Monday, September 26, 2022

"You Think They are Listening to You Speak, BUT, They are Hungry Ghosts. They are Looking for Something to Eat."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I am astounded by the paranoid, make it up as you go, bullshit that passes for news from The Sensation-Mongers, who... give us the news that the mainstream doesn't give us, and is just as fabricated, with a different slant. I used to follow the comments section at many sites so as to study the pulse and complexion of the readers there; sort of like Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda.

Now... I go to very few places, but... even the places I still go to have these collectives of spoiled children, agitating for things they don't understand, and hammering away for all they're worth on everyone else. I suspect that many of you are not going to make-the-cut when the leap in consciousness commences.

Over the weekend, I went all over the place, and what I saw... was argument and invective, whining and moaning, and fear... always The Fear. They do make a vaccine for that. It's called... Love.

From this cursory wandering, I can tell that most people are mentally ill and also out of harmony with their physical (and other) selves. All they seem capable of is yelling at each other... and accusing them of the crimes they commit themselves. Hypocrisy seems to be the main item being manufactured in these factories of perpetuating misery.

EVERYBODY is not in the Illuminati! EVERYBODY is not a Masonic Satanist. EVERYBODY is not controlled by The Usual Suspects. EVERYBODY is not hooked on Adrenochrome, with a six-pack of elementary school kids as a chaser. EVERYBODY is not Evil! EVERYBODY is not a dupe! EVERYBODY is not doomed! You... are... a... doomed... fool if you believe such things.

Yes... The World is in a state of emerging chaos and critical mass. That is observable truth (in the relative sense).

All of you who know so damn much are pretty damn stupid. Have you ever heard of cycles? Are you aware that The World passes through them as... an... inflexible... aspect... of... cosmic... routine? Things go up... things go down... ring a bell? Anyone? Don't hold your hand up and answer with a question. this... is... not... Jeopardy, BUT... you are, I assure you... in jeopardy... because ignorance... obtuse arrogance... all the visible aspects of badly drawn personalities... attract negative attention by their heat signature. It turns you into a tin duck at a shooting gallery... real... virtual... and imagined.

There are far more of you worthy of a Darwin Award than will ever receive the due recognition you deserve. You are like watching slow-motion suicide, through the medium of time-lapse photography. It's actually kinda tragically beautiful, once you get into the feel of it... as a spectator sport. I mean... it's not something I would do, BUT... I am VERY grateful for the life lesson you provide; there but for fortune and... all... that.

Do you have no self-awareness at all? Can you not see that this serial whining about every fucking thing that crosses your sight-line, makes you look like a colossal failure at life? Do you do anything constructive? Weave baskets? Play blindfolded Jenga? What have any of you accomplished, except to be a discordant and anonymous voice in the vast reaches of the space between the thoughts in your mind?

You seem to be in a room of ghosts that you have taken for real people. You think they are listening to you hold forth, BUT... they are Hungry Ghosts and they are looking for something to eat. They're similar to the invisible creatures that follow chronic masturbators around.

How did this happen? Did some girl from somewhere sometime break your heart? Did you get let down by a friend? Have you been victimized by this cold... cruel... world? Did you get even by gaining two hundred extra pounds? Has your sexual capacity packed up and left in the middle of the night?

Something (whatever it is) has made you very angry, and all you do is go from one news site to another, frothing at the mouth with impotent fury, yelling at people you never met... you must be fun at parties. When is the last time anyone invited you to a party that didn't have a bunch of people just like you yelling at each other?

If you hate everyone else it is because you hate yourself first! All this talk about so-and-so is a puppet of The Usual Suspects, which... according to you, control everything on the face of the Earth is... BULLSHIT! Evil operates on a bandwidth. If you are not on that bandwidth, what... does... it... have... to... do... with... you? Yes... certain groups, AND vocations have evil intent, BUT... they are all coming from a source WHO USES IT (evil) to teach the practitioners (of Evil)... the meaning... and... the cost.

There is ONE SOURCE OF EVIL with countless faces and it comes, coiled up inside The Lower Mind of every... single... one... of... us... it's up to you if that atavistic life form takes over, DEPENDING on what you do. It is the resident authority of The Carnal Mind, and... it is in every single one of us. You master it... or... it masters (and uses) you to reveal itself.

This whole idea of a concentration of evil sonsofbitches in accord with one another is MORE BULLSHIT. They WILL and DO turn on one another at the best opportunity, AND... are waiting to do just that! Evil destroys itself because there can be no harmony between the players as there is with those who do good. ALSO... Life... this thing you are living, exists to show the eternal triumph of The Light over ALL darkness.

What the Hell happened to you people? Why are you so miserable and angry? I've been watching your work for some time now... across the internet... and also at locations that I visit every day... where my own thoughts are posted. Why are you so... so... fucked up? This IS NOT a life as life is meant to be lived.

