Monday, July 25, 2022

"Consider that All of Creation is Vibrating with His Laughter, and The Oceans are Filled with Tears of Joy."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've never gone to Twitter once... just to go there. I've been directed there from articles and the like, but I haven't gone there to go there because... it is a habitation of Twits and it is Bot-City from The Lower Swamp Side. Let us say you use a buzzword. That buzzword lights up an algorithm that unleashes a swarm of virtual-nano-tech-bots that hammer on you from all sides to conform with what the Incel Soy-Boy Gender-Stupid Trannyland Coalition wants you to be aligned with... in Group-Think.

If you are in line with Hive Mind, there will be virtual applause. If you are not in line... there will be censure. It's transparent. It's stupid, and... so would be anyone who is entertained by mind games played on the people who don't have one. Shooting fish in a barrel comes to mind. Why does no one ever say anything about where the bullet goes after it blows right through the fish? So much for the barrel.

That is what Elon Musk is going on about. He's pretty shrewd and I suspect he set this whole thing up. I'm not a fan of the direction of his thought because he's a trans-humanist... which adds a Satanic cast to his profile, although... Luciferian might be more precise. I wrestle with some of the things I say, and I often do not say something if it doesn't actually improve anything. I have studied Satanism, and I have studied trans-humanism... and I find them remarkably similar in a deus ex machina sort of way.

In my opinion, and from my perspective, trans-humanists are going the wrong way. They have convinced themselves that they are discovering entirely new aspects of existence, BUT... Heaven and The Initiatic Brotherhood have known these things, AND much... much... more, since time out of ken. What I see is that they... are... going... the... wrong... way. This... they will discover, at some point, just as The Atlanteans and numerous other cultures did in earlier times, far back in the long, long ago, as soon as they have gone beyond The... Point... of... no... Return.

Certain technologies are readily available in other planetary systems, such as Arcturus and Sirius Cluster. If you prove yourself here, you can incarnate there, if that is something that interests you. Here... we seldom, if ever, get that Star Trek thing together, and when we do, it would have to be in The Ages of Light. We usually destroy ourselves before that in Kali Yuga, and none of the civilized space cultures want people like us going haywire in the skies. Earth is boot-camp. Earth is where you earn your stripes (in...every...sense) and get promoted or sent to the back of the class.

Of course... Ages of Light are coming up. HOWEVER... if the quality of life itself is not improved, does it matter where you are? Here? In space? Quality of life is Job One because EVERYTHING is impacted by that. Where does quality of life come from? You carry it with you or... you don't. So... you might not even be here for those ages of light. ♫ It's not for me to say ♫

Earth is where they decide whether you can operate the sophisticated equipment or... are to be held back to repeat the course. ♫ Life in the slow lane, you don't want to use your mind ♫ Many are so overcome by their passions that they seldom think about it anyway. Imagine a classroom full of blockheads who have no interest in what is being taught. They want to disrupt the action for everyone else though. You still have to love them because lightning can strike at any time and turn them into a superhero. It happens about as often as a collective of monkeys will type out the works of Shakespeare, BUT... you have to love them... and B.O.L.A for the wolves in costume.

“bweerrp... arp... crackle-crackle. You're breaking up...”

You can tell people over and over... and over, and... over, BUT... they will not hear you if it doesn't suit their purposes. You can't know WHAT IS until you let go of WHAT IS NOT. E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g in your life is a projection-extension from your mind... which generates your conditions from the level of your perception. You like low-brow things? Your life will be a low-brow life. You like high-brow things? You may or may not have such a life due to a confusion of terms. (grin)

Everything you are going through, you are putting yourself through. You can wake up. It takes an effort, and you have to let go of all those low AND high-brow fantasies and desires. I'm thinking more like Botox-Brow with that condition brought about by a state of serenity because you have put down the implements of war against yourself, and make peace. This... you... can... do. Such a victory is not achieved overnight unless God makes it so. God can do ANYTHING at any time. There are no limits on the power of Heaven.

Sometimes... you just have to let things run their course. The FACT that everything is under control, does not mean you are the one controlling it. In order for you to be the one controlling it, you have to be in a perfect resonance with Heaven. You must surrender your will to control in order to achieve it. Everywhere in this world, you see self... will... run... riot. People have individual agendas... AND group agendas. The individual agendas are at war with other individual agendas. The same is true of group agendas. Look around you and you will see it is so.

The one laughing at nothing... beatifically smiling... is the one who has cut it all loose. The ones worrying, grasping, scheming, and sundry... are the ones who are attached to it; are TRAPPED BY IT. It being... anything at all... save for the central core... which is found nowhere outside you, but only within you. If you are talking about it, you either do not know what you are talking about or... you are striving to draw parameters in an outline that SUGGESTS what may be contained within; trusting in the imagination of your audience. IF... you are aware of this, you understand your limitations.

Why speak at all if no one knows what they are talking about? This is all emergent from a conundrum. It is a riddle, a puzzle, and an enigma. It is... and it isn't. It's got Schrodinger's cat in its lap and you can't see it. All you see is the smile of The Cheshire Cat, and the rippling of the fur over which the invisible hand is passing. It is a dream of God... in which a play is being acted out over, and over, and over, in endless complexity, about cosmic verities, with costume and location changes produced FOR... GOD'S ENTERTAINMENT! In other locales, they call it His Lila.

