Wednesday, June 29, 2022

"People Dream and Aspire... They Long for a Life... Under The False Lights of Downtown... so They can Live Uptown."

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I wrote the first part of this on the weekend. Only a couple of days later... the shining objects appeared in the sky. No... the stars were already there. Flares is it? That's what they're calling them? Some form of Wag the Saucer. I expect them to go full smoke and mirrors soon because NOTHING is working for them. The latest gaffe at the Jan 6th Pratt-Fall Festival is almost painful to behold. They are imploding! They are melting; “I'm melting! I'm melting!” Ukraine is being mulched for the next planting season. Now... almost no one wants a Killer Vaccine. What's an evil villain and his partners to do?

Okay... let me see how much of what else is here might prove salvageable.

What a great new world this is!. We are filled to the brim now with stunted exhibitionists who celebrate their dysfunctions as if they were badges of honor. I was schizophrenic long before autism was a thing, and the spectrum was nothing more than a gleam in the eye of the junkies of pathological self-abuse; “I'm autistic!” “I'm gay!” I'm gay AND queer!” I'm gay, queer, and anal-retentive!” Oh! You've got to be a lot of fun at the orgies. AND... whether it is an actual sexual orgy, an orgy of ignorance, or... an orgy of dysfunction... as far as I'm concerned, if it puts the snap, crackle, and pop in your Rice Krispies then I don't care where you stick them. HOWEVER...

Please stay in... or migrate to... your assigned demographics and neighborhoods.

I know some people, people in a hurry... like to make Rice Krispie bars with Krazy Glue. It is similar to how people... in search of backdoor intercourse... get around the obsessive need (counterpointing their sense of Sartrean emptiness) by traveling with a vibrating butt-plug. So many of the in-crowd are doing that these days. Now they have to make an announcement about shutting it off, along with your cellphone, when your plane is about to take off. Apparently... they can interfere with communications in the cockpit because some of them are Bluetooth. Then there are the hackers who have nothing better to do than hijack the butt-plugs of the unsuspecting; “Well! It NEVER did that before!!!”

But then... I'm not telling any of you anything new.

I'm a bit amazed that the bad guys of the hour are all graduates of the 60s dark side. No one else seems to have survived. There are a number of zombie rock gods, and assorted others... but... the positive examples seem to have fallen into a time warp... and not made the cut, or... they died, I guess. In Times of Material Darkness, it is the agents of darkness that rise to the surface of the septic tank.

There's down the rabbit-hole and down the rat-hole. Bob Avakian is the latter. I bring him up because some D-list actress from Bob Sackett's, In-The Closet-Porn-Hole-World ganged up with Antifa to Fight the Power in LA... and got a tad of road rash for her troubles. I can see her screaming at the police; “Do you know who I am?” Then the cop says, “yeah”, and kicks her ass again (link is below). No doubt this Avakian character is financed by the usual bankers and dark, disturbed, kin of Hades.

They are losing their minds over this abortion issue. Pink says that pro-life people should never fucking listen to her songs again. I cannot remember ever having heard one. That's the truth. Some entertainers just strike me... right off... as hard customers with no light. I tend to go wide of them.

Perhaps... you might wonder how materially successful people can be anti-capitalists? Hypocrisy is the fruit of those who lack integrity, AND they still had to live with themselves. On the other hand, those who have had no success seethe with resentment because they cannot understand why talent should have anything to do with celebrity, AND... they want their moment in the artificial sun.

Success is a tricky item and you MUST have an inner resource in order to celebrate it. Therefore, success must be rooted in something real because... otherwise there is nothing to celebrate.

Although I do not suffer from it (thank you, God!) many entertainers are overwhelmed with what they call, an existential despair. I interpret this as a profound sense of emptiness and desolation; that Sartrean emptiness I mentioned earlier. It takes me about a page or two with most philosophical poseurs before I move on to something else. I just don't have the time. I can sit on a hill all day, while The Sun seems to traverse the sky. I've got plenty of time for that. I have no time for gibberish, nonsense... or... top-heavy flatulence.

