Tuesday, November 16, 2021

"By the Day. By the Day!!! What I See is Percolating Madness at the Periphery of a Full Toilet Boil Flushing Backwards."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

A palimpsest is not a tabla rasa and reincarnation is not a palindrome. That said... the Rittenhouse Caper is ready for the next episode, in which the street crazies demonstrate that some angels have wings and some have horns; speaking of horns, which parses nicely into Horny, let me point out that that is what the horns are all about. You can do two basic exercises with the sex force. You can do what the 90% do, which is, mostly, a get your ya ya's out thing until the energy pool is drained or... you can channel it into other areas of endeavor, because that is the force you will be using, and that is what ALL exceptional people do, though few of us are exceptional at any time. It is probably due to being locked up in a supermarket inside their minds, and unable or uncaring of finding their way out, where they wind up two corpses short of a casket.

In the links below, you will see how far Insanity now extends in our panoramic, surround-sound world. Some of it comes to us courtesy of the British Press; principally The Guardian. What they are the guardian of, I could not tell you, since they appear to be at least four scores short of seven years ago (which is probably where the itch comes from).

By the day. By the day!!! What I see is percolating madness at the periphery of a full toilet boil flushing backwards. The World of the moment is two avatars short of an anti-Christ. People are either, already, stark raving nuts or well on their way. Speaking of avatars, let me say that Krishna and Christ are the same persona, separated by an age, AND... the same one is reappearing again. Rama preceded Krishna. The Sun King IS The Sun King... ageless and ever young, filled with the essential vitality of life abundant and for the sharing. God gives himself away. You might want to try that, if... you expect to get any of it back, AND... how will you be getting it back?

Observe the competitions of Nature; the stags in rut and the combat prior to. Gays will tell you it is the denial of their desire for each other that causes the anger (grin) or... it DEFINITELY sounds like something they would say. Wait till you read the arguments and diseased logic, employed in the articles below. I am always surprised to find that they are much crazier than I originally expected. No way they survive beyond this lifetime. Observe the frenzies of the animal kingdom in their drive to replicate themselves. I don't know how hippos do it; probably in the water, I would think.

Yes... the horns, and the creatures with horns... and the concept of Horny... doesn't Pan have horns? Aren't devils pictured with horns? They are red too, aren't they? Red is the color of passion, of sulfur, of Rajas Guna. It is also, interestingly... the color of fire. Passion is a fire. So... here we have the degenerate human construct that Materialism has given us, wherein... the legitimacy of being intimate with ANYTHING that draws (and no longer draws) breath is coin of the realm in this time. Next... is the de rigueur deconstructing of one's own truth to fit every attractive lie they seek to couple with.

Real men and women have sex with The Divine. The idea that every pore of your body is a vagina, is something that has not escaped those who know how to breathe... and surrender. It is ALL so simple when you know what you are looking at. Do we know exactly what it is we are looking at? I submit that... in the main... we do not. Of course, I am only speaking of that which is germane to myself and others like me. Most will find this difficult to understand, even more of us WILL NOT WANT TO.

I'm not saying anything against romantic love. I am speaking to the ideals of what it should be, as opposed to what it is. These people (in the articles below, and in life all around us) who believe that sexual license is not only the way to go... but a human right... ARE... most certainly ARE... going to, by increments, frustrate themselves into an unbearable agitation. Their lives will get emptier, and emptier, and emptier till they are spinning like a top in a froth of viscous sexual fluids from which they cannot free themselves. Give it a little time and you will understand how they got the fly in the amber. Of course, since they at least two rats short of a lab experiment dinner, some will go hungry. They will starve... not from a lack of food, but from a lack of what gives and maintains life in the first place.

The hump and dump mentality of our present culture comes about due to those empowered to define it for us. I've got some new slogans for you. They are far more accurate than what we have at present; Diversity is Perversity, Inclusiveness is Abusiveness, White Supremacy is Leucophlegmacy, Living your own Truth is a Wolverine in a kissing booth. I COULD go on, but... I suspect you would prefer that I don't. Some of you are feeling that I am already two screwdrivers short of a cocktail.

It's SEX, my friends. It is ALL about SEX... even the 'above as so below' applies, though... not in ways those trapped in pedestrian hungers would understand, given that biological imperatives control their narratives. You see, it comes down to WHAT YOU WANT! What you want defines and gives meaning to your existence. You explain and understand EVERYTHING in that context! Your imagination produces the products that line the shelves of that supermarket in your mind.

