Thursday, July 07, 2022

"Hijacked by The Dark Side, Through Fear Alley, and Sideswiped by Angels More Times than We Can Remember."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

That Guidestones explosion video looks like a small missile hit it. I suppose it could have been any number of demolition permutations, from limpet mines to laser devices. It's not my department. The center of the explosion (to my eyes) was above the reach of a normal person. Maybe it was Bigfoot?

What I do, strongly suspect, is that this is the opening salvo in a series of changes we shall see occurring in the near field. I sense that we have just crossed the trip wire that sets these changes in motion. Keep in mind they might have been brought down by whoever put them up in the first place... or not.

Speaking of rural fairy tales. There are certain curriculums of fantasy science caused by some Lovecraftian heads who wrote a book, and others wrote books, and... before-you-know-it, there was an army of people who had read the book(s) and became convinced of what they read because it was in a book, BUT... they have no DIRECT experience of it. They just read it in a book.

I'm talking about the Annunaki-Archon... Bermuda Triangle of 'I read it in a book' people. One True Believer sent me a book cover and said, “Now you can't say you don't know anymore.” Heh heh... I certainly can... cause I still don't know, AND-YOU-DON'T-EITHER! Nah... Nah... Nah... Na... Nah... rubber=glue... something... something.

I have probably... over a short time... recently... become more aware of what is going on around me and inside of me than I have experienced in decades. One of the major perceptions I have experienced is how incredibly ignorant and asleep so many people are. Dear God!!! Call me jejune and callow, BUT... I had no idea. I really didn't. I mean... I knew a segment of the population was a little slow, BUT... oh my!

This is because they all think they know. They're sure of it. I... on the other hand, I KNOW that I do not know. I don't know anything I haven't DIRECTLY experienced or... had 'it' do that ping-thing via The Intuition on me, because... sometimes... I read something in a book... and some luminous entity hits me with a bamboo cane on the inside of my head. So... you can read books and find things out; unless you're a dumb-ass who insists... with ZERO information that Archons and Annunaki are running The Show. BULLSHIT! ONLY God is in command or EVER will be.

I've DIRECTLY run into BOTH SIDES OF THE COIN, many times over, on this particular visit. I've been hijacked by The Dark Side through Fear Alley and sideswiped by angels more times than I can remember. When I say hijacked... let me clarify that before someone does the same thing with me that they do to their own heads about something they read in a book. I mean... TEMPORARILY discombobulated by my own state of unpreparedness... until Higher Mind kicked them out of my head. It doesn't happen much anymore because... I've got a brace of Foo Dogs that handle that for me now.

My dog interplay has gone invisible, so to speak. They are a lot bigger than any physical dog or lion I have ever seen, which... they are a combination of the two, BUT... have a much more refined awareness than either. You could say they possess self-control. These dogs have been at it for a v-e-r-y long time. They automatically appear following certain interior changes. You know how they give you gold stars and participation trophies... AA and NA coins... promotions of all sorts... purple hearts for injuries, with... a pink border if you switch sexes, AND... the scars you carry from the wounds of living in the flesh?

It's like that. I know it might seem that I am being humorous about what is no laughing matter... only it is... because life is a joke that keeps hurting because the point got missed. When you take yourself, and life too seriously, you lose the lightheartedness you once (might have) had, and everything takes a more sinister aspect. Once again, I must mention Ho-Ti. My roots are in the Asian traditions and it's no accident I spent my first five years in Japan.

It is selfishness that is at the heart of all misery. It is selfishness and the attachments to objects of desire that cause all your suffering.

Returning to the matter of Foo-Dogs... every one of us are accompanied by entities that reflect our state of awareness. As you climb the ladder of refining consciousness, your visible AND invisible companions change. It's the same energy taking a new form. At a certain point, it lifts you up. Below mid-point on your dial, it presses you down. I did not read this in a book. Most of what I discuss from day to day, I did not read in a book. Books either confirm my experiences... or, speak of that which I have yet to encounter, BUT... have seen in The Mind's Eye. I take 'almost' NOTHING as so unless I have experienced it.

Our thoughts and feelings shape us incrementally over time. They precipitate ALWAYS into our coarser matter. This is why whatever happens to you happens to you. It all shows up in your body. Why not make it a garden... instead of a jungle where everything wants to eat you? Why live in a world of threats? Why live in a world of fear? What causes us to fear? It is the apprehension of loss that makes us fearful; whether it is an external object OR... your life. Love displaces fear. What is love? Love is freely giving of the self. The more you do it, the more it expands the range of your influence.

Ho-Ti has reasons for laughing. I get it. I am likely not as good at it as he is, BUT... I am working on that, AND... despite all 'seeming' obstacles and 'appearances' of loss, I WILL continue to, NO... MATTER... WHAT!

