Friday, December 07, 2012

Droit de Seigneur in Last Gasp Country

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

It's not necessary to link any one of the many, totally bullshit, Crass Media stories about Syria, supposedly arming missiles with chemical weapons to use on their own people. All this has come about because of the near total ownership of the Crass Media, by the ZioNAZI-Ogre and their near total control of the U.S. Department of State and the Department of Defense. Obviously there are dark and damning video and voice recordings of Hilarious Clinton and Leon Panetta. It is possible that Hilarious's doggie style diplomacy, is accented by the endemic corruptions of Wild Bill Clinton ...but we have to assume she's been mainlining many and varied, toxic corruptions on her own as well.

Big oil and Big banking are behind all of the genocide and mass murder of recent times. That's the tie-in to the destruction of every nation that wanted to shift trading in dollars to other currencies, or wanted to set up their own currencies and banks, instead of using a Rothschild bank. It's obvious how good it is for the welfare of a country when they go after The Central Banks or kick out the oligarchs; witness Iceland and Russia. You may be sure that there are any number of behind the scenes transitions, under consideration around the world. Mr. Apocalypse is working on all of this as well.

The pedophilia department at Mr. Apocalypse LTD, is working over time on the skells at the BBC and sundry locations. Now we learn just a little more about Satanist Jimmy Wales and The Synagogue of Satan. At the beginning of the video, doesn't it look and sound like the fellow doing the reporting is sitting on the toilet? No reflection on the cat. We all got to go sometime. It's probably not the case but the sound effects are impressive.

There is some very interesting news about sex lately and I'm only linking to a very few, there and here. I guess the strangest part is how very much she looks like Sarah Palin. I have to admit that this is a terrible dilemma to be in (not the looking like Sarah Palin part, well, maybe that too). We are hearing about and witnessing some truly bizarre thing and you can lay all of this at the door of Mr. Apocalypse.

Here is an article that really says it all, about who is behind so many of the awful trends going on. Now, I recognize the profane nature of organized Christianity but what I find puzzling is why Mikey Weinstein and company, from Inferno.Org, are out to sabotage the Christian fundieland schematic, when that constitutes the largest demographic of their robot army. Of course, this grandstanding, self promoting, self satisfied, celebrity seeking doofus, is writing a book.

Serious madness is afoot, as the terminal virus of Political Correctness, runs amok through the ruins of a dying empire. How seriously crazy it has all gotten, is exemplified in the comments that follow this creative effort of indisputable truth. The ink black darkness, in the souls of the committed materialists, is a frightening wonder to behold. You keep thinking they can't get any lower but somehow they manage it and don't blink an eye when engaged in it. How did such a number of us get like this? I'll say it again, when the transformative force of the age, begins to descend down from the inner planes, it sweeps out all of the long resident, malignant entities that have been operating like conning towers, through the butt ugly moments of this departing cycle. They are forced out and down, into human form.

In times of runaway materialism, the self aware consciousness, of some amount of people; a distressingly ample amount, is not rooted in a sustaining awareness of self, so as to protect the individual from telepathic invasion, followed by possession. It's like leaving your car parked on a Detroit street with the keys in it. This analogy is accurate and has been echoed by others in former times; not the same analogy but, with the same point being made. If you are not the master of yourself, you will be the slave of another. This should go without saying. If you are a slave to appearances and the electronic and otherwise generated imagery of the false world, then you are a slave to those generating the imagery. We can see the truth of that in the wholesale acceptance by Mr. and Mrs. Dumbass, of whatever absurd claptrap, is being generated by the cabin boy politicians and their pederast overlords. I know, Bend over and Wait.

One has to keep in mind that the majority of what is going on at the moment, are acts of desperation. All the despicable stealing and unnecessary, over the top, acquiring by the super rich, is about having your hands on the control mechanisms of the culture. It's about high end, panic rooms and underground bunkers, in remote locations, to weather the result of conditions brought about by them, or natural forces reacting to them. The violent and parasitical activities of that shitty, little country in the Middle East are about desperation. The litany of laws, designed to oppress and deprive, are all about desperation. By this time, alert observers are aware that Mr. Apocalypse, is an actual working force and is dragging hidden information and nefarious deeds, kicking and screaming, out into the hard daylight of exposure, to the eyes of the world and... where those eyes are attuned not to see, or are deceived in the impressions that they draw, Mr. Apocalypse is reorienting their perspective. It might not seem that way at the moment, because notice of this, is being concealed by those who took control of the Crass Media for that very reason.