I am constantly amazed at the lies people tell themselves and then... are not shy about telling you. Certain flavors of the month on the internet, who persist far past their sell-by date, tell us that we are all trapped, doomed, fucked; according to how they describe it. They tell us that everyone in power is a servant of some mysterious cult, though they can hardly be in power if they are a servant. These writers are as popular as sidewalk hookers at a New York political convention. They spin these tales out of pure conjecture and fabrication so that they can MAKE A BUCK. They are lying scoundrels constantly on the make... because that is all about SEX too. Someone is screwing and someone is getting screwed. Time and Karma reverse the roles... perpetually. Going up? Going down?

The gullible are caught up in a hornswoggle of horseshit, three or four graffitied cinder blocks short of a Berlin Wall. That's what this material culture has done to the mass of us. That is where the Palimpsest Syndrome comes in. THEY overwrite a new faceless identity to conceal the formerly unexplored.

When The Imagination is trained, the SEX force becomes a dancing bear, AND... the animal nature is no longer your adversary. It leads to higher forms of intercourse known only to those it has been revealed to. A great deal is about to be revealed, cause you ain't seen nothing yet from Mr. Apocalypse, The Great Awakening, and The Avatar. All of these live in your head with The Sugar Plum Fairies ONLY... they are real. The Sugar Plum Fairies are not.

The Crazy you presently see is all the result of Bad Parenting. The lack of completion and true intimacy is the fruit of Bad Lovers who don't understand the process. Now we have every derangement under The Sun being extolled as the new Walk this Way of The Promised Land. My advice is to stay away from crowds and avoid idle conversations. When the shit hits the fan... given the sheer amount of shit, and the size of the fan... well, you do the math. Lies are flammable. That is good to know.

By now, you should KNOW that the vaccines are killing devices, and where they do not kill they incapacitate, and turn the victims into zombies, tuned to whatever frequencies they want you to dance to. You need to be able to control The Dial or else THEY WILL. They have no power. They have the APPEARANCE of POWER, and they are fading as I write these words. A new dawn is coming upon The World as we formerly knew it. You will either dance in its resplendent light OR... you will go in search of somewhere to hide. Some will cry out for the mountains to fall upon and conceal them from the terrible light, which they cannot bear. REAL POWER comes from a single source. You are EITHER in resonance or resistance to it.

All spiritual discipline and aspiration, is an arrangement of your being, as preparation for The Investiture. Who you think you are is NOT who you are, yet people lose their minds over the threat of the loss of their treasured illusions. You MUST let go of who you think you are so that who you really are can shine and illuminate your existence...; draw you up into an ever-intensifying intercourse with Heaven. You reside in the kingdom that you serve. If your nature finds expression through your carnal persona, you achieve the certain destiny of beasts, and might well become one. If your plumbing answers to a higher calling, the chatter of The World will fade into an inaudible echo of itself.

You might well wonder why these posts appear five days a week, week after week. Surely, I have said enough in the last 20 years at this, in the 50 million words it has taken. Go to all the alternative and mainstream news outlets you visit on a regular basis and take a headcount of how many of the writers talk about God. It's hardly anyone, is it? Even locations devoted to religious commentary, seldom mention The Creator. It is mostly always about ancillary concerns, NONE OF WHICH you would have if your main concern had been addressed, however... we are several lifeboats short of a drowning world at this time. Someone has to talk about The Main Player in this life drama, however ineffectually I might accomplish it... I do my best.

I don't care what name you give The Divine. I don't care what particular and peculiar clothes you dress it in, what funny hats it wears, or what dreadful creatures go bump in the sacristy of perpetual night. God is ALWAYS... indefinable and incomprehensible... A-L-W-A-Y-S and forever. The furthest and deepest you can reach in understandable terms is LOVE. Find LOVE and your suffering and fear are gone. Even a child can understand this. Even a moron can respond to it. The animals know immediately if LOVE is present. It pacifies them. FEAR smells like ANGER to an animal. Our problems begin and end with our Selfish Nature. Let go of it and see what happens.

End Transmission.......

