Tuesday, January 19, 2021

"Rely on God Almighty, Can Do Street runs Right into the Boulevard of Broken Dreams."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I've been thinking, and thinking, and thinking. I don't know what is going on. I know the air is filled with the sounds of voices, clamoring and disturbed, and making things up. You will remember, if you come around here much, what we have been saying about Materialism= Insanity. Over the course of time, since it was first mentioned years ago, you have seen it in action, and it continues.

This posting is going to be all over the place, as pieces of the jigsaw puzzle occur to me. Some are present and some are missing. Some fit and some don't. I don't want the reader to get the trembles from all this rising uncertainty and MOST ESPECIALLY, the ever-intensifying insanity of our leaders. Something is driving these people mad. It is visibly so. Is it The Devil? Is it random pinball coincidence, is it God, or is it a product of our own minds? The Mind IS The Devil, and The Devil and EVERYTHING ELSE serves the Will of God. So, regardless of all the mystery and woo-woo, God is previous to, in the midst of, and ahead of everything always, and forever.

All this force of racism that is being manufactured, orchestrated, and urged on, is the brainchild of the bankers and ruling elite, who know that the best way to govern people without their input is to set them against each other. Then martial law can be declared; of course, it is to protect us from each other and why the whole thing was initiated in the first place; the Hegelian Dialectic, the Atheist Anthem, The Communist Doctrine; 'to each according to what they can steal and from each whatever can be stolen from them'. That's not exactly how they put it. It is exactly what they mean. This has been a long time in the making.

How is this possible? People are stupid and self-indulgent. Tell them their interests are threatened and then wait for them to beg you to protect them.

It's all about pawns. A realized Kundalini is what occurs when a pawn is turned into a queen, by making it to the far side of the board. Prior to that, delusion and illusion are dancing in timeless fashion in some fancy ballroom. They do not realize... the mass of us, that all the colors and forms of the times through which we pass are formed and adapted to whatever Purpose of Demonstration is set to go into action. Look at how different the focus and objectives are for each generation coming and going.

Another reason that I have had little to say is because we are in the Doldrums of the Year, which puts us in The horse latitudes of the mind.

Do you ever think about what your next life will be like? Would you like to know what your next life will be composed of? You have only to study your present life and focus on those who are in it, and for how long, and for how deeply your connection to them has continued and grown. Then... if you have the objective sense of awareness, you should look at your strengths and weaknesses, your virtues, and your shortcomings. You should look at the main events in your life and what actions you have committed and what actions have been taken against you. This is one way to understand what your past life might have been and certainly for what the future holds. Next, you should contemplate your dreams and desires, your ambitions and apprehensions. These are all fuel and blueprints for what has been, what is and what shall be.

Let all of the details that are known to you run through your mind. In the subconscious, connections... a sort of psychic pinging will begin to take place, and all manner of associations will rise to your surface mind.

There are basic cardinal features to all life, not the least of them is that life is time-sensitive. IF... IF a person REALLY cared about ascending to higher states of consciousness, there are certain sure-fire actions that will assure it happening; LOVE GOD, with all your heart, all your soul, all your strength, and all your mind. Meditate upon it. Hold the attention of the mind on a specific point. Make that point smaller and smaller. It could be the image of God as you imagine God to be. Settle on ONE image, or it could be a world of imagination, far past the brutish and selfish nature of these times. Whatever it is, it must be something you love and desire. Love is the cosmic attractive force, and Desire is the Agent of God's Will.

As we have said here more times than we can remember, whatever it is, you must love it more than everything else. This is a simple thing. At the same time, it is a profound and living truth. If you do this, success is certain. You should be very sure that you truly want it and that you have looked deeply into the mirror of your own being to see all the implications, present, and future that might apply. This is why loving God with an intensity greater than anything else is so foolproof. You don't know all the ins and outs of whatever it is you think you absolutely have to have, BUT... God does and he will sort it out for you perfectly. He also KNOWS what you most sincerely and deeply want and how to get it for you, and if it is good for you and if it is not, he will find the least painful way to bring that to your attention.

Devotion, especially in times of material darkness is the swiftest and most certain route to the heart of The Divine. To put it in street terms; God is a sucker for Love. He can't help himself. This SHOULD tell one all they need to know. Other paths are viable but also tricky and oft dangerous. Devotion is not, and it covers for a multitude of lacks on the part of The Seeker. It is best to RELY on The Ineffable UTTERLY and not on oneself at all. Can Do Street runs right into the Boulevard of Broken Dreams.