Once you control the money supply, your agents can buy up all the necessary industries, to accessorize their march for world domination. They've been at this for quite awhile. Multinationals are hooked up in a cooperative effort to head the cosmic awakening off at the pass. However, since it is a cosmic event, good luck with that, you're going to need it and... since it is a cosmic event, luck's not going to have much to do with it.

One of the primary weapons of The Dark Side, is our despair and propensity for deception, based on pandering to basic human appetites, which are being ramped up by a relentless full scale sensory assault. Despair is a killer. You feel overwhelmed by appearances, which are confirmed by events and the perceptions of your fellows. The jobs and homes are being disappeared, while the resources of the populace are deposited into the pockets and bank accounts of the super rich. The politicians feed off of the promise of payouts to come. No good man or woman have been allowed to stand in opposition. They get marginalized, censured and setup, slandered and picked off, by those who have had the run of things for so long that they look upon it as some kind of droit de seigneur' “take my wife, please”.

Things are not what they were. We're in last gasp country, as one age leads into another and all of the institutions and infrastructure that have been, are tumbling and transforming, into what is to be. This is why rampant and pervasive corruption are the OS of the times, a sort of Windows Decadent. Things fall apart or move into the No Exit Zone, like Windows 8. There is no logical or sensible reason for this. New and improved is no longer a reality, though it seldom was in any case. Look at the new Window's Surface tablet, with it's screen cracking and peeling away.

The rulership regent of The Surface Plane is changing. The reins of power are being handed over from one to another and all of those so terminally reliant upon the former, are finding themselves on the field of Morannon. From Pelennor to Morannon, it goes ...and in the end, the agents of the darkness lose their minds and spin off in panicked flight, crying out for the stones and The Earth to cover them. Yes, my precious.

Well, one more stirring call to optimism, preceded by so many examples of why we shouldn't be optimistic. The shitheels like Soros and his ilk are still hammering away at what they don't want to see but see they will; one way or another. Sooner or later the word gets delivered to all of the stooges and wooden puppets, who don't know their posterior from a post-hole.

Hang in there.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

"The Cattle Hymn of the Republic"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "The Battle Hymn of the Republic", lyrics written by Julia W. Howe - musical composition borrowed from the song, "John Brown's Body"; composer and lyricist unknown - made popular by numerous mindfuckers.)

Mine eyes have seen the glory of the cumming of the whored
They are humping in the sewage where the poison punch is stored
They have loosed the torpid lightning of their impotent limp sword
These fools keep marching on
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
These fools keep marching on

I have seen them in the aisles at a hundred shopping malls
As they purchase worthless trinkets made by slaves in sweat-shop halls
They're consumed with mindless texting and receiving cell phone calls
These fools keep marching on
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
These fools keep marching on

They watch all the network sitcoms and the reality shows
They wax their body hair away and shudder when it grows
If you point out real truth to them you'll probably come to blows
These fools keep marching on
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
These fools keep marching on

They watch pornographic movies while they diddle in the dark
They adorn their flesh with tattoos and they pierce their body parts
They start having sex when they can crawl across the trailer park
These fools keep marching on
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
These fools keep marching on

They are raised to be the spouters of a hundred thousand lies
While the jets above them spew the filth that covers up their eyes
They vaccinate their children and they hasten their demise
These fools keep marching on
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
These fools keep marching on

They are marching forth to help their masters slay humanity
They are targeting the ones who don't display insanity
They will torment you until you are obsessed with vanity
These fools keep marching on
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
Glory, glory, how we Jew ya
These fools keep marching on

Visible said...

heh heh, my goodness. Ah, yea.. heh heh.

Do you just lurk by the day, waiting to get that first comment in (grin)?

Anonymous said...

I lurk by night, Lord V...I keep weird hours here in the USA...lately, I go to bed about 7:00 p.m. MST, and get up about 1:00 a.m...must be Mr. A's doing; he's got his stick into everything lately, including my sleep schedule. Gotta go with the flow, eh. Hey man when are you splitting for the hinterlands? I intend to send you a little parting gift by PayPal (as I'm sure others will want to do as well; Christmas comes but once a year, and so do life-changing sojourns to India), but I wonder if you could pass along a semi-solid departure date. Wow, that stirred up a weird visual...heh. - Goy George

Dave Klausler said...

"They watch pornographic movies while they diddle in the dark
They adorn their flesh with tattoos and they pierce their body parts
They start having sex when they can crawl across the trailer park"

Wow; sad but true.

Arthur said...

