Thursday, May 14, 2020

"The Darkness can Sense the Approach of THE LIGHT Coming through The Awakening, into the Human Heart."

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The changes of the last few months have come in a swift and breathtaking surge. I try to look at conditions and events from as many perspectives as are required to get 'the closest possible' conclusion. Sometimes when I start out believing something is true to begin with, I then draw on all available data to prove it out. Sometimes I have no idea, so I gather all available data to see what 'seems' to prove out. Occasionally I will trend toward the abductive sense, which is like where the jury in a court case has a certain amount of evidence to come to a conclusion and this is where a preponderance of Circumstantial Evidence might come into play.

Whether you are a fan of Sherlock Holmes methods, or other forms of analysis, unless your mind is clear to begin with, you can wind up in murky waters and awash in syllogisms and tautologies, along with many another curious term you may have never even heard before and of course... in comes all the numbers and letters and situations like B=A when C stands for clueless. You also get that every crow you see is black, so all crows are black, just like all your uncles being bald, so that everyone's uncles are bald and not considering that your girlfriend's uncles all look like Lyle Lovett. As long as your girlfriend doesn't look like Lyle Lovett you are probably going to be more or less okay.

What am I trying to say in my usual cumbersome and circumlocutious manner? I am trying to say that logic is only valid and useful when employed by a logical person in a truly objective manner. It isn't so much that the evidence is flawed. It is that the person sorting the evidence is flawed. Similarly, Reason is only accurate when employed by a reasonable person, who also has the commensurate amount of impartial perspective. Was anything I said there unequivocally true? Heh heh... depends on whether you agree with me or not, doesn't it? AND... that would depend on whether you were warm toward me to begin with, because there are those who are not warm, who are not disposed to agree with anything I say, For instances, if 7,000 children are starving in India and someone knows that they share the blame for this somehow, by doing nothing about it, what are the odds that they will use all sorts of spurious argument to acquit themselves? The odds are quite great. When someone is NOT HONEST WITH THEMSELVES TO BEGIN WITH, it doesn't matter what forms of reasoning they use or what logic they resort to to validate or refute something AND it doesn't matter which tools you use to convince them.

One who argues with fools makes themselves into a fool. One needs never concern themselves with what others think or what slanders they employ because of The Rules of Existence and one of those is that for every action there is an equal reaction. Newton said it was an equal and opposite reaction BUT that means something different than you might first think. A ball thrown forward against a wall, rebounds at you from an 'opposite direction'. That is what is meant. Further study shows that The Laws of Karma attend EVERYTHING we do, so we need not concern ourselves with what people do to us. It is THEY THEMSELVES who need to be concerned. The Golden Rule is an advisement of Self Defense, it is not just a homily about the right thing to do. It protects you!

If you point out someone's dishonesty and they find themselves coming to argue about it in places that don't even include the commentary they are arguing about, you would... if you were at all insightful, come to believe that that person's balloon of self importance got slightly pricked and that they were in a mad scramble of self justification. Heh heh... I could do this all day. This is the thing about hypocrisy... be VERY CAREFUL when poncing about in a fever of self righteousness because you may well be a textbook case for The Purpose of Demonstration.

I understand about what happens when people age; they become less forgiving. They lose Range of Motion; not only in their limbs but also in more subtle areas of their being. They become stratified. They start pontificating about forms of behavior that only a little while ago they were passionately engaged in BUT... now their capacity has diminished SO... it must be wrong, since it is no longer fun for them.

Now... I am purposely being a bit complex in this posting and proving nothing, because, to my mind, complexity NEVER proves anything except that one would have been better off being simpler in their communications. I can get all dry and spiritually parsimonious with the best of them, if I choose but I do not choose. When I use big words round here it is not because I think they are the best choice for what I am saying but it is more something else... heh heh. Yeah, some part of me wants people to improve their vocabulary but that has NEVER led to one having anything more worth saying. All it does is further confuse the issue, which wasn't useful or informative in the first place, much of the time.

