doing is a negative by comparison... with what he will be doing... if I get out of his way;

“When I tell you that certain things you are doing are not necessary, it is not a negative judgment on your doing these things. It is simply to tell you they are not necessary because I will accomplish all of them... when I am more fully arrived in you... and it will require no work on your part. It's good that you are so charged up about improving yourself, but... frankly... that's my job.”

You could have knocked me over with a gentle breath of wind when I heard that.

Speaking of wind... and The Breath of Life... which we weren't but we will be; inspiration and aspiration are connected in every sense. If you wish to be inspired... you must aspire. If you want to draw The Divine into your life, you must love The Divine. You must aspire to The Divine, and The Divine will come... because The Divine MUST RESPOND to love. I won't be going into all the reasons why that is... mostly because I don't know all the reasons why. (grin) However, I do know enough of the reasons to know that this is so.

When we cease to reside in the perspective of The Separated Mind... we come into a state of blessed unity... of regenerated innocence, and... the return of our childlike nature. Our unruly personal will that is manipulated and deceived by The Separated Mind... which is led astray by The Dark Lord... MUST be brought into resonance with The One Mind... because...in reality... there is ONLY one mind anyway. Until that is accomplished... suffering will continue. Once that is arrested and held in place... suffering ends.

End Transmission.......

another excerpt from The Bhagavad Gita. It follows after what was posted yesterday;


Tell me of those who live established in wisdom,
ever aware of the Self, O Krishna.
How do they talk? How sit? How move about?


They live in wisdom
who see themselves in all and all in them,
who have renounced every selfish desire
and sense craving tormenting the heart.

Neither agitated by grief
nor hankering after pleasure,
they live free from lust and fear, and anger.
Established in meditation, they are truly wise.

Fettered no more by selfish attachments,
they are neither elated by good fortune
nor depressed by bad. Such are the seers.

Even as a tortoise draws in its limbs,
the wise can draw in their senses at will.

Aspirants abstain from sense pleasures,
but they still crave for them.
These cravings all disappear
when they see the highest goal.

Even of those who tread the path,
the stormy senses can sweep off the mind.
They live in wisdom who subdue their senses and keep their minds ever absorbed in me.

When you keep thinking about sense objects, attachment comes.
Attachment breeds desire, the lust of possession that burns to anger.

Anger clouds the judgment;
you can no longer learn from past mistakes.
Lost is the power to choose between what is wise and what is unwise,
and your life is utter waste.

But when you move amidst the world of sense,
free from attachment and aversion alike,
there comes the peace in which all sorrows end,
and you live in the wisdom of the Self.

The disunited mind is far from wise;
how can it meditate? How be at peace?
When you know no peace, how can you know joy?

When you let your mind follow the call of the senses,
they carry away your better judgment
as storms drive a boat off its charted course on the sea.

Use all your power to free the senses
from attachment and aversion alike,
and live in the full wisdom of the Self.

Such a sage
awakes to light in the night of all creatures.
That which the world calls day
is the night of ignorance to the wise.

As rivers flow into the ocean
but cannot make the vast ocean overflow,
so flow the streams of the sense-world
into the sea of peace that is the sage.
But this is not so with the desirer of desires.

They are forever free who renounce all selfish desires
and break away from the ego-cage of “I,” “me,” and “mine”
to be united with the Lord.

This is the supreme state.
Attain to this, and pass from death to immortality.”

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katzinbootz said...

Greetings once again!!
It's good to see you on Gab. So much has gone on, since I first read your blog, twenty years ago. Everything I thot would happen did. I was right every time.
Too bad few listened to me....now we are in a worse position as a group.

Have a great week! Hopefully you are back state side, well situated and secure.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

M - said...

I've heard from a friend - and then read it in a blog post online - that yoga is the gateway to Satan. Supposedly from Christians.

It boggles my mind how people come up with this kind of shite.

Visible said...

I've seen similar.

AL said...

Much needed and much appreciated Brutha and with much love I say thank you.

It used to seem strange to me several years ago when I would come here and often read exactly what I could use some help with but once I saw a more fuller picture with God in charge of everything and everyone it made sense he would know who's reading these message's he delivers through you.

Visible said...

He was just talking to me about that very thing a little while ago. (grin)He said, "Visible, I hope you are aware of the fact that I am inside the mind of everyone who reads what gets written here, and I can have all kinds of effects based on what I might be after. It's the reason this resonates with so many people, and yet... very few of them comment.

I can draw people to what you do, and I can send them away, and I do this all-round The World with all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. I am literally everywhere and aware of everything."

Anonymous said...

Hi Les, nice essay.
I am a compulsive reader of the Ashtavakra Gita. It's a compressed 'crack cocaine' version of the Vedanta, as i'm sure you know.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"There's Only One Source of Power in The Entire Universe, and that is His Celestial Majesty. Everyone Works for Him."



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