Everywhere... around The World, people dream and aspire... they long for a life under the false lights of Downtown so they can live Uptown. They have no idea how painful and meaningless an existence this can be. A host of diseases come with these lifestyles. The ruler of this world loves to set people up for a fall. No matter where they end up, it is not a good place because of the thoughts and actions that paved the highway which took them there= ♫ going to Kansas City. Kansas City here I come ♫ There are probably (these days) a whole lot of “crazy women there” and you will almost certainly get you one.

None of these things are worth the trouble it takes to get them, AND... you find this out. What is REALLY worth having is a treasure map that leads you all around the pits... the quicksand... the cliff's edge... the glueboards... the trip wires... the cemeteries and the shuttered rooms... the wastelands, and The Halls of Bad Memories. Such maps do exist. There is more than one of them because there is more than one location; “In My Father's house are many mansions. If it were not true, I would not have told you so.”

You ever notice... in all those adventure books and films how the hero has to go across dangerous ground where dangerous people... monsters and such... await round every turn? Sometimes it can really be a nightmare, like Les Misérables or Tess of the d'Urbervilles, before it turns out okay, like in The Count of Monte Cristo. There is ALWAYS... a great deal of personal loss. You got your Theseus and the Minotaur... Jason and the Argonauts... and that classic tale of loss and revenge... Ulysses and The Odyssey. It is because the trials of our quest sow the qualities of our being. They test and temper our metal.

What has materialism done? Now there are people who can't climb a hill or walk to the store without being out of breath. They live in small cubicles inside their minds. People become more and more unattractive because no effort has been made to channel their inner light... “oh generation of vipers!” Rome is a classic example. It once had the finest armies ever seen. Then they fell into indolence. They could not protect their borders. (sound familiar?) They became obsessed with perversity and excess, AND... they had lead in their water. Anyone want to peel me a grape? Then... Attila came.

I remember a story from occult history when Attila came to Rome and The Pope and his lackeys rode out to speak with him. Behind their banners were a panoply of visual effects. Creatures flying in the sky and large bodies moving in the wind. Attila... as the story goes, sat bent over his horse (he was already bent over) looking at the FX, and said, “I'm not impressed. I will return in the spring.” He did just that. Back in The Day, they had magicians who could do any number of things. Certain qualities render a person immune to The Sideshow Effect.

Attila was called, The Scourge of God.

A similar band of shapeshifters and illusionists are at work today. Similar reactions to them still work. When one has The Qualities of God, no armies can stand against them. All agents of darkness are put to flight by The Light.

Mr. Apocalypse leads and herds people to the place of their greatest and most telling exposure, as he just did with The January 6th Hearing. (laughter) Oh! Surely they stepped in it; reminds me of the chorus to one of my songs...

♫ Oh, we'll all be together.
Yes, we'll all take a stand.
Yes, we'll all be rewarded when...
the... shit... hits... the... fan ♫

Why is it that people do not connect the state of apocalypse with WHAT TAKES PLACE in an apocalypse? There is this glaring disconnect that anyone not under the spell of it can see. It's axiomatic in Times of Material Darkness that people cannot see what it is that is right in front of them in The Event Horizon. The World is not a bouncy castle

It's coming to term, my friends. It is like a grievous labor... a tortured birth. Critical Mass is in the approach. We shall each find some permutation of what we seek. I seek to find, and m-a-i-n-t-a-i-n sanctuary in The Living Light of God. To get there one must be able to tolerate the effects of The Light upon... and within them. This is no mean feat. You have to be equal to the challenge. You have to be capable of dramatic change. If you cannot rise to The Occasion... the occasion will pass you by.

End Transmission.......

I know I was all over the place today;
“Forget about it, Jake... it's Petri Dish.”

Some links=

I never even heard of this guy before.
I guess I live a sheltered life. He is obviously- from the photograph- a Botoxian infomercialist. It has a nice ring to it. (another mass murderer in the making) He's definitely showandtellpro; a form of cointelpro, which involves an army of scamalamadingdongs=

(Here's some of the mumbo jumbo of Comrade Avakian)

"Neither the emergence of the human species nor the development of human society to the present was predetermined or followed predetermined pathways. There is no transcendent will or agent which has conceived and shaped all such development, and nature and history should not be treated as such—as Nature and History. Rather, such development occurs through the dialectical interplay between necessity and accident and in the case of human history between underlying material forces and the conscious activity and struggle of people."