Our thoughts and feelings shape us. Our body comes to reflect our thoughts and feelings. We come to look like what we are. Many look far better than they will, AND many look far worse than they are. It's all in flux. Just because you think someone is not righteously paying for what they are and what they do... they will. Cosmic Justice is inescapable... PERIOD. “Though the mills of God grind s-l-o-w-l-y, they grind exceedingly small.”

Our lives are a collection of events that add up to the destiny of the contents. They are weighed on a scale. Yeah... like it or not, it is so. They are inscribed on our more enduring persona in flaming letters of angelic script. This is what we are known by in the less visible regions. We attract that which inspires us, AND... we attract what torments us. STOP TORMENTING YOURSELF!

We are a sequencing of magical numbers. Change your vibration and you change the sequencing and quality of The Flow. Consciousness evolves. As it does... it alters the physical components, according to the speed of one's energetics. Our focus is narrowed into concentration, which makes possible The Magical Art.

I've no interest in the performance end of that, except where Love is the performance. Healing is, at-some-level, the objective of all who serve Heaven, and... Love is the medium of delivery. Any other form of magic holds no value for me. Let Heaven decide my living conditions, visible and invisible. I'm sure I won't mind. I've learned not to ask God for material things. Why should I desire to suffer like everyone else? Let me go take a walk with Ho-Ti. As I walk in his footsteps I will come to be like him. That's how it works... is it not?

I put real time into my relationship with my invisible friends. I feed and water them the way I would anything I wish to prosper and grow strong. That's where trees come from. The big ones weren't always so formidable and steadfast. They grew into it. All journeys begin with the first step. All you have to do is point yourself in the direction you want to go, and... set off. What's so hard about that?

If you're going in the wrong direction, you WILL find this out. There are manuals and guide books in abundance. I suspect they are more informative than guidestones. Avatars and masters have left these manuals and guide books, AND... there are guides. If you go into Nature or... into your own nature, and call out and within... the guide will appear. The guide is already there. Sometimes you have to do this every day for years. There's no set time. It depends on the person's track record. You might not have to wait long at all, BUT... oh yeah... you have better be prepared to.

End Transmission.......

A great primer for anyone who might be attracted to this sort of thing is... “The Way of the Initiate” by Roy Eugene Davis.

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This is how The World ends, not with a bang but a simulation. I guess the mind just switches off when confronted with the reality of what it refuses to believe, AND... there was no accident. One car was just perceived to be too close to the other=

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Anonymous said...

If anyone wants to know just how dumb and stupid the masses are twitter responses to headlines.......that are just headlines on a twitter feed ....and then the idiots comment. Lately there are hardly any written articles or news worthy reports that are not fed to through twitter. I suppose people cant read anymore not can they write, People who send anything snail mail should print the address because who can read cursive anymore. What a crazy house poor planet EArth has become. The twerking senator from RI shows us what happened to class. Your links are enlightening Vis but discouraging. It is for the purpose of demonstration , I understand, but eh gads maybe some of us can’t unsee the horror of it all. I look forward to your posts. Maybe I will just have skip the links least I lose all hope in humanity. Thanks for all you do.

Visible said...

I am sorry to put those links there. However... they are a reflection of The World we live in, and it behooves the wise among us to be aware of Trends... Patterns... and Conditions. They are not all tragic and awful... but... in these times... in these times...

I was strongly moved to include this feature... and it means not breaking the post up with hotlinks that associate with the text. I don't really know, not conclusively, why they are there. I am just moved to include them.

There is a general point to my portrayal of... and my perspective on The World, having to do with Materialism= Atheism= Satanism=- Insanity. I see ahead and I see the real pandemics that will sweep the globe. It is a frightening prospect, but ONLY if this concerns you, given that your carnal and material mindset has led you to believe in only what you can see, which has given you a Satanic perspective and takes you to Insanity.

I know this is not the case with the larger body of readers. However... one MUST mind how they go; 'there but for fortune' as the saying goes. These disturbing images are punctuation for the points being made in the philosophy of the posts.

I tried to make it clear that certain minds should skip the links. There are people who would really rather they were not there. On the other hand, most readers are glad for them... sad and unfortunate as they may be. This is why I say it is better for those so inclined to bypass them.

Hopefully, a better way will appear or they will be deemed unnecessary by the intelligence I serve.

HangedMan said...

Love the articles. You are rather adroit at anticipating the expectations of your readers: You mentioned the Georgia Guidestones in the first sentence. Thank you for another great read illustrating the times we live in.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your reply. It was hard to put in words. I was not complaining that the links are there. Its that sometimes they shake my faith ...maybe that’s my problem. It’s hard to believe things got so crazy so fast. Anyway thanks and thanks again....

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I figure if ya don't have an Akashic Library Card, ya don't know shoite/shite/shit, dependin' on de culture.