We hide our insecurities in many different ways. NONE OF THEM, I assure you, hides them all that well. If you are honest with yourself; REALLY honest with yourself, you can see this sort of childish behavior at work in a most transparent fashion at all times.

There are only a few ways that a person becomes an atheist. One of them is due to a falling out with Religion. Because it doesn't get more hypocritical and mean spirited than it does in Religion. One might have been raised in a Calvinist or Puritan household and thereby compelled to a lifetime of negative reactions to any idea of a divine being. One might think themselves smarter than everyone else and this, that, or the other. Religion is not God or Spirituality. Confusing the two is your problem. Religion is a tool of the Devil and rightly dismissed as any kind of a portal to higher states of awareness. Who is it that murdered most of the saints and spiritual leaders of their time, as well as those brave scientists who discovered that Religion was wrong about this, or that, or the other thing? Yes... you are correct.

So... to make a long story even longer, I was talking about the changes that have come upon us, the same kind of changes that the Israeli attack on America on 9/11 brought to air travel and our formerly freer lifestyles. The hammer came down on our lives after that day, just as it is coming down these days, as the result of yet another hoax, this time a Plandemic. You can be sure The Usual Scoundrels are as involved in this one as they were in the other.

I AM NOT going to let FEAR govern my life because I TRULY BELIEVE what I say when I say that God is in control of everything. Life hasn't been as carefree as once it was because, just as in ordinary times the cream will rise to the top, in extraordinary times of material confusion, the turds float like curds at the top of the mix. You see it politically, in entertainment and art. You SEE how the mediocre and talentless are at the forefront of every enterprise and this is INTENTIONAL and a major facet in Dumbing Down.

You can be very effective at Dumbing Down by manufacturing the icons that the public emulates. Observe the persona of Rap Artists. They are quite the role model (snicker) BUT... say anything critical and you are a racist. WHO IS IT that is calling for the elimination of the white race? They are nearly all from a particular genetic demographic and happen to be white themselves but they think that leading the surge acquits them of being a casualty of the thing they created. You have the progeny of the owners of the slave ships being in the vanguard of the Civil Rights movement and also founding things like the Southern Poverty Law Center, which IS A HATE GROUP and who now tells us who the hate groups are and that is anyone seeking some residue of our vanishing civil liberties.

This Plandemic is the next step, following the impeachment process in the effort to get rid of the president. 'THEY' are in a black-hearted fury to toss the whole of existence into chaos and confusion because they can sense the approach of THE LIGHT coming through The Awakening, into the human heart. They KNOW the time is short and their job is to cull all of the souls who exist in a compromised state of fear and material excess. These ARE the times that try our souls.

My friends... it is hard, so very hard to maintain a faithful perspective and remain vigilant in the face of adversity. One of the curious by products of an Apocalypse, is that intentions and weapons tend to turn upon the one wielding them, for the PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. EVERYTHING in an apocalypse is for the Purpose of Demonstration because it is all about; revealing, uncovering, exposing and bringing all that is hidden, forth into the cleansing light of our awakened sight. Do not despair, the power and love of God is there.

Pray... seek the light within and when you are troubled, remember=

“The LORD is my shepherd; I shall not want. He maketh me to lie down in green pastures: he leadeth me beside the still waters. He restoreth my soul: he leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for his name's sake. Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.”

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There was an old man from Pocketnet, and what do you think? He lived upon nothing but bullshit and twinks. Bullshit and twinks were the chief of his diet, but once in his grave, the old man was quiet. Then again, there are all sorts of people at Pocketnet, go and see.

les visible at pocketnet

This second chapter from the book, “Bhakti-Yoga” from the 3rd Volume of The Collected Works of Swami Vivekananda is a bit dense now and again but it also makes some very good points and it is short. Lord Ishvara is mentioned and he is the Eastern equivalent of Jesus Christ.

