Tuesday, September 13, 2022

"Ocean Liners Packed to The Gills with Cannibalizing Lampreys, Badly Emulating The Snake with Its Tail in Its Mouth."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

It is not a pleasure for me to speak about what I am going to speak about today. I hope I am wrong. Appearances tell me I am not; however... appearances are a lie. I am speaking (writing) from, and about... more than appearances.

The pressure to not only legitimize... not only celebrate Evil... but also press to suppress all dissenting perspectives, is so powerful it is most certainly being managed from the invisible by supernatural means. Depravity is the objective of the sponsors of the gay marriage act, passed by The Bathhouse President. SINCE... THAT... TIME, Normality has been under siege. The transgender hysteria is pumped up past the red line and a new wave of transsexual psychopaths is loosed upon the public.

It has infiltrated the education system. It has reached high levels in government. It is yet one more of the tenets now of the feckless, and thoroughly corrupt United Nations. It runs corporate policy. It has completely compromised the medical community that... PALPABLY... does not know its ass from a hole in the ground. It has transformed religion into flamingos being sodomized... while bobbing on a drinking glass. If you can't see it at this point, you... do... not... want... to... see... it.

Law enforcement is in turmoil because laws have been written by compromised politicians, caught in honey-pot schemes, which forced them to cooperate, regardless of the matter at hand. This is the case from top to bottom in government.

Some years earlier, Israeli law enforcement was invited by itself to introduce ordinary law enforcement in America to brownshirt, bully-boy tactics. This indirectly led to the rise of the Communist-inspired BLM and Antifa by the staged events, most conveniently recorded and publicized by the people who arranged for them. From Floyd... to Breonna... and since.

The Internet has provided a playground for every fetish imaginable. Entire generations have been hijacked in short order by... sexual fantasies... video games... celebrity worship... political agendas... new age infernos of hijacked minds, burning with strange, hypnotic fires, AND pulling unicorns out of their asses... a pandemic of cos-play... stolen and invented identities... bad drugs... alcoholic escapes into private rooms in Hell... orc armies unleashed on the cities... pandemic cowardice and confusion... AND... the specter of world war... plague... famine, and whoever the other horseman is; death? He'd have the pale horse... right?

They are stamping and steaming in the stables. They... are... ready... to... go.

These are all the components of an apocalypse, as seen through the distorted mirrors of appearances. There is another side to an apocalypse and we will get to that in due course.

Fools... terrified into a defensive stance of studied indifference... too stupid to understand and... bred... for... that... very... lack... of... intelligent purpose, ride on ocean liners packed to the gills with cannibalizing lampreys, trying to emulate the snake with its tail in its mouth. To add spice to the congregation, all of the passengers are in a state of panic and confusion; hunted in their minds by a predatory fear.

Something unseen, and moving beneath the surface of the waters, is announcing in basso profundo, “Abandon ship! Abandon ship. Remain calm;” sounds like Jagger at Altamont. It must be feeding time. Heh heh... it's ALWAYS feeding time.

In every impoverished country in The World, agents of The Soros Group are filling the minds of the inhabitants with tales of the golden lands of Europe and the United States. They are arranging transport. They are arranging ID. They are marching... sailing... and flying them along assigned routes and... feeding them along the way. They are giving them t-shirts. I AM NOT DECEIVED ABOUT THIS.

The Usual Suspects... in control of the money supply, created the wars and conditions that led to the financed... and manipulated migrations. The Usual Suspects are the possessed workers from The Infernal Realm. Scripture contains many references to this. They have been at this for a good long while. For centuries, they would be caught out at trying to control and destroy different countries... and sent on their way. OVER A HUNDRED TIMES this happened. It HAS NOT happened to any... other... group... of... people. These are PROVEN FACTS.

They were deeply engaged in committing 9/11. They founded and continue to head up Homeland Insecurity. They are the architects of our disorder. They run the intelligence services, AND the internet. They... and creatures like them... become numerous in Times of Material Darkness. It is the same thing that happens in the kitchen at a crack-house.

They have seduced the willing and the weak. Others, they have compromised and rule by threat. Oh... Kay; If... you... see... Kay. Let's segue into another perspective;

None of what is happening is accidental. This ALWAYS happens in Times of Material Darkness, For The Purpose of Demonstration. This is The Plane of Life Lessons. This is Spiritual Boot-Camp. Now comes The Howling Chaos of Transition where... we... are... each... routed and guided... to... our... destinations.

