Monday, June 26, 2017

The Colorful Presents beneath Evergreen Colleges Transsexual Christmas Tree.

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I'm giving an alert before you read this posting that it is going to be very not politically correct and seemingly indifferent to the feelings of people that I think should be made into handbags and sold in tourist traps as authentic alligator hide (which is one of the principle ingredients in Gatorade) accouterments for the fashionable Kardashian clone vampires... millimeters short of their coming into contact with the social justice warriors they are made out of.

First let me say I have yet to run into a social justice warrior and I certainly wouldn't behave toward them like this guy at the end of the Youtube video who wants to know if maybe an apology is in order.

I look at this whole affair and I marvel. I marvel at the thought that this person, caterwauling into the void actually has a college education. It's possible but... unfortunate and certainly not in evidence. What I find most remarkable is that she teaches a college course for Performance Art and I KNOW that genre had to be created by the gay and otherwise alternatively shaped squeaky wheels who demand that they either humbly submit and go inside or LEAVE. That wouldn't work with me and I know it's about their jobs... it's about their jobs and they got no cojones and no integrity so they are good to go on the rotisserie soon enough.

I look at this woman screeching into the atmosphere, completely inarticulate, like some drunk on the sidewalk outside an inner city liquor store (I marvel that the sidewalk is willing to hold her up) and the support crowd of lesbians and gay boys are grouped at one end and these victimized professors are there front and center and well...

...let me give credence to the support group of social justice Nazis. It has gotten insane, truly.

It would take me less than ten seconds to see where that person is coming from. I take in the whole picture; I like the shorty shorts and the white socks; that says politically informed to me ...all the way.

Then I think about those who are presently in the American Congress and I know that Israel has video of plenty of them dressed this way and worse... much worse. You can't get video of me doing anything I won't do in front of the whole world but, unfortunately some have weaknesses. I don't understand how a person's sexual fantasies transform into something so licorice twizzled out of shape as it seems they are. Obviously the devil is afoot and this is why I exhort and press and press and press that the reader should seek the ineffable with all their heart, with all their soul, with all their strength and with all their mind because, my friend... bad shit could happen but not on God's watch. When you become a friend of God you do not need to fear these strange and bloated Macy's Thanksgiving Day float creatures. They don't come around and you don't see them. When you are real... the unreal cannot come close. It looks bad for the culture right now... if these Jacobins are ever put into a position of disciplining everyone else, heads... will literally roll; keeping in mind all required torments that precede the event.

Can you imagine the intellectual and economic insecurities of a college faculty that would stand on camera and put up with a steroidal wart-hog bellowing at them in public about issues that don't exist; that have been catered to ad nauseum? and whereas the real rage... the real rage or these, these... I honestly cannot attach a label to these creatures that will not further evidence against me when the tribunal convenes......... Their real rage is when they look in the mirror and see what they are and what they are not. Their real rage is that they have and will have no accomplishments that grant them a legitimate forum for any kind of enduring reputation at having created anything that someone not already so bent out of shape already would stay seated for more than a minute and listen to.

I've seen some amount of performance art. I've seen the new art that passes for art created by people who can't draw a straight line. I've seen rollers and splashing paint, urine and feces transformed into artistic presentations as we climb into the dark uninspired well of our undiscovered self in search of something... ANYTHING with some validity and there is nothing... NOTHING and then you have to use menstrual fluid infused tampons and cigarette butts, human shit and dirty sheets and everything that gets thrown out (or should be thrown out), as the veritable testimony to what we are and you wind up with a season in Hell with Lena Dunham as your dominatrix girlfriend. Could you or any sane and still halfway capable man imagine what it would be like to pass her on the street, much less turn off to that looming brownstone on the corner where the two of you live?; talk about horror movies.

I have looked with dispassionate and objective eyes upon all the incremental deposits of dog shit that line the tracks of time on its way to this social justice absurdity; from Warhol to this. Now... these days, nothing is politically correct unless it is sexually aberrant and in hateful opposition to the family unit. It is the family unit that is the cohesive glue in a society and a culture. You can't have any of it without the family unit... so the Satan worshiping Tribe who controls all the mediums of artistic and informational expression, have declared war on the family unit and on Christianity. I am no fan of the financially driven empire of fundamentalist religious control over the minds of sheared and limping sheep but I acknowledge that there is a great truth in Jesus Christ and what he came here to say and did say and for some unfathomable reason, I prefer what he has to say to what is graced us in The Talmud.

This is an example of the kind of madness that is afoot.

Here is a remarkably sane fellow commenting on the Evergreen College (in Washington State).

