Tuesday, July 12, 2022

"No One in Separated Mind is Able to Withstand It, So... Snap! There Goes The Weakest Link in The Chain."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Have you considered why it is that so many people are losing their minds? Why are they drifting into all sorts of perversities? Why are they rooted in bad habits of diet and industry? Why are they plugged into pornographic fantasy worlds... video games and all those Brave New World playthings? Is it The Bad Guys who are doing it to them?

People are losing it because it comes with the direction they are headed in. Times of Apocalypse make sure of this when... in concert with an awakening, people are exposed to the revelation of who they really are. And... THEY... CAN'T... HANDLE... THE... TRUTH! Insanity is a natural progression the further you bury yourself into material culture. It is what happens in times of summing up. It is the force of Judgment loosed into the areas of collective and personal karma. It is the karma being worked out.

This particular period of transition is between yugas; not just ages... yugas, This is the time frame where all the odds and ends of Karma, sometimes going back a very long time, are being resolved. It is also a planetary drama being acted out by everyone who came through Wardrobe to hit the stage here. We've got main players... many villains... few heroes, though... more heroes than you might think because Media doesn't like heroes as much as villains because good news doesn't sell. Someone said that once. Maybe it was in a book. So... people believe it.

Yes... it's the transition of an age too, BUT... critically... most people do not get that it is the transition from a yuga as well, so... it is a singular cauldron of change. Opportunities for spiritual advancement are HUGE. This is why the distractions are so powerful, and there are so many of them. Seize the moment!!! I have direct experience that it is true. I have only to look at my life and what it has come to. One would not have expected such good fortune given some of the country I traveled through; GRACE of God.

The more you resist seeing the truth about yourself... the more the force of awakening presses, and presses, and presses. No one in Separated Mind is able to withstand it so... there goes the weakest link in the chain. This is all being orchestrated. I tell you this that you might feel a greater security and comfort than may presently be the case. No one who loves God comes to any real harm. It is a spiritual law.

Consider the manipulated and orchestrated migrations of large groups of people from their homeland. Tens of thousands at a time... perhaps more, are marching, flying, and sailing from vast distances; who is feeding them on the way? Who is printing and distributing the t-shirts they wear? Who is putting them up on the way? Who is doing the ground-level campaigning for people to leave their homes? One thing we do know is that it has nothing to do with Global Warming.

The present regime is hand in glove with the deep pocket Usual Suspects. Why do we see NO VIDEO of events and conditions from the various home countries about migration? Why is the press without interest for cause? The same people own the press AND the present regime. These rootless criminals, with allegiance to no one but Mammon, are engaged in destroying America and the entire West. This is VISIBLY evident.

I see what's happening. Mr. Apocalypse is exposing the humiliating truth of the wild in the streets mayhem of people who take themselves far too seriously. I have it on good counsel that SHORTLY... he is going to appear inside the heads of these clowns and expose them to themselves for what they are. After that, they will no longer be able to function in their previous manner.

Most especially in the firing line of the new dimension of enforced... false... self... discovery is... yep... The Usual Suspects. It is going to be very hard for them to continue to try to rule over us when they have lost their reason and their grip on the false personas they created to effect their long-term scams. The Divine is just letting it run out into the ocean of folly, beyond the point of no return... before he melts the boat beneath them and drowns them in his love. Too bad that... from their side... it doesn't look that way.

The heart of the problem in our world today is that people cannot handle the pace of the technology. So... it is driving them mad.

Where do badly made people come from? They come from bad or absent parents or cruel conditions they are karmically responsible for. Where does crime come from? It comes from criminal programming. Modern-day Khmer Rouge seek to level the playing field by censuring superior intellect and promoting an enforced average. Anyone who thinks they are a nuclear scientist IS a nuclear scientist. Anyone who thinks they are a girl or a boy is a girl or boy. This means that mental illness is our driving force in the interest of parity.

They are saying, “the crazier the better.” When the people are milling about in hopeless confusion, that is the right time to overpower them. If you can drug them and weaken their moral integrity... so much the better. Everything you see on The World's stage today is representative of the push to anarchy... perversity... immorality... all explained by way of moral relativism. Conditions get more and more uncertain for a reason.

The people who THINK they are running the show; the WEF-Great Reset Psychopaths... the bankers... the letter agencies who dwell in acronymity... the talking head politicians... the big-name entertainers and sports figures... the religious hypocrites... all the deluded AND intentionally guided are committed to the altar of Mammon. They are deceived into thinking they are the architects. They... are... not!

The Divine is using everyone like pieces on a multidimensional chessboard FOR THE PURPOSE OF DEMONSTRATION. He is in absolute and utter control. NO ONE ELSE IS!!! They ONLY think they are, which... is ALSO for The Purpose of Demonstration. You can choose the role you play... unless you have rendered yourself blind to reality BECAUSE it does not conform to your desires and expectations.

Someone is trying to take control of The Whole World again. It should be a spectacular failure. I hope to see the video. I am presently in an entirely different movie so I am not going to be able to make an appearance at that one... well, maybe for a moment. Call it a cameo.