Every generation is under the spell of a common hallucination, it sets the tone for all the atmospheres, cultural twists, music accompaniments, and film landscapes of dreams and dramas unique to themselves... the hippie 60s, the disco 70s, the greed and cocaine decade of the 80s, the nihilistic slacker anthems of Nirvana in the 90s, then the variations of incoherent rap in the last two decades so that now, pornography is like a chemical grease applied to the wheels of existence. The Sex Force rises up through murky evolutionary depths, becoming purer and purer and freer and freer as it passes through the degrees of Love, until you see every creature as an expression of God, like St. Francis and others and this is achieved through DEVOTION to The One who exists in all.

Only now are we beginning to see what Soros and 'his ilk' have done in this country over recent decades= Whitmer and Nessel in Michigan. Krasner and the rest in PA, especially that photogenic Lt. Governor and so many others. There are the howling loons in LA, getting ever more strident as it moves up the coast into the darkness of the Pacific Northwest. On both coasts, the madness is starting to sound like a glass pack muffler system. Even the kindred spirits are fleeing their own states to live among the more conservative and far, far more normal populations moving to the center of the country.

Over 40 years ago, when I saw the upwardly mobile Biden arrive, I was struck with his 'look' of being SOLD OUT. This was so long ago he was still losing his hair. That was before it pulled an Elton John on his head. I felt eerie trembles as he would pop up here and there. It felt like a Dodo Bird walking over my grave.

All that is happening is what is permitted to happen and caused to happen by those who imagine they are the doers and orchestrators and they believe this, zealously, all the way until the whole of it seizes them in the vines and thorns and brambles of their own mischief. In the meantime- at the moment- they are Hell Bent to MAKE THE WORLD into their own shattered and incoherent image of themselves.

Almost no one is awake, but that is all about to change. On all sides of you, should you be one of those who looks into things instead of at them, you have noted that NEAR EVERYONE is either comatose, sleeping, dreaming, or restless leg dreaming, like dogs after rabbits, running in circles, as they lay on their sides. It is an art to move on 'the light fantastic toe' and not disturb the somnambulists or those hypnotized by desire; sleepwalking with the ancestors on the way to Tamasic shade, or whatever level of burning the appetite forges have you cooking yourself in.

Because of things Biden said during the campaign, tens of thousands of migrants are moving en masse from all over Central America. Don't kid yourself, it's not only Biden, who has the charisma of decomposing vegetable and the brains to match. It is Soros and 'his ilk' who are rousing the desperate, who presently tremble in fear of rampaging gangs, due to conditions ALSO arranged by Soros and 'his ilk' south of the border.

Talking heads everywhere in the poisonous mist of The Media are calling for deprogramming centers for conservatives; for them to be banned from all social media, for them to be stripped of all power and position because they are IN THE WAY. Some of these people are calling for prison, death, and dismemberment for all who can be PERCEIVED to be a danger to the marching ranks of Lemmings whose very nature makes them their own mortal enemy.

There is NO DOUBT that the election was stolen. The evidence is OVERWHELMING. Meanwhile, the president and his men have done next to nothing to channel the outrage of more than half the populace. The radical leftists and their stooges are a small minority, no greater than those in the alt-sex, gender blender entropy rut. Even fewer are those members of the Satanic Lodge which is bringing all their long planning and intentions from across the years right into YOUR LIVING ROOM. The President has simply folded up and stepped away. There is NO QUESTION that the 'appearance' of powerful forces has been brought to bear upon him and his supporters. I don't know what they promised him but the deal was made. The Capital Riot was drawn up well before time and all the black bloc, rogue intelligence operatives, and other footpads were given their orders and it became the killing stroke.

Something went down in the dead of night, besides the character and integrity of the players. Something went down on something in the night and they paid for it with their character and integrity. They made the trade in the shadows and now Love has gone and only Fear remains. That should be sufficient force to drive them to their doom. It makes no sense and when it makes no sense that means there is a great deal of back-story. I don't know what deals got cut in the darkness but I can see the evidence of powerful agencies at work.

This should tell you how crazy these empty suits have become.

