Sunday, June 18, 2017

The Weekend for a Muriatic Acid Wash in the Petri Dish

Dog Poet Transmitted.......

As we have long maintained here and... which has been maintained by various thinkers over the centuries, the universe is conscious. In their own 'fumbling in the dark' manner, certain scientists are becoming more vocal about this very consideration. Pay careful attention to the wording being used here and there in the article. It will be more amusing if you see it for yourself without me editorializing on it. We have also maintained that stars are conscious entities that were once manifest as human beings like you and I. We've also said that everything is light in a variety of permutations and it is also possible that the stars we see are areas of intensity where the light has burned holes in the carpet of the surrounding darkness of night but... we're just waxing poetic here.

The important point is that what this indicates is an indefinable consciousness that permeates all things. Basically they are saying God is real. They can't and never will be able to say what that is and how it works, with any precision, because God in incomprehensible and beyond the capacity of the human mind to define, ever. To see God you must be God. That, of course, will not sit well with the empiricists. I'm just pleased that they are finding themselves on the brink of discoveries they never wanted to encounter. See... they don't have any choice in the matter... sooner or later you wind up in the right ballpark, even if you never understand the principles of the game. It's a lot like a dog chasing his tail, or a car, eventually he catches one or the other and has no idea what to do with it.

I bring this up to point out, once again a principle of the apocalypse; in fact, one of the interpretations of 'apocalypse' is revealing... also uncovering. This means, in the simplest of terms, the truth is coming out and it doesn't matter so much how it is that people come to certain understandings but that they do come to them. Oh... sure, it matters ...because there are degrees of suffering involved in the particular mediums one passes through in order to come to understanding and then there is the eventual letdown that comes along with partial awareness. It's like being in a dark room with a flashlight. You can only illuminate the area the flashlight hits. Everything else is is in shadow or darkness. What this tells me is that it is always best to turn the flashlight on yourself. The reason is that everything external is internal and can be as even more easily understood from that perspective as it can be from the other.

As the world moves toward a pervasive and unexpected illumination of varying degrees of being made awake, it is, simultaneously also moving into areas where the awakening will be more like an electric shock than anything else and here we have a perfect example of elements of the human order pressing with all the pissing urgency of a horny ram into other areas of interest;

As a Canadian spokessomethingorother recently said, concerning the latest Canadian effort in the “More, Way fucking More than Equal” movement said;

“We will not rest until all straight non alternative sexual genderishmentalist, responsible for naturally produced family unit, fascists have been medically and surgically reconstructed to mirror funhouse mirror distorting mirror images, in line with the legal and literal superiority of those who put things where the sun don't shine. It's not so much that it is alleged the sun doesn't shine into it, as it is that it has been deceptively claimed that the sun doesn't shine out of it, which is why we have taken as the theme of our core group of supranormal humanists, “Let the Sun Shine out of Our Asses.” “

The stool sculpture worshiper spokessomethingorother went on, more or less to say. “It begs to be pointed out here that stool sculpture religious enthusiasts who believe in an animated fecal deity and who make up the largest demographic of our membership and who finance and promote this and related agendas are committed to making it legally enforceable that everyone must accept and proclaim on demand that any and all fecal compounds are the essential metaphysical lubricant that makes possible the ease of the coming and goings of the stool sculpture deity in its passage from this world into the world where fecal matter actually passes on into and not all the long standing slander, which has, until now, so effectively deceived us... that it disappears through some mysterious labyrinth of pipes into a lower region.”

We have come to find that everything we have been told about the natural order of things is unnatural; that all theories of reproduction between a man and a woman are a lie, that it is child abuse to force children to live with biological parents” and pretty much so on and so forth and so on and so forth.

A recent claim by Stool Sculpture Worshiping Yogis is that the entire science and system of yoga as it has been practiced for thousands of years is a complete fabrication and that it should be legally enforceable that no one be allowed to continue to claim that blood transforms into semen, which transforms into Ojas, which moves up the spinal column and eventually causes the Kundalini to arise and result in divine experiences. According to the latest findings of Stool Sculpture Worshiping scientists, it is actually fecal matter that moves up through the spinal column and results in a flowering lotus like, holographic projection, composed entirely of metaphysical fecal matter and which results in authentic enlightenment. It appears they have been proving this to themselves for some time and have become so thoroughly convinced that they are now massing together through major finance and the efforts of lawyers to have laws made to enforce what they have become so thoroughly convinced of.

In a truly Petri dish related matter, we have the ongoing saga of the Life and Times 'it certainly ain't Jell-o Pudding' Once again, if you read closely into the article you can find all manner of hints for why it didn't work out for the prosecution, especially things like the extended time lapses and the 'being paid off but looking for a bigger payoff' appearance. Once again, even though it may run contrary to the idea of 'justice served', we see the apocalypse at work. Things are happening that just don't make sense. Bill Cosby has been an icon for a long time. It goes without saying that there were people on the jury who were not going to allow themselves to be convinced of anything negative about Bill. I haven't brought this up as a matter of being pro or con on this issue. There's no question in my mind about Bill Cosby being a serial sexual abuser at every opportunity. My reason for bringing it up is that nothing, seemingly good or evil is going the way that anyone plans for them to go, even when they think it is. We are in uncharted waters and that is why it is my job to present the most convincing argument I can construct to encourage you to seek the ineffable at every opportunity; to make it clear to yourself that the ineffable lives in and acts through your being and to make this an unshakable certainty in your hearts and minds. Only the ineffable can lead you through and out of what we are all facing at this time.

