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Manly won't Mind but You... Had Better get a Clue.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I know it's tough out there. Because of the effect of the external, our internal should be our greatest concern because that's where the problem really is. It's how we relate to everything that is going on around us that determines our relationship to it and how we feel about it. Do we feel overpowered? Then we are overpowered, at least in our minds ...and if we believe we are overpowered that is half the battle already. The enemy doesn't even have to work that hard does it? If we are so disposed, due to telepathic invasion when we were young; not to mention being unaware of it, for the most part, we are vulnerable in ways we can't protect ourselves against. This imbeds a predilection toward reinforced negativity in the way we think, feel and act. I should know, it used to be the case with me before I used Nature's most potent scouring power on all those dubious locations. It didn't happen overnight.

Things slip through to us, if we are paying attention. They slip through to us in poetry, literature and even movies like this one. The monsters feed on Fear. It gives them power over us. If you don't fear the monster then you are not feeding the monster and it is only a matter of time before the monster begins to decrease in size until, well, do the math.

Things slip through to us in dreams. Things slip through to us in what people say because something is slipping through them on your behalf. This sort of thing happens a lot but we don't acknowledge it. This is because we have been seduced by the counter argument. We may not think this is the case but how else do we account for our depressed mood and propensity to despair in the face of cartoon monsters?

I write this today because I have noticed lately that there is a certain segment of the readership that has bought into the 'no exit' mindset. This makes you an unwitting tool on behalf of those who oppress you. One of the great metaphysical lights of the last century, Manly Palmer Hall, who, no doubt, will be excoriated by those uninformed about his contributions ,once said; (to paraphrase) “There is White Magic and there is Black Magic. There is also gray magic and that is the magic performed by a large portion of the population who are unconscious of it or its effects on their lives and on others. Gray Magic serves the interests of Black Magic and can be considered an ally in it's camp”. I extemporized a bit there but I'm sure Manly won't mind.

I don't give two rat's asses to a pile of weasel shit, whether someone is a Mason, a Wiccan, a Pagan or a Christian. I'm only affected by the quality of their work and whether or not it added to or took away from the cosmic effort on behalf of human liberation. What any organization might have in it's earlier days and what it got hijacked into over the course of time are two different things. Whether some members of any group are corrupt is not a matter for debate, it is an observable fact. Whether certain members may be decent human beings, unaffiliated with the corruption that exists around them, is a horse of a different color ...and something that gets overlooked by the witchburners and tunnel-vision operatives is that there is a lot more going on than meets the eye.

One of the things that evil does, besides seeking to subvert the weak links in any chain; given the fertile environment that the Kali Yuga provides for this sort of activity, is to put all orders and associations, visible and invisible under a cloud of suspicion. The truth is that there are groups and collectives who tirelessly work for the greater good of humanity. We'd be in much deeper shit without them.

While the wicked seek to push yet one more Chalabi down our throats there is a percolating vitriol, burbling beneath the surface of the moment. The cosmic imperative for our liberation cannot be hindered, only delayed by our complicity in our collective enslavement to what is not real. However, this force is inexorable. It will triumph when the time arrives. So, regardless of your present state, what is real remains unchanged. Certainly, eyes deluded by the sad magnetic resonance, with all of the false objects of desire, will remain so imprisoned, until the appointed time, when what is not, is swallowed up by what is. For those intrepid souls who are capable of the requisite optimism and possessing the determination to keep a hold of it, 'Now' is the appointed time.

I don't know how to put this any better, or more clearly, than I have been putting it for some time now. Let's just consider the words of one of the greater teachers of humanity; not that most people pay attention when they hear it and not that they get the real meaning and implications of it most of the time; “Greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. In companion with that is the direct assurance that if a particular force is with you, who can be against you? I live by this and it has proven out. I don't need to be convinced. I already am. This is why I continue in optimism. If 90% of the world is washed away, I will continue in optimism. Riddle me this, how is anyone's state improved by pessimism. You can attract sunlight or cloudbanks. That's your call. You can bemoan the state of the world and your own sense of impotence and helplessness in the face of what? The whole point of this particular adventure; the whole point of 'the purpose of demonstration' is to make you aware of your access to a greater power. Through the ages, classic examples have found this in many ways. Some of it is mystical, some of it has a serious scientific basis. You can argue religion and whatever other excuses you have for not looking behind the curtain and... religion happens to be one of the curtains but... there's something there, if you persist in relentless inquiry. I have made contact. I am not in doubt about who and what permitted this whole dreadful extravaganza, for the purpose of demonstration and... education. Your state is directly dependent on your level of awareness. Your state is directly dependent on your level of awareness.

Don't argue, comprehend. Don't be a ping pong ball. Don't be a pinball. Don't bounce from pillar to post. That is the ongoing dynamic of the world, maintaining you in a state of confusion. Be certain. How can you be certain of something you don't understand? Well, ask yourself how can you already be certain of all of these other things you don't understand because... surely, if you understood the rest of the things you now take for granted, you would have control over them wouldn't you?

