Friday, August 05, 2022

"Squadrons of Owsley Double-Dome Saucers Sail The Orange Sunshine Skies in Search of The Doors of Perception."

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I've always loved Arizona. I lived here for a time in the late 60s... passing through more like it, cause I wasn't here much more than a month; two months... if you count the time I was locked up for being in the company of morons. That wasn't the official charge but that is what it amounted to. Back in those days, it was like Mom's Apple Pie to wind up incarcerated for little or no reason. Given I was in The Wind mostly... as the squadrons of Owsley Double-Dome saucers, sailed The Orange Sunshine Skies of The Human Mind, in search of The Doors of Perception.

The Doors of Perception are saloon style, swinging both ways... but keeping it in your pants... with the knowledge that Brotherhood calls us to a higher order of congress, AND... The Brotherhood will cover the action of those in search of The King's Highway... leading them away from Sodom and Samara, to an appointment of a whole other order.

Anyway, Arizona just elected the full slate of election deniers so... I am meant to be here. It's not that I am a Trumpfanistanian from Trumpfanistan. I'm not. He lost me with the vaccines, BUT... given the level of the competition and what we have seen of The Drooling, Hair Sniffing, Frottage Massage, Ice Cream Man in The White House... I would hitchhike to the next town over to vote for him as The Lesser of Two Evils... and I don't have to hitchhike so... that's how serious I am.

Have you noticed all the odd comings and goings of covers... ripped from the restless dreams of strange bedfellows? Does it sound like Mr. Apocalypse is in town with The Awakening? They're on a world tour at the moment, AND... there are also a whole lot of tribute bands hitting the wide spots in the road. They want it so that every nation on Earth can have a come to Jesus moment. Well... it will be The Christ, in a new get-up for the cosmic streaming services... who got the contract for the next... two... thousand... and... two... hundred... years (or so).

It's always The Sun King who comes in on that grand Avatar liner, from over across the ocean of birth and death. He's coming down the long grade of the planes, into manifestation. There's no need for any runaway truck ramp. He's as cool as ice and as warm as love in the approach. You can't argue with him. He's just too damned impressive with all the pulsing, luminous radiance, guaranteed to light you up inside like... you... did... not... know... could... happen.

It always seems to come right out of The Blue. People get into ruts so deep they cannot see above them. That's what Materialism does. It blocks out the light, and it blocks your sight, and you begin to think that the walls around you are the only world there is. Understandable... BUT... then you forget that you ever thought it might be different, and that... that right there... is the reason The Avatar comes to town. Coming to a town near you soon, AND... in some cases... coming to a shining city within you at the same time.

Sometimes you can cut the tension with your hand in palpability mode. I'm guessing it is tense indeed for those up to no good, because... some degree of The Presence is already here. It is what is behind all of these dramatic changes since the turn of the century. It is not behind the common and day-to-day outrages we commit on each other. It is not behind the materialized expression of people going more and more crazy by the day. That's just the collateral damage for people going The Wrong Way... running into the usual off-road problems in topography and sight-lines, and... no... gas... stations.

Guru Bawa once told me, “You are out of petrol in the jungle and there is the tiger. You must get some petrol.” Like with any realized master or... illumined saint; of which category he certainly can be identified from (nice syntax, visible), Guru Bawa spoke in riddles, metaphors, analogies, allegories, and the like.

Everything is changing. Structures one has held on to, for the longest time, are crumbling. Meaning and Purpose are being tumbled in the storm waves upon the shores. What people do then is to latch on to ANYTHING that will help to keep them from losing their minds. So they go batshit over sexual identity. They get ever more passionately strident about extreme politics. They go full-blown materialists. They specialize with The Fetish of The Month Club.

They resort to lies and all manner of subterfuge because The End justifies The Means. No... it doesn't. It's not the destination in the first place, it's... the... journey. The Journey is the destination, giving the appearance of moving, in The Eternal Now. It is The Sun forever rising on an endless day. It never gets to mid-heaven because... from that point it would have to descend. It NEVER descends. It is ALWAYS rising.

That power within our single sun... and the power within the millions of sister suns... in the exploded sky, and... everything else you can think of or... that has ever been thought about is... only... a... fragment... of The Power held in reserve. The Mind cannot comprehend this. What happens is you grow into an ever-expanding awareness that never reaches The Full, and you become more and more like that which you are becoming aware of, and... The Bliss intensifies, and The Joy intensifies, and The Splendor and The Glory (let us not forget) intensifies, as do The Qualities of God that continue to increase within you.

That's one way to go. There are other ways, other directions to head in. You can see the people doing just that, everywhere they congregate. They do it in The Tower, and they do it in The Basement. They set off after... something, something that is one thing and looks like another, and is temporary besides. Their hands reach out for it and it turns to smoke. It was not there in the first place.

It's kinda like fairy rings and the secret cloisters of The Elementals and all the workers in the underbrush, in the waters, in the air that... really... are... there, and dance in the breath of God, as it moves in The Grand Inhalations and Exhalations. The whole of it is alive!!! One SHOULD pursue the opportunity to read The Living Book of Nature. You will find that our environs are populated with countless invisible life forms. Each of them has a realm. Their interactions bring about all that we perceive and experience in... the... manifesting... dream... of... life. They are the invisible color commentators.

So... there are these possessed entities... who are deeply entrenched in their ways. They've been at it for a considerable length of time, passing it on from one generation to another. The Kingdom of Evil has grown very powerful and it... does... not... want... to... give... an... inch. The thing about shadows and light is that shadows retreat from the light, and to do what they do in The Darkness, they have to hide from The Light. Well now... the time has come and The Light is set to penetrate all the citadels of darkness, all the subterranean caverns, and hidey holes of every kind.

This means that there is going to be a whole lot of noise and trembling surfaces. Something that hasn't happened in a very long time is on the verge of happening, and... it is probably going to come out of The Blue.

There is so much chaos and uncertainty in these times that most of humanity is fixated on their particular distractions, which have kept them from seeing what is really going on. People are nosediving into perversities... and absurdities... of every kind. This is because there is no satiation in any of it, so... they have to keep going deeper, looking further, pressing farther afield, and... yeah... still nothing.

The deeper they go, the more they panic and despair. Meaning is lost. The familiar becomes unfamiliar. It all seems more and more foreign. Where is the stable ground? Where are succor and sanctuary? All of these questions will be answered by events... in trends and patterns... in whatever mosaic emerges that will be the new appearances that will be hiding the Ageless Truth. Ah well... twas ever thus.

Strive to find The One within who is already guiding you, according to the degree of your cooperation. Trying to hang on to anything in The World of Appearances is foolish. Experience will and does prove that out... over, and over again.

We are on the precipice of dynamic transformation and change. You will adapt. You will evolve or... you will be plowed under and made into compost for the flowering of the age.

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