Monday, November 08, 2021

"Change with The Best of what Perpetual Change Makes Happen and You Will Be Perpetual."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

My name is Les Visible. I try to identify as whatever is human and aspirational in the company I am in, and I choose the company... since he IS in everyone. My pronouns are 'who' and 'why'.

Mr. Apocalypse certainly has the joint jumping. What is not as evident... as you might think it would be, is how he (AND not world events and general incompetence) is handling the lives of the president and vice president, and all kinds of famous people these days. In all directions, the masks are coming off, revealing what lies beneath or above. This is why the bad guys cannot win, besides that they are competing with each other, and Heaven... Heaven is in accord with The World and each other. That's good currency in an age of Brotherhood. Change with the best of what Perpetual Change makes happen and you will be perpetual.

Always remember that the thoughts expressed in these blogs are acts of Faith and not meant to appear to be The Truth, which cannot be spoken or written. These blogs are an extenuation of my conversations with God, imperfectly expressed through me. I'm not selling anything. That kind of thing doesn't work for me. I have to love it to do it or I find something I do love. Whatever that is, it always works out cause there is no drama here other than the celebration of the certain and eternal victory of Heaven over all things. If this is not happening in your neighborhood, you should make it happen. It's easier than doing anything else. Just give yourself away the way that Nature does with her abundance.

I am talking about the love in our hearts.

Marvel Studios has this new film out called, “The Eternals”. I won't see it for the obvious reasons, and because I seek to be either entertained or educated, preferably both. I suspect I would find neither... there. Yes... that means I avoid a lot of poorly done films. I usually do not need more than 5 minutes to tell if I will like something, though I will usually... give it more time if I already know what the general composition is going to be.

Let me explain HOW I watch movies. I watch from several perspectives at once. Yes... I can do this, and so can you. I can also chew gum and pat my head at the same time, though I do not practice it. I watch from The Director's Perspective. This tells me if the director knows what he is doing IN THAT CONTEXT with that CONCEPT. I also watch from the Audience Perspective; your Joe Popcorn Perspective. This tells me if it hits the buttons for the general appreciation level of the film, provided there is one. Often, there is not. Then... I watch from the dispassionate, Objective Perspective. In these days, not as many people have this as we would hope. Most do not even know what it is. It makes you (or SHOULD make you) careful of who you have conversations with.

Why do I watch movies? Isn't that a frivolous waste of time for a presumably... spiritually aspirational individual (grin)? I watch movies because they tell me all I want and do not want to know about the programming of Humanity. It is NOT a major occupier of my time. It is the same reason I used to read books of fiction, and watching football games. Now, mostly, I seek to spend my time with God. So... if I am watching a film, God is watching it with me. That changes everything. God is, of course, present in all of us. It is up to us who we spend our time with. I'm telling you, if you are determined to have an invisible friend, you will, but you have to act like he's already there, CAUSE HE IS! Speaking of films. If you have not seen the film with Jimmy Stewart, “Harvey,” you most certainly should. He had an invisible friend.

Depending on who your invisible friend is, certain events and conditions are possible. However, if God is your invisible friend through the medium of an angel, then... all events and conditions are possible and one has only to imagine themselves there to be... on... their... way.

Sometimes I am amazed at the cultural decline, engineered by a combination of vile corporate interests, helicopter parents, sexual deviants, and last... but CERTAINLY not least, The Usual Suspects, who are amply represented in EACH ONE OF THOSE GROUPS. They all play a part in this, whether it is passive stupid or actively too clever by half. How did we get from Joni Mitchell to Taylor Swift, and from there to Cardi B and Billie Satanish? How did we get from Bob Dylan to Kanye West, and then to Little Naz?

People do not understand how powerful Culture is. The level of a civilization is built in it. It contains the arts and is defined by the degree of inspiration contained in the arts. It is then either rich or impoverished by that... accordingly. The music or pornographic nonsense we hear is the soundtrack to our lives. The films we watch are a shaping of values or the lack thereof. The books we read, and NOW ESPECIALLY... the books we do not read. Most of the youth today cannot spell, and cannot add. The hope of the future is always the children. If you do not protect them then the future can be lost.

