Monday, January 06, 2020

An Apology by Way of Digression by Way of Explanation and Probably Unnecessary as All Get Out.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I had hoped I would not have to do this. I am an eternal Pollyanna at a certain level. I always expect people to get what I'm saying, without my having to parse and explain it. Such has NEVER been the case. There are always people for whom I am required to 'spell it out'. Of course, sometimes this is due to my having a perspective that they are in fundamental disagreement with and nothing I say is going to make them feel any better. Just as often... it is when they feel strongly about something and what I actually said, gets translated into something I didn't say. Sometimes the problem is that I should have said something else and I didn't. Whatever the problem may be, there is always a problem.

Now I have either incensed, upset, outraged or merely annoyed at least one person, by saying I was going to vote for Trump. My brief character study on the president was not enough.

Here is what I said on the matter, taken directly from the post in question;

“Why did President Trump put an end to that Iranian general? This... as well as EVERY conflict out of the Middle East over the last 70 some years have been at the instigation and under the pressure of Israel and American Neo-Con Zionists. Israel is not a friend of America. To understand the whys and wherefores of the nature of the AskeNAZI mind, you have to think of a creature that burrows into the marrow of a life form, sucks all of the vital force from it and then discards the husk, moving on to the next host body. That is as succinctly as I can put it and... being a warrior, I have to tell the truth without fear of consequences. It is as I just said it is and any INFORMED mind knows this to be true.

Israel wants Iran destroyed. I suspect that Israel does not know... or believe (because PRIDE is their downfall) that if they do destroy Iran, they WILL BE destroyed as well. I don't know what the cost will be to us but we are not going to come out unscathed. ALL PRESIDENTS SEE THE VALUE OF A WAR DURING AN ELECTION YEAR. However... as ALWAYS... Cui Bono... Cui Bono.

I am intending to vote for President Trump for two reasons... until very recently, everything he has done has been to the benefit of this country. He's been the greatest administrator I have seen in my lifetime. He is also THE ALTERNATIVE to his opposition who would drive this country RIGHT OFF THE CLIFF in short order. I am not a fan of the way President Trump presents himself, or his petty wars against insignificant personalities who SHOULD BE beneath his notice. He needs to act with greater dignity. He lacks gravitas but we are all flawed down here.

Whether he knows it or not... this SWAMP... this DEEP STATE, which he says he wants to drain, is populated by the very people seeking to give him his marching orders. The Tribe Members and Tribe Neo Cons make up THE MAJORITY of the population of The Deep State and The Swamp. Obviously he knows he can't get much done without catering, to a degree, to The Synagogue of Satan. I don't know what his game is but I don't have to know. GOD IS IN CHARGE. God is ALWAYS IN CHARGE of everything and directs all action to his appointed ends.”

I thought I was pretty clear about seeing Trump, insofar as I am really able to see him and I hesitate to state that I clearly see him BECAUSE this material world is a hall of mirrors, where the most glaring absence is whatever was being reflected. Of course, the original image is missing because the reflections bear no resemblance to whatever the original was. That is the nature of the world. The nature of the world is, deception. It is a world of appearances, which appear within the narrow parameters of the senses. Not only is it a lie, given that the senses cannot be trusted to apprehend the truth, but... what can't be seen, or heard or touched, tasted or felt comprises the larger amount of whatever it really is.

I realize that President Trump is a bombastic buffoon. He's a cartoon caricature ...but the country itself has degenerated into a cartoon, or joke, if you prefer, so he's the perfect representation of the times. Conversely, he's accomplished more than I ever expected and done more, of a positive nature than just about all of his predecessors. I find this to be an incredible mystery. Satanic catamite, Bwak!!! Obama did more harm to America than most people realize and if that harridan harpy, H. Clinton had become president, God only knows how bad it might all be by now.

I am put into the position of having to vote for the lesser of two evils. Everyone- who is 'presently' running in opposition to Trump, is either stone cold evil or incompetent. I can't support any of them so... what am I to do?

I don't know what the results are going to be from the killing of one of Iran's most important and strategic personalities. I KNOW the arm twist came from Israel. I would rather it had not happened and if it had to happen, I would rather the world be left with uncertainty about who did it. Taking credit for it and bragging about it, is the worst possible thing that could have happened. There is always a finesse that should be employed in the international arena. There was no finesse here. It was as hamhanded as anything I've seen and I've seen plenty. Truly... “Pride goeth before a fall.” And I fear we are going to see this in real life (whatever that is) and in real time (which doesn't exist).

