Thursday, July 28, 2022

"The Gay Voice of Monkeypox Consciousness Blames The Government for Not Being A Prophylactic for Their Sexcapades."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Old sayings... homilies... platitudes... folk sayings from gone and beyond... in time out of mind... so to speak. Aye, ye've got ta keep ye feet staidy on the deek. There be a rolling ocean beneath thee. I'm sure that made all kinds of sense, well... it does. You know they got what they call Old Wives Tales. There are superstitions galore, and more; fairy tales and fables, myths and legends and some it... some of it, has to be true.

I've heard that you get what you pay for, BUT... you may also be getting something you don't need, regardless of whether you can afford it. People spend millions on a single car... private planes... and Pullman cabins on entire trains. They buy everything that can be bought, and then they pay someone to steal the rest, cause... it's an addiction.

The rich have addictions just like the poor because the rich are, USUALLY no happier than the poor. Often, they are much less happy. I have seen this with my own eyes. They have to either spend or hoard money to keep their minds off their woes. They have to insulate themselves from everyone else behind a wall of things. Fear of loss is still ever present within them. It comes with the territory, so to speak... and, may I add, they will indeed lose it all.

Anyway... about addictions. They come with all sorts of justifications and rationalizations. Not all addictions are illegal, especially if there is a whole lot of money in them. Sometimes they make it illegal so that the criminal arm of the same business can rake it in that way. The tax situation is much better too.

Some of them get their addictions confused with human rights, like this yahoo I saw yesterday or the day before. I'll call him The Gay Voice because he speaks for a large segment of the population.

The Gay Voice of Monkeypox Consciousness blames the government for not being a prophylactic against their Sexcapades; concerning all liabilities incurred by their sexual experiences. It says, “why can't I have sex with hundreds of men in the course of a week (every week), and have no concern for disease and discomfort?” They are petulant with dismay and say... “what about my rights? WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHTS?? WHAT ABOUT MY RIGHTS??? It is my right to have gratuitous and depraved sex as a full-time pursuit;” not much different from monkeys... except that monkeys have way more restraint. “These are my rights!!!”

The Ghost of George Floyd has shattered like a disco ball hitting the dance floor, and now distorted mirror images of George Floyd are dancing like The Sorcerer's Apprentice, only the dancers are animated sex toys. Now some good Christian folk want 25 million dollars for pain and suffering... cause a Sesame Street character in full costume (so you can't see the face) a-l-l-e-g-e-d-l-y insulted a couple of elementary school kids. No words were exchanged in this encounter.

If the cartoon character had exposed himself to the children it wouldn't be as big a deal. The cartoon could always say that it was guiding the child. That is their word for grooming. They got words for everything... but they are different from your words for the same thing. Please remind yourself that NOTHING pleases The King of Hell more than the despoliation of innocence... and childlike wonder. It is Hell's Big Kahuna.

From what I can see, the Sesame St. character just didn't acknowledge the children. This is, of course, ALL a fabrication by the parent's design. THEY WANT MONEY!!! They want money and they... don't... care... how... they... get... it. The Cultural Meltdown of America is in full-on mode, from the perspective held and transmitted by The Shit-Golem Press; chaos fills the atmosphere and ♫ hate is in the air... da-da-da-da-dah... hate is in the air ♫

The Perversity Industry of The Bottomless Pit wants its bottom serviced till the end of time, and some people are determined to get their wish. Drag Queens are prowling the halls of elementary schools. I don't think they are teaching or preaching normality cause... normal they're not. The queens are jigging across barroom floors with a four-year-old in hand. Anal sex is being taught in the classrooms... oh my!

Meanwhile, troglodytes and orcs stalk the nighttime streets of the cities, looking for someone to hurt. SOMEHOW this is all happening. You can track it to the NGOs, bankers, and mystery cabals, BUT... there is something... someone... behind them too; inside them. Someone has to be paying for this worldwide suicide train to run 24/7. This is the sexual version of the Chinese Belts and Roads program. Someone is footing the bill here, and they have an endless supply of money, AND influence... so... definitely international bankers are involved. BUT?

What is their point? If they destroy civilization how does it benefit them? They could be some kind of vampire parasite that has to kill and then moves on BUT... there is so much depravity involved, it HAS TO have something to do with The Infernal Realm. It has to be connected to The Dark Invisible. It ALSO has to be connected to The Coming of The Avatar because this is the kind of thing he usually runs into, and the MAIN REASON he comes at all.

The Sex Freak Armies are something to see. There are millions of them. There are more than you think because the Heteros have a bunch of them in the ranks too. Now that we have 57 flavors of gender, there has to be even more. This is what happened when that disco ball came down on the dance floor. Every shard is a distorted mirror. Different colors of light flash and pass over them. Each time the shards see something different. You get the same kind of heavy smoke from burning lust that you get from burning leaves.

The reason these people all suddenly appeared... is because The Avatar has driven the demons and other astral parasites, and pests down into outward form. The World is filled now with stolen cars. Well... you need not overly concern yourself. It is only for a season, and then the harvesting will follow. In betwixt... we need to mind how we go. Most of The Possessed will not survive any length of time. A VERY high portion of the demons and their associates are self-destructive. They'll steal a car (human body) just to hit top speed and go off a cliff or run into a bridge abutment. I mean this Metaphorically, AND Literally.

Sexual perversity is a runaway vehicle on a road no one survives.

Yes... it's full-tilt-batshit and a REALLY large portion of The World is unhappy with the way of things, ESPECIALLY... because... the... demons... have... come... for... their... children. So PUSH-BACK is on... the... menu. “Looks like meat is back on the menu, boys!” (Lord of the Rings comment). The anger of those made silent by world-blanketing-media, of every sort, is simmering on the sidelines. It won't be long now.