Yes, a lot of people are a little slow. Probably most of them. Quite a number of them have graduated/are graduating/will graduate this plane involuntarily for it. I'd like to graduate voluntarily, but that's not the decision of my present self. It's the decision of my preborn self, and I wouldn't wanna go out via a toxin they call a vaccine, anyway. Some o' those side effects are a total mofo.

Annunaki. . .same gods, different names. I personally don't care much for the Sumerian version of the myths and deities. (No wonder the Middle East is so messed up.) Well, 'cept Ereshkigal, but I am a psychopomp slut after all. I'm open on being part space alien, though. I'm in no position to say yes or no, for like you say in different words. . .I haven't a clue. I don't care one way or another, anyway. I am what I am. One of the Noses who faithfully reads your posts.

Nostrils up, and the links are USEFUL. I occasionally find one you put up that I missed in the news sources I read.

lilbear said...

Visible great posts as always, I've been visiting your blogs for years know, cant say how many, 5-6 years at least. Apologies for freaking you out last year when I emailed you a link to the website of the non-profit I used to work for. I came to agree with you as far as many of these so-called non-profits in liberal cities just pay lip service to helping the downtrodden when in fact doing more harm by keeping these people locked in a state of dependence on a nanny state. This same non-profit who's mission statement is Everyone deserves a home. I disagree with that after seeing mentally ill people who dont get the help they really need set fires in their rooms, becoming a threat to themselves, worst, harmful to those around them. I saw that happen multiple times. Yeah, they care about housing everyone(without giving them basic life skill training)yet not seeing a problem at all making it mandatory for their employees to get a dna altering shot.

I got a religious exemption, but I know many people who died suddenly who were healthy and quite young. shortly after that elderly mom got sick,I helped her move out of california to a place less insane. San Francisco is a cold soulless place now. California and all democratic run states are shitholes,run by demonic communists. Evil forces are definitely at play in these places. Moving out of california was the smartest thing I've done in a long time. Theres been multiple reports of dead bodies being found on freeways that have been run over multiple times. Theres chatter it may be work of a serial killer. Who knows, I doubt cnn is reporting on it(are they still on the air even?)

To explain all these ignorant people running around, or NPC's the parable of separating the wheat from the chaff at the time of the harvest. Or the passage where Jesus proclaims he brings not peace but a sword, separating sons from fathers, mothers from daughters, etc. Annanaki talk is right up there with flat earth society stuff. I remember back in the day instead of saying someone is dumb they would say dumb dumb was a member of the flat earth society. Seems the organization has grown more powerful with growing numbers, do they have missionaries now to get new believers and expand their sphere of influence. Religous tax exemption application pending. I just solved the mystery of why churches so quiet around abortion/moral perversity running rampant and out of control...nah, must be some other reason they're deadly quiet on all things important...Good job churches, y'all will get whats coming to you oh yeah... Feels like theres going to be a lot of 'teachable moments' coming up ahead. This worlds a real drag, cant wait to explore other realms, if I'm deemed worthy to do so. Is it true Gavin Newsom is ole lady pelosi's nephew? Im from cali, had no idea. Me thinks "they" dont want that to be well known...

Love your posts, Visible, I always leave your blog feeling more hopeful. Stay safe

lilbear said...

Did I mention in my previous post that theres been multiple bodies found on major freeways that have been run over multiple times. Thats quite disturbing even more disturbing what its showing us about that area. More madness will ensue, Mr. Apocalypse is about to turn it up to 11!(i love spinal tape)

Did u hear that hadron particle collider got powered up again recently. Has that been reported, I dont have a t.v. I'm sure it will all go well with all that. Open up a few portals, let a few malevolent entities into our realm, no problem. Nuthin to see here, no reason to let there viewers know. They probably wouldnt give a shit anyway, unless going to be a free concert there. Or a football game. I've heard but cant confirm in the past after the higgs boson particle("god" particle) was "discovered" massive fires have broken out, with many mortalities. All of them covered up by useless mass media, internet scrubbed of any articles mentioning them. I can believe it, no proof needed at all. Cern=shady/sinister/demonic dealings goin on there, your thoughts? Between cern and other immediate threats(fukushima still broke huh?) Mr. Apocalypse is gonna have one helluva show for us soon. Get the popcorns and snacks ready.

Crazy ass times, but I'm hopeful as its a sign divine intervention ison the way... Normalizing pedophilia, sex confusion over genders, the destruction of families. It wont be long now. What a relief. God bless, and please continue posting about God, He's the Only Subject that ultimately matters, like all time. It aint complicated.Stay safe.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"This Is Why The Entrance to The Howling Unknown of The Undiscovered Self is Littered with Caution Signs."

Visible said...

Thanks lilbear. Water under the bridge. I didn't see this for some reason at the time.



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