Some links INDEED=

Via The Guardian
Once the sexuality gets twisted, it continues to twist until it is bound tighter than a drum head.
The pounding brings the migraines=

Goop’s sex therapist on her radical approach to sexual pleasure

Via The Guardian
He said, “I do miss those days,” he says. “Men were creating a space for themselves.” Oh... did I mention he's REALLY into men? It shows you where it leads; Damon and Pythias it is not.

Men unzipped:
Me and My Penis, the TV show where masculinity goes commando


Via npr
Mr. Apocalypse dancing with the djinns=
3 dead, hundreds injured after storms rouse scorpions in Egypt



Via Victory Girls Blog
Just to show you how far Reason has gone in these times=
Kyle Rittenhouse Case Rests, The Haters Don’t

Victory Girls

Via The Mad Truther
It seems that the streets are meant to explode when Kyle Rittenhouse is found innocent.
BLM is threatening to ignite them. Oddly, no black people were shot, only a couple of representatives from the demographic that uses blacks in their efforts to destroy society, and who pocket the majority of their profits in the areas they labor in.
The most surprising thing is that they STILL don't know this. The owners of the slave ships STILL control them.

All Three Anarchist Rioters Shot Have Violent Criminal Histories

Kenosha rioters


Jamie Wave said...

You've been on a roll lately, brotha!
I love that you always talk about God.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

And I love how you help us to understand God; to have a relationship with God. Horrifying links - all I never wanted to know about sex and then some - the perversion of our divine nature...

Excellent post, thanks again.

Love, Priscilla

jamesC said...

The talk of God, the ineffable, in his many presentations is what keeps me coming back every time. Thanks Visible.


Anonymous said...

The brave ones are braver, the good ones are better — and the vile ones are viler, for that matter...

You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.

Rock on brother... rock on... Patrick Willis

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

2 corpse short of a casket? Gods, that's HILARIOUS! Me thinks we'll start usin' that, ifn ya dinna mind. We never woulda thunk. Or is dat 'tunk' in Irish? (Dat's a no.)

This has got to be your funniest post ever that I can remember. Top two, at least And you will get random responses to various sentences, like 'Real' noses (Members of The Holey Order of the Septum.) want their nosed petted and snorfled by The Divine. The Hell with sex! (Sex is garbage compared to an Otherside merging of minds with someone. . .if you can technically call something of a different class of being 'someone', that unconditionally loves you.) Though I wonder what the Brits would say about this line: The idea that every pore of your body is a vagina.(?) Considering the common usage of cunt and twat and all that. Maybe I'll ask on Pocketnet? Maybe.

Awesome post!

Asil said...

You never cease to blow my mind!

Anomalous Enigma said...

Great links as usual.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Best to Immunize Yourself Against Fear. So Far as I Know, Only Love is an Effective Vaccine."

lilbear said...

I've come to the opinion that the world is now filled with non-thinking soulless automatons in human form. Humanity appears to be doomed and perhaps its for the best. I was called an anti-vaxxer(more like anti-govt telling people what to put in their bodies) simply for posting this link in a general group chat I occasionally visit. The article was about much more than the vaccine debacle, more about the imminent economic collapse that everyone seems to be ignoring:


I remember being called 'conspiracy theorist' after telling people facts surrounding 9/11. Seems alot of people forgot about the govt's complicity in that little incident. The end must be near I dont think ptb can top this nonsense going on now. That reaction to that post I linked was disappointing to me but not surprising.

Its getting more difficult to find like mind people both online and irl, ironically I live in a so-called liberal city. I await God's return to clean up this mess.

God bless.

Ty said...

Fear is stored from the butt down to the toes, which is why it tends to go away when you stretch your legs well enough. First Chakra is all about sex and death. On one hand it is all about sex, on the other hand it is all about for our greatest fear, death. If you open the chakra up to the sexual modality, one may open themselves to the ebbs and flows of the fears in the lower astral. If a person lives in fear, they may seek to multiply or the comforts of the pleasures that it offers.

One thing is for sure is that the orgasm allows people to feel comfortable and happy with where they are without a sense of need for change, after one has accomplished the biological imperative in union with their iphone or whatever.

ty said...

Cellular memory of your sexual desires are stored in your flesh, particularly your cock and vagina, which is why celibacy shrinks your member considerably, surprisingly, strikingly, while simultaneously it is transferred into gray matter in your crown chakra, as your brain literally begins to grow. I think that's where the term "dick head" comes from.



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