Who is Ishvara? Janmâdyasya yatah — "From whom is the birth, continuation, and dissolution of the universe," — He is Ishvara — "the Eternal, the Pure, the Ever-Free, the Almighty, the All-Knowing, the All-Merciful, the Teacher of all teachers"; and above all, Sa Ishvarah anirvachaniya-premasvarupah — "He the Lord is, of His own nature, inexpressible Love." These certainly are the definitions of a Personal God. Are there then two Gods — the "Not this, not this," the Sat-chit-ânanda, the Existence-Knowledge-Bliss of the philosopher, and this God of Love of the Bhakta? No, it is the same Sat-chit-ananda who is also the God of Love, the impersonal and personal in one. It has always to be understood that the Personal God worshipped by the Bhakta is not separate or different from the Brahman. All is Brahman, the One without a second; only the Brahman, as unity or absolute, is too much of an abstraction to be loved and worshipped; so the Bhakta chooses the relative aspect of Brahman, that is, Ishvara, the Supreme Ruler. To use a simile: Brahman is as the clay or substance out of which an infinite variety of articles are fashioned. As clay, they are all one; but form or manifestation differentiates them.

Before every one of them was made, they all existed potentially in the clay, and, of course, they are identical substantially; but when formed, and so long as the form remains, they are separate and different; the clay-mouse can never become a clay-elephant, because, as manifestations, form alone makes them what they are, though as unformed clay they are all one. Ishvara is the highest manifestation of the Absolute Reality, or in other words, the highest possible reading of the Absolute by the human mind. Creation is eternal, and so also is Ishvara. In the fourth Pâda of the fourth chapter of his Sutras, after stating the almost infinite power and knowledge which will come to the liberated soul after the attainment of Moksha, Vyâsa makes the remark, in an aphorism, that none, however, will get the power of creating, ruling, and dissolving the universe, because that belongs to God alone. In explaining the Sutra it is easy for the dualistic commentators to show how it is ever impossible for a subordinate soul, Jiva, to have the infinite power and total independence of God.

The thorough dualistic commentator Madhvâchârya deals with this passage in his usual summary method by quoting a verse from the Varâha Purâna. In explaining this aphorism the commentator Râmânuja says, "This doubt being raised, whether among the powers of the liberated souls is included that unique power of the Supreme One, that is, of creation etc. of the universe and even the Lordship of all, or whether, without that, the glory of the liberated consists only in the direct perception of the Supreme One, we get as an argument the following: It is reasonable that the liberated get the Lordship of the universe, because the scriptures say, 'He attains to extreme sameness with the Supreme One and all his desires are realised.'

Now extreme sameness and realisation of all desires cannot be attained without the unique power of the Supreme Lord, namely, that of governing the universe. Therefore, to attain the realisation of all desires and the extreme sameness with the Supreme, we must all admit that the liberated get the power of ruling the whole universe. To this we reply, that the liberated get all the powers except that of ruling the universe. Ruling the universe is guiding the form and the life and the desires of all the sentient and the non-sentient beings. The liberated ones from whom all that veils His true nature has been removed, only enjoy the unobstructed perception of the Brahman, but do not possess the power of ruling the universe. This is proved from the scriptural text, "From whom all these things are born, by which all that are born live, unto whom they, departing, return — ask about it. That is Brahman.' If this quality of ruling the universe be a quality common even to the liberated then this text would not apply as a definition of Brahman defining Him through His rulership of the universe.

The uncommon attributes alone define a thing; therefore in texts like — 'My beloved boy, alone, in the beginning there existed the One without a second. That saw and felt, "I will give birth to the many." That projected heat.' — 'Brahman indeed alone existed in the beginning. That One evolved. That projected a blessed form, the Kshatra. All these gods are Kshatras: Varuna, Soma, Rudra, Parjanya, Yama, Mrityu, Ishâna.' — 'Atman indeed existed alone in the beginning; nothing else vibrated; He thought of projecting the world; He projected the world after.' — 'Alone Nârâyana existed; neither Brahmâ, nor Ishana, nor the Dyâvâ-Prithivi, nor the stars, nor water, nor fire, nor Soma, nor the sun. He did not take pleasure alone. He after His meditation had one daughter, the ten organs, etc.' — and in others as, 'Who living in the earth is separate from the earth, who living in the Atman, etc.' — the Shrutis speak of the Supreme One as the subject of the work of ruling the universe. . . . Nor in these descriptions of the ruling of the universe is there any position for the liberated soul, by which such a soul may have the ruling of the universe ascribed to it."

