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Zio-Toy Boys and the Diva Flu.

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I have no trouble admitting I am wrong and hope and pray that that is official policy here. I must say that I don't actually know if I was wrong or not but... I got a comment on the most recent Smoking Mirrors posting and- talk about complex and insightful! Well, I am going to go ahead and put it here because his posting it as a comment has made it public. Let's see what you have to say about this-

"G'day Les,"

"I disagree about president Trump. Arguably he works for the ineffable. President Trump’s rhetoric needs to be considered in context and after full exposure of the facts including that Judea Inc and the US Deep State are determined to impeach and/or kill Trump."

"Apart from needing to neutralize the narrative that Judea, Inc maintains in the US Congress, judiciary and political systems about Trump being a ‘puppet of Putin’, he has to disarm Judea Inc's use of the charge that he's an ‘anti-Shemite’ who ‘hates Jooz’ and wants to bring about another Hollerco$t. See eg: The Ugly Truth."

"The fact that he has just launched almost 60 cruise missiles at the cost of about 80 million dollars at one of Israel’s oldest and most hated enemies–the Assyrians–takes the black magic out of the charge which Netanyahu and his people will undoubtedly use against Trump once he starts putting the screws to Israel over the creation of a Palestinian state. In Israel itself, where the bulk of the people are delusional and suffer from full-blown Jtosis ... what will be achieved is that Israel–complaining that Trump is out to ‘destroy’ the Jewish state–will have a tough case to make in the aftermath of this latest bombing and by trying to make this case, will paint themselves as the clearly irrational player in all of it."

"... Netanyahu and his people–despite smiling before the cameras and cheering the strikes–are seething underneath, because in this case, Trump has out-Jewed the Jews by taking away from them the baseball bat they intended to use in beating him to death–the charge of being a ‘Russian spy’."

"Clearly nothing is as it seems in this episode but if any Syrians were killed as a result of US missile impacts this elaborate ruse will still tend to reflect negatively on Trump despite its vital covert purposes and his efforts to eliminate human casualties by warning Russia (and hence Syria) of the attack..."

"As always, the publicly available information on this saga is deliberately conflicting and confusing. Arguably Trump has no intention of causing a direct conflict with Russia or Syria or their allies. Moreover, the warning given to the Russians and the largely symbolic damage actually inflicted by the US missiles evidences that he did not intend to damage Syria’s ability to defend itself from the West’s terrorist proxies."

"One likely outcome is that the attack has ensured that Russia will arrange for Syria to becomes a “No Fly Zone” which will exclude the US and its Coalition, and Turkey. That would hasten the defeat of ISIS and of all the terrorists in Syria. If the US ceases to be able to fly air cover for the US military in Syria it will be unable to ensure their safety or that of their Kurdish allies. As the US military cannot fight effectively (and probably will not fight) without air cover, the result could well be that the US military will withdraw from Syria and the plan to assist the Kurds to evict ISIS from, and assume control of, Rakka will be aborted. That eviction function would then be left to the SAA and its allies. DITTO re Deir Ez-Zor and north eastern Syria generally. Syria could then become a unified, sovereign nation again and Trump could not be blamed for that outcome since it would be the result of the missile attack which the terrorists and all of their US and covert nation state supporters connived at and demanded. In other words Trump has reversed the effects of the False Flag "gas" attack and silenced his 'Russian puppet' critics so that he can now get on with furthering the Pedogate and Susan Rice 'unmasking' and Clinton treason allegations etc."

"The Pentagon already knew that Russia’s S400 air defence systems and its electronic jamming systems are totally lethal and that is almost certainly why the US 'cleared' their missile assault with the Russians before it took place. The fact that a majority of the US missiles failed to reach their target combined with the fact that Russia has cancelled its co-operation and co-ordination agreement with the US Coalition AND has indicated that it will strengthen Syria’s air defences has placed the US military on notice that Syria’s air space is now out of bounds, ie Syria is now, de facto, a 'No Fly Zone'."

"All in all, this much ballyhooed US “strike” appears to have been a ‘smoke and mirrors’ exercise which the Western mainstream media and Trump critics everywhere will be unable to admit now that they have publicly endorsed it so vehemently. And those who have criticised Trump for this missile attack may eventually have to revise their views of what actually occurred and why."

"Bix Weir has sussed out some of what president Trump is up to. See his recent vids here (the first 20 minutes). Arguably, if US boots are allowed to remain on the ground in Syria they will do what Trump says they will, namely help eradicate ISIS (which actually means ALL terrorists in Syria)."

"There are wheels within wheels in geo-politics, and as you know, the ineffable moves in mysterious ways."

