Friday, June 03, 2022

"Ah... The Disappointed Lovers from The No Tell Motel at Tormented Psyche Junction, Outside of Delacroix."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The World is shifting. It is such a big thing to move that it is hard to see, and hard to pinpoint the origins. To my mind and perspective... everything that happens here has to do with BALANCE... maintaining balance... and restoring balance- some of the links below will give indications of this Cosmic Shift, and where it's headed.

Because The World is so big, especially in your mind, it takes a while to do anything. We usually don't see anything until it is right on top of us, so... it always seems like a surprise when it happens. It shouldn't be a surprise. The signs have been noticeable for some time.

You might wonder at how it is that Little Georgie Sorrows (George Soros) can have such a negative influence on our culture from a world away. He's in Europe, isn't he? What about all these district attorneys getting elected because he channeled shit-loads of money into their campaign? This has wrecked the justice system in a number of states. It is obvious to me that he is seeking to upset the natural order of things; whether they be legal or sexual. How is it that no actions are being taken to defend against, what are to my eyes, clearly acts of war?

If you are an atheist, and many of you might as well be (grin), it probably looks like a collective of powerful interests are in control of everything. That is why it is not being fixed, because... that is how they want it. Yeah... you could make an argument for that. On the other hand... if you know... or believe, that the hidden hand of The Divine is involved, in every flutter of wind that tosses your curtains through the screen, then... you should know he controls both The Good and The Evil to the fulfillment of his purposes. Evil might argue with that, saying that nobody tells it what to do. After all... it is in rebellion to The Throne of God.

However... Evil is easy to manipulate. Evil does not see all that clearly. Otherwise... it would not be Evil, to begin with. Evil comes about through misunderstanding the intentions of Heaven, especially when they seem to get between Evil and what Evil thinks it wants. Sin translates into a Mistake... missing the mark... as if it were an archery target and your shot went wide. Evil always has to do with misunderstanding Divine Intent. Well? God's a mystery, right? Then... you're a mystery too. Solve the one and the other will reveal itself.

Everything manifest... works out, according to The Purpose of Demonstration. Everything in expression, no matter what that is, is trending toward The Purpose of Demonstration. George Soros... The Vampire Banking Syndicate... World Leaders... clergy of every camouflaging stripe... the sodomized Persian Boys and Girls of The Entertainment World... all the judges and lawyers that perform in all the courts of The World...

the Financial shuck and jive that keeps parsimonious hearts alive... young lovers (wherever they are), and... the disappointed older lovers from The No Tell Motel at Tormented Psyche Junction, outside of Delacroix. All of it... EVERYTHING... is under control. When this finally dawns on you, ♫ all your troubles will be small ones, and your fortunes ten times ten ♫

People can't get their minds around it. How could God be all good, and yet he is at the very least... the one who permits all this Evil? Well... first off, a lot of what you think is Evil is not Evil, but confusion working its way to clarity. A lot of what you think is Good is like the lens through which many people see Justice. For them, Justice is a decision in their favor. That's not Justice, that's Karma. Justice is Impersonal. Heh heh... Karma is personal.

“Golden lads and girls all must as chimney sweepers come to dust.” Is that Justice? Is Justice really watching pretty girls grow old? Spoilsports seethe with their bottled fury about life being unfair. “Why did she pick him?!? Now, look what happened to her! I would have treated her right.” So you say... so you say... she goes to dust either way. Gathering roses while you may makes little sense in fall and winter. This is how I measure love. I don't even try. I know that Real Love is eternal and everlasting, (aren't those the same thing?). It has no truck with dust.

Here's a thought; If down to the last jot and tittle... God notes the sparrow's fall, and the trembling of a single leaf... among tens of thousands of leaves, on millions of trees... all trembling. That implies... to me... that God lives in and is present in... EVERYTHING. This means that God made everything out of his own substance, and that he is intimately connected to all of life. He is endlessly becoming in us, whether it be in the process of refining... or correcting... or adjusting... or empowering... or in giving birth and bringing death.. in breathing in and out... as you, AND... the universe itself.