There are forces of chaos and disorder loose. A couple of rappers played on for some time while people died at something called Astroworld. A lot of people got hurt. Alex Baldwin; one dead, one injured. Mr. Apocalypse is shakin it here and there, Boss. Everywhere you are seeing a shift in human consciousness. This is not good for the present class of politicians, and entertainers, and The Usual Collection of those with the appearance of material power in the moment. They are aware of this and that is why they are collectively engaged in this extermination program that is going on.

They know the light is coming. They can feel it, but not like you and I do.

There are bad agendas afoot, but do they include you? You have to include your own self in the agenda, either through interest or fear, or even an appetite for it. I recognize the possibilities that would emerge given certain scenarios, BUT... I have no part in those affairs. I do, however... work for the one who controls all affairs, at all times, and who sees all destiny and fate outworked by his will. You can see how God might be difficult to understand. God is incomprehensible. That is one of the most important truths anyone can learn; then to learn that he is a God of Love. The Sun is the best exemplar of that.

600,000 die each year from cancer, but the government doesn't force chemo and radiation on us. 600,000+ die each year from heart disease, but are they forced to exercise or change their diet?. There is no pandemic. Since they collected all flu, the Common Cold, pneumonia, and related ills into one thing called COVID... the numbers don't really change. About 400,000 people died with Covid. The ones who died from it are said to be around 6%. I have heard it is closer to 1%.

The force of the vaccine mandate, though still not actual... is astonishing. Witness the treatment of Aaron Rodgers by the media. Another feature in this whole operation is cellphones. Everyone has one. If you have the vaccine it's the activator... the trigger via 5-G (perhaps). It could well be to kill off a population. Wars and the usual attrition usually do that. It is going to be something to watch this house of cards fall. They are playing catch-up with themselves. What they are after does not exist, and they will be UNABLE to construct it.

It is ALWAYS a good idea to want less and to live with less, as far as your essentials go. You will then have a greater ease through good times AND bad times. Certain of The World's hypnotics are VERY POWERFUL; money... sex... fame... People tell themselves that they will handle it, though... if you are paying any attention you see that few of them handle it without losing their humanity, and the reasons and portions of your being... that make life worth living, as well.

It is okay to be wealthy and it is okay to be poor. Whatever it is, it is something you drummed up for yourself or you wouldn't be doing it. Learning this changed my whole life, and it has gotten progressively finer as time goes by. I changed my way of drumming and I did not have to learn to play the drums. I did not have to become fluent in Italian to appreciate the beauty of Italy.

Spirituality is not about watching movies or not watching movies, listening to music or not listening to music... fasting, not fasting. It is about finding God, and... once having found God, learning to listen in an interior sense. More than that need not be said or can be said. People either do or do not know certain critical truths about life. The way they live demonstrates this. Certain truths are (or should be) self-evident.

You can either play at it, with religion or whatever particular rituals you have replaced it with or you can live it. It's a 24-7 reality. Not everyone is up for that. They give it what they feel it is worth. It is priceless to me so I give it everything I have. We are only capable of what we are capable of ourselves. It is God that makes us exceptional because God is the most exceptional of all. If God rings your bell then... ring it he will!

People have their heroes. What you emulate you become. It's scary when you think of who it is that has all the social media clout. Poor parenting is responsible for all disorders here. I have made God my hero, and my parent, in all the ways that I know he has walked here. I love the strange, syntactical parallel between the words, Krishna and Christ. I find much to explore in the lands of parallels and polarities.

When you know that God is real, in a direct and experiential way, you develop a relationship and you are shaped thereby. Nothing more needs be said.

End Transmission.......

I have just been re-watching “The God's Must be Crazy”, parts one and two. Three is waiting in the hopper. This came about because I saw another film called, “Animals are Beautiful People.” It was highly amusing and informative, astonishing even. Then I saw he had done these others at the same time, and it appears he borrowed from one to the other as well. These are silly but have a unique originality to them. I find it hard to imagine you would not like them.