Love rules everything. It rules what it moves through without opposition and it moves through what moves against it. ONE WAY OR THE OTHER... period. It stands to reason then that if you align yourself with Love then Love will carry you through everything and anything that may come to pass AND... if you Love with all your heart, with all your soul and with all your mind, the one who is Love incarnate then where does that leave you? If you know nothing about conditions coming, conditions existing or conditions gone, this is all you ever need to know in the first place.

Christians are going to tell you that Jesus is the only way and Muslims are going to say the same thing with a different form of packaging. More evolved and ancient sources of truth do not dispute that there are singular paths by which the divine may be found but in the words of Jesus Christ; “in my Father's House are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.” All fundamentalist operations push exclusivity because it gives them control and they like it best when they have command of your mind and your material goods. The reality is that God is Love and IF you Love God then... consider what that means. It means a great deal if you think about it. You cannot reason with fundamentalists and scriptural literalists and if you try you are a fool. God is not going to reject you if you don't wear the uniform and march in rank and file. God responds to Love and in the incredible full time dual simplicity and complexity of Love you will be led and changed with the speed that the intensity of your Love commands. Love is not only power and force, it is conscious. It is aware of you and the more aware of it you become; the more you practice and perform it, the more it lives in you and expresses in you and changes you... into Love and that is what Christ is... a station that Jesus came to in which he became the manifest expression of Love and in the Piscean period, sacrifice was the highest expression of Love. In this age of Aquarius, brotherhood is the expression and that is why the second coming of Christ will be in the hearts of humanity that are open to this presence of Love expressed in this manner. The idea of Brotherhood expressed is in multiples. Sacrifice is often more singular... I'm hoping you get my meaning because there is, of course more to it than my quick and easy off the cuff statement here. We are, as usual;, trying to say things that we cannot say by talking around them and hoping that the silence which knows and does not speak will express itself in the silent chambers of the heart where recognition needs no voice but is heard all the same.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Gotta remember something. Everything is made of the same thing ultimately. Atoms. An atom is a wee universe unto itself, and I assume they all have an intelligence amongst themselves. What does this tell you? Besides in the Cosmic Scheme of things, everything being of equal value and worthy of the same consideration? Though I'm still having a problem digesting this with psychopaths, bedbugs, botflies. . .

I think I;m gonna have to get to the Otherside to grok that.

torus said...

As a Canadian spokessomethingorother recently said, concerning the latest Canadian effort in the “More, Way fucking More than Equal” movement said;

Oh Canada, you're so equally fucked. I have to get out of Toronto.
This insipid, fluoridated, shit-hole. Take any Canadian city and it will have an absurd amount of dentists. It will also have consumed an absurd amount of fluoride. Connection? Naaaah, this is Canada, and we're too stupid from all the fluoride to make connections.
Yet prior to fluoridation, this is a country that named one its provinces, "Newfoundland".
NEW FOUND LAND, just flippin' brilliant, eh?

To be fair though, the most eloquent and ariculate politically motivated "pop song" in history was penned by Bruce Cockburn in Toronto in 1985.

"Padded with power here they come
International loan sharks backed by the guns of market-hungry military profiteers whose word is a swamp and whose brow is smeared with the blood of the poor.

Who rob life of its quality
Who render rage a necessity
By turning countries into labour camps
Modern slavers in drag as champions of freedom

Cynical sinister instrument
Who makes the gun into a sacrament
The only response to the deification of tyranny by so-called developed nations idolatry of ideology

And they call it democracy

IMF, dirty MF
Takes away everything it can get
Always making certain that there's one thing left
Keep them on the hook with insupportable debt

North. South. East. West.
Kill the best and buy the rest
It's just spend a buck to make a buck
You don't really give a flying-fuck about the people in misery

See the paid-off local bottom feeders
Passing themselves off as leaders
Kiss the ladies
Shake hands with the fellows
And it's open for business like a cheap bordello

And they call it democracy

See the loaded eyes of the children too
Trying to make the best of things the way kids do
One day you're going to rise from your habitual feast to find yourself staring down the throat of the beast they call the revolution.

And they call it democracy..."

Anonymous said...

Mas and Mas Visible

Cheerful Love
Grizzlybear hug

Visible said...

Wow! Had not seen those lyrics from Bruce Cockburn before. Thank you! My favorite line by him is, "the trouble with normal is it always gets worse."

torus said...

Hi Les, you are most welcome. Yeah, to think that "They Call it Democracy" permeated the airwaves on a regular basis. Being a civilized country free of hypocrisy, "flying-fuck" was of course duly duly beeped out lest any young ears be exposed to such indecency. That song turned my head around as a young man, compelling a look into the IMF. I do consider it the most viable and ARTICULATE political statement ever made within the confines of "pop music".

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

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Visible said...

A new smoking Mirrors is up now-

Sanity and Madness and the Proximity of the Avatar.



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