Monday, July 04, 2022

"The Bewildering Complexity! Look at The Dancing Lures, Dangling Everywhere in This Ocean of Zombie Fish."

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The same nothing is missing now that was missing then. It's still nothing providing the space for something. Absent of something you have nothing. This makes all the difference when you consider yourself. Just what are you? Are you something or are you nothing? People too smart for their own good have arguments in their heads all the time about Being and Nothingness. There's a book by that title, I think... and that book was written by just the sort of person I am talking about.

When you are an atheist, nothing makes sense because you have eliminated the one thing that makes it meaningful. “Oh no! I'm having an existential crisis!!!” When your mind is filled with dung, the finer songs do not get sung. Why would anyone prefer dissonance? You must be crazy. Ah! Well... that explains it. It also explains why you see it all around you, in the mirror of your projected self.

It explains why you, in fact... have nowhere to hide. It explains how bodyguards and fortresses will do you no damn good. Money will do you no good. Having no positive relationship with Heaven will most certainly do you no good. When you decide to play God. God lets you. It amuses him. He helps you on your way to The Purpose of Demonstration. The game is fixed! It has been fixed from the beginning, and the ending was known in the beginning as well. It is ALL choreographed. It is all directed, AND... you have nothing to compel or influence the one(s) who make The Rules. You either come to terms with it or... or else.

The battle is over. We are living in the echo as the consequences follow, for Good... or Ill. Countless destinies outwork themselves. All too few are self-aware. In these momentous times, there are spiritual opportunities to be had that come around at rare intervals. This is why the distractions are so great. This is why Materialism is so pervasive. This is why The Carnal Mind is rampant on a field of blood, like a family crest for doomed generations.

Look at the bewildering complexity!!! Look at the dancing lures... that dangle everywhere in this ocean of zombie fish. All this huffing and puffing, this dancing and prancing... the clueless postures of those pretending to think... is a sideshow. The real show is off to the side of that and you have to go looking. Some say it is within you. Perhaps that is why there are all these objects of desire and these dangling lures. They are meant to capture your attention, BUT... you close your eyes, and no one's there.

You have to be prepared to wait in calm expectation. You need Certitude, and... of course, you need the rest of The Three Amigos, Faith, and Determination. These are actual things. They are not material things. Or you might say they are forces. Or you might say they are what contains or channels a force, and that would make them things again (grin).

So... this guy wants a Dodge Viper or a Ferrari that you can't even drive except in certain locations. You can't get out of 2nd gear in a real driving car. He wants a girl who looks like... THAT; whoo doggie! Not a girl who IS... THIS or THAT. The same is true in reflection. He wants a big house and a lot of money. This other guy wants Faith... Certitude... and Determination. Which of them is the better off? Well... it depends on whether you are in for The Short Term or... The Long Term.

I am in Forever and that is what I expect to get back. It can be amusing HERE. It can be exciting and pleasurable HERE. It can also be sad, dull, and painful. It is guaranteed to be both of them by turns until you suss it out. Until you find The Golden Mean. Until you are in harmony with all life.

Since I mentioned The Golden Mean, let me also mention The Four Noble Truths; all life is suffering. All suffering is caused by ignorant desire. One must release all attachments to end suffering. One must follow The Eightfold Path. This is what The Buddha taught. It is what I do and do not do, BUT... I am not a Buddhist. I am a follower of Ageless Wisdom, which does not change regardless of the religions that come and go... and provide it with a cloaked residence during their tenure.

These, in the main, are all legitimate traditions, BUT... what are they in The Grand Scheme of Things? The Buddhic State is forever, BUT... will it always be called Buddhism? Will the color blends remain static? IT... IT is... B-E-Y-O-N-D. Gate... Gate... Paragate! To find truth, you MUST go beyond all sensory definitions. You MUST go beyond all symbols and systems. You MUST go within... or, you WILL NOT find it... and you will be left with nothing to say in the aftermath of discovery.

It's all just breathtaking awe from that point.

I seek to be in resonance with The Initiatic Brotherhood, and The Invisible Hierarchy. As we have mentioned here a time or two; “Though Heaven prefers no man. The wise man prefers Heaven.” There is a well of spiritual wisdom in each of us. There is an access portal to it in The Subconscious Mind, which reflects The Higher Mind into The Self-Consciousness. It's a process, and there are various tools one can employ to facilitate this.

One of the tools is The Tarot, BUT you can't just get any tarot. These archetypes are already present in you. They are a part of you. The images are meant to invoke them. There are a number of arcane and occult mediums by which one can communicate with The Celestial Hierarchy. You have to find the one that works for you. I use none of these systems anymore. Once you have erected or revealed The Adytum, what need is there for further construction? There is only selfless service after that... or you play God.

They will take you to The Door. They WILL NOT follow you through.

You may think there are a multiplicity of options, BUT... they are all blinds and covers for self-service or selfless service. There are two directions you can go in. Yes... you can tread water in a holding pattern until the default claims you... but that goes in the wrong direction for me. Nature unaided ALWAYS fails. We are the appointed gardeners. Feel free to plant what you like and harvest it in time. You will. You most certainly will. You do not have other options... unless you are considering some new way to go round in circles. “Hey! I found a new way... to go round in circles.”

I do not like going around in circles; haven't we been here before? It all looks so familiar. Honey... would you hand me the map? Ah... there is no map; not that kind of map anyway. Many people look for the answer to Mount Kailash/Kailasa. Many people look for Shambhala... The Secret of the Andes... Shangri-La. All of these places are accessed ONLY from within. There may very well be an external place, BUT... you don't get there by ordinary means. First, you get to the place inside. THEN... you arrive at the place outside. Wormholes are a metaphor.

It's kind of like, “when the pupil is ready, The Master is waiting.” Of course (grin), The Master is ALWAYS waiting. The Pupil is not always ready. Heh heh. You can get ANYWHERE you have a mind to go. Some places are a lot easier to get to and they are much more crowded. Most people are looking for that... day... at... The... Beach. However, that day ends every evening. I like the beckoning smile of eternity directed at me on that endless beach of the day that never ends. Some permutation thereof would be nice. I'm not looking for anything else.

Everything else is out there, BUT... most of it comes with a big and relentless pain in the ass. It disguises itself as something else until you are down the road with it a piece. It's called The Same Old Same Old. It has a wardrobe of outfits designed for every occasion that people go looking for. There are greeting and sympathy cards composed to resonate with your experience. For some reason, people build their whole lives around them.

On the glamour side, legions and legions of people are in the cult of Wildroot Cream Oil Charlie, chasing his grease slick for ease of passage... with colors by Revlon, they move like cats in the night. All you need to understand about that is why cats scream during sexual congress. There are ironies everywhere, never seen by the ones who embody them... but telltale lessons for everyone else who is blind to their own ironies. One form of negative irony is... hypocrisy... given what is and what is not, given what appears and is not, given pretense and essence, given; given... taken.

The 4th is here. It is not in a happy wrapper. Certain deranged, deep-pocket Satanists are out to destroy it. This is VERY evident. I don't usually celebrate the 4th, not in a long time, though I do admire the principles on which the country was founded. I don't celebrate the 4th or New Year's Eve, because they often degenerate into drunken orgies, and lead to Amateur Hour on the highways. I do celebrate the intentions of The Founders. Unfortunately, Greed has had its way with us. I will celebrate the 4th today by praying for my country.

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