A logarithm of links=

Here is proof that Rap brings people close together;
really close together=

W/ Needle, Says Houston PD

Via In5D
Why I am not a fan of New Age mumbo jumbo. Not that I do not believe all of these things are possible, but I doubt they're occurring for people who present themselves in such a manner. Ancient technologies have ALWAYS been around. You have to attain to certain levels of consciousness to access them. You can't be lacking in both focus AND articulation=
MedBeds Coming By 3rd Week Of December!

Med Beds

Via Breitbart
This is the ex-quarterback, shilling every Sunday about giving away his money in a briefcase, with a tasteless reality tv show.
He has decided he will be the moral arbiter of another quarterback who decided he wasn't going to be murdered by The Usual Suspects and their vaccines=

WATCH: ‘You Lied to Everyone’:
Terry Bradshaw Blasts Aaron Rodgers over Vax Comments

Via Michael Tracey
For the more intelligent readers. Here are the sort of low-jinks that go on in the endless power struggles of The Personality=
Unprecedented Abuse Of Power:
What The Media Still Isn't Telling You About The Cuomo Debacle


Via Breitbart
When Stupid and Crazy get a room, this is what the maid finds the next day=
‘I’m a Caucasian Woman:’
Microsoft Event Highlights the Future of Woke Capitalism

Via iOTW Report
This is how sick people have become with their thirst for celebrity=
Parent won’t let boy identify as 7 years-old-
but encourages him to identify as a girl



Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for this column. Appreciated...

Vis: "Everywhere you are seeing a shift in human consciousness. This is not good for the present class of politicians, and entertainers, and The Usual Collection..."

I have a "Ray B" analogy as to why we are winning:

Think of it as looking down on Earth. Also, think of a vast operation to make the atmosphere opaque. When one was looking-out from above the Earth, all the stars would be visible. However, when one was looking-out from on the Earth, most stars would be invisible.

Truth is like that. Imagine we had telepathy. Truth would be known instantly. So would untruths. Hence, the looong 'campaign' to dumb-down humans to the point where they lost their higher faculties. (Lost as in shut-down; not as in destroyed.) Once that happened, it was a free-for-all. Truth became what you could get-away-with. Bad Guys liked that.

The reason the Good Guys will win is (to return to the analogy), Earth naturally cleans its atmosphere. Rain clears-out the smog. It takes continual effort to keep the smog in the air. Hesitate, and the skies will slowly clear.

Expect 'oddities' as our higher abilities - including telepathy - slowly return with continual (unseen) Cleanings. The Truth will be known. Bad Guys will not like that...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Fame's a pain in the butt, me thinks. So's the sex drive. I'm glad it's dead and that I've never been famous. Too much money makes you a target, and you have to spend tons on security and what have you to protect it, not to mention what's the motivation for people who want to spend time with you? I do, however want an Akashic Library Card. After all, if you have that; what else do you need? A nose hair coat and tail would be icing on the cake, but hey!

Heroes to emulate. Boy, can they be a package deal. Macha the Red? Others that are too embarrassing to mention, but one of those did come in handy for the sake of revenge. I mean, when one of your detested ones ends up saying you have the personality of a cockroach (for emulating them to a T), I'd say you've scored a victory, though he didn't say it to my face. I head about it second hand, and it made my day.

I have nothing against cockroaches, by the way. I don't speak their language, but they just do their jobs, and that's fine by me. . .provided it's not in our flat.

One more thang. Ifn ya don't play stupid mortal flotsam games, ya don't have stupid mortal flotsam problems. I quit doin' 'life' years ago. Only leave the nose cave to work, shop, and take walks with my nosey-poo. Associate with others only when I have no choice. I'm happiest sittin' in front o' da compooter doin' my political and mystical research and playin' sudoko when waitin' fer updates, or readin' one of the books of my now expandin' library; thank the gods for Dollar Tree monthly shipments. Sometimes they get a really stellar shipment in, though this month sucked. Only one book worth gettin'.

Oh well. Nostrils up!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Mystery Babylon, Confusion of Day and Night, and the Ten Thousand Maladies of The Heart and The Mind."



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