Wednesday, August 10, 2022

"Impersonal Light Hits The Prism of This World and Turns into Everything Temporary, and... Doomed to Pass."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

When God is... itself... within itself... the thing apart... it is not anything but itself. However... it is, potentially... everything else made from itself. It is, The White Light BEFORE it decides to get colorful. When God moves into form, it gains the appearance of something, BUT... it is STILL God... whatever form it may be in.

This is how I come to say, Everything is under control. God personalizes into form as the male and female counterparts from which the multiplicity proceeds, and... The World replicates and changes... replicates and changes. The death of forms cycles into the life of forms, BUT... it is OBVIOUS... the whole of existence is God's playground.

Once you comprehend this and go in search of the author or... go in search of the author for ANY other reason... you... are... on... your... way to being one with God. There's a catch though. If you play God in the realm of personality then you are deified WITH term limits. You even have a destiny; read about the lives of The Gods during polytheism seasons. If you sport as God-Anonymous... The Mysterious Stranger... Johnny Appleseed... one who comes and goes... you have no term limits. You are immortal.

Folktales and Legends, Fables and Nursery Rhymes, Saints and Sages all... are forms of connection to... and expressions of... The One.

As the seasons of life change, the regularity of specific forms through specific time periods also changes. The Mysterious Stranger (who is not a stranger) changes his presentations and appearances to suit the needs and circumstances of the moment; whether he be Avatar, Crazy Man, or... both.

The closer you grow toward God, the more God facilitates it. Miracles occur; maybe you just didn't see them before? Then, too... some of them are new. Many of us perform miracles. We don't see it as such because they happen across a wider reach of time. Greater adepts can materialize forms and conditions immediately, BUT... then... so can anyone who has the necessary siddhi(s). Virtue doesn't always enter into it. Bad Guys get powers too.

Religions, very soon after being established, exist for the maintenance and profit of the priest class or... whatever they call the intermediaries between you and God. God moved on earlier or... rather let us say, Religion moved on from God. I seek the Lord of the Eternal Moment... who represents all that was good... all that is good... and all that will be good.

The Kingdom of Evil exists for a reason... to provide a world where certain appetites and desires can be worked out. It's run by a vampire mafia cabal and some mean and ugly sonsabitches live there. Lots of arrogant sorts have sought to move through that kingdom doing as they please, BUT... all of the dramas of that realm operate in The Twilight Zone... and serve as cautionary tales and morality plays. Shakespeare or... The Mysterious Stranger (cause no one can tell you who he was) laid it all out.

If you had anything more than a cursory curiosity, you will have found that there are bread and cookie crumbs aplenty in this world that lead to... who... knows... where. There are guidebooks for going to both Heaven and Hell. There are time-honored traditions that possess the authority to take you through your paces, along the stations of The Tree of Life, if... that's... your... aim.

In this transitory cusp period between the ages, (which we are right on the verge of completing; when The Age, officially begins... post-Avatar), there are still impressive dangers for those seeking by way of The Path of Knowledge. There's too much material confusion at work, and The Prince of Darkness has yet to be changed into an angel of light for... most... of... us.

This is how I see it. Not everyone is inclined to the direction I have taken, but... for me... it is the wiser course, and that is The Path of Love. It is in my nature, regardless. Poets are students of a different kind of Science, having to do with charting The Interior Wonderland, in song, verse, and stories.

I don't know what the due date is for any of you passing, BUT... I feel confident to say, you... still... have... enough... time to discover... or build a considerable sanctuary within. It is possible... AND HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED MANY TIMES across the ages by determined souls. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Remember the recent mention of Samuel Johnson's quote about how the knowledge of being hanged in a fortnight wonderfully concentrates the mind? Well... consider that you are under mortal sentence this moment... until... that... sentence... is... lifted. You're on Death Row right now. Think about it. Tick... Tick... Tick. (grin).

What I have been doing is 'getting my papers in order', and meeting with a travel agent... booking forward connections, hotels, and way-stops. I've been talking about it with everyone I know. I've been preparing and leading my mind... and... I do not expect my ass to follow- unless The Really Big Guy changes the ritual. There are some who have had transubstantiation committed on them. ALL OF US are going through forms of it, at particular speeds, depending on the attention we give it. For some... lifetime follows lifetime. There is a more direct route.

As soon as you take your attention off of The Things of The World, The World loses its interest in you. Actually... then the relationship changes and The World offers you everything. It is my advice, and... I follow it myself that... you... should... refuse. The World has nothing to compare with the finer realms, AND... you can be there while you are still here. I have seen this in action more than once, so... I have evidence. I can see where... if you don't have evidence, it is not the same for you, and it can make you angry.

Once it's thrown everything it has at you and gotten nowhere, then it loses interest in you. Sometimes God wants The World to have an interest in you. If you are fortunate, he does this AFTER you have gone... Ga-te... Ga-te... Para Ga-te.