For those who have, more or less, appreciated what I've been doing over the years, I am sorry and I apologize if this statement by me proved to be a disappointment BUT... in my defense, let me repeat and repost for the second time, the last sentence in that cut and paste from the last post; “GOD IS IN CHARGE. God is ALWAYS IN CHARGE of everything and directs all action to his appointed ends.”

That is what I believe and that is what motivates and drives me and also which provides the restraint that it took me a lifetime to develop. I don't believe in presidents. I don't believe in governments, or cultures or pretty much anything but GOD. God has ALWAYS been the main focus of my existence, in competition with the types of desires, which afflict all of us, at the particular age when they are most powerful. Thirty years ago, God came more center stage into my life. Twenty years ago, God came even more center stage in my life. Ten years ago there was an exponential expansion of God's presence in my life and last year... right about this time... my entire life changed more dramatically than at any time previously. The things that had been plaguing me for much of my life, dropped away and it's been smooth sailing since. From being in competition with whatever popped up to replace him, God has now removed all competition from the stage and pretty much has my attention... pretty much all of the time and I am reminded... pretty much very quickly when he doesn't have my attention.

What I mean to say... what I am trying to say, is that I am only a full on, wild eyed supporter of God and nothing else, except maybe his angels and other lovers of God; The Divine Mother, pretty much the whole celestial choir of illumined entities and presences. It's not Trump I am supporting, it's the people of this country and their welfare, which... until very recently, he was doing an admirable job- under extreme and continuous duress- of serving.

Perhaps I shouldn't have even mentioned him, given how pissed off so many people are by his having bowed down before the Satanic Throne of Israel but I did mention him. This posting is my way of clarifying... as if it needed clarifying, that it is God that I support and God who supports me. I am not a Christian, even though Jesus the Christ is possibly my biggest hero. I don't want people to make the mistake that I am a Christian and I don't want anyone to confuse me with Christianity, when it has so little to do with the life and teachings of Christ. I happen to know that God comes in all kinds of outfits and religious, in all kinds of cultures and times, in all kinds of colors, speaking all kinds of languages. God is way bigger than any religion and ALWAYS WILL BE! If you don't know this, then the God you believe in, is... just like the God the atheists don't believe in; non existent.

I probably shouldn't have written this, should have just let it go by because there's always someone who takes exception to something I said, given the controversial nature of so many of the things I have said. In the last 18 years, I have written nearly 3500 posts and over 5,000,000 words and that doesn't include the books and all the other things. Of course, given the subject matter, people are going to take exception to things said. What utterly amazes me is how few people there are that do take exception. It seems like there should be many, many more people screaming for my head but... there are not (grin).

So... as much as I wish I could please all of the people all of the time, it's not going to happen. AND... if I happen to vote for Donald J. Trump, it is because those running against him, are either criminally stupid or just criminals. I'm not saying he might not have touches of both but... by comparison, he's light years past the competition. I'm sorry if I can't be all things to all people. I'm just one of the flawed characters that come and go here in the slipstream of time. I'm trying to be better and do better but... this is where I am and what I am at the moment. I've high hopes for the day after tomorrow but we will just have to wait and see.

End Transmission........

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Anonymous said...

The left is insane, Trump baffles me too but he will get my vote .Why ?because the Left is a fracked up bunch of complete assholes .
Why should you have to apologize to anyone Vis. This is your blog, if they dont like it they can leave. I dont always agree with you but so what? I guess I am exceptionally pissed off this evening after hearing about Michael Moore and Colin K crying over this dead general and siding with Iran. Maybe we have no business being there but GW was responsible for that and then Bwaak did nothing. I don’t know but I do know is this country of ours is totally focked up at the moment. Maybe it is Karma I don’t know. If the Left gets in we are toast.Keep writing what you feel and what you believe and screw em if they don’t like it. Meanwhile I hope you’re right and that The Big Guy steps in soon and sorts this out because I sincerely believe there is not a mortal person alive that can fix this.

Ray B. said...

Vis, if it was me that 'inspired' this blog with my comment at the last blog, thank you for the further explanation. In turn, it was my intent to provide warning. It is one thing to have a 'neutral' President doing his/her best to provide for the American people while fighting a near-omnipresent Swamp. It is quite another to have a crypto-Jew and Zionist who is faking-us-out in league with nefarious forces.