It is clear to me now that I should trust no one but The Indwelling. Our leaders, despite their bravado and grandstanding, have feet of clay. Their hearts and minds are in pawn for their place in the pecking order. I feel sorry for them but I have no fear. I imagine where I am is safer than most places. Perhaps I will huddle with the Mormons should the time come. They are seasoned players in the Machiavellian scheme of things. There is hardly anywhere to go anymore that you can trust, and you don't know what is already scheduled for that location. I recognize no physical locations. There is one location alone, within, that I seek and serve.

After tomorrow... what?

Be of good cheer, so long as the Lord of Love and Light is indwelling, you are secure within it.

End Transmission.......

I'm not putting in the links for GAB and Parler here today. They are none too stable. You know where Pocketnet and Fakebook are at. I would say, 'God be with you, my friends'. Perhaps it is better I say, 'Be with God.'

les visible at pocketnet


Ray B. said...

Vis, a Loving column. Appreciated!

Vis: "The Sex Force rises up through murky evolutionary depths, becoming purer and purer and freer and freer as it passes through the degrees of Love, until you see every creature as an expression of God..."

A curious variant of that has been coming-up for me. When I look at some of the actions various 'dark' characters have taken, part of me wants them gone. However, a new aspect has arisen. Some part of me is looking at their physical bodies as the innocent 'victims' of their egos. The bodies do not deserve punishment; they are just putty for their master's desires. So, that is a quandary that has come-up in high-level discussions. It will be interesting to see how that resolves...
Vis: "Almost no one is awake, but that is all about to change."

I am really curious to see how the Cleaning of higher-level bad guys will manifest Down Here. It is pretty clear that 99% of people will not Awaken in this lifetime (their lifetime) without some 'incentive' from higher levels. All-God has all the time in the Universe to have people Awaken; all-God has Patience. However, as I tried to illustrate in my earlier analogy or metaphor, I sincerely believe our present state (collectively) is artificially-low. We were meant to be Higher. It will be interesting to see how all-God (and his/her/its Helpers) deals with this 'discrepancy'...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Stephen said...

Les, I was thinking the other day about where to go, and it struck me that the only place is within, deeper into the inner. All the very best.

Chinese Sneakers said...

Much appreciation for all you do around here, both as a writer and a spiritualist.

Here's a half glass raised to you: Salut, mon frère.

God speed.

Thomas said...

A fine mosaic, Visible.

The situation would be intolerable were it not for the fact that God is real, and the bedrock of existence, life, everything.

Yes, be we with God. Amen.

Visible said...

Pocketnet has shut me down. As you know I didn't post for about a week or more. I went back to doing it yesterday and, for the moment, Pocketnet has shut me out and taken all my Pocketnet coins as well; not that they mean anything. Anyway... if you don't see me there, you know why.

It might not hurt for any interested readers here to make posts at Pocketnet asking why they shut me down (for no reason).

Guy Reid-Brown said...

You said it ALL for me there, Les - I got an ominous feeling this morning when I heard that Mike Flynn and Sidney Powell, both who promised to deliver victory to Trump, both complained directly to a conversation group that included Mike Lindell, Lin Wood and Generals McInerny and Valleley that Trump had now kept them at arms length.

And this afternoon all the same thoughts occurred to me - trust no one but yourself.

But it simplifies things even more.

It doesn't make me believe less in God, it just convinces me more than ever that Satan is real and is the Organising Mind behind the unfolding process of evil that culminated in today's blatant Election steal, blindly accepted by the masses (in Britain, anyway)

And you are so right, today's Music is Evil and content free and pornography is the Soma.

There is some freedom in knowing that when Plaster Saint John Lennon sang 'A million heads are better than one', he was, as usual, completely bloody wrong.

One head is better than a million who live in a pathological fantasy world and believe it is real.

To God be the Glory

Because Men certainly are nothing without Him


Thomas said...

Pocketnet has been quite slow since the purge of social media, and the exodus from them.

When I search for your name there, I find your profile (with picture and posts - latest one from Jan. 9th), with statistics for followers and who you are following (just did it now).

I think that because pocketnet is built on a blockchain (I am no expert on it), that if you try to log into it while there are no nodes that contain the blocks that your information is contained in, you will not find anything. This is the downside to decentralisation.

Hope it works out.

Thomas said...

Right now it's acting weird, though. It might not be the pocketnet people that have done anything to it.