In some productions, a bit role is best. To be in the audience is even better. Reading about it at a distance is better even than that. Being too preoccupied with the splendor and glory of The Divine is yet... even better than that. Being beyond words... there you go. That would be the best of all. It might seem that I am working in the opposite direction from that by writing these blogs. This is a phase. It will pass.

We all have our jobs to do. Whether we do them or not is... our... problem. If we are trying to do someone else's job that is an even bigger problem. Masters (who seem to be in control) are actually those who have surrendered the controls to the One True Master. Then God gives them a baton and they wave it over different librettos... being in perfect harmony with the performance given, the music that is playing... perhaps even orchestrating that harmony through inaudible musics of higher vibration.

There are many entities doing critical work here... far more critical than what you see in the marketplaces of Materialism, however... they are mostly invisible. They are not calling attention to themselves like a performer. Some... most of us...are acting... only a few are Being.

The nonsense of Woke... PC... Gender Stupidity... these are ALL blinds and temporary curtains before the real changes of a true awakening, as it begins to take hold... in... those... so... inclined. Not everyone wants the best for themselves and others. Some are determined to go down the hard highway to trauma that always precedes a forced awakening. A forced awakening is what happens when you refuse to accept being more gently awakened.

I've been talking about being cool under fire, and not letting appearances dictate your mental state (which THEY like to milk for their gain) for a reason. It's coming... big BIG changes are coming. Are they really necessary? Hmm... yes... if they apply to you. If not... you have no reason for concern. Being changed ahead of time, I have always thought is best... instead of having to be changed... at... the... time. What did someone say? (one of my childhood heroes) “Fortune favors the prepared mind?” “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity?” I like pithy sayings.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I am under the impression the soros paid invaders are gonna be toast shortly when the shoite really hits the fan full force. Everything that's wrong is headed down, like you say in so many words. Anyone who can't see it doesn't have half a braincell left.

Gods, I can't believe how many times I've been here. How many lives I've lived. Now all I wanna do is leave it all behind and never have a nanometre of a nose hair to deal with this realm again. And some stick around on the Otherside, still being attached to this place. Damn! That's like bein' dead-alive.

Am I the only one who thinks that startin' next month, most of the world is gonna wish they were on Tristan da Cunha or Pit Cairn? Not that even one decent sized town could fit in either one of those places, but at least those who are there will be spared the chaos. Though I'm not sure how they'll do without the supply ships doin' their deliveries.

Nostrils it the sky.

robert said...

Visible One, shining with invisible frequencies!

A high level trouncing of delusion across the board, to wash all suffering-causing separatism from our perceptions!

The heart of the problem in our world today is that people cannot handle the pace of the technology. So... it is driving them mad.

Not money but lust for money is the root of separated personal mental error

Not technology but the psychopathic violation of humanity's peace of mind by the use of technology to distract, degrade, disempower and destroy, by the usual suspects and their deluded minions

The technocratic use of technology to bludgeon all gophers into being the same height: level with the ground, ready for burial!

This distinction is timely as post the tribulation, technology, long suppressed, birthed from the higher intentions of the dreamers, will be coming fast and ecstatically!

Humanity can and will adapt to technological change WHEN it is not intended to herd and slaughter!

Take phones for use in prison cells aka cell phones, for example:

Remove the E/M blast of spiky waveforms from their proximity fields (balanced wave forms of lower power coming!)
Remove their perceived necessity by allowing more direct human communication after the mass release from plandemic prison
Remove their tracking, targetting and triggering function

What remains is a useful tool which can be used when needed, not compulsively to fight off cognitive dissonance and remain in the comfort of the media matrix bubble!

A forced awakening is what happens when you refuse to accept being more gently awakened. I've been talking about being cool under fire, and not letting appearances dictate your mental state (which THEY like to milk for their gain) for a reason. It's coming... big BIG changes are coming. Are they really necessary? Hmm... yes... if they apply to you. If not... you have no reason for concern. Being changed ahead of time, I have always thought is best... instead of having to be changed... at... the... time.

Go with the flow
NOT the herding flow from the top down from would-be world controllers
NOT the flow of the mob of zombie minions
NOT the flow down the drain with all remaining human arrogance

Go with the flow of Spirit, that flow which identifies as Love in being

Resistance to Love is futile, even for the One!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Like Vignettes, Snapshots of Moments, Individual and in Series, You Have Life in Demonstration of The Moment."

Leesa said...

Yes Robert, I was told by Great Spirit years ago ' you will be teaching FLOW LIGHT THERAPIES in the future'
Go with the flow indeed... Light will be the best disinfectant!!
Les, another pithy saying that I love are the 7P's.. My brother and I, him being a top notch chef and myself being a great service waitress (we ran a restaurant together a few decades ago)... Anyhoo, the 7P's- Proper Preparation and Planning Prevents Piss-Poor Performance...
This saying we still use to this day... He is still serving amazing food, can do the work of 3 chefs..
Myself, can't waitress anymore due to frozen shoulder issues.. Injury on the mend though when I learn my new Light healing vocation... I can't wait for the downloads!! Love to ALL!!!



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