Dispatches from the bible belt. It's going to be a nice 70 degree day here in a place where it should be 50 degrees or so but ,hey, their is nothing wrong everything is normal and besides if is not Jesus is coming back soon and make it all better with some mansions and golden streets. I'm a Vet and while it doesn't surprise me(Debt Collector) it is still a slap in the face for everyone. We all need to take heed to our surroundings and try to spread some love where we can and just maybe we can transition into a world a little better not worse. Thanks for the communion once again Les.

Anonymous said...

on pearl harbor day

how appropos

isn't it a bit ironic that with all the "moolah" and ennui in that milieu of the self absorbed post-hole posterior infarcated, especially chosen for a massive conflagration demonstration....

they can't see the poop writing on the wall...

how special

roger that

that goy geoerge,

he lends new meaning to rewriting history

onward through the fog

oh yeah,

yeah way

Anonymous said...

I wandered a bit after watching the Wiki vid and found this: Its formal title is Jews are not Khazars. Very interesting,for instance ,I didn't know the Dome of the Rock and the Al-Aqsa Mosque are not the same and why I didn't know (hint: same team as the wikipedia "editors").
On another of your links (the NBC one) the article refers to "petrol bombs".hmm.....that's down right unamerican.

Bryan in uk

Anaughty Mouser said...

Great post Les Visible!

You have summed up the present zeitgeist with precision.

One can only hope this mammon/material phase will pass. Rebuilding will take a looong time. But to begin the whole global usury ponzi scheme must be outed into the light. Let us hope 'Mr. Apocalypse' will do it sooner than later. Power never gives an inch without a fight, so the world is in for a monumental war before anything new will be able to grow.

'Even this will pass...'

Thank you Visible for what you do.

the gardener said...

lol (hard core) @ Cattle Hymn... lol!!! *schnorts*

Vis, when you say "...of what is going on at the moment, are acts of desperation." It makes it sound like the dirty fighters have got some kind of deadline or timeline to meet.

I keep getting tripped out on timelines, cycles etc. All good things must eventually come to an end and I do believe this 'end' came a few months ago, hence, the 'desperation'. Like they've got to accomplish the total devastation of the 100% of humanity before lift off from the effects of all their causes amplified 100x in the past fifty years. hmmmm

And, oh yes, I chuckle with every dirty carpet Mr A's cane flips up and it is all a flippin' right now.


the gardener

PS- saw the astro scope for 12-21-12 Mayan place and it was good-8 degrees for both Saturn in Scorpio sextiling 8 degrees Pluto in Capricorn-both Quincunxing Jupiter at 8 degrees Gemini... the 'finger of God' aka the Yod... trippy chart with Sun at 0 Capricorn which is what the Solstice point means. Zero degrees. 8 and 8 and 8 and 0.

Visible said...

I'm Leaving on the 13th, arriving on the 14th. That is the weirdest sleep cycle I have hear of yet. I used to be a real nightowl and close to 4:00AM was my usual bedtime. Now it's between 12:00 and 1:00 and up around 7:00

Thank you for thinking of me.

Anonymous said...

Nice post.
Sorry I missed U in Muenchen.
Did I mention the family of John Dem. want to sue those responsible 4 caring for/treating him during his last weeks for manslaughter? (Too many of the wrong kind of drugs)
Be free :-)

preacher said...

Your G-d’s Will Die With You

So you think those crazed people lately are possessed? Could be an explanation. Love that bit about:

"It's like leaving your car parked on a Detroit street with the keys in it."

Unknown said...

Cool how the cattle hymn matches the post perfectly and pops up as the first comment too.

Yup, already 72 here in that capital on the north border of occupied Mexico at 12:51pm

Les Vis your work is awesome and much appreciated


preacher said...

"Marijuana Fueled Celebrations Continue Across Washington State"

missingarib said...

vis ,your written thoughts are the sling and arrows against the lies,deception ,and the unspeakable behavior of the tribe.
we are both in and world and without ,some to greater degrees of presence and prescience .
Shakespeare says much in these few lines :

And this, our life, exempt from public haunt, finds tongues in trees, books in the running brooks, sermons in stones, and good in everything.

our eyes ,ears and hearts are the recorders and witness.when the trial convenes surly we will all be called to testify!

live long

preacher said...

Great docu, although sad and not celebrating the adaption life is capable of:

Resonance-Beings of Frequency

Rob in WI said...