What you want. What you REALLY want, whether you know it or not, is to get God's attention; make him laugh, make him cry, make him angry, anything is better than being off his TV screen. I'm talking about God personalized. God being personalized makes it easier for us to have some small understanding of the incomprehensible. Impersonal God doesn't laugh or cry... unless you consider that all of creation is vibrating with his laughter... yes... in that sense you might say he laughs... and the oceans are filled with tears of joy.

Personal God is the opposite number of The Naked Emperor. You can't see him, but you can see his clothes, which are his qualities stitched together to form a luminous cloak of shining light that breaks into temporary colors with every movement. Anyone can wear this cloak who is willing to walk the talk. ♫no it don't come easy♫ (drum roll)

Very little that I say here do I know, ABSOLUTELY, to be true. Often... what you get are my suspicions. Most of it comes by way of The Intuition. That doesn't make it true either because I might not be transmitting it free of my own errors of thought. What I do know is that God is Real. I have direct and abiding knowledge of it, and daily reminders as well. God is the centerpiece of my life. This is not so for many others, and especially in Times of Material Darkness, BUT... it is all shifting now. Great change is upon us AND within us because of Mr. Apocalypse and The Great Awakening. They are God's tag-team in The Octagon.

They are going up against Vice and Deception. Since they have already overcome the demons of The World within them, it won't be much of a contest, BUT... the people watching don't know this, cause they're dreaming. It makes it all exciting, and sometimes frightening, BUT... we're living in the echo. The battle is over. Truth is The Ringmaster and the victory goes to Love.

I know how it looks on The Outside. I can see this as well as anyone. I see what the Lying Media says, and I see what my eyes tell me, AND... I see what The Mind makes of it because I am not insisting on it conforming to my perspective. When you aren't stirring the pool it becomes a mirror. When you are not causing restless seas within yourself, you have attained peace. Some see this. Some are in darkness which is yet more of the conundrum, the riddle, the puzzle, and the enigma.

End Transmission.......

Some links... WARNING... some may be disturbing but I don't actually remember=

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"padding-bottom: 57.0313%; padding-top: 120px;">

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a quote from the article= “the conjugal express,” going from prison to prison, Madera to Bakersfield. The goal for the strange and unnecessary rail line was so that California would not have to return $3.5 billion to the federal government."

Via California Globe
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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky. You gotta be either a masochist or not have a half a brain cell left to move to calipornia. I'm stuck here, but I suppose it could be worse. I could be in Rikers Island.

No, actually we're very lucky. Our landlord rarely raises the rent, we've got nice perks, and we know where to shop.

Anonymous said...

First off thanks again great post
Second glad you mentioned Twitter, I only go when directed as well and it seems like it is happening all the time now . The replies are idiotic. These people who reply are stupid. Half the time their reply makes no sense or they post some asinine photo .
Last but not least. when I was 12 , I went to see the movie PSYCO . I didn’t want to look but I could not turn away. That’s how it is with the links. I really don't want to look but what’s happening is so unbelievable and bizarre and scary I can’t help myself. That being said, its important to know what is going on. I appreciate being informed so thanks. I look forward to the day when the links will be able to be uplifting because the Great Awakening has Trumped(not pun intended) the crazy zombie and asleep sheep.
PS. Lots of people dropping dead everywhere.. wonder why that is.

Citizen Elle said...

Exquisitely delivered message today and much needed. Those lyrical song ditties are always appreciated.

Thank you, Maestro!

Here's an amusing little bluebird offering...
Sure to be manifested soon, if it isn't already; although he's clearly being facetious.

Anonymous said...

the vaccine apocalypse goes on and on. I've read a lot of comments the past few days where people are talking about vaxxed people they know getting sicker and sicker, women's reproduction systems getting ruined by the vax, and so on. Seems like the flashpoint event horizon may be around November or December. That is, so many people will be sick and dead that no one will be able to deny it anymore. Whether or not chaos breaks out at that time, we'll have to wait and see.

Leesa said...

Excellentaay! Agree about TwatBot City.. I joined in 2018... Did one posting...
I must have been over some targets... I got banned within a day. Too bad, so sad, NOT!
In regards to S.A.D.S, we are having suddens, 35yr olds, 48yr olds, 24yrs. In a town of 300,
the funerals in a month are quite perplexing.. The normies still haven't arisen
from their slumber.. The DAWNing is NIGH!!
I love your mention Les from your previous post, Gabriel has been one of my
go to Angels aswell ...I pondered on the chameleon aspect also,
Love to all and sundry,

Anonymous said...

a nurse gives his account of seeing a massive increase of very sick people since the vaccine, and talks about how it's all related to the vaccine. This is getting crazy, after reading stuff like this, it's impossible to deny that this is literally an apocalypse

My intuition is telling me that the vax die off is going to hit critical mass levels around December. No one will be able to deny or ignore it at that point.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You are Moving Through a Zombie World of Restless Dreamers, Who... Do... Not... Know... That... They are Asleep."

Miggy said...

Twitter is becoming a liability for the globalists. Self made videos of goings on from throughout the world are making their way to the brainwashed. People are rising up and this gives courage to others that see the videos. In comes Musk to destroy the credibility of Twitter.



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