On my soul... I declare these things are true. God is Real AND Listening. Nature is aware and listening. The bandwidth that most of The World operates within is... a narrow bandwidth. Once you have expanded your bandwidth... you will see and realize much that you have not seen, nor realized previously. How does one expand their bandwidth? Meditation is a means. Prayer is a means. Austerities are a means. Psychedelics are a means. Good Works and Selfless Service are means.

Having been mostly about these means for most of my life, I can guarantee they are true means. An expeditious and certain path is The Golden Mean... when fueled by Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Yeah, I guess you could call it work, and there are many people who don't like work unless there is a specific gain, having to do with desires or appetites.

It's only work for a probationary period. After that, it's still work, but it is now a joy that one would do every day... forever... so long as life is present for the purpose, and... as a result... you have LIFE MORE ABUNDANTLY. Life overflows from a perpetual fountain for those who have discovered its location, AND its purpose. I am not speaking original thoughts here. These thoughts have echoed across the centuries and so very much further than that.

People dismiss these thoughts because they get in the way of what they think they want; then it disappoints them... they move to the next thing... that also disappoints them... and so on, and so on, and so on. The Dog of Desire is chasing his tail, and The Monkey Mind is picking its behind. It studies shit... sometimes it studies shit for lifetimes. Finally... it declares, Eureka! It IS shit! The Wise respond; No shit, and go back to what they were doing.

Of course... the one who discovered it was shit did not also realize it is The First Matter. If you want to make Gold, you had better get used to working with shit, AND... the shit you intend to turn into Gold. Hmm... Gold? God? Is that like Evil and Live... only different? Not my department. I'll leave that to the people on The Path of Knowledge. You know what happens when you complete The Path of Knowledge? You DISCOVER that you didn't and don't know anything. That... is... what... actually... happens. You also discover that something is missing; has... been... missing... for... a... long... time, and... that would be Love.

The tales of existence are long and varied. People come and people go, and people come back again. There are those who follow The Inward Path, and... they walk right out of this world. Then they come back and they bring The Kingdom of Heaven with them. Lightworkers are disbursing it this very minute... somewhere. There are far fewer than needed in these times... because of Materialism. That's all going to change... soon.

The ones WHO SHOULD BE PAYING ATTENTION, never... are... and... it comes right out of The Blue on top of them. Go back to the first paragraph about how God is in control of EVERYTHING any time he wants to be. Unqualified Light hits The Prism of This World and Turns into Everything Temporary and Doomed to Pass. The Light ignites within and you go on in the everlasting echo of the sound current of his being... evidencing his being for all time. Find God. Everything else is a waste of time.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ouroboros. Good analogy of Source. It eats itself. That snake was pictured on the latest Robert Sepehr video, too. He did a thing on fasting. Weird, and it rubs me in the wrong way, but what else can I feel knowing so little; if anything?

Oh, ye gods. I've got Johnson's dictionary bookmarked. I was so into archaic and arcane words when I was a high schooler, and access was so. . .uh. . .Shakespearean. Or is that de Verean? Not that I remember what I used to remember. Priorities change, and brains get cluttered with new stuff that's more pertinent than using terms no one understands. (Tell that one to Gore Vidal ifn ya wanna get slapped upside on the Otherside.)

Work. Blah. Tolerate bein' a dishwasher/janitor, but I know whatcha mean. Next job is COSMIC ARCHITECT!!!!!!!! Some of us have a lot to look forward to.

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!! ANOTHER BEAUTY OF A POST!!!!!!!! (I think you only have 2 or 3 in the collection that are 'meh'.)

robert said...

Thank you Visible!

The Dog of Desire is chasing his tail, and The Monkey Mind is picking its behind. It studies shit... sometimes it studies shit for lifetimes. Finally... it declares, Eureka! It IS shit! The Wise respond; No shit, and go back to what they were doing.

So, you hear your separate self utter: "I don't know shit!" and a flush in minor achievement shows up in your cards and a blush in your poker face.

The best service given in youth was simply to create a cleaner mental space, defeating the dragons of false beliefs to bring peace to the heart from raging reaction storms raised by rigidities in the mental minded world.

Not what we don't know but what we cling to knowing we know but ain't so!

Remove the trolls under the bridge to ugliness and we start to see more beauty coming through all prisms.

Pulling logs out of our mind's eye is a full time occupation against the occupation by phantoms fed on our fear.

When we can transition to a state of mind where nothing matters, even for a moment, we reconnect to the will to live more than a meat puppet life.

Ecclesiastes did his service by seeing through all appearances by dint of sheer weariness with the worrying dog mind.

When there IS no satisfaction, we cease trying to GET some by our meager efforts or even our herculean efforts!

We are ready to serve the pattern maker as a pawn in a dimensional game beyond our capacity to get in the way

We do not see it all but strive to serve it all, one moment of being present at a time

Empty of futile purpose, we respond to subtler nudges than the brow-beating, fear-pummeling mindset can conceive

When we are there, we are finally here

In this moment, our will to live in One burns through our will to die alone

We are redeemed, like a coupon for abundant life we have carried in our gut pouch in marsupial obliviousness...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Tumbling at The Will of Heaven, Or Resisting The Will of Heaven. It's All Necessary for The Drama of Life."



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