Politically, I am an Independent. I vote for whomever is best for the American people and for the planet. In the last election, I literally could not put a mark in the box for Trump or Hillary. It was curious; my pen literally would not descend. First time that has ever happened. I did not like the Libertarian choices. I wanted (in a Sheldrake "morphogenetic field" fashion) to perform the act of voting, so I voted Green. I did not remember Cynthia McKinney at the time, or I would have probably written her in.

In the upcoming election, the Dem candidates seem fools or tools. The one candidate I am keeping an eye on is Tulsi Gabbard. She does not seem to have 'liar' imprinted all over her aura. The big question is whether she has the spine to stand up to the Israel Lobby. We shall see...

Spiritually, everyone is part of all-God - even the fools, tools, traitors, and murderers. Part of adulthood is discernment. It is knowing which part of all-God you are choosing to support. That is probably why "purpose of demonstration" is part of the tool-kit used on the undiscerning. Down Here, we often lack the information to make the Highest & Best choices. That is why I go into a voting booth (or mail-in ballot) with some info, but rely on meditation & intuition for the final choices. It may not make a difference in the outcome (including electronic voting machine 'manipulation' in this), but it contributes to my heart being lighter than a feather in a future weighing...

In the meantime, Higher Self and I (and many Others) continue to Clean higher-level baddies. In turn, many of them 'reach down' and uncondition lower-level entities whom they have affected - sometimes quite a multiplier. (This seems a little like the 'withdrawal of power' which has been mentioned in these blogs.) Some newly-turned goodies even 'spray' the lower-levels with goodness & light in an overall fashion. Given enough of all of this, it is possible that people's sense-of-self will simply change from within. Minimum drama...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Hyya Vis, and happy New Year to everyone, whether your glass is half full, or half empty!
I'm with you Vis, I see this world kinda like a very big orchestra, but some can't see, saying,"conductor? What conductor?" My money is on the one they can't see, and still runs the show anyway! So hold all tickets, the fat lady isn't singing yet?
As for the duly elected Prez, there really is so much good in the worst of us, and so much
bad in the best of us...if ya'll got faith, KEEP IT!

Anonymous said...

As long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seeds of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.

“There is no beast on earth or bird which flieth, but the same is a people like unto you. All God's creatures are God's family.” (Quran)

To be nonviolent to human beings and to be a killer or enemy of the poor animals is Satan’s philosophy. In this age there is always enmity against poor animals, and therefore the poor creatures are always anxious. The reaction of the poor animals is being forced on human society, and therefore there is always strain of cold or hot war between men, individually, collectively or nationally.
(Srila Prabhupada)

Anonymous said...

As if y)our vote 'counts' for beans.

ty said...

Scump the cold blooded murderer (and Jew) has done more for Israel than any other politician in U.S history. To think politics can save America at this point is really moronic. Its beyond repair and will be that way until it is either invaded by Russia & China or collapses from with. In fact, voting Hillary will just speed up Americas collapse. Trump is worse than the rest because he is a deceiver with too many lemmings who actually belive in him, and his false promise, like the false messiah... and if you believe otherwise, you are fake news. If any at all, the only thing going for America now is Tulsi.

ty said...

Trump is here to serve Israel.

In March 1924, during WW1 Ibn Saud and his Wahhabi fanatics financed and armed by the Brits, just like ISIS today, began their siege of Jeddah when Sharif Hussain refused to accept the Balfour Declaration. Overpowered, the city eventually surrendered, bringing an end to over 1000 years of rule by Prophet Muhammad's descendants. Britain officially recognized Ibn Saud as the new King of Hijaz in 1926. The new unified Wahhabi state was rebranded by the Empire in 1932 as the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia”. It has been operating hand in glove with the empire since... however Russia and China are giving it an alternative option than being the sacrificial springboard Greater Israel intended which was to destroy its-self in war with Iran and other Arab states via the "Riyadh Declaration", the other side of the Balfour Declaration coin brought to you by Trump, and which is why Trump gave them 700 billion in weapons. Greater Israel includes the upper 1/3'rd of Saudi territory. This is what is behind the Kashogi murder, which every pro-Zionist leader in the world condemned, why the ex head of CIA John Brennan called MBS a "cancer" that needed to be removed by force, and why the world bank suggested sanctions on Saudi Arabia over the killing. The question is whether or not the Saudis can see or will seek another way out.

Visible said...