You may not like that this is how it is... mostly because you don't understand it. You think life is unfair, because you are unfair. Life is mean because you are mean. Life is cheap because you are cheap. Everything is a reflection of you, which you project in pulsing vibrations, and which account for whatever environment takes shape around you. I could clearly see this once I stopped objecting to it, because... b-e-c-a-u-s-e... I thought it was getting in my way because it was between me and what I thought I wanted.

That girl or boy you so desperately wanted could well have ruined your life, once the shine had rubbed off. People get together on these honeymoons, and they consume one another in savage hunger, devoid of any finesse... then they have to live with each other. My friends... you must make very sure that you are REALLY in Love or there will be Hell to pay, in agonizing increments... of separated lives coming to separated property, and... children... oh my... oh my.

“Act in haste, and repent at your leisure.” I don't know who said it, but... I heard it. I know it intimately. Thankfully, and fortunately... God took me off the hook about regret and recrimination. Forgetting of self gives you a Tabula Rasa. Your mind... your penitentiary mind, is also a torture chamber filled with remorseless harpy-thoughts, hounding you to the grave and beyond. PLEASE!!! just make it go away! This is the harvest that is reaped by those who sowed the seeds. I cannot believe how stupidly I behaved before God put an end to it. It has certainly left me more compassionate and forgiving than I ever thought I would be.

Love is the answer to every problem you will ever have, but... Real Love requires full disclosure. That can be a costly matter for some. Naked vulnerability feels like shooting yourself in the leg while navigating through a jungle. You have to trust... but how are you going to do that with all these threats in your mind... taking shape on the road ahead (if there even is one), and that you have been feeding on your way to them?

Yeah... you have to REALLY want to be free of it all, but almost no one is serious about that. Soon as you make that Right Turn Clyde, the Heebee-Jeebie Patrol gets alerted. They see you winking on The Big Board that tracks everyone. Once you make that Right Turn Clyde, a sidewalk appears... and you are in a Las Vegas-style showroom that displays everything you are leaving behind, looking better than it ever did before, and promising you... downright promising you... it won't go bad this time. Here's a clue... it ALWAYS goes bad... OR... OR... it leaves you one way or another.

Tell yourself what you want to hear. That's what everyone else does. It's not easy living in a world that is populated by mental patients. How can you find security in a place where everyone dies? Well... not everyone, but they do get changed so that The World no longer sees them. You want to be a competitor in The Romeo and Juliet Rodeo? Have at it! You want to have all kinds of toys before you die? Have at it! You want to rule the country but you don't want to rule yourself? Have at it! It's all there for the having. Just remember... you're going to have to live with the outcome.

Then... what are you going to do, when what you did, brings you right back again into a new set-up, which is the consequence of whatever you were up to... before your time on the meter ran out?

Everything that happens here is directed... one way or another... no matter how indirect it may appear... toward your discovery of God. All the heartbreak and suffering have only this objective in mind. It is programmed that way. It is about bringing you to God. Some can resist this pull for a million lifetimes or more. Some get the hang of it and can field Good Karma no matter what the field of play. There are some who understand this system.. for whatever that is worth. There are ever more refined fields of play. It pays, in the long run, to be upwardly mobile. This... one accomplishes by letting go of whatever is keeping them here. You have to change the magnetics.

Well... this is day something or other of me trying to get out of the way of any useful things that might get said, again and again... in some new way... we hope, and which does not further exacerbate the problem... whatever problem there might be. This will cease to be happening at some point, but... Spring will come around again. It always does.

End Transmission.......

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There's an army of them out there.
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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

This post is an absolute MASTERPIECE!

Gregory said...

I agree with LTPTB.

Nostrils up!

robert said...

This post is an absolute MASTERPIECE!

Hear hear! See see! Feel feel!

Another in a series of fire dances bringing warmth to the cold days in hell's swan song death rattle!

A leader of lightning touching down before the big surge hits, electifying the ground we stand still too long upon

Your mind... your penitentiary mind, is also a torture chamber filled with remorseless harpy-thoughts, hounding you to the grave and beyond. PLEASE!!! just make it go away

This psychological pressure is contributing to the appeal of mindlessness among the NPC mass mind.

The fascist media (what else fits the globalist corporate media colluding with the deep state, never-elected functionaries?) offers soul-less distraction, a new normal of neurological nullification.

The less than critical mass mind slavishly consumes the media Matrix with all the fervor formerly reserved for religion.