When God is rejected by the masses, Sex replaces worship as the purpose of existence. As time passes, the sexual practices become more and more twisted because The Thrill escapes... and must be pursued into ever darker, and darker regions... until one arrives at The Land of Despair. Babylon rises and then The Culture collapses on itself. It implodes. This is cyclical. This is biorhythmic. Whatever may be happening all around you, does... not... have... to... happen... to... you!

It is recommended that you find kindred spirits. It is recommended that you reside in less compressed locations. It is recommended that you actually Stop... Look... and... Listen, WHILE paying attention. It is recommended that... you... find... yourself. It is recommended that you cut back on senseless cravings, and... stand in an amused regard at distractions, and... let Love and The Intuition guide you. If you are not moved enough to respond in any of these fashions... I suggest you fuck two doctors and call me in the morning. No... you do not have my number. Yes... it was rhetorical.

The culture is in a state of senescence... in search of entropy. The masses are wearing their earbuds and thumbhumping their cellphones. They seem to be in lockstep to Perdition. Is it just a phase? Of course, it's a phase! It's a temporary trend in the endless patterns of change, FOR... THE... PURPOSE... OF... DEMONSTRATION.

Think of the word, 'demonstration' and the presence of Demon in it. Let's put aside that demons are, reputationally... historically... evil. Actually... demons are energized entities from one side of The Dial. You turn The Dial up and... you get angels. Demons are passionate about one specific desire or appetite and ALWAYS looking for a vehicle to provide the enjoyment of it. They are part of a complex pecking order and are... necessary features of existence, ESPECIALLY in Times of Material Darkness.

Change... Cosmic Change... however it is coming, is... our... friend. This might seem a peculiar thing to say, considering the patterns of recent change. Tension builds in the atmosphere. Pressure builds, AND... you get a storm. After the storm... the air is fresh and new. There is a lightness to being. It's going to be like that, BUT... on a scale you have not seen before. These changes are going to blow the depravity and perversity into the gutters and down into the sewer drains, which... is their natural habitat.

I feel for those who cannot learn the lesson, AND... must have it visited upon them. It is scripted this way, so... what can I say? Also... unlike just about everyone else, I... DON'T... KNOW. There are experts to the right of me... experts to the left of me.... onward I journey into The Valley of The Unknown; guided by Faith... empowered by Certitude, and... driven by Determination to...? We'll see.

What you read here each weekday is what The Intuition speaks into my mind. I don't know how long I am meant to continue at... this. I am certain I will be informed concerning... that. Each of us are used by forces outside our ken, for reasons seldom made clear to us. You must discover a course for yourself and stick to it, come Hell or High Water. You will know when you have found it because... the way will be made open, and a greater clarity AND assurance will come upon you in short order.

Change is the one constant we can count on in this material visitation. Change is the cornerstone of relative Eternity, where nothing else continues beyond its appointed time. It just keeps changing, and changing, and changing, in an orderly continuance that is not always... or even often... apparent.

Sooner or later, what was is no more. HOWEVER... there is a kindred fellowship that endures outside of time and the clash of cultures. Members of this order appear here, now and again. May you be fortunate enough to come into contact with one of them;

"These three are difficult to obtain in this world and depend on the mercy of the gods- the human birth, the desire for salvation and the company of the great-souled ones."

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

From what I'm reading, the wrong side of history does seem to be doing an Ouroboros. So many things are backfiring. My favourite 'Druid' seems to see king chuckie bein' the last of the monarchy, and he (Levi, Celtic Seer) does have a track record. Not perfect, but more right than wrong. Gods, I just wish things would move faster. I'm beyond fed up with it all.

Nostrils to the sky.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A lot of news sources are giving a heads up about 9/24-9/26. Let us see what happens. THE financial crash is expected. Gods, I am happier than ever about bein' dead already and waitin' for the body to catch up. It might get a little messy, and I expect free for alls in big cities. Oh, and good luck gettin' outta town with your latest intelligence test. . .I mean Tesla.

Visible said...

Someone else has just spoken to this over at Mirrors comments in more detail. ???

Of course, I hear things like this all the time and have for decades and am still waiting (not really waiting) for it to happen.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Perfect Mirror of God, Reflecting The Highest Truth in Everything God Makes Contact With... and Illumines Thereby."



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