Thursday, September 29, 2022

"Aspiration Keen and Sustained, The Kundalini Rises into Godhead in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara."

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The deeper you look into events, the more you see that all is not as it appears. (well, we already knew this) I am referring to Signora Meloni. Some links have been appended in The Petri Dish, Link Locker.

It can be difficult to believe in change when every time the tables are turned the same people are still sitting there. The simple fact is... you can't get into a position of power (at this time) unless you bend the knee to the appearance of power and that means, Fealty to The Bankers. It is ONLY in times of the most intense materialism that the long-term plans of certain infernal workers, can come to a SEEMINGLY successful fruition. Once again... these are only appearances.

Everyone is being knuckled under to support Ukraine, and the effort for Ersatz Israel's, Black Hearts on The Black Sea agenda. It doesn't matter if you are coming from The Left or The Right or The Center, you will not get far in the pecking order if you don't bend over for The Pederast Elite.

People hear the word... Kundalini, and... they might know or not know what it is. Either way, their eyes USUALLY glaze over and they move on because... they... have... no... context. It is similar to having a conversation with someone who has heard about swimming but never seen or done it.

Kundalini is a force that USUALLY lies coiled in an invisible pool called The Kunda at the base of the spine. It is NOT something that is visibly evident. It exists, none... the... less. USUALLY... the power that drives The Kundalini up the spine is dissipated by Sex. Abstaining from Sex in the physical body, AND... in The Mind, for... the... necessary... timespan will generate the necessary pressure to DRIVE it upward. Sex and Death are cellmates, depending on the kind of sex you are having.

If you are a carnal creature, death is your soulmate, so to speak. If your INTEREST and INTENTION is to elevate your thought and attention to a higher state of focus, and your aspiration is keen and sustained, The Kundalini rises into Godhead... in The Bridal Chamber of The Sahasrara. This will be of little interest to most. Many will be offended by my presentation of knowledge that has existed since the beginning and does... not... originate... with... me. The Usual Curmudgeon Mind will get angry and sputter, mostly because they have a broken alternator OR their distributor cap is no longer distributing OR their starter has burned out.

This is not about the mysterious workings of The Kundalini. This is about the Reversal of The Kundalini which is accomplished by Back Door Sex... a reversal of the natural order of things. The reason that The Dark Order is pushing the whole sexual alphabet of disorders... is to lead people to hate themselves. They are much easier to control and less attention is given to hating The State. You are invoking angels or demons with everything you do.

Materialism pulls the collective attention down into The Whirlpool of Things. It creates confusion... divided loyalties... Fear... and Rage. Once again, it is easier to control people who are spinning in this whirlpool. Fewer and fewer of us are living a directed existence. We are mostly driven by impulse and made the hapless victims of poor impulse control.

There are 3 states of mind that we simply MUST avoid. They are Lust... Greed... and Anger. They are actual doorways that lead to Hell. You CAN get to Hell while you are still here in Middle Earth. It is said that a quarter of us are in Hell at this time. I don't know if this is statistically true or not. It comes from an ancient source. If one wants more confirmation of the existence of Heaven and Hell, one can discover a great deal by observing Tibetan Buddhist religious art. They out-pictured it well.

Tibetan Religious Art

Then there is the Tibetan Wheel of Life. You can have these explained to you if you seek it out.

Tibetan Wheel of Life

You walk into Hell on your own. No one sends you there. You created every one of the conditions you are living in and with at this moment. You can create new moments from this moment. One day you will get to The Never Ending Moment, IF... THAT... IS... YOUR... INTENTION.

I delve equally into various traditions for specific reasons. Buddhism tells me how to live my life, and schools me on matters of The Mind. Christianity tells me who to model myself after, and schools me on matters of The Heart. Hinduism gives me strategies and techniques. Sufism gives me a particular form of mysticism. Occult teachings show me how things work on the technical end from Western Perspective. I don't need any of them anymore, but they are like old friends, so... sometimes I like the company and the reassurance.

I can get all of these from any one of them. Each of them have mystery schools that burn away the mystery, and which are concealed under the blackout curtains of bogus mystery schools.

Once you have made contact with The Inner Voice, you don't have to go out for anything. We all have that voice. Most of us simply ignore it. It interferes with carnal pursuits and the possibilities of material gain. I have never understood the drive for material gain... if you don't know how to enjoy it in the first place. For that... you need The Supreme Enjoyer, AND... if you follow The Inner Voice, you will encounter The Supreme Enjoyer.