Some of you have had a good education. I can see that in the things you say, BUT... the vituperative nature of your commentary is of the mindset of pub-brawlers. Do you know what all this mean-spirited misanthropy is going to bring you? It's going to bring you chronic intestinal distress. It is going to bring and maintain the tension and stress necessary to bring you to heart-attack... stroke... and Cancer. Your body is an extension of your mind and you fertilize it with your thoughts and feelings.

Your body is like a plot of land and your feelings and thoughts are the seeds impregnating the subconscious, where the body building and maintenance work takes place. If you inflict your body with poisonous thoughts and feelings toward others, you will harvest the result in your own form. THAT... IS... HOW... IT... WORKS! I will guarantee you this!!!

It gives me real distress to see you abusing yourself through the mirror reflection of hating others without even knowing why... according to facts you made up inside your own head... to support a perspective based on... based on... BULLSHIT! I KNOW what this leads to. I am not making any of this up. If you don't wise up, you are headed directly for The Zone of Self-Perpetuating Suffering. Take it to The Bank of Karma.

Everything The World is telling you, is... a... lie, so why are you arguing with everyone else about something that is ephemeral and a creation of delusion that show it... as... it... is... not?

Even if you are looking right at it, it is lying to you inside your head because of your narrow perspective based on prejudice (and your lying eyes)... whimsy... and BULLSHIT! If you don't know anything about yourself, like... where you came from before you got here, AND... where you are headed when you leave here, how can you know much about anything else?

It seems like what people talk about in general, based on what they get from people flat-out lying to them, and colored by what they want to believe in response, is a ride on The Death Train. They're like fans at a sporting event... screaming for their side, and... capable of about as much Higher Reason and Impartiality as these head-butting Neanderthals. I like life when seen from a distance. It's the same way I feel about cities... concerts... crowds of any kind... shopping malls... political or religious events... and the list goes on.

Everything we see in Humanity is a permutation of Humanity's war against their internal Heaven. ALL conflict... sorrow... and suffering come from this. Times of Materialism breed collective celebrations of our carnal nature that results in Babylon Rising, AND our appetites... take... us... down. It happens again, and again, and again, and the record for all these failed experiments lies under The Sea... somewhere. How come we find so little of it... and what is found is interpreted by the uninformed? Maybe it's all made of dream dust and it melts back into the basic mindstuff everything is made of.

In darker times... conditions are one way. In times of greater light... they are another. We are moving from darker times to greater light. Everything will adjust accordingly, AND... none of those arguments will be worth a simile's damn to the ones whose cheese is sliding off their cracker... where the wheel is still spinning but the hamster is dead.

I read these nasty things, every day... from people who are made mean by the core of loneliness at their center. You can lead a whore-to-culture but you... can't make it think. There is a finer... more beautiful garden... in the mind and heart joined in the common appreciation of it. If you want to wander The Hard Luck Highways or sail The Sea of Troubles, you... can... do... this. I do not get the point of it. You don't even know what you are angry about. Let... it... go.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Times are a'changin' all right. The wrong side of history seems to be committin' suicide faster and faster. Nice, but it won't change the fact I'm sick of dealing with it all. Damn pre-life contracts I'm doomed to follow due to egotistical idiot I was, but a nose has gotta do what a nose has gotta do.

Nostrils to the sky.

Duntoirab said...

Wonderful stuff here sir.

I have noticed the same things on the comments. Places like TTS and Breitbart always have the same commentators saying the same things over and over.

One thing is good about it. It killed all desire in me to take part, so I thank them.

I limit my postings to here and my UK vegan food group, the only group I know of who do not get into climate,politics etc. Just yummy recipes and new products.

This one really hit the spot.

Chillease said...

Here's a shining light to get charged with- the new, deeply brave and intelligent Prime Minister of Italy!! L.

brian boru said...

Thank you for that Les. We need a face slap now and again to help us focus on what matters. I know that I needed it.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is now up=

"Maybe The Water Shows Little and Remembers Everything. Is That Where The Pools of Memory Come From?"

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old.....

And been on the internet since the start. Flame wars were always a thing, particularly when the subject was "What band is the best?"

Things are a bit different today. The internet has matured and changed in nature, more than just getting a lot more commercial. One factor you don't seem to consider is the presence of Troll Farms, and their latest rendition AI bots. Part of the Musk v. Twitter thing is the amount of twitter traffic that is artificial.

Intelligence agencies are very much involved according to many reports, and the evidence does seem to indicate that they are trying to catalyze a "color revolution", which has as an essential ingredient getting the population riled up.

Mr. Nah

P.S. Jupiter is the closest it's been in 60 years.



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