Peace and Blessings


I do not know how true this is but it points out to me how poorly informed I am and that is one of the primary reasons that I do not promote myself as a political commentator because there is so much more than I can see going on and I believe this has been mentioned a time or two (grin). I find myself shaking my head whenever I see some so called expert going on about something that they only know about because someone who wanted them to say what they did say told it to them. Sometimes they say things that important interests do not want them to say but that is also because they were told what they were told by someone who wanted them to say what they did. Are you with me so far?

In order to provide you with sources that you might not run across on your own, I have to sometimes visit places where I wouldn't ordinarily or even extraordinarily go. You can thank me later. Here's a little tidbit about Zio-Boy Toy Jared Kushner AND as a special bonus and in appreciation of your putting your name on our guest list and signing up for a free bottle of Dr. Visible's Complete Workout in Pill Form, for which you will later be billed $99.00 a bottle for on a monthly subscription basis ...but which we don't tell you about in the promo and which you will have to go through an incredible amount of trouble to cancel and which, if you are not careful doing it will result in your getting 3 bottles a month for the incredible price of $289.00 INCLUDING shipping and a handjob... we are also including this item from the same location. For whatever reason you want to imagine it, I get the inexplicable sensation that both of these articles are not necessarily untrue. This last piece is reminiscent of factual reports about stars like the ones who insisted that no one be allowed to look at them on the set and whom I can no longer remember but, recently Katy Perry has been demanding that.

The Diva Flu is a really hilarious disease. Here are a few examples, Beyonce demands that workers also avert their eyes when she is around and also has an employee whose only job is to roll a white linen carpet out for her feet when she walks. They don't say what happens when Beyonce runs out of carpet. Brittany Spears demands that everyone working for or around her be ugly and that she has a complete beauty team with her. JayZ (Beyonce's insufferable alter big ego), demands an endless flow of Armand de Brignacs Ace of Spades Champagne. He ordered $250,000 worth one night at a Miami club. He also demands that he be driven exclusively in late model Maybachs. Mariah, 'pneumatic tits' Carrey “demanded bendy straws for Cristal, an endless supply of Cap’n Crunch, a plethora of puppies and other furry pets, and she even paid fellow guests at her Aspen vacation home $100 a piece to leave the hot tub she was in PURELY so she could sip champagne alone.

Janet Jackson insists on dozens of white tulips, black towels and tons of candles that are precisely five inches tall. Scott Disick, “Kourtney Kardashian's baby daddy does not like to wait. Such was the case when he, frustrated from waiting to board a Southwest flight, shoved his way to the front of the line, knocking over elderly people and a mother with her twin children.” Prince, “demanded that the owners of the HUGE 02 arena in London, build him a five-bedroom house on the grounds – all on THEIR dime. This move was made so he wouldn’t have to ever stay in a hotel again when performing there.” Madonna, “For her most recent tour, organizers met with Madonna’s “sterilization team” who cleaned the scene of any hair, skin or saliva left in her dressing room. On top of that, her 30-person security team built fake walls and ceilings to ensure no one would capture footage of Madonna naked. “ Kim Kardashian “The big bootied reality star treats her pooper well. Kim dropped a healthy $100K on a self-flushing toilet. Sources say Kim can’t handle the thought of a foreign heiny crapping on her throne and forgetting to flush. Plus, she loves being the one person in the neighborhood with a toilet more expensive than most houses.”

Steven Tyler, “The ex-American Idol judge proved to be quite the diva during filming. After one sweat-drenched performance, when he couldn’t find a towel, he simply wiped his face on a nearby staffer’s skirt. Also, Tyler demands having a “VIP room”, but only if it’s decorated in “East Indian motif.” He strictly forbids the use of any “Pakistani compressed towels.” Kanye West, “Every male member of West’s band on tour enjoys a veritable culinary buffet, but his female band members don’t get anything. Also, Yeezy insists that Versace towels be cut so he can wipe his face onstage.”

Christina Aguilera: Christina hates traffic. She hates it so much that she contractually demands expensive police escorts to and from events.” Jennifer Lopez is so notorious that it requires a link. "Justin Timberlake is serious about his champagne. He once threw a fit over “flat” bubbly during a dinner. On top of that, at hotels, he demands there be a ceiling above his bed." Don't most hotel rooms have ceilings?