It's a bit long but once he is done you will know everything you need to know about what is taking place there at at colleges and universities around the country. One of the main issues at this college is the systematic abuse of black disabled tranny students at the hands of the campus police. According to statistics there is supposed to be 0.1% black disabled trannies at this particular college. As the commentator aptly states it appears that that portion of tranny is composed of Jamil Bee and he would qualify as disabled for being mentally disabled. From watching videos it appears that this Jamil Bee is in charge of the campus uprising and even has the power to allow the college president to permission to go or not go to the bathroom.

This entire Grand Guignol (which means 'puppet show' when translated from the French) is one of those phenomena that, at first appearance most resembles farce and unintentional satire. In the early stages it's like a dirty snowball being rolled down a hill. As it progresses it gains more mass and weight and eventually becomes dangerous and at any point on its journey into the valley it is never under control, except by the sudden and unpredictable changes of the ground over which it passes. Crazy shit comes out of seemingly nowhere and sometimes it dies from a lack of exposure and sustenance and sometimes it turns into a monster that shocks the world, such as The Bolshevik Revolution or the PC insanity of the Khmer Rouge, or some of the antics that took place during the Reign of Terror of the French Revolution.

There will be many reasons given for why what is happening is happening, or has happened... or may happen. There will be pundits and analysts giving their commentaries on how come. Or... they may become increasingly silenced, or... they may, through fear, become agents and spokesbots for whatever this movement turns into. Powerful and mysterious forces, tides and the like, move through existence and cause conditions designed to be staging grounds for one thing or another. My position on the matter is that it is a product of Materialism. Materialism is a breeding ground for insanity and as Materialism moves through its stages, the types of insanity change and the numbers of those so affected increase. Observe if you can, through the lens of 20-20 hindsight the passage of conditions and events to where we find ourselves in the moment. Observe the social changes. Observe the organized anger and near sociopathic outworkings of ever stranger sexual mores. Observe the minds of children being programmed according to particular agendas; here is a classic example of what is taking place far and wide. Observe the areas of focus and interest that occupy the minds of the populace. Observe the pathological thumb humping of the cellphones. Observe the epidemic drug and alcohol abuse. Observe the national health crisis. Observe the indifference and disingenuous posturing of the political leaders. Observe the rattling of the sabers of war. Observe the force of industry lobbies against the better interests of the public. Observe the rage being stirred up against each other by mysterious interests. None of what we are witnessing or hearing about is accidental. There is a war already in progress and it is a spiritual war and there are no innocent bystanders but there is plenty of collateral damage.

In times of cultural upheaval and social transformation it behooves the intelligently acute and the spiritually aware to take refuge with the ineffable. Chaos may ride across the skies like angry cumulonimbus cloud formations, coalescing and threatening everything in range but the ineffable is always out of range. Whatever unhinged riders of spontaneous madness may gallop across the projected planes of existence; those planes that are mental projections are stage settings for the minds in accord with the discord. The ineffable is a point of calm and tranquility at that central point of being within the cloud of unknowing. There is nothing that can disturb the ineffable. Appearances dance across the surface while the ineffable is prior to the point of their appearance and not affected by them. So is the case with all who are aligned with the ineffable. Seek the ineffable in your every moment and your every moment will be in the hands of the ineffable.

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Ginnie said...

Thank you God for's why Jews and Catholics and Muslims cover up...the skull cap was meant to keep God out of your brain.
You will never be able to hide from that which made you!!
Unless of course you you need your head beat in to get past the hat!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

On the other hand, everything seems to be falling apart; which I consider good news. What is, is kicking and screaming to remain; and it gets weirder and weirder in the process, but it is destined to go away, being it's not sustainable. Good riddance, but it's not gonna be easy before it's dead all the way. Then let the rebuilding begin. Let the phoenix of how it was meant to be, arise from the ashes. . .one. . .more. . .time.

Anonymous said...

"The effort to educate the uneducable is hopeless. Schools for adults soon become kindergartens for adults. The pupils are quite unable to take in the education proper to their years. The gogues thus have to provide them with amusement, just as children of four are provided with amusement in kindergartens. The hope is that they will somehow learn to think as an accidental by-product of playing, but that hope is vain." - H.L.Mencken

Diane said...

Problem is, silence has drowned the screams.

My next door neighbor just put up a 'black lives matter' sign in the front yard. How is it possible to explain to these people how racist that is (rhetorical question). What about the rest of the people - all of them?

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Love Transforms Everything it Touches until nothing Remains but Love.

Anonymous said...

"Wen you become a friend of God you do not need to fear these strange and bloated Macy's Thanksgiving Day float creatures."
If that doggie of hers bit her on the tit she would probably zoom off into space like a punctured balloon. That would be a sight to see.
Not for nothing the reds called it 'Dialectical Materialism'. Revolution based on envy and Libido Dominandi, quite evident in the balloon woman's actions. I see no Love in her at all.
It is a spiritual war, as you say, Les. Hearts and minds. May we all take the time to 'Get right with God'.



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