Back Door Sex is a spiritual activity that heads in the opposite direction. It is similar to upside-down crosses... reversed pentagrams... saying The Lord's Prayer backwards... spitting on The Host, etc. You can find God going that way too. HOWEVER... I would recommend against it. Of course... some of that is nonsensical. That direction takes Faith too. Faith is integral to success of any kind. The Key secret is the... ability... to... concentrate. It's like going from a flashlight to a laser... and then to a weaponized laser. Both Love and Hate can burn a hole through you if you force the issue.

The Dark Side is ALWAYS on the bottom and it NEVER rules... except in a mind given over to darkness. Everything you see playing out here in The Field is under the direction of The Knower of The Field, FOR... THE... PURPOSE... OF... DEMONSTRATION. You can go down. You can go up. It is UP to you, or DOWN to you. Get down! Move on up! Yadda yadda.

Each Kundalini experience is Subjective. No two are alike. For some, it is a torturous affair as it was for Gopi Krishna. For some, it is a shock and a delight, as it was for me. I don't care what you heard from who and where you heard it, authentic Kundalini experiences are very rare, ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness. You cannot activate it on your own and trying to can be problematic. It is not a good thing to suddenly have forced awakenings, without the discipline and internal fortitude to weather them, and... they... are... a... form... of... weather.

History occurs in periods. In the 60s there was a mass revolution in consciousness, attended by a sexual revolution. This was a great opportunity for The Dark Side and you can see where they have taken it... since. The 70s brought effeminization of The Masculine Principle... and the rise of The Metrosexual. The 80s brought the culture of Greed. The 90s brought nihilism and angst. It's been a collective progression toward The Dark Side.

This is all appearances and The Hive Mind's education, in the approach to apocalypse and awakening. Things have to get fucked up before they can be reversed on the reversal. This has ALL been a guided experience toward The Divine who is cloaked in a cloud of unknowing, behind a veil of ignorance. You have only one effective option, and that is to surrender utterly to The Divine. Elsewise, life WILL... EVENTUALLY... put you where you have no choice but to do so.

If you ALLOW God to manage your life. God WILL manage your life, BUT... you have to trust him, and so... you are subjected to a series of tests and trials that purify you of your previous errors. Everything is a matter of Desire, AND... Desire is the agent of God's Will. In The World... that is represented by Carnal Desire. Alternatively, you have what St. Augustine said; “The entire life of a good Christian is nothing less than holy desire,”

Aspiration and Intention... Aspiration and Intention driven... by... Love. You become what you Love, e-v-e-n-t-u-a-l-l-y. That is The Godhead arrived at, when Lady Kundalini reaches The Bridal Chamber. Kundalini is a feminine power. For a man, it makes you both male and female in harmonic accord. I can attest to this. For a woman, it makes you a personification of The Divine Mother. I should add that there are stages beyond this. There are forever stages beyond.

Yes... it is a genuine shit-show at the moment. It WILL NOT remain so. Better we give less attention to The World and its persistent disorder, and more attention to the status of our soul. Onward and Inward, Pilgrim!!!

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Anonymous said...

There was an article in the NY Post today that claimed 100’s maybe 1000’s dead in Florida from Ian. It was also stated on Fox News that there were over 200 dead when I turned it on at 7AMthis morning Thursday Sept 29. When The good Gov of Fl was seen on the weather channel shortly after I switched from Fox he said he had information that at least ONE person was dead from the storm. A few hours later the same report . I don’t know how many died and I hope it was not many BUT why does the NYPost HAVE TO MAKE UP A STORY LIKE THAT. Some sheriff told them so. Like I said I don’t know, I hope it was propaganda and hype to punish Florida and push climate control. It should be interesting to get real numbers of the unfortunates who lost their lives and I pray it was only one or not many but I a feeling the Post article was full of sheet.

Anonymous said...

one way the kundalini can awaken is if a witch awakens it. The deep connection that exists between a kundalini witch and her knight, is pretty much the peak of all romance. It's so incredibly intense, it's probably where all that "twin flame" stuff comes from. Very painful to think about.

Almismo said...

Dear Visible.
I have been wandering through your Thoughts for about a year now
and only for reasons that the Mystery will know,
until today, I have never written to you. This is the first time I am commenting to you.

And I would like to let you know - I suppose you somehow know.... -
that what you write and share with us, at least for me,
has the power of an oracle or something like that.

Every time I visit your space I find impeccable guidance
in perfect synchronicity with the dilemmas and challenges of my personal present.

You have become an important source of Wisdom, as far as I am concerned,
and in these words I express true gratitude to you
and encourage you to continue your valuable work,
although I understand that it is not necessary to encourage you to do anything, for this is your duty.