Salma Hayek; “Salma will “storm off” set if she catches anyone looking directly at her and she’ll refuse to continue working until that “evil” offender has been fired. She’s also been known to verbally assault negligent hostesses.” Katy “Perry has been known to demand all carnations be stricken from her dressing rooms and insists on only roses. She’s just as petty about her furniture, constantly requesting egg-shaped chairs, modern coffee tables, French style lamps and a glass door refrigerator. Also, she forbids her drivers to speak or even look at her.” Punk Diddy, “Back in ’07 during a U.K. tour, a nightclub accidentally offered to host the mogul’s after party. They had no idea there was going to be $1 million in demands. Such items requested: chauffer-driven Maserati, Rolls-Royce, Mercedes and $400,000 of free Krug champagne for his 200 person entourage.” Adele “Adele will not use “poor quality pens,” demanding only Sharpies. She also insists of the “very best quality” red wine be on hand constantly.”

Will Smith, “During the filming of MIB 3 in New York, Smith had a 53-foot, 22-wheel trailer parked next to the set instead of trekking the one mile to his vast NY apartment. Tom “Cruise only uses the best cosmetics. He’s been known to apply facial masks made of nightingale droppings, rice bran and water. Also, on movie sets: Any doors that Tom might walk through must be opened and shut first to “clear out bad energy.” Too much? I could go on and on and on and it looks like I already have. The point of this is to show the mindset of those who imagine themselves to be gods and as Nietzsche said, “those whom the god's would destroy he first drives mad.” This kind of behavior is passed on to the snowflake nobodies who are programmed by sexually dysfunctional professors at colleges. The leading newspaper of the day; 'all the news we can make up and print' Zio-owned propaganda mill, The New York Times goes into depth about these alphabet soup junkies. These people are vain beyond imagining and out of all proportion to deserving to be; as if anyone is. When you read what they have to say about themselves you can see that they are bent over the pool like Narcissus. They grew up in an atmosphere of privilege and they are miles away from reality with hard hard highway ahead. They don't have to be like this but they insist on it.

There is a reason I brought all of this up today and it has to do with where this plague of self indulgence came from and how Materialism has made a bad origami out of them. We are in the Age of Aquarius. Not only is it ushering in an age of brotherhood (yet to be seen) but the sign is sexually neutral. Due to Materialism the force of Kundalini has been reversed and is playing out in sexual expressions because people are engaged in fabricating identities for themselves because they have forgotten who they are, so the media and the education system is providing them with templates. Aquarius is bringing in the divine feminine but the callow youth of these times is filtering it through lenses of perversity. I well understand the impact of the feminine awakening in one. Kundalini is female and I can feel her as if she is myself, which at a particular level she is but how she is expressed is a matter of choice. She can take you to Heaven or plunge you into an inferno of agonizing desire which cannot be satiated. Such longing and these forms of expression are indeed Hell and desire is a fire.

The great Hindu saint, Ramakrishna often wore dresses because the goddess was fully awake in him. I had a similar experience, apart from wearing dresses-


Sri Ramakrishna

What is seen as demonic in the West is anything but that in the place where it originated. We are dealing with ONE FORCE with two expressions. In times of material darkness it is to be expected that the force would express itself in perversity because the material expression of prakriti is expressed in perversity. Take a look around. This is not to say that anyone is damned by being caught in the web of the spider woman; the times are the times are the times. We are engaged in the process of working out how the age will express through us for the purpose of demonstration. We shall see what we shall see.

For myself, I went from states of spiritual exaltation into a tumbling torrent of intoxications and descents into madness and then out again. Only through the grace of the ineffable have I survived. I cannot accord to myself any virtue that assisted in this except; persistence. I suppose that also might be called, 'determination'. As has been stated, faith and certitude must accompany it and one is in a good position to gain all of them by maintaining a perpetual focus on any one of them.

I know there are a lot of good people out there wrestling with their sexual force. The difficulty of the battle is compounded by Materialism. We are surrounded by subliminal broadcasts and visible advertising. We MUST seek grace and appeal to the benevolence of the ineffable. Help will come. Help will come. Speaking from experience, there were many times when I hovered on the brink of despair. There were many times when my weaknesses subjected me to stages of terrible suffering and when my behavior was as unpredictable as the wind but... here I am today, like the rest of you and each day is a gift to seek and serve the ineffable, to rely on the ineffable and to place all of our hopes and fears in the hands of the ineffable. None of us has any right to posture or brag, given the errors of the past. All of us can aspire to glory and we will achieve it if we have 'faith, certitude and determination'. Ask the ineffable for these. Persist in the exercise of this. Become a pain in the ass (grin). Pester the ineffable until he says, “don't make me come down there.” as he did with me; no joke. He is not going to appear unless you will not relent. Ask for the right things and they will, assuredly be given to you.

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Joseph Brenner

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