When I go to the main site now, there are only posts from yesterday.

I guess that the nodes that contain the entire blockchain are spread rather thin right now - and therefore I only see parts of the chain.

Anonymous said...

the 'should tell you how crazy link' is not working

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Next life? Not gonna be one on this planet. I've HAD it with this cess pit. Anyway, according to my Akashic Memories, before I got here I asked for one LAST round here, and was warned I'd regret it; which I do.

Dreams and ambitions. Is there any point to those anymore? Well, other than becoming the most useless 'Eloi' and biggest liability to the system as you can be.

Me thinks this is a great time to be 'retired' from life. Dead, waiting for the body to catch up. Be as non-compliant with the system as possible, and do as little to support it as you can.

I did a front page post asking why you were shut down. I'll tell you if I get a response. I figure someone is afraid of you.

Funny. If you know the real reality, there is nothing to be afraid of ever; though I periodically get disconcerted when it seems I will not be able to fulfill the contractual obligations I have with my Higher Self, though that is obviously not allowed to happen. Something always comes through. Been at Ground Zero a few times, and something always happens to keep me/us from a'sinkin'. Well, I KNOW I am a spiritual being having a nose-acious experience; so hey.

Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Heh-heh-heh. Oh, I can be such a bastard to the wrong side of history. I'll tell ya what I mean if you don't find out on your own, or even if; after my evil deed is done. (Depending on a perspective that ain't ours.)

CharlieX said...

Clearly Biden won because it is God's will.

All the evil people who have all the key positions in the world are there because it is God's will.

Or Maybe because God gave the Human Spirit Free-will all these things have occurred.

I don't know why people keep blaming God for what humans did and didn't do when they should have.

God gave us all Free-will. After that there was no one to blame for our situation but ourselves.

If people don't like what is going on them they have to fix it. Why should God do their work for them they are capable of doing for themselves?

I like you Les, you are well read. Have you read the Nag Hammadi Scriptures?

An Eye opener to any of the faithful, God directed me to them many years ago and now I am passing on his message to you.

I have always accepted what he told me, but what was in the Nag Hammadi took me 2 years to finally accept it as true.

We are not in God's reality. We are in the reality of the Demiurge and it is our duty to escape.

That is why all the bad people are in control. The work for him. Some call him Lucifer, others the Great architect of the Universe, others called him YHWH, but be sure it is the same entity. No God but Me, Do as I say or be Damned, a jealous God with no Love or Trust who made people enter into contracts.

The Celestial Laws he created are mirrored in the original Laws of Commerce set down to the Roman Families. They also venerated him as God and their descendants still do.

The Devil Hath dominion over the Earth. Under celestial creation rights it is his. All rightful authority upon the Earth is derived through Him. The Pope is his representative.

It was not God who tested Jesus, it was The Devil. By what right did he get to do so...by his right as creator of this set of realities.

No one is here against their free-will. All entered by their own accord. All he offered was everything you ever wanted. He is Mr Gold, the entity referred to in Revolver.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I forgot to tell you that your last hot link is dead. Nothing happens when I click on it.

Visible said...

The link was removed. It happens sometimes.

Yes... I have read those scriptures, BUT... and a big but it is. that demiurge and everything else serves The Will of God period; no matter how it may look.

Thomas said...


You will find that there is actually no real contradiction between your views, if you give it a moments thought.

While you say that the aim is to "get out of the evil world" - Visible urges people to "go inside and be with God". Might these two statements not point in the same direction?

I think that there is a temperamental difference between running *towards* God (even if one doesn't exactly have a clear idea of what God is) in Love and Trust, and running *away* from a painful and treacherous world. The two can go hand in hand, though, don't you think?

Good day :)

Thomas said...

Update on pocketnet -

I saw someone who sounded knowledgable say yesterday, that the reason for the problems was that so many new users had come in, and that now new nodes were being set up, and were in the process of synchronizing the blockchain (to make sure that they all have the same) - but that it would all be better after that process was complete - as well as more resilient, there being more nodes, thus more copies of the chain.