The simple answer is carte blanche permission to simulate a thinking process to distract from the feeling of being used lifelong to feed emotional energy vampires.

The mass delusion gives power to solipsistic subjective video games, to occupy the imagination with fear stories, pitting inner demons against the outer demons making their last chance power grab for the short hairs of humanity.

The key to maintaining the trance unbroken is continual self-feeding seething, a non-stop nervous-system thrash, like the latest action movies where nothing makes sense but the senses are continually assaulted and reason is raped in one mono-maniacal 90 minute breath hold.

Media addicts between viddies must stew in their inner cauldron in outrage that the "important" issues are not being embraced by enough of the lumpen to make the world safe for bat-shit degradation junkies

The no longer subliminal message is: give up thinking
and the treat enticing the willing is:no need to face anything outward of the maddened self

No responsibility to other humans as unironic group "thinkers" abandon humanity to the abattoir of ambergris.

Imagine the noise when the mind's dam breaks and the flood of the pain increased by those checking out rushes in, along with the cries of all the children sacrificed on altars to pedovores by alters world-wide...

The least leak of the totality of human misery enrages the NPC into hissy fits that fit no one

The balance is swinging back, the pendulum swings in the pit of our stomachs and whoever is lashed to their own inertia will be cut open for introspection

Staring at the dragon risks becoming lizard-brained and losing our mammalian buoyancy.

What if we know with certainty that the anti-life polarized worlds shed by depraved minds is just washing up on waking consciousness?

Like AFTER a shipwreck, the detritus of a battle with the sea clutters the shoreline?

What if it is our responsibility to observe without personal judgement the fulfillment of balance and witness lessons learned for an age?

What if what follows the arduous passage through the birth canal brings expansion of joy unimaginable while under the peristaltic squeeze of being born into a prism of diamond?

Everyone who can still dream a triumph of love brings it nearer
Every heart beat in hope carries it clear of lingering languish
All the children who dream of holding hands will feel the return of grace to every moment

We are here
They are there but not really anywhere
If you know you have a soul, clap your hands....

Missing Munich said...

Bravo - bravissimo!!

Looked forward to reading this all day (but never found a quiet minute at a crazy day at work)

Greetings all around!

Missing Munich

a name goes here said...

Greets Sunsign Visible! Some great memes about pride month with one reducing the words down until it spells demon, the No Fans Left league is onboard with stadiums in rainbow and if it isn't an American flag, they won't kneel.
I have a Right Turn Clyde wallpaper on the offline box and a Get Off My Lawn but the Good, the Bad and the Ugly is an all-timer and that Morricone music will boost morale like nothing else.
Laughter is everywhere in Clown World and it can be the sarcastic laughing at or laughing with as the situation demands, the USMC rainbow bullets was a laugher along with the fatties on the Sports Illustrated.
Don't let them win regarding demoralization, Yuri Bezmenov says that is an order from Supreme Command.
Regarding love a young beautiful lass with green eyes chose me and my Snake Plissken leather jacket as the new kid in town and it was magic as God put her in my path at just the right time.
It didn't work out as we were opposites but there will never be any regrets.
Even the bizarre Natural Born Killers has the love cures the demon at the end as they roast the Wayne Gale Geraldo enemedia person at the end and the Leonard Cohen The Future with the end credits is downright beautiful but some might not see it that way.

G said...

Here's a great article by Vinay Gupta about how the elites will eat themselves alive, and better things, too.

Vinay Gupta Brings Hope to the Party


Asil said...

Dear Visible
You wrote How could God be all good, and yet he is at the very least… the one who permits all this Evil?
This concept that if there was God why does he allow evil and pain in the world. That mindset is the epitome of spiritual ignorance. From my point of view, God gave us a free will. With the great gift of free will comes the responsibility to use it for the prosperity and peace of all. That our will should be in sync with His will . . . therefore creating heaven on earth. Very simple to understand. He gave us free reign over this kingdom to do the right thing. And, as all is being sorted out, in general society has failed . . . it seems likely that there will be the harvest, as Matthew wrote, “separate the wheat from the chaff”.
As always, thanks and love to you.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Sex Nazis & Transgender Storm Troopers. Limp-Wristed Academia... and Assorted Reincarnated Jacobins and... Jerkoffs."



Joseph Brenner

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