Wednesday, July 20, 2022

"There is The Matter of An Abyss that You Have to Step Across, but, It... Is... ONLY... as... Wide... as... Your... Fear."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Every love song you ever hear... romantic... desirous... longing... wishing and hoping... lost and gone, they...are... all... about... God. God is the reason pedestrian attractions seldom work for long. They are what we mistake God for. Somehow we know... inside... that THEY ARE NOT WHAT WE WANT. There is something more! E-V-E-N-T-U-A-L-L-Y you learn. After much sorrow... much gain and loss... sometimes only loss... you... learn ♫ I want you! I want you so ba-a-a ad, it's driving me mad, it's... driving... me... mad ♫ Yeah... I'll bet you do. Now... if you only knew what I was and where I am... well... you might be on to something; so says The Divine.

Everything we think we want. It is all God in costume. You grab for it and... he retreats from it, because... that is not what he is. He is not in the appearances.

You can't grab God. You might can grab most everything else but... you can't grab God. We are... literally... on a magical mystery tour. Famous musicians... inspired by angels given that task, due to past appeals or worthy effort, gain The World and then... God- and his angels- go away. Then... instead of being able to hang out with God, you are left to attend fashion shows and shill for vaccines. You have lost the most important thing you came here for.

The road to The Kingdom of God is fraught with peril. This is not to say that God does not want you to arrive, BUT... he's not going to let you just walk right in. How bad do you want it!!! Not bad enough. God will make sure to take EVERYTHING else away from you because that is all the proof he needs, BUT... he does need all the proof.

♫ The greatest love of all... is easy to achieve. Learning to love yourself is the... greatest... love... of... all ♫

All those heroic stories in the Greco-Roman and Arthurian traditions (Christian mysticism) were about finding God, disguised as something else, cause you can't describe what God is so... you get The Holy Grail. You get The Quest. You get The Pearl of Great Price. You get what covers as a curtain for concealing God from the senses, AND... you find that learning to love yourself really is The Greatest Love of all. That's you! That is what you are aspiring to and what you WILL become, IF... YOU... CONTINUE... TO... THE... END; faithful unto Death, so to speak.

We hide God from ourselves so that we can exercise profane appetites. That works only for The Aghora and guys like Rasputin who know the secret. Going to a monastery doesn't work either. YOU... are still there. It doesn't work until you... are... no... longer... there. The False You that is. That has to be worn clear... translucent... so that The Real You can shine through. If you don't give up, you cannot fail. IF... YOU... DON'T... GIVE... UP... YOU... CANNOT... FAIL. Yeah, I know, it hurts. It hurts like what only expletives will best express, and we try to avoid expletives here. Still... no pain... no gain.

It can't be sugar-coated and continue to inspire you. As soon as you hit Hard Country... the sugar coating wears off and you are left with a bitter pill. It wouldn't be nearly so laborious if you weren't insisting on taking your false self along. You are going where The Personality cannot go. It can only wait outside the door. It can only hear about the one who saw the light of The Grail reflected... and then forgets about having heard it.

It IS NOT for the eyes of The Profane, so... you have to let Heaven's Helpers clean you up and... well... they can be a little rough, BUT... that is ONLY because you are fighting them, like a baby crying in the bathtub because there is soap in his/her eyes.

The Mind is a tool of The Personality which convinces it that everything it wants is right. Until The Reactive Mind is stilled, The Devil WILL party DOWN. The Mind becomes remarkable when it is no longer in a state of separation. Then The Devil ceases to exist. The Passions lure The Personality through The Mind, by picturing The Attraction, in order to whet the appetite, and stimulate The Attractive Force, seducing it into fueling whatever The Personality wants to USE... and... to... HAVE.

Don't whine. This road IS NOT for whiners. Don't make excuses. Don't rationalize or justify, just admit to yourself that you don't know what's going on, and that harmonizing sounds like a better role than being inharmonious. Who is it that uses divisiveness and discord? Right.

Yeah... you have to give everything else up. Really? Ah... too bad, and you were so totally enjoying yourself, right? Sure you were. Even IF that were true, it won't last. I can assure you of that.

ON... THE... PLUS... SIDE, if you can give everything else up, The Supreme Enjoyer will... take... up... habitation... in... you... and... enjoy... him/herself in... you. That's Tantra in a nutshell. Doing AS God does BECAUSE... IT... IS GOD... doing it.

So let's study the math here, analogically... You give up everything else, and... you get God with everything else? Isn't there a Bible quote that ends with, “and all else will be added unto you?”

Another thing it would be good to get clear in your mind is that THERE... IS... MORE... THAN... ONE... WAY.

.. UP... THE... MOUNTAIN. Every legitimate religion is a portal, but... you had better not get trapped in the dogma and cant. You have to go beyond the letter of the law to the spirit of the law. Rules and commandments are great for a time. They are the training wheels on your bike.

However, once you have learned to ride, you... don't... go... off... the... road, unless you get distracted or seduced. This is why you have to fall desperately in love with The Divine, in order to avoid being distracted and seduced. It is the only thing that will keep you focused, and... on... the... road

You have to discover that special guest within and let him show you how to do the dance. There are no external methods for this. There are external methods that... will... take... you... to the dance master, but after that... there are no books or instructional pamphlets. There is the matter of an abyss that you have to step across but... it is ONLY as wide as your fear.

So... people who read something in a book, and believed it, AND... people who read something in a book and did not believe it... cause it didn't agree with their idea of how things came to be, and ought to be... are part of a crowded argument that goes on forever... outside the door of what they- actually- came here for.