Here's the deal. The Bad Guys are deadly serious about their end of the stick, AND... they are very confident. I would say overly confident, but that's just my view. It's a classic morality tale. It's a classic allegory... a real-life Shakespeare play, with a cast of millions of shattered mirror fragments. They're on a REALLY big train, and it's headed somewhere. It's going awfully fast, and you... can't... stop... it. So... it's more a matter of whether you are on that train or not? It's also not running on a linear track, in case you were wondering about that.

Here you are seeing what happens when a world is awash in materialism. It generates dysfunction. It separates itself from nature. Lady Nature has very... good... reasons... for... her... laws. She is not opposed to your freedom, BUT... freedom is not license, no more than notoriety is fame. Actions... have... consequences. It is as simple as that, AND you can watch it in The World around you every... single... day... and night too. Are you involved in it? Are you looking to be involved with it? Bad move. Just let it go right on by.

Now... it doesn't matter if The Avatar turns out to be The Internet (although that is more of a tool than an entity). It doesn't matter if The Avatar shows up as an individual or... in a spontaneous upwelling in many human hearts, made... divine... by... the... intrusion. How he arrives and what form(s) he takes is not a concern. He IS coming. There is no room for doubt in my mind about this. I have my reasons for thinking as I do.

The point is that one should cease their arguing about what they don't know. It's just time-wasting and causes bad feelings. One should assume the posture of confident expectation. Imagine you are on a swing, hung from an enormous sheltering tree, and that God is pushing you. Imagine you are on a sailboat and God is The Wind that powers you. Imagine that you are a car, and God is the engine that drives you. Imagine it how you like. This is where religions came from, BUT... KNOW... it... is... a... real... force, and that religions don't even come close to representing it.

God may be shy and retiring (most of the time), but he can be coaxed into a relationship if he thinks you are sincere, and... in... it... for... the... long... haul. He can make himself into as many shards from the disco ball as he wishes, in order to mirror you, so... it is no problem for him to hang out with any of us... or... even all of us. He comes and goes as he pleases. If he gets the feeling that ALL YOU WANT TO DO is hang out with him, and he ALWAYS finds you waiting for his arrival... well... good things are going to happen.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Time moves too slow for the insanity to pass, if you ask me.

Nostrils to the sky!

M - said...

A few days ago, while sitting at my desk I heard a dog yelp and people yelling in the street right outside. It was around 9pm. Running out I saw a small group of neighbors, with our apartment manager in the middle. What had happened was this: She was walking her dog and crossed to our side of the street when a car deliberately hit both her and the dog. Apparently there was at least one eye witness who said the car never bothered to slow down. The dog took off, harness & leash intact, down the center of the complex. I grabbed a flashlight and joined an ever-growing group of neighbors in search of the dog - who was most likely terrified and probably suffering injuries. As I searched, other neighbors came out of their apartments to ask what was going on. Some joined in the search. One couple was returning from a late-night outing (dinner perhaps) and after hearing what had happened started the search crew, as well. Even the cop who was called to the scene joined in.

Long story short. The dog's collar became entangled on a staircase (thank goodness) and both she and her mistress were united. All in all there must've been about two dozen neighbors helping in the search effort. Kindness. Compassion. Not only for our Manager (and fellow neighbor/animal lover) but for a little dog in need.

Perhaps we should turn our attention away from the perverse and evil puppet show and turn towards our humanity.

Anonymous said...

Is any of this actually real? I'm simply astounded at the farce of it all.
A farce written by our hebrew and masonic overlords. Go back to Egypt you f'n nut cases.
What a farce, boondogle, nut house. That must be the objective, everything is a farce.
Leave me out, stay away from me, don't even bother to explain it, you're too far gone.
Just leave me out of this insanity.Where do they get the drugs from to behave this way?

mayoui said...

I've been coming to these blogs for 15 years I think. They have enriched my life beyond measuring. In that time lots of people have come and gone. That's the way it works I think. People come and people go. Anyone can turn their attention in any direction any time they want. I suggest that they should be aware that most of the people who come here are very smart and if you have been visiting the blogs as long as I have you see subtle little nudges AND (borrowing some of Visible's technique) YOU SHOULD KNOW that many of us see through the gambits. I think we are programmed to. I think all is not what it seems. Even though that should be obvious people continue to do what they do and continue to be blinkered to the knowledge that things are not what they seem and neither are they. I say this with kind intentions though I have been able to see the sharp instruments hidden in the soft language for a long time now. A lot has happened here in 15 years. As hard or soft as language may be all should be reminded that one thing we are not is soft in the head.

Anonymous said...

Mayoui, I've been reading Mr V's works for the same length of time as you. And you are amazingly correct in what you say. Rather than 'soft in the head' the term 'feeble minded' is to me more accurate. Thanks for being a real person and having an honest opinion. I'm not a hard headed person, but some shit is just that, shit. Mr V of course knows this, I don't know him personally, but there are some uncanny synchornicities going on with his writings and what I experience. Why and how is that I often wonder? And, I wonder a lot!

Leesa said...

Regarding comment #5... I've been coming here for about 10 years.. You are spot on... Every topic that Les discusses, it seems, dovetails (I am a sucker for quality carpentry) with what I said/experienced the day before.. It's almost like God/angels listened in and transmitted the happenings to Les to write in these blogs- Uncanny!
I am certain the unraveling is speeding up... The Lions Gate Portal 8/8 is not long now to go- watch the soggy-sponge-minded masses, become so perplexed, they won't know which way to turn....
We on the other hand will be riding our Magic CAR-PET into the glorious sunset! Get ready for the Final Countdown(cue song- Foreigner)
All systems go, cross-check doors, LIFT-OFF!

Love Leesa



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