One thing I have noticed in my coming and going at these blogs is that there is this portion of people, often anonymous but not always; on some rare occasion one of these people might provide some kind of an identifying label, not that that tells us anything but... I notice there are these people and they KNOW EVERYTHING... because they read it somewhere. In that respect, I have the advantage because I have a working intuition; not just an intuition, all of us have something like that, with about the same functionality as an appendix. Mine actually works so... I get told things in real time every day. It doesn't make me better than you but it does help me.

Some of you come around, anonymously, as cynical as I've ever seen, saying nothing we do matters and we're all fucked but... you're wrong. You might be right about yourself but, comprehensively, you're wrong. We're not all fucked and what we do does matter, even if it is only a matter between God and ourselves. For me, THAT'S ALL THAT COUNTS.

I feel bad for those of you that know everything (cause you don't) and those of you that are bitter and hard inside. Maybe you've been through so much. Maybe you haven't been through much at all and you resent yourself for not actually suffering, like some of us have. I suffered nearly without interruption for decades. However, I'm not angry and bitter and I don't know everything; hardly.

I don't know, what those of you I am referring to, do with your time. I stay busy all day long, trying to help in whatever way I can. At least I think I am doing that and I know 'Intention' counts a great deal. I'm not whining or complaining. I know what the problem is. It's whether God is in your life or not. Emptiness of the Divine Presence will cause all of these things I have mentioned. I'll pray for you. I really will. God is coming in a big way and anyone who saw Ricky Gervais at the Golden Globes last night knows that Mr. Apocalypse is here. If you are doing something about your lack of harmony and dis-ease, you won't be stomping your feet so much and complaining. You can forget yourself in service to others. This is what I recommend, speaking as a person whose heart and mind and eyes are opening in concert with Mr. Apocalypse's baton. 'One of these days Alice, right to The Sun!"

Anonymous said...

thanks for all you do

sharing the real Love of the creator

for all the little ones



Visible said...

I'll say this one last time. After that, you can go on whistling in the wind but no one will hear you. This is not a place to come and say, "I told you so." or to go back 4 years as if nothing has changed in 4 years, plenty has and I still don't trust certain people but that has nothing to do with voting for them. Some of you just like to FUCKING ARGUE. Do it somewhere else. Calling me senile gets you nowhere. Senile people can't write like me and... by the way, neither can you.

You can't come here and talk down to me. You can't call me names or use negative adjectives (look it up, it's a part of speech). You can't lecture me. These are my blogs and I am God here. I don't have to explain myself or do anything I don't want to do. If you have a 'reasoned' perspective. If you can restrain yourself from calling me 'old boy' like you are in the smoking room with a brandy in hand, or as if we were comrades of some sort (we're not). If you were able to get over being chickenshit about posting your name... then you can comment here. You can even criticize what I said or how I presented it but there are certain 'tells' that indicate to me that I am being mocked.

I don't mind criticism. I won't put up with heavy handed imperial postures or any of the rest of the shit I can see through in about two seconds. I have learned over the years to not encourage know-it-alls, or any other types who are only wasting my time and everyone elses. If you got something to say- GO GET A BLOG. See if you can pull in a few thousand people a day and then you can be in charge and do whatever you want. You can't do whatever you want here.

As soon as I notice certain character defects showing up in the syntax I delete the comment. I don't even read it. If your idea of a good time is writing things no one reads- have at it. I DON'T HAVE TIME TO PUT UP WITH BULLSHIT, PEOPLE PLAYING HIGH AND MIGHTY, PEOPLE SEEKING TO TEAR ME DOWN and furthermore, it has ZERO effect on me. Think what you like! I am incredibly happy with myself and don't have to explain myself to anyone. I'm free... free like you have no idea... so, I took a little trouble to explain myself. I wasted my time. Morons still come around wanting to argue about Trump or whether I vote for him and thereby you missed the whole point of the previous post and the whole point of this one too. Self fellating narcissists cannot be reached but they can be ignored. That's it... nothing more will be said and no attention paid to any amount of whining, bitching, complaining, pontificating or pseudo intellectual posturing. Scram!

Anonymous said...

... and He talks just like your standard XYZ-apologist =D

Kenzer said...

I have not posted here before and likely not again. I am one of those silent readers. Sometimes things are best put into perspective. Prophetic analysis would tend to indicate Trump is the proverbial antichrist (The Beast) and Kushner the spokesman for the Beast. On the Islamic side of things, Bashar Al-Assad is the long waited for Madi, fighting along side Putin, the good "orthodox" Christians against the evil forces of the one eyed Dajjal (see back of one dollar bill), rallied under their black flags. A bit of a let down, given the centuries long build up. Mr Apocalypse has his work cut out for him. We are all going to be experiencing ever more increasingly interesting times.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible is God!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A Six Nostril post, definitely. . .at least.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, Trump stuck his dick in a hornets nest in an apparent fit of bravado and in what seems to be an attempt to curry even more kosher political capital(those evangelical Christian zionists can be a trifle fickle in their affections).