You KNOW these things are true, BUT... you are having trouble applying them. No matter how hard you try you just... can't... seem... to... get... to there. Here's the secret, dear friend... YOU HAVE TO FALL IN LOVE. Love... oh selfless Love... is what makes it possible.

This is the real deal and... it didn't cost you a dime. It will cost you the experience of going after it. How... bad... do... you... want... it?

Eventually... we get tired of the shit we put ourselves through. Some folk are hardier than I am. They seem to have an infinite capacity for creating pain; pain for themselves, and... then by extension... pain for anyone else who has the misfortune to run into them.

Once again, here is where Love continues to shine. Love is The Swiss Army Knife of Life. It is also a shield. It protects you even when you do not know it is protecting you; comes with being as a little child. So long as Love flows between you, and your creator, you are in the sanctuary where no darkness can enter. You have to willfully go outside of the sanctuary to encounter The Darkness, AND... some do. Some get to the edge of The Great Transformation and say... “This is not for me. It costs too much.”

EVERYONE... no matter what seminars they took, what gurus they met, what rituals and traditions they perform... WILL come to the edge there. It is not something you can get around, although... all those people that wrote those books, and read those books, and put on the seminars, and attended the seminars will... tell... you... that... you... can.

They got a system, AND... they know The Dweller on the Threshold, and... he's not that bad. They'll tell you they're good friends with The Door Wardens, and that they go in and out all the time. Uh-huh. You bet. Talk is cheap, and NEVER IS THAT MORE CLEAR than when you run up against it, AND... you will run up against it when you come to that edge.

This is why just about everyone stays in their lane and refuses to risk what they think they have. Yeah... when you think about The Dweller on the Threshold... and the edge of The Abyss, it doesn't seem like much from a distance, BUT... who boy! Just wait till you get close up. Then you see why you need a guide and why you MUST have Love. Love is what makes you fearless.

End Transmission.......

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I had little to do with writing this. Yes... if you want to get technical, it did come from Higher Me. Still, all I accomplished was getting Lower Me to sit still for it. You have to train your animal. Once this is accomplished, ANYTHING is possible. ANYTHING is possible... regardless of your accomplishing it, BUT... it is not possible for you... until... THAT... has... been... accomplished.

Via YouTube
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♫ what you do for love that you would not do ♫


Anonymous said...

your posts are a daily reminder to me to simply pray to God for divine love. Thank you for that

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky.

M - said...

OMG, I actually tried Craiyon. I put in the word "cat" and this is what it came up with:

At least one of the eyes in each feline is so distorted it looks like the animal's been subjected to laboratory experimentation/testing.

Anonymous said...

Thank you dear Les for another uplifting and profound episode.
Channeling GOD indeed!
Over the years your writing resonates ever higher, I am grateful to experience it.
May GOD Bless and Keep you, for as long as you want!
Thank you so much,

robert said...

Visible One so many more will see the invisible

A drive by shooting star soliloquy, directed our way by a willing brother!

Our souls are touched by the rapid fire foreshadowing freedom...

Until The Reactive Mind is stilled, The Devil WILL party DOWN. The Mind becomes remarkable when it is no longer in a state of separation. Then The Devil ceases to exist.

Have we all noticed how easily our s#1+ is stirred if we are still interested in how phenomena plays out? As there is more to us calling to our attention?

All because we identify with who we think we are and not enough with who we know we are but pretend to be less.

This is our childish hide and seek, mirrored in our dim perception by the virtual image of the One hiding from us.

Only WE are moving back and forth, only OUR focus goes fuzzy and sharp.

The One only appears elusive because we are eluding the eternal moment as long as we can stand the seperation anxiety...

When we still the animal nature ever seeking the ecstasy of an ending, then we may learn to ride the never-ending story.

You have to discover that special guest within and let him show you how to do the dance. There are no external methods for this. There are external methods that... will... take... you... to the dance master

In this age of zombie conformity, enforced by technological shock collars and soul capturing by ubiquitous video surveillance, how much harder is it to deviate freely from the prevailing group think and respond immediately to our spirit guide!

So easy to be, by the mindless, minded to death, by Karenical reflex action, the result of a mispent lifetime of media training in trance walking as hosts for unearthly, emotion consuming entities.

The bravest we can do is dance to our own tune in these times of tone-deaf, synchronized mass shivers!

Yeah... when you think about The Dweller on the Threshold... and the edge of The Abyss, it doesn't seem like much from a distance, BUT... who boy! Just wait till you get close up. Then you see why you need a guide and why you MUST have Love. Love is what makes you fearless.

A love letter from a Threshold diver!
Is it only after we have lost everything but the hope of being of service somehow to the greater life we observe from farther away than we ever thought possible, that we accept the presence of Love?

Burning out all temporary desire to create a conduit for unbearable compassion?

Learning to fly by spirit instead of crawling before naked emperors, only after rising from our daily death enough days?

As miscreation evacuates all reason to be human, we are shown a way to be more on the light side.

Taking our subjective experience seriously no more:
We find our feet on objective stone moving like lava but never scorching our trust again!

The real world always working behind appearances offers us a way of working together and we become beautiful in our own insight, as we are always seen from the One loving place.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


"Now They Have Switched to Their Latest Pederast's Lament of The Funky Chicken Monkey Pox... Ha Cha Cha Cha!"

Anonymous said...

The Floyd Mayweather link: being an incredible boxer with great head movement and lateral movement doesn't make you a decent and sensible person.
Very sad ,as I rate him so highly as a boxer/fighter.

Anonymous said...

The Craiyon "create any image" didn't work very well for me. I'm a carpenter and asked to it to show me purlin cuts to a hip roof.
It gave me back a load of rubbish.



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