As a curiosity, and for reasons I will omit, I would like to tell you that I have the constellation of the Dog, Canis Major, tattooed on my skin.
Impossible not to make an enigmatic connection with your identity as a Poet Dog... does it seem forced? hehehehehehe....

I leave you a fraternal embrace, a greeting from Chile and the Southern Cross.

(I don't speak English, so my message is translated by some anonymous artificial "entity". At least that is how I read what you write. I hope my words are expressed decently. )

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up. To the sky, even.

Anonymous said...

Yea right

Visible said...

I have thought of Chile many times. You are one of several people who read here from there. I thank you so much for your sincere appreciation of our common destiny. May God absolutely transform your life, and that soon.

robert said...

Thank you Visible

You deliver timely reminders right out of the timeless zone!

There are 3 states of mind that we simply MUST avoid. They are Lust... Greed... and Anger. They are actual doorways that lead to Hell. You CAN get to Hell while you are still here in Middle Earth

Still indulging in unguarded moments in anger, anger at myself in frustration.
Of course this is dissing the One, no excuses

Since self-destruction is the ironic goal in life of the separated mind, bursts of anger are grenades thrown in the path of climbing out of deadly mindsets are the desperate defensive acts from terror of life!

The Dark Side is ALWAYS on the bottom and it NEVER rules... except in a mind given over to darkness

A top spun fast enough will invert, bottom to top BUT NOT FOR LONG!
As soon as the spin dwindles below an edgy threshold, the inversion ceases, the top rights itself and can spin much longer in non-inverted position

History occurs in periods. In the 60s there was a mass revolution in consciousness, attended by a sexual revolution

Alternatively said: the revolution in consciousness was accompanied by a drag queen in direct resistance to consciousness rising!

Kundalini can be perceived as rising emotion coming from no discernable source.
Human self-control, especially in the male embodiment with only vestigial neuronal suppressor clusters in the brain, begins with controlling emotional chaos.
No surprise that most people prefer controlled emotional rides, using drugs/alcohol as the whipping post if emotions override self-awareness.

So, do we believe we can handle the truth, handle the rise of emotional power even greater than female embodiments have manifested in our lives?
Do we try to run from our true nature when the Passion comes to overthrow all of our hard-learned control strategies?
Can we see something better than in control but suffering?

Visible is correct that "authentic Kundalini experiences are very rare" throughout all previous history, recorded and occult.

However, these are NOT business as usual times!
The acceleration of energy flow, the rising frequencies pumped into the biosphere, both from higher dimensions AND from the usual shit-stirrers using the e/m networks, present a particular challenge:

Blow your mind through anger, resistance or anxiety
Flow your mind up the same ecstatic pathways that mind-blowing sex with a partner in love trace!

Easy to consider, like jumping off a high place
Harder to act it out without the ultimate trust from union relationship with the One!

Time to trust our center....

Kazar said...

Hi Visible. Thanks for assembling your words in a clear and perceptive fashion. My perception of Kundalini has changed a bit lately. One of the reasons is that many seem to speak of a Kundalini experience. However for the trillions that have practiced Kundalini meditation over the thousands of years, as you have said there are few that have actually experienced it and I would go further and say almost none have sustained it. Recently, reading in the book of Formation it described the fall of the Adam template in the Garden. It described the archangel striking a blow that separated Man from His Soul. For all human lineages of the new template. This is at the point of the Antakharana sp? The rainbow bridge group original intent was to bridge the gap in the spine to reconnect in a continuous way with the Soul. The difficulty has been, not with the original experience of Kundalini awakening but with the ability to Sustain the driving force of Light up the spine. What say you??? I feel the alternate way of accomplishing this is to by your own Light and dedication open the Holy of Holies within each of us. The Holy Spirit carries the Divine template and can restore it. That direction seems more Heart oriented(no judgement). They may be equally difficult, but give a choice as to the method of awakening. Peace

Visible said...


"not with the original experience of Kundalini awakening but with the ability to Sustain the driving force of Light" Yes... I agree with that. It is the slogging through the trenches that must be sustained and few are capable. Without God's help, none are capable. Faith... Certitude... and Determination are must-haves. One must be in love. That is what drives it, in my mind.

One thing; Kundalini is an irresistible force. Once it is TRULY activated, nothing can stop it. It may traverse strange country. It may go dormant for years, BUT... once the serpent is released, IT WILL FIND THE WAY.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"A Real Smile... A Welcoming Smile... Comes from Within. It is The Sun Escaping from Your Face and Shining Forth."



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