Lyndon Johnson, George Bush Jr. and now Donald J. Trump.

Peter said...

Trump has broken every important promise he has made. Has he built the wall he promised? No. Has he brought an end to the Third World invasion of America? No. Has he improved the lives of the indigent working classes in America, many of them eking out a wretched life on opiates? No. Has he made life safer and fairer for America’s white indigenous population? No. Everything Trump has touched, he has made worse. So much for the great administrator.

Anonymous said...

Too bad Can We All Get Along.

Guldur said...

Vis, sorry to say, the only thing Trump so far achieved was to dismantle any bi-multi-lateral treaties in existence - JPCOA, INF, START soon to follow,... and deconstruct last semblance of justifiable world stete there could be - the Jerusalem embassy not the smallest of it, quite contrary.
What he did not achieve, is to really fulfill any of his blahblah promised goals, just lying that he done so - economy, no more warlike policies, infrastructure rebuld,...........
He is a deceptor in chief, natural born liar - a perfect material for US president in the eyes of the hellish scum at least.
I am really not into bible nor any established religion, but still I remember some quotes here and there, such as "Be innocent as a dove, still wise as a serpent" or somesuch. Very useful these times.
Sorry to have to say this, but need to call spade a spade when the need is there.
Be blesed and always in truth.

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Maybe it’s an autist thing but it is becoming easier and easier to discern from where people's expressions are coming.

Instead of going along with the mind control training and endlessly chewing on a few selected sound bites, trying to get clarity, we must use our powerful pattern recognition capabilities and examine metadata.

IOW, see the macro patterns in the facts presented, and the mental habits of those presenting them. Not ad hominem to step up the viewing scale and discern abstract patterns, which are telling about the SOURCE of the expression.

When expression comes from the superficial, ego level mindset, it is usually stuck in the flow of crowd sourced sanity.

When expression comes from a deeper level of being, a higher level of reason, a more comprehensive vision and a more holistic perspective. This latter provides a fractal of the truth, coming from the SOURCE of the One.

While there is always room for error, the deeper the comprehension of the Intelligent Design, the more useful is the expression of same to others.

On the other hand, people heating up their emptiness with primarly ego-driven expression, provide only entertainment value, if that!

One obvious tell is the ratio of emotion to reason, or feeling to thinking.

When people's minds are trapped in the sentimental gooey lies of the death cult, they tend to over generalize and lose any grounding specificity in what they are expressing.

This makes the expression only valid as an indicator of the expressers’ emotional state, a report from their subjective solipsism, not much more.

Only minds captured by the media mind meddling machine see in simply sound bite terms.
"It is ONLY THIS, not that!"

When your expression has more emotion than reason, it refers only to subjective matters.
When deeper passion is present, reason is raised up to balance the force, not pushed aside in an immature haste to get attention.

Once the mind has been experienced, it KNOWS there is SO MUCH MORE to life and this consensual reality.

This is key to piercing the media Matrix illusion, to instinctively reject ALL SUPERFICIAL OVERLAYS, which the corporate narrators create out of their nether regions, trying to place wallpaper over the ugly truth, to place newspaper over all the windows.

Punch through into the depths, no more wallowing in the shallow trough of man-made perception!

Anonymous said...

Visible One,
Because it is Orthodox Christmas Day January 7 2020,
Have a Happy Christmas and New year too.

If I could offer a suggestion for this new year, don't allow any
comments to your 'blog', people just go nuts anyway.
We'll all just read what you write, and leave the thoughts in our own heads instead
of trying to convince each other, thus avoiding argument.

Best Wishes,
Old Alex in Manitoba.

Hassan R (AU) said...

I am not a regular poster here, but often do read through comments. I must admit I am utterly perplexed by some of the comments here.

