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"Karma is a Mystery to Most People... Because of The Helix Factor... Half of The Helix is Visible and Half of It Is Not."

God Poet Transmitting.......

"There is no Hell but selfhood, no Paradise but selflessness” Hell is where The Personality is, and Paradise is where it is not.

When we personalize existence... The Personality is given God status in The Mind. Most everyone is engaged in wrestling with The Devil (The False Self and Separated Mind) on an unruly ego trip... in conflict with everyone else. The Illumined Anonymous slips through the tension and contention... because... it has no part in it. There is a self... behind the self... that overlays it like a mask. The real self is hidden. The unreal self is the sleepwalker in dreamland.

How did our culture degenerate to where it is today? It's the same condition that comes into being when you don't clean your kitchen. Vermin appears everywhere, and... you are not allowed to call them vermin because vermin have a right to exist the same as you. Is this so... even when it means the end of you? You cannot make laws to protect everyone and everything. That is what Diversity is all about. Diversity is the materialism that appears at a specific stage in advancing Materialism.

A culture is strong when everyone works. It is strong when the relationship between men and women is maintained in an atmosphere of mutual understanding. The Screech Owls that are howling for recognition of tiny and perverse minorities... are the advance troops of another tiny minority... that seeks to rule over the majority... by dividing it into opposing camps, and then managing the conflict. This is visibly evident if... your... eyes... are... open.

License is not Liberty. Liberty is not license. It's where the word licentious comes from. If you cannot discipline yourself... someone will show up to discipline you.

As long as you choose to run around insisting on your right to do as you please... you will be permitted to do so... on the performance stage... of The Purpose of Demonstration. There you will encounter all of the responding forces that your behavior has activated. This is the outworking of Karma that goes on for as long as it needs to. That is up to you.

When someone chooses to step away from the madness of The False Self, and rely on The Self behind The Mask of The Personality... an angel of God steps forward into play. He has been waiting and watching for this moment.

He takes you in hand and presses you up against a template of The Divine... as it expresses according to The Ray you are on... the prototype you are representative of; every unnecessary aspect of your being... every false construct... every character defect... all personality shortcomings... all sources of pain and suffering are neutralized... melted away... chiseled off... until all that remains is your essential being, which is a reflection of The Divine.

Once that is accomplished, The World can no longer see you... unless you want it to.

The World has fallen into disorder because people got lazy and inattentive; “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.” Materialism creates an atmosphere of convenience, and excess is the fruit of that condition. It is the same principle that applies to generational wealth; one person makes the fortune... their offspring maintains and manages the fortune... their offspring squanders the fortune. Karma works in similar fashion... when mention is made of one's children's children, and the evil attending.

People lose interest in their higher aspirations when the objects of desire are so readily at hand. It's a much easier reach... less complicated... less arduous... less time-consuming.

Karma is a mystery to most people because of The Helix Factor. Half of The Helix is visible and half of it is not. Half of the process is visible and half of it is not. Your luggage gets processed at the check-in counter. It runs on a conveyor belt into the subconscious portion of the airport... which is hidden from the public's view. It is transported to a subconscious part of the plane, also hidden from the public view.

Then the plane flies to its destination, and then... the passengers wait in the baggage claim sector... where the luggage comes down a conveyor belt, and back into the public view. I have just illustrated the process of birth and death... as well as karma and reincarnation.

Nobody gets away with anything. We are... each and every one of us... on our way to whatever place...the road we build in the present... to travel on in the future... arrives at. When your vision clears... you can... literally... see this in operation. You can see it in the same way that Physiognomy will reveal amazing details to a focused attention.

How does one get the use of such abilities? These are automatic accessories of The Self behind The Personality. The Mind... for most people... is an unruly animal that goes where it wants to and does what it wants to... often at the expense of the person hosting it.

The Mind believes itself to be a living thing... apart from the one who operates it... or tries to operate it. Like everything else... it desires to be immortal. Government has the same affliction. The Mind has to be brought to heel or it will be your worst enemy. Once it has been put on a leash it becomes your best friend.

Certain people who misinterpret scripture believe that they are supposed to kill off the intrusive self, which uses The Mind as an amusement park ride for The Personality-Ego. This is not the case. It simply has to be brought under control. This can be a laborious effort. In some cases it takes lifetimes... unless you are fortunate enough to have an angel... that can disable the hijacked mechanisms... in order to reprogram them.