Be well, and have a wunerful journey. Want to wish you well B4 you depart, time is getting close. Anyhow, thanks 4 being you, and 4 being here. Look forward to your return, if that's in the cards.
Sincerely, Rob

Anonymous said...

"In times of runaway materialism, the self aware consciousness, of some amount of people; a distressingly ample amount, is not rooted in a sustaining awareness of self, so as to protect the individual from telepathic invasion, followed by possession."

It is so wonderful to have a place to go for verification.


Anonymous said...

I don't know why, but after reading all of this, I started thinking about John McAfee. Prayers to Mr. Mcafee, he of the antivirus software. No doubt that the man was framed on some bogus murder charge in Belize. Mr. McAfee is way too smart for his own good and probably knows more than that shitty lil' country thinks that he should about the Stuxnet virus.

Or maybe he was dosed with a substance called "scopolamine", derived from the Borrachero tree in Colombia. Now that substance there is some scary shit, pilgrim! It is a very common tree with gorgeous yellow blossoms that contain seeds that are used by all manner of parasites and predators to rape and rob victims who 'consent' via chemical hypnosis. The drug actually makes people participate in their own victimization, like zombies. The victims are highly suggestible, because the drug effectively immobilizes your free will while you are conscious, then wipes out your memory. The usual blameless, perpetual victims are no doubt already using this, folks. Watch your backs

Anonymous said...


Here is a great 35 minute documentary on the "scopolamine" drug that I just referenced:

Anonymous said...

What's with all the animosity towards tattooed folk...?

I have a fair amount of body art myself but I wouldn't class myself as being any less awakened-empathic-caring-sharing etc etc. than many a non tattooed soul I've come across in my travels.

The only thing about people with tattoos is that they don't give a shite if you choose not to have any....

Don't judge a book by it's cover.

I would have thought that would be blatantly obvious at this point in time.

Hope you have a wonderful enriching experience on your travel Vis..

UselessTattoedEater U.K


Visible said...

Clearly the point being made was not about tattoos per se but about the idea that it makes the bearer unique in some way, given the enormous amount of people who have them. I have a tattoo, from long ago. The point isn't about tattoos.

Anonymous said...

"Sayanim Girl"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Cinnamon Girl", by Neil Young - song theme and title suggested by Mandocello.)

Don't wanna live
With a sayanim girl
I would be nervous
The rest of my life
With a sayanim girl

Portrayer of shiksas
She runs in the night
Bathing her victims
In venomous shrew light
The sayanim girl

Inside my hotel room
She strips like a whore
Mossad's in the hallway
Poised at the door
For the sayanim girl

Portrayer of shiksas
She runs in the night
Bathing her victims
In venomous shrew light
The sayanim girl

Pa send me money now
I'm gonna escape somehow
I need another chance
The crazy bitch just torched my pants

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Don't judge a book by it's cover"

Soon I will have five tattoos and I'm very much hoping to be judged by these!

1) Padma (lotus)
2) Sankha (conch shell)
3) Gada (mace)
4) Sudarshan Chakra (disc)
5) Trishul (trident)

These are the four sacred symbols of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva's sacred trishul.

Lord Vishnu states: “I enter within the hearts of those devotees who, in the age of Kali, decorate their bodies with drawings of My incarnations, such as Matsya and Kurma..."

"Inking with the Supreme"

Anonymous said...

"Fleeceful Sleazy Feeling"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "Peaceful Easy Feeling", by Jack Tempchin, made popular by the Eagles, parody title and theme suggested by Pierre.)

I like the way those crisp new Shekels lay
Inside your wallet so brown
And I wanna shoot you in the head tonight
With a billion pigs all around

And I got a fleeceful sleazy feeling
And I know you won't make a sound
As the Israelis put you in the ground

And we found out a long time ago
What corruption can do to your soul
Ah, but she can warp you anyway
You don't already know how to go

And I got a fleeceful sleazy feeling
And I know you won't make a sound
As the Israelis put you in the ground

I get this feeling I might now you
For just one moment it compels
But this voice keeps whispering in my other ear
Tells me, "Blow this Palestinian to hell"

And I got a fleeceful sleazy feeling
And I know you won't make a sound
As the Israelis put you in the ground
Yes, the Israelis put you in the ground

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I call tatoos mark of the beast, still they are less annoying than the Full HD LCD t-shirts. the other point about them being, like smoking in yesteryears , how, and importantly why, the MSM promote them. more importantly what is not promoted, what is demoted (self regard in the ethereal sense)

Peaches said...