It should be plain as daylight to even casual observers that there is a full blown civil war raging in the US -- deep state swamp creatures on one side and powerful anti-globalists and sundry on the other. The official narrative on many a topic is blatantly contradictory and only points to the utter disarray that prevails behind the scenes: Trump says he wants to pull out from Syria, Pentagon say No; then Trump says we've got to keep the oil so we can't leave! Trump says he ordered the drone strike to take out General Soleimani, but then sent a cryptic tweet saying 'Iran has never won a war but has also never been defeated in a negotiation'. Trump also says US won't pull out from Iraq unless Iraq pays back the money US spent on building an expensive airbase there! These statements to me seem more like attempts at making the US position of continuing meddling in the ME increasingly untenable than anything else. Those in the swamp that want to continue the status quo in the ME now have to contend with the rising world public opinion against US positions as a result of these outrageous statements that Trump made.

It is also uncertain whether Trump actually ordered the drone attacks or he was forced to own the doings of rogue elements after the fact. The Russians, Iranians and the Chinese are aware of this precarious situation within the administration and they certainly factor that in in their decision making calculus.

Trump's achievements that stand out to me as an outsider are:
* Did not start a new war unlike predecessors
* Pulled out from the Paris accord on man-made global warming scam
* Stopped the $100 billion Green climate fund, the gravy train that was causing climate 'scientists' to breed like rabbits, leading to exponential rise in alarmism
* Busted countless child-abuse rings across the country
* Got rid of bizarre arrangements like TPP
* Significantly weakened NATO for the better
* Many others..

Certainly Trump is not without flaws as Visible noted, but he is an infinitely better option compared to the alternatives. He is an infinitely better administrator simply by virtue of the fact that he is not using the State Department as a pay-to-play theatre!

Ray B., I find it curious that you voted for the greens -- here in Australia we call them the watermelons: green on the outside, RED inside!

Also, I find it curious that people expect the current president to change the lot of the disenfranchised just like that; given that the current state of affairs is the result of many, many decades of deliberate destruction of social structures that were meant to prevent the current situation from ever materializing in the first place!

Visible said...

Hassan! Wow! What a cogent and literate, not to mention, informed comment. I agree with everything you said and for those with so many opinions, based on a surface extraction of obvious fabrications... well, there is nothing you can tell people who set out to deceive themselves before they turned to deceiving you. People just don't know any better. The unfortunate aspect of that is that much of the time they don't want to know any better. Thank you!

Alex... my friend... I hear you in that respect. What I have done is to seek a functional middle ground. Just now I posted two comments and eliminated one. The one I eliminated was whining about Satan being God and let's celebrate Flat Earth or something..." I didn't pay a lot of attention once I got the gist. He had no point... that was the real reason he got bumped. If he had had a point he might have gotten posted.

I think I've found a happy medium. At the core of it, is me not being troubled by conscience, concerning my editing in or editing out. I'm not. Most of the time, for every one hundred comments, I get one or two negatives. The negatives are almost always anonymous and absent of any constructive advice. I've no problem with criticism. I HONESTLY WANT TO IMPROVE. It drives me.

At the moment we are getting about double the negative comments. That's understandable, given recent world events and the ratcheting tension of the times. All will be well. Once a person has REALLY made God the centerpiece of their life, everything else just falls into place. It is miraculous is what it is. I spent a long and difficult period with my head occasionally up my ass. It's a lot harder to see that way. About this time last year, something happened to me and it has just been ♫getting better every day♫ Boy! Do I hope that happens again this year.

Visible said...

Oh!!! Now that I've got you here, I have been putting a number of posts up at Pocketnet that haven't made it to the blogs. If you go here you will find them listed.

I'm trying my hand at humor, something I used to do a lot more of and am now feeling the need for again. I think you might be amused, especially about the baby power item.

Anonymous said...

Q said a couple of years ago that there would be a progression of countries that would be taken back from the cabal and restored to their people. It began with Saudi Arabia, shortly after that post, when we heard that al Aweed and company were arrested by Mohammed bin Salmon and held at a room in the Ritz in Riyad for about 30 days.

I would not like to have seen what happened to them, but, as SA has a brutal culture, one can imagine. Apparently, the information gained was invaluable.

Point being, Q called it in SA and then it actually happened.

Q would later post that they were "saving Israel for last and for a reason never mentioned" on the Qresearch board.

Appearances are deceiving, right? Trump knows all about Israel. He's working his way up the ladder. The plan must be followed, but there has to be flexibility in it to allow for "moves and counter moves."

Saving Isreal for last.

Trust the Plan.


(If you would like to just read Q's posts and not deal with all the crazies and alphabet agencies psyops, go to

lilbear said...

"Harridan Harpy" I had to look those two words up...what an apt description of the person described. To the letter. Well done!



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