We are all programmed from birth, and... much earlier than that... if we only knew. Our Karma programs us for The Purpose of Demonstration... unless one knows how to arrest and redirect the process. In every case... Love... is the Swiss Army Knife... for every practical need, provided it is a Higher Love, which is a tool of The Higher Self.

Our Karma programs our life course and arranges for the parents who program us upon arrival. Then we are programmed by The World... through various mediums, like the education system... cultural pressure... peer pressure, and... of course... there is Religion, which is the crime partner of government that operates the crowd control devices, AND... there is always telepathic invasion. Few escape these forces. Some become outlaws by trying to escape. It can be done. It requires finesse.

If you can feel your mind considering what is being said here, then you have the possibility of escape. Most people would not even trouble themselves to think of such things, BUT... this is a time of awakening, and revealing. One might see their way round the obstacles now, IF... they possess enough Faith... Certitude... and Determination. You have to want to... enough... to persist in the effort. The more you want it... the more likely it is. Desire is the agent of God's Will.

Everything comes down to Wanting. It is easy enough for anyone to want This... That... and The Other Thing, BUT... when it comes to doing the right thing... to doing what is good for you... The Mind tends to balk. The Mind can tell when someone is trying to put a collar on it. It is important to remember that You are ALWAYS more powerful than The Mind. There are states of awareness... states of consciousness... above The Mind... that The Mind must obey. It has no choice in the matter. You simply need to be resident in these states of awareness.

When one is immersed in carnal considerations... it is a far reach to The Higher Mind that... is automatically... (should one choose to be resident in it)... in control of The Lower Mind... unless one is resident in The Lower Mind. Does this seem confusing? It's only confusing in The Lower Mind. Confusion is a specialty of The Lower Mind. Clarity is a specialty of The Higher Mind.

The majority of minds just glance off of talk like this. It's either troubling or there is no attraction... no magnetics. However... if it's true... it will ring through the years... it will cut through concentrated bullshit like a wire through hard cheese. If it's not true... it won't be around for very long... like 90+% of everything that is around now, so... it makes no difference. It is just chatter. Nature is filled with such chatter.

Think of the mindless babble of humanity... in a torment of materialism... as being nearly identical to woodland talk... a jungle jargon of communications between kindred life forms. Animals understand each other just like we do. It's another world of so many worlds... seen and unseen... that overlap one another like connecting bubbles. The only information... of lasting import... is exchanged in silence. One is either speaking or listening, and listening itself... if done properly... is another form of speaking.

End Transmission.......

Lately, I have been linking Sufi teachings here. I do not follow any tradition because every tradition... when it started out... follows the one I do... until it goes off the path into a bewilderment of rules and regulations... which copulate with one another and give birth to hypocrisy.

However... when I see something useful, I like to pass it on. This fellow, Abu Sa'id is something else. He's another facet in the jewel of countless facets, which is why I don't get involved in religions. I prefer to follow Higher Love, which is what shines through every facet and proves true in each one... until someone comes along to explain it and then runs into someone else explaining it, and then they argue about it.

Here is something from my friend Homer, who has long been a member of Krishna Consciousness.

I would have to say that consistently... the brightest minds I encounter... in these times... come from that sector of the jewel. This should leave you feeling very small indeed, which is never a bad thing.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"They are Duckwalking Anachronisms that can't Get Back through The Doorway They Claim to Have Emerged From."

tru3 said...

The luggage analogy made me smile; I recall a television commercial for luggage back in the 60’s . A traveler checks a bag, and in back a very large angry ape starts loudly smashing and thrashing the suitcase. After about 30 seconds of this, the case is thrown up onto the conveyor, hinges sprung and coming apart.

Guess karma is the 800 pound gorilla nobody wants to talk about?

0 said...

"He takes you in hand and presses you up against a template of The Divine... as it expresses according to The Ray you are on... the prototype you are representative of; every unnecessary aspect of your being... every false construct... every character defect... all personality shortcomings... all sources of pain and suffering are neutralized... melted away... chiseled off... until all that remains is your essential being, which is a reflection of The Divine."

Aka Calcination. :) If one ain't applying such to self, to be-come, then it shows no level of self discipline which is present and can then be built upon. Ironic since the self has to be made almost nothing before such a foundation can be put in place.




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