Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Hmmm... I Think I'm Walking on Sunshine, Momentarily Frozen in Time Space

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Yes... there was a reason for presenting, from my perspective, serious doubt upon this whole 'breathairian' thing which, like anything else makes me want to look into the Cui Bono end but... then again, it's not that interesting to me but it does fit a pattern of phenomena, like the Earth being flat and the pretty outrageous claims made by the Maharishi's TM enterprise, which is operating in the billions of dollars arena. Some number of them are claiming that through the practice of TM, they can levitate, fly and become invisible. There are Photo-Shopping, Youtube videos of some of these levitators, which does, should it have come to your attention, rhyme with meditators. The videos catch them in mid bounce off of their 'bouncy pillows', which, if I remember correctly, are available through the TM shopping chain; not sure if that's bricks and mortar or virtual; probably both.

There's a sort of interview that happens at this site. A lot of what I read in the initial back and forth I would not argue with because, if you study at all in the Asian Indian, Hindu system you run across a lot of this and it should be noted that anyone has access to this information. Most importantly... read the comments that follow it all. I found the Twinkies mention typical of the kinds of things God sets up ahead of time on the way to WTF? The ads are annoying but just keep reading and you will arrive at some very amusing commentary. I should point out here that I have run into very similar hypocrisies in nearly every one of these movements that come and go and have been coming and going for somewhile. A few centuries ago there was a cult in India where the followers routinely walked into the ocean and fed themselves to sharks because they believed they were then assimilated into a higher order; maybe they were. I'd have been a lot more impressed by Heaven's Gate if the final photos showed only empty sneakers but not the bodies of the people wearing them. Sure, they might have just migrated to some other location in the hinterlands, leaving the sneakers behind but... what do I know? Especially since they did not leave the sneakers behind.

People... I tend to look into things. I look into sources, even sources from atheists and PC junkies. Here's a further extension of the same article from these sensation seekers and both of them were printed in the yellow-sheet (sensation seeking) British press. Who makes a argument for conditions like this by saying that not having to eat gives them more money to travel? AND... if they are eating several times a week then they are NOT Breathairians. I usually eat once a day and these days that doesn't amount to much. The extremes I went to in prison were pretty interesting, given that I survived and thrived but... Oh well, if you are eating a few times a week (for social reasons? Heh heh) then you are not living on breath and the prana extracted from it. People do exist in these miraculous states. People do levitate. There are skywalkers. There are people who have one, or an array of siddhis but it is not GENERALLY (or probably ever) found in these groups of people seeking after celebrity and personal gain and don't tell me this ain't the case here.

Finally, on this subject, let us go to the most financially rewarded and well known Breathairian fraudster presently milking the zombie undead.

This sort of thing and many variations from Eckhart Tolle's paid (and expensive) front row celebrity seating... to representations of permutations of all the things listed in this link, there is a pretty large collection of individuals moving through the populace with milk buckets in hand. Given that there are billions of us now, it stands to reason that there is going to be a segment of psychopathic and sociopathic personalities that will be at work gathering the swag as payment for their singularity in spiritual ways. There are hundreds of Christian evangelists that are doing real good, “bringing in the sheaves” via real and electronic collection plates. The potential for fraud is always greatest when the subject matter deals with what is incomprehensible and unknowable, as is the case with the ineffable.

Anyone can come around and say practically anything and God isn't known for jumping right into the mix at every necessity. This is not the same as anyone getting away with everything because, moments of exposure and epiphany are all arranged up the road for when the time is right. No one gets away with anything and you would think that that should be the first thing any of us would keep in mind as we go about whatever it is that we think our business is but... for some reason, this cold hard fact seems to escape the minds of those most in need of the consideration of it.

I was in a conversation the last day or two with someone who objects to my comments on Breatharians because, basically, don't I want the world to be a better place and on and on from there. All through the conversation I could see we were having two conversations. From his part, he wants to believe certain things are true without it being necessary for these things to be PROVEN and in every case, except for bona fide and rare yogis, they fail to prove. In most cases it is all some variant of sensationalism in search of money and celebrity. God knows I wish this were not true. God knows I wish the world were filled with honest and decent people but it is not. It is filled with potentially honest and decent people.