In explaining the next Sutra, Ramanuja says, "If you say it is not so, because there are direct texts in the Vedas in evidence to the contrary, these texts refer to the glory of the liberated in the spheres of the subordinate deities." This also is an easy solution of the difficulty. Although the system of Ramanuja admits the unity of the total, within that totality of existence there are, according to him, eternal differences. Therefore, for all practical purposes, this system also being dualistic, it was easy for Ramanuja to keep the distinction between the personal soul and the Personal God very clear. We shall now try to understand what the great representative of the Advaita School has to say on the point. We shall see how the Advaita system maintains all the hopes and aspirations of the dualist intact, and at the same time propounds its own solution of the problem in consonance with the high destiny of divine humanity.

Those who aspire to retain their individual mind even after liberation and to remain distinct will have ample opportunity of realising their aspirations and enjoying the blessing of the qualified Brahman. These are they who have been spoken of in the Bhâgavata Purâna thus: "O king, such are the, glorious qualities of the Lord that the sages whose only pleasure is in the Self, and from whom all fetters have fallen off, even they love the Omnipresent with the love that is for love's sake." These are they who are spoken of by the Sânkhyas as getting merged in nature in this cycle, so that, after attaining perfection, they may come out in the next as lords of world-systems. But none of these ever becomes equal to God (Ishvara).

Those who attain to that state where there is neither creation, nor created, nor creator, where there is neither knower, nor knowable, nor knowledge, where there is neither I, nor thou, nor he, where there is neither subject, nor object, nor relation, "there, who is seen by whom?" — such persons have gone beyond everything to "where words cannot go nor mind", gone to that which the Shrutis declare as "Not this, not this"; but for those who cannot, or will not reach this state, there will inevitably remain the triune vision of the one undifferentiated Brahman as nature, soul, and the interpenetrating sustainer of both — Ishvara. So, when Prahlâda forgot himself, he found neither the universe nor its cause; all was to him one Infinite, undifferentiated by name and form; but as soon as he remembered that he was Prahlada, there was the universe before him and with it the Lord of the universe — "the Repository of an infinite number of blessed qualities". So it was with the blessed Gopis. So long as they had lost sense of their own personal identity and individuality, they were all Krishnas, and when they began again to think of Him as the One to be worshipped, then they were Gopis again, and immediately.......


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Thank you for your posts, and the Vivekananda add ons. Good stuff, Menard!

robert said...

I AM NOT going to let FEAR govern my life because I TRULY BELIEVE what I say when I say that God is in control of everything.

As we take the time to boil down appearances to their essentials, we see and feel that our choice in every moment is either to fear and allow the darkness to shade us or to feel the love and see the light, no matter what.

I notice that as long as the automatic intellect is spinning its yarn, we really cannot feel the moment and sense the immensity of Being behind all the facades. Easy to say stay in the moment but hard to do if we are distracted by the shadows and shying away from the light.

Who else can love us completely unless we love our true Self within? Only the One can.

Visible and all who are tuning in their hearts' song:

Thank you for being here and reminding us to lift the curtain that hides the blinding light, to resist the dumbing down pressing us out of our mindfulness of joy and to clear away EVERYTHING which blocks us from hosting the Presence of the One!

Hereticdrummer said...

Thanks VIS, wonderfully done. I needed that. I think the enmity towards Trump is an amplification of the "Good Cop/Bad Cop" ploy. The Cryptocracy thrives on conflict, dissension, and chaos. It keeps the sheeple distracted. Any president, Republican, Democrat, Conservative, liberal, or moderate, is nothing more than a department store manager and just as expendable. I don't know if it's true or just more disinformation, but there are articles on the Net quoting Trump as saying that before 2021 expires, he will employ the U.S. military to vaccinate every single American, by force if necessary. Keep punching, Brother.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"Real Love sets You Free and False Love will Bind You. Let Love be Your Guide and God will Find You."



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