Hope it works - it's a good idea they have going there.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

No response on e-mail, so I linked to you on Pocketnet the same way I do on RMN and STA-Rising. Nag Hammadi was a bitch to read. So much of it is missing, but I'm glad I read it. I got more out of the Kolbrin. I went on a reading spree of Nag Hammadi, Kolbrin, Emerald Tablets, Book of Enoch, and one more set of sacred writings I can't remember at the moment. Must have spent 2 months doing very little web activity, and reading a lot. Glad I wasn't working full time. Those books are addictive.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

I now think it not at all unlikely that the 'inauguration' was the Great Illusion and that Biden and co.are going to find out that nobody respects traitors, and that certainly includes their CCP paymasters.

I am glad I kept Faith with God though :)

Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a very long tough day. I was pretty gutted, but then, it just did not make sense. Trump was never going to just walk away and leave 100 million supporters in the lurch!?

Well, It's NOT over. (-:

The troops did not leave, they are staying for THIRTY days! 10th Mountain has been spotted! (those are bad-ass assault troops).Trump did NOT hand over the codes! He has them in Florida. The Pentagon is stone walling the biden transition team on military and security matters.

By the swearing in, the biden team is now head of an illegitimate government, it was the 11.3 trigger that qu had told us was necessary. Trump HAD to be totally separated, for optics, or it would always be seen as a coup by a sore loser, if he had acted with the military today.

Technically the military is now in control (they know it's an illegitimate Gov. and biden is a criminal in bed with china). Miller is still head of Defense till a new one is approved by congress! Could easily take a month. This is what Juan has also said; "we will be going through 2 weeks of darkness and pain, but we will come out on top. He thought it could take till March."

Have a look at Red pill's latest, I think he's better than X22Report but I still listen to all of it. https://redpill78news.com/scare-event-it-had-to-be-done-by-the-book/

Keep the Faith,


Visible said...

Thomas, you are a piece of work (grin) and far more the diplomat than I, though I am trying... best I can.


As for the military on standby and all the incredible and outrageous theories I am hearing; I don't know. I am ever hopeful AND I KNOW that great good and awesome change is coming, I don't have a timetable or a list of events and locations. I do know that God has it in hand.

The Wayfarer said...

The demonstration is beautiful! Fear is not a part of the equation.
All of this was written about long ago.
The teevee had reports of fires and devestation in California during the early AM and I was laughing like a loon over the clownish enemedia with their "historic" sneakers of the Kamal and "our papa" Biden.
Having zero self awareness is one of their limitations besides dwelling in an echo chamber of their own flatulence and getting intoxicated from the vapors.
Their Dominion is shrinking down to a fenced in Mordor on the Potomac and the days of ruling the world won't ever come to pass as the BRICS move even quicker than the CPUSA comrades.
Those "elite" NG troops didn't have any magazines in their weapons because the masters of the universe are afraid of MAGA among the ranks.
Now, does that sound like confidence or no fear to you? (rhetorical)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'd try posting on Pocketnet again a few times. When I put your link up to here with snip, they didn't remove it; and I got no obnoxious e-mail. Your old stuff is still there, too. I'm also ready to throw something across the room every time I use the site, the response time is so slow. It looks like a gazillion new people joined, so it might just be technical issues. There is no logical reason for Pocketnet to kick you off. We also probably got the same e-mail regarding inflow of new nodes and all that.

robert said...

Dear Visible,

Posted a link to this page and the comments below on PocketNet

We are all pleased to join in spontaneous, non-hierarchical communion once again.

"The Mind IS The Devil, and The Devil and EVERYTHING ELSE serves the Will of God"

For the sake of precision over prophetic license, the HUMAN MIND, perceiving itself separated from the Mind of the One, is the devil within:
The doubter, the inner yenta, the rebellious, self important dust mote refusing to join the dance in the beam of sunlight.

In contradistinction to the human, fractured mind, the Mind of the One, within which existence unfolds, has no trace of opposition, not a speck of antipode, not a wisp of stench in the aroma of perfection playing out the consciousness sharing game.

"...you have noted that NEAR EVERYONE is either comatose, sleeping, dreaming, or restless leg dreaming, like dogs after rabbits, running in circles, as they lay on their sides. It is an art to move on 'the light fantastic toe' and not disturb the somnambulists"

We are transiting a cusp or a birth canal and the contrast is excruciating in cognitive dissonance.
This is aided and abetted by the same old sorcerors who have inverted the world into a clown-ish nightmare and have turned up ALL their psychotronic delusion devices up to 11.

No matter, the momentum of awareness is unfazed, even if obscured by the media Matrix's new normal soporific.
Steeping through sleepers is an ancient art form, perfected by all who carry peace in their hearts.