We have to recognize the times in which we live. We have to be aware of the force, the living conscious force of Materialism as it acts on us. We have to consider what has happened to certain tens of millions of dollars that so called teachers have taken in and I've seen all the apologies for these people; my favorite and the one you most often see is... “well you can get all kinds of stuff from him for free. You don't have to pay for these things, they are there if you want to. Eckhart TV for 20 dollars a month is there if you want to.

It might not be a consideration in the minds of most people who come around here but, I could charge for what I do. There are enough people who would pay me if I refused to do it otherwise, or I set up one of those sites where you have access to a certain amount BUT... if you become a member! You get all that inner circle stuff. I refuse to do this. I get by on donations and they aren't anything extraordinary but I don't want much and I have a small pension and I used to play in clubs now and then and am rehearsing hours a day now to do that again; while I'm still here (grin) BUT... I KNOW what happens with money. I KNOW. There is so much I do not know but I know about money. I know what it does, or rather what the love of and hunger for it does.

I'm sure I've been rich now and again (I hope I handled it well- probably not always). I know I've been poor; more recently on that one but as time has brought me into the latter stages of my tenure here, the ineffable has been more than kind. Let me say the ineffable has got a weird sense of humor and let me point out one more thing which I find of the greatest importance but which others may not find as important; God doesn't just own all the power in the universe. He owns everything, including all the money and if he wants that to rain down on me (or anyone) like a monsoon, he will. Don't believe all that horseshit about The Prince of this World granting you wealth and power over all things. The only place he gets the ability to do any of what he makes it look like he can do comes from GOD... period.

The Devil that took Jesus out on the mountaintop to offer him the whole world was just God in disguise checking in. There is ONE POWER and ONE POWER alone and nothing in books or even experience or anything else is going to give you revelation or the real 'secret handshake', ONLY God does and can do that. Everything else is a load of shit. I don't care how much you read, or how intensely you study. I don't care what siddhis you get. I don't care who your cronies and contacts are... ONLY GOD can deliver what is worth having. Sure... you can be some version of Hitler or Churchill... Alexander or Socrates at some point. You can be THE rock star of the times or the sex siren of a couple of decades, You can get all of this. You are going to have to pay for it and I could go into the cost of it right now but I won't. Let's just say you have to play all of the roles around you that make it all seem like what seems like it is is happening is happening, for it to happen and that is... beforehand or afterwards but you got to pay for it. I get what I get free and I give it away for free. Sure I suffered. Big fucking deal... and I KNOW most would have dropped off to the side before this but, really, I didn't have a choice. I wasn't able to drop off to the side or maybe I would have. I'll never know now. So nothing I did was any great shakes cause I had no choice. The agreement went in before the label went on.

People take themselves way too seriously. You want to be important? You want to have an impact? You want ANYTHING, in the best possible way? Serve the ineffable. Lose yourself in the ineffable and I guarantee he will come up with some surprising denouements, adventure tales, classic endings that turn into endless expressions of the ever more refined and improved expression of LOVE that is what made and really maintains us and what lifts us out of the darkness that conceals it from us.

I'm not here to argue to validity or lack of it in any of these carnival acts. I think the articles and the sources of the articles speak for themselves and they didn't suddenly show up in the Crass Media by accident. If I have offended anyone with my plain speaking, or my not taking 20 pages to go into detail, or my trusting my intuitive nature maybe more than some would like, I am sorry but... that is just how it is... Whatever it is that got me to this very moment is what got me here and I trust it completely. That hasn't always been the case, even recently ...but... it is now.

End Transmission.......

Sunday's radio broadcast is here.


Neko Kinoshita said...