Off topic sorry, but just saw this over at wrh and though you might be interested:

Yep the globalists are not allowing the indigenous Mayans to have their solstice ceremonies at Chichen Itza. Must cash in on tourist dollars. For their safety of course. Will follow up on this first story if its kind just to make sure it's not disinfo. But I don't think it is.

Love, Peaches

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I think I'll stick with the Lord Vishnu's advise.

pierre, jerky remarks.

" what is demoted (self regard in the ethereal sense)"

Funny. Sounds very much like Tolle.

bholanath said...

D'ya hear the one about the subway pusher dude who turns out to be a bipolar Muslim on marijuana.....?
You cant' make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

pierre said,

thats it Goy (if I may call you that)

could do fleetwood mac "I don't wanna know" why blood keeps flowing down along the line.

or meatloaf
Like a brat out of Shell

mary poppins
even though the tweenies now are very very precocious
cabalistic magitunes seem full of hocus pocus...umdilliumdilliiumdillium

its a thereapy of sorts....

simon and garfunkel
I was just a Foxer
No true story every told....

I am just a rich boy..
only asking slavers wages
when I left Khazaria with my family
i went looking like a snob
to fill my coffers..
and to come on whores on
120 Broadway (avenue?)
Where the New York City minters
Are always feeding me, creeding me

or I am just a Fort Knoxer
but I seem to have lost my gold

insiam said...

I have many tattoos and they have always been a useful tool to spot the self righteous buffoons that walk amongst us.

They often look down their noses with that smarmy look that makes you want to slap their ignorant judgmental faces.

Of course here is Siam they bear no such stigma as many of the monks carry them.

Dont suppose David Beckham gives a shit about some peasant that finds his art displeasing. I can't image he gets turned away form many venues.

I wonder if Pierre objects to the real singn of satan - those that wear dark suits and neck ties. Yes much more respectable!!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Essential Posture of Liberty.

Anonymous said...

piere said


ties are far far worse, hangman's noose and it cuts off the blood supply to the "second hand Jews" brains.

I don't get upset about tats, it's just that it puts me off most of the porn these days, looks like white slave trade branding to me.
also looks like permanently "indelibly stamped" so says change is not inevitable.
theres no classism about it and moron starts from the top these days.(might have contradicted myself there, reverse snob and all)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Satanic Schematic and the Devil Inside.

Anonymous said...

After perousing Dr. Judy Wood's book "Where did the Towers Go?" there's no doubt the USSA military was at the commands on 9/11.

Important to show off your brand new weapons to your opponent(s)(as it did with nukes back when)! "Lookit what we got, suckers!"

Certainly, Is-ra-hell played a significant role in rigging the buildings for the "controlled demolition" scenario that may be needed - the mantra of the 9/11 "Truth" movements everywhere.

One is ridiculed and ostracized for mentioning any theory that doesn't start with "planes hit buildings" and "nano/nono/nino/superthermite."

They tell you that your doubting is, "Bad for the 'movement'" etc. Yep, controlled opposition works.

It may be the USSA military set up Is-ra-hell to be the patsy should the "nanosuperduperthermite" controlled demolition gang eventually fail to corral all who doubted the official conspiracy.

Seems the "official" conspiracy was shot full of holes on purpose. Plan B is Is-ra-hell's Mossad rigged the buildings for demolition. Truth, just not the whole truth.

Further reading: Cathy Garger re. 9/11 truth movements.

Luv ya Vis.


DaveR said...

@babs: For those who swallow Judy Woods' Kool-aid I would recommendDust by Jeff Prager. No exotic beam weaponry is necessary though it may exist. Dr. Wood refuses to discuss the nuclear reaction residues when this topic is brought up. Those building were destroyed with nuclear bombs. Read the Prager book.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

thanks DaveR
another copy of Dust

Anonymous said...

How did the nukes not destroy the bathtub beneath the WTC?
"The Bathtub" refers to the underground foundation area at the site of the World Trade Center and accompanying buildings in New York City. Despite its title, it does not hold any water, rather it keeps water out and acts as a bathtub in reverse.

"The Bathtub encompasses a large, roughly rectangular excavation down to bedrock surrounded by reinforced concrete walls, intended to serve as dams to prevent water intrusion from the nearby Hudson River (North River). "

A nuke would have pulverized the BATHTUB and let the water rush in.

The USSA military will keep suggesting (through its many and sundry artificial 9/11 truth groups) ANY method of demolition OTHER than a weapon ONLY IT COULD HAVE. (TESLA)

You've been drinking piss.

Read the book, stupid.




Joseph Brenner

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