"It is clear to me now that I should trust no one but The Indwelling. Our leaders, despite their bravado and grandstanding, have feet of clay"

The great awakening, planetary enlightenment, the aquarian age requires that the people learn to lead themselves.

The ultimate direct coupling, from the One within each precious individual prism of the One, from the bottom up, grass roots directly into self-organizing communities, where leaders are temporary point persons for specific purposes only.

More responsibility, more freedom, more experience wielding the creative power given to all those who know that they are their souls' possessions, NOT mere possessions of the soul-less anomalies encrusting this planet for far too many millennia!

Cast out fear and cast yourself in a speaking part in the planetary passion play heading for a cosmic climax!

Anonymous said...

The movie we are both watching and appearing in--in real time-- is produced, directed and written by God, for God's amusement and for the potential for our enlightenment. Perhaps God encourages departures from the script on our part(that pesky, egocentric free-will thing of ours), and we enthusiastically indulge in our ad libs and improvisations, with the same predictable result, all ultimately for the purpose of demonstration.

Now you know how a color revolution feels. And this particular one was indeed mostly peaceful. No snipers like at Maidan Square. No air strikes, no main battle tanks in the streets etc. Just some flea circus kabuki theater on Jan. 6th, a little help from Dominion and a heaping helping of ongoing Covid hysteria and disinformation, and the deed was done.

We have a pliant , corrupted, rubber-stamping dunce and a media, along with big tech, that backs the deep state to the hilt.

I'm strangely at peace with it all, though the atmosphere drips and screams of fear and terror on the part of the purveyors of darkness. They shot their wad to get this far with it and they maybe they're beginning to realize that they took it too far. I just want to seek God inwardly. I want to stop reacting to the drone of the insanity that surrounds. I want to stop trying to improvise with the script, and just shut up and listen to the director of this movie.


Anonymous said...

@Bill (anon 4:31),
That Redpill78news.com video presents good information and rational speculation.

Mike Adams also has good presentations (see https://www.brighteon.com/channels/hrreport)

Simon Parkes is also a good source (see https://www.simonparkes.org/blog)

I don't see the military scenarios they present as being incredible or outrageous. A common thread in what they say is that prayer will help make the forces of good triumphant. Amen.

February 2 is Candlemas (on the Christian calendar); also known as Imbolc (on the Celtic calendar). It marks the point in time when the day is 1 hour longer than on December 21.

Spring is coming... let there be light!!


Sukh said...

Hi Vis.

On Trump you said "I don't know what they promised him but the deal was made".

But you also seem to be somewhat open to the military "plan" still unfolding as intended.

Various commentators and those who say they have inside sources (eg Simon Parkes) say Trump has walked away only for optics, that when the military operation occurs, he will not be accused of conducting a coup and will be able to walk back in with full legitimacy and little stigma.

I guess my question is, was your comment above meant to be as definitive as it comes across? Do you still retain room for Trump's vindication?

Thomas said...

Hehe, thanks, I guess :)

Aren't we all being worked on? God, The Master Artisan, never sleeps. At least I don't think so :P

Thomas said...

The Hindu sages, when they speak of "The Night of Brahma", say that God sleeps, then, the entire Universe resting with and within Him.

Who knows what it means? Is it sleep like we understand it?

God is good - that I know.

Visible said...

I subscribe ONLY to what I can prove and then to what resonates as I trust but verify. I don't base my perspectives on wishin and hopin. Unless I hear it within, it is just turning foliage without.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The book I forgot in #16 was The Kybalion. Those were a great couple of month when I read those books. Of course I don't fit in with some of their philosophies on what a person is supposed to be because of what gender they are, where that's covered; but I'm a NOSE, dammit. Noses are more pragmatic, and don't fit into any type of static role. They do whatever the Hell they want, which is mostly a cost effective middle ground, where inconveniences, ticky tacky (Pointless stupid mortal flotsam games.), and obligations are kept to a minimum.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Sorry I didn't realize until after midnight that I had forgotten to post this=

"They Spin on the Broken Moral Compass Following the Floogie Bird to its Lair."

Also sorry it's not hotlinked but I am so tired and did not want to leave it for later.

Tom Brady is going to the Super Bowl Again!!!

Anonymous said...

He really is Tom Terrific!



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