Just to let you know,
you will not ever offend me with you "plain speaking."
Just tell it like it is and I will keep right on reading and listening and occasionally saying "Amen."
I do not deny that I am easily deceived...for a while.
But the truth in what you say shines through constantly. All I can do is stumble along through the dust and try to love more completely.
You can't always get what you want, but {...} you get what you need.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Fame and fortune. Yes, you do have to pay for it. The celebs have 'handlers', and if you don't play your cards right, you end up dead. Prince, Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix (Was killed. I read the book about him by Monika Dannemann.), Princess Diana (MI5 agent who killed her, confessed.), and there were 'accidents' like the one that took out Richard Valenzuela, J.P. Richardson, and Buddy Holly. And was Jim Morrison killed? I'll find out when I get my Akashic Library Card.

Here's the link on the MI5 dude:


Also, the link problem to get here is fixed. Now if you key in Les Visible, Smoking Mirrors, or whatever; you WILL get to the site, as opposed to going through alternative steps. I just tested it before coming here.

Off topic.

I wonder if the ride of our lives starts within a months time? From the alternative news, it sure looks like it. I also had one of my 'invisible friends' give me a coded answer to one of my questions in the dreamscape scene that I remember like 5 minutes ago, many years ago, that may have implied such.

Visible said...

Month's time... it might start then but there's more involved than that. What I will say is there are going to be all kinds of surprises.

I get some part of that.



Visible said...

It just occurred to me, before I head off to bed this evening to tell you, one and all, whoever might serendipitously or otherwise see these words that I love you all very much... from deep in the most inaccessible secret places of the heart, I can feel the roar of it like wild seas, making me say those words, not knowing why and apropos of nothing; "I love you." It's been a pleasure to seek to serve you in my clumsy fashion. I wish I were more articulate. I wish I were capable of more because, if I were, you would know in the most absolute and certain way that I mean it when I say, "I love you."

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible, great to see you back. Many thanks as always for your words of wisdom and generosity.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

That’s lovely!

Tuning into the Birds – Namaste-ing them, projecting Golden Light, or Green or White or a combination thereof from the Heart Chakra.

Setting up a Haven for them in your Garden, recognise and Commune with the Alpha Pigeon (there is always one – Big and Venerable and Silent and Wise).

Ask (very politely) the Archangel Raphael to preside over your Garden and watch over its inhabitants.

Extend this to the Outside World, it is the same thing, as Birds are Creatures of (Morphic) Resonance.

Don’t care who you are, the World is a Big Puzzle for you, or if it isn’t it SHOULD be, and am personally a lot less sure of everything than most.

For one who negotiates THIS World in that condition of uniform puzzlement (‘not waving but drowning’)that goes under the various Autism-Related diagnoses, I have to say that one of the few sure ways one has of knowing whether one is doing and being the Right Thing as far as one is able to at the present time is if the Birds acknowledge your Communion.

(Blackbirds and the little hedge ones are very good for this, bless their little Hearts and Souls))

Namaste and God Bless.

Guy Reid-Brown.

Kazz said...

Luv you too Vis.

I managed to find a way in. Where there is a will there is a way :o).

I wish I could do something for the Divine too, but how does one serve that which does not need anything, accept our love, admiration, respect and friendship? All any of us can really give the Divine is what the Divine has asked for, which is fellowship. I agree with you Vis, in that travelling with the Divine seems to add colour, depth and texture to the world. Without the Divine life feels empty, shallow, meaningless, and futile, for me but with the Divine life feels like a wild ride, a ride that fills one's existence with meaning and direction, a ride that breathes life into you through the ignition of great passion and love, not just for the Divine, but for everything that has gone before which brings one to this moment in time, and everything that will occur to take us on our path into the future. Irrespective of what plays out I feel as if I have been blessed from on high to have gained the depth of perception that has shifted my consciousness to expand it to depths that I never dreamed possible. I do not wish to judge others, even though common sense would seem to suggest that some portion of us should be behind bars, not just for others safety, but also for their own, but I know I am not worthy to be that judge, nor any other living being for that matter. It is for this reason I accept that the greatest and only justice comes in the form of karma, that which restores harmony and balance to the universe. What an amazing Creation it is that we are apart of. There are many heinous acts occurring in this world as I write this, but there are also great triumphs, victories, and advances being woven into the tapestry we called life. Thank you Vis for being a part of my journey, and you other wonderful people who frequent SM. It is a wonder unto itself that so many people from all walks of life, from all across the globe, have somehow managed to find solace and comfort here. Thank you for providing the venue Vis. I suggest that the interference your site has had to undergo recently is a testament to the work you are doing for God. How proud you should feel to know that someone out there thought you were worth silencing. Koodos to you brother, keep up the good work, or should I say labour of love.