One more garden variety Satanist.

That's a whole lot of words to say there is no God and no Divine Order. Some of us are able to read and comprehend at the same time. I know it's a vanishing art, BUT... the misdirection and mesmerization doesn't work on all of us.

Via Fox News
These monsters (not the farm worker) are the ones who should be in prison. You are going to pay for these crimes against humanity and your failed Zionist state is doomed!=

And this is as it should be at the very beginning... on the way to full exposure=

Via Fox News
They do it to themselves=

Don't poke the police bear=

Via Chris Bray @ Substack
It's all going according to plan=

Via The Saker
This is MOST DEFINITELY NOT a quick update.
It is a terrific read=

Via The Real History Channel
More hidden history=

President Buchanan

Via Fox News
I can't wait for this=

Via Screen Shot Media
Some of the things that are coming IF...
IF it doesn't all come down. Some part of it is going to=

Via Fox News
Gee. What do you know?
Business as usual=

Via Fox News
Going after gay marriage?
Heh heh... as if.. and what is wrong with "cultural gay ghettos?"=

Clarence Thomas


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

NOSTRILS TO THE SKY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sandy said...

I always come back to read your posts a few times a day or to look back in your archives. I really enjoy them~!

M - said...


I visited all 3 of your sites. Some very lovely photos and artwork. Have bookmarked...

Anonymous said...

A discerning double-post from over at Moon of Alabama :

Posted by: Doug Hillman | Jun 29 2022 4:13 utc | 228

The power the US wields over its Euro vassals is eerie. Somehow corruption, bribes, threats, extortion, and/or blackmail don't seem adequate to explain how it can march so many countries into depression and national suicide... This civilizational struggle seems to have a metaphysical dimension to it... Yours and Escobar's description of how the US has subverted democracy (while pretending to be its champion) and colonized Europe reminds me of... the One Ring of Power that takes possession of human souls:

One Ring to rule them all, One Ring to find them,
One Ring to bring them all, and in the darkness bind them,
In the Land of Mordor where the Shadows lie.


Posted by: Scorpion | Jun 29 2022 16:49 utc | 335

First, as you hint in your post, the US is not what it pretends to be. For that reason I don't think it correct to say that 'the US dominates the EU' or some such. It's not really the USA. Furthermore, since the old money in Europe set up the Fed in 1913 one can reasonably argue that the old money is still pulling the strings. (I read somewhere long ago that the CIA was set up by City of London banker networks but have no idea if true or not though something like that is entirely plausible.)

Second, it's all spiritual always. But it's also all lots of other things too. We each live in multi-layered realities: family, work, nation, town, civilization, medical, financial, religious, cyber communities and so forth. They are all part of one overall reality - perhaps - but each has its own dynamic and often seem to exist independent of the others. These 'realities' are called 'mandalas' in old Asian spiritual jargon. A good term actually because mandalas can be described and defined as separate but at the same they are usually interpenetrated by many others as in the examples above.

I believe power comes to nations when they positively align core mandalas such as: spiritual, religious, family, political system, military, commerce, arts and so forth. If you align them well and therefore also align your policies in accord with them well, your presence and actions will carry weight, your people will have confidence in themselves and their leaders and their leaders will have confidence in themselves, the people and The Way which accords with the national character and history. That way lies true power which no amount of narrative sleight of hand can engender, though it can mimic.

Russia seems to be on a roll with aligning many of its core mandalas right now and is, rightly, rising and the rest of the world is responding to this rise and hopefully within the next ten years or less a large number of sovereign states will comprise the new world order, also aligned with many of the core foundational mandalas they share such as a desire for peace, prosperity, vibrant cultures and health of the population and good relations with others and so forth. Such alignment could be said to be the main practical 'job' of spirituality in terms of national affairs. If you try to create strong finance and military without good underlying spirituality and stable families, for example, it won't end well.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Let Them Bring You Soma and Cool Your Metaphysical Forehead in The Temperate Zone of Love Materialized."



Joseph Brenner

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