Luv Kazz

lilbear said...

Greetings and salutations!

You are correct to be suspicious of the media suddenly pushing the "movements' you mentioned all of a sudden. You are also correct in saying that the media doesn't shine attention on any thing by accident. Clearly, we're running out of resources, one resource in particular, food of the nutricious kind, since bees are almost extinct, killed off by evil monsanto deadly chemicals, and the dwindling of healthy topsoil to grow crops. Oh, and amazon buying Hi-Ass Whole foods. Nothing to see here!! So these (bowel) movements address our dwindling food supply upcoming crisis tbrough practicing them. So, I believe we can expect something real bad to go down real soon, as you mentioned in your previous post. Yessirreabob! Well, I'm gonna take your advice and focus on the ineffable and pray that I have enough faith and fortitude to get through whatever is coming. Whatever it is, my intuition tells me it will be here pretty soon.....

Take care.

lilbear said...

Greetings and salutations!

You are correct to be suspicious of the media suddenly pushing the "movements' you mentioned all of a sudden. You are also correct in saying that the media doesn't shine attention on any thing by accident. Clearly, we're running out of resources, one resource in particular, food of the nutricious kind, since bees are almost extinct, killed off by evil monsanto deadly chemicals, and the dwindling of healthy topsoil to grow crops. Oh, and amazon buying Hi-Ass Whole foods. Nothing to see here!! So these (bowel) movements address our dwindling food supply upcoming crisis tbrough practicing them. So, I believe we can expect something real bad to go down real soon, as you mentioned in your previous post. Yessirreabob! Well, I'm gonna take your advice and focus on the ineffable and pray that I have enough faith and fortitude to get through whatever is coming. Whatever it is, my intuition tells me it will be here pretty soon.....

Take care.

brian boru said...

Thanks again Les. I usually get something positive from reading your work and I appreciate it. All the best. Bryan

David Alan McBride said...

I haven't read this blog posting yet, but I might have a solution to all the problems people have been having connecting to Mr. Visible's blogs. I am having none of the problems that have been mentioned. Change the DNS server settings on your computer to the OpenNIC Project. Here is a list of the available DNS servers. Do a search on how to change the DNS settings on your particular operating system. To protect yourself from genuinely harmful websites, install the uBlock Origin extension in your browser. Now you should be able to avoid all the fuckery your ISP and Google are getting up to. Onward and upward.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

We love you too, and we've been experiencing various surprises ourselves. Some of those experiences might as well be the best euphoric drugs in existence, like one we had on the last day we went to pick up a Liberian dude we bonded with at work. He said he wasn't going back to the site we were carpooling to that day since another, better paying company hired him. . .a day after I did a ritual for him.

Which reminds me. I ought to e-mail him. As soon as we get our lives stabilised, we're gonna have him over for dinner. Not AS dinner of course, but. . .

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK, some Les Visible links work on google, some don't. Smoking Mirrors and Origami work, but Petri Dish doesn't. Oh well. It will probably all be worked out in a few days.

Anonymous said...


Articulate is your middle good knight!

you rock our World Visible - keep on!

Peace and love

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

A Few Moments of Thinking about Doing Something and Finding it Already Done..

Anonymous said...

My great friend!

Thank you for your outburst of Love! Sadly, I feel very little of it, but that is completely my problem.... though I wish it were not...

You have been blessed! (and it's about TIME!)

I wish you all the Love (FELT) and protection the Ineffable can give!


messianicdruid said...

My wife ( and many others ) says, "You get what you pay for ". I say You don't get what you don't pay for. And she ( they ) don't want it explained.

Anonymous said...

"Breathairianism"-that'll cut down on grocery bills.In even the weirdest cloud there is some good.




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