This is why I am a practitioner of 'casting out thought'. That's on automatic pilot now but... back in the times when I was persistently engaged in this, I would occasionally find myself in these wide open interior spaces, where absolutely nothing was going on. It took a little while before I realized I was not alone. Once I had removed all the furniture and the chattering entities, seated in various locations, whatever was unmovable remained. In the time following that, I found something out. The essential resonance within becomes hidden and it's transmissions compromised by the chatter that goes on over the top of it. It becomes very difficult to distinguish between who and what is communicating with you. This is how we get misled. Then we wind up arguing about the irrelevant. First we argue with ourselves, then we argue with others. There is no argument. Ergo, the process is pointless.

The chattering entities within, are directly connected to invisible transmitting towers, that broadcast the accepted lies of our time. Sure, it sounds crazy and unacceptable that there are invisible transmitting towers but you are certainly aware of the visible transmitting towers that are broadcasting the accepted lies of our time. 'As above, so below', refers to the different environments of the seen and unseen. The seen comes out of the unseen. This is all easily proven by simple reflection upon the seen and a consideration upon, “where did all of this come from”? If one wants to understand one can. If not, there are a multitude of diversions that exist to confuse you, for as long as you are comfortable with that. This is where most of us find ourselves, moving from day into day, through the same old same old; world without end, because it just goes on and on, welcoming you into another permutation of the same old same old; “Hello sailor”, “why don't you come up and see me sometime”?

I can't account for what others think and say and do. That's all predicated on their state of awareness. Until that changes, things will not change and... the same old same old still applies. I've got no interest or investment in the same old same old, precisely because it is the same old same old.

Hopefully, there was something of value in this circuitous monologue that came out of nowhere, like it usually does. It's not nowhere though, 'this' (surrounding you), the rest of all this, is nowhere. If there is a nowhere and... most of the people who come here will acknowledge that, then, according to the laws of displacement and opposites, 'nowhere' postulates 'somewhere.'. I don't personally have any problem with any of it because, no matter where I go, I always wind up in the same place, just as soon as the furniture and the entities sitting on it get evicted again. Is this a great system or what? Find yourself a system and beast the system. Find the system that works for you and employ it. Could I possibly be more clear? No... Have a nice day!

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LMAO said...

The Obama bunny steals children's Easter eggs!

the gardener said...

Thank you Vis for the best Sunday sermon I could have heard today. :)

"The whole point of this particular adventure; the whole point of 'the purpose of demonstration' is to make you aware of your access to a greater power."

As soon as I read your words the words of another, Emmet Fox, about 'discernment' as that is one of my biggest issues at this moment. My lack of discernment.

Time to go back on the diet-

"How you can change yourself (and the world) in seven days"...

When you said "overpowered" my immediate mind said "overwhelmed" and instantly I caught that in myself that "No, really I am underwhelmed".

This mind reversal sh!t is a trip! Like PCd out even in our own minds!

Boredom, within and without, can cause all kinds of troubles of all kinds of levels. :)

Working on what is important on this beautiful last day of March 2013. Thank you for your support friend.

the gardener

McKenna Fan said...

Cloud Atlas was amazing. And the wikipedia entry tells about how it almost didn`t get made; but Tom Hanks kept getting on the plane to go shoot, even though they had no idea where the money was going to come from. "And everybody would say, `Well, Tom`s on the plane. Let`s get on the plane.`"

The Hollywood money boys pulled the plug on it, after first giving it the green light, apparently.

Sure, it was The Matrix and V rehashed, in so many ways.

But I think you can`t rehash that material enough in these times.

So, bravo to the Ken Wilber acolyte brothers, The Wilberchowski brothers, once again.

Anonymous said...

Habemus Puppet!

niijii said...

Thanks Vis,
Haven,t heard it in decades, but now have the lyrics from that Beat-les song "Nowhere Man" messing with my head. Will ponder why.

Have a good green eggs and ham day, or whatever, all.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Now that was surely straight to the heart of the matter.

Seeing perfection, connection, each thread in its ever dancing/changing place is for the most part within my grasp, but still can be undermined by my allowing feelings for my family’s future to creep in, showing itself in waves of sadness for them and the world.

But if I’m feeling that, then I’m not REALLY seeing the perfection that I do KNOW is there.

Such a conundrum, more work to do, but thank you so very much Visible for this talk, it’s surely a keeper.


Laura said...

Thank you, dear Vis, for writing/expressing you've done before, but beneficial in a new now. It certainly is how I feel, my perception, as well. Far too much fatalism hanging on.....those who are aware need to be the bearers of optimism. Interior change makes for our exterior shifts.

With love, in grace ~

Doug Pearson said...

It's hard to get your footing when everything is a floating cranberry bog of indecision and that's what keeps people at each others throats instead of joining forces to go after the real enemy. Religion, politics, etc keep this little charade going quite well and seems like nobody ever wises up. They will when the have to.

Anonymous said...

wasn't that in the fortress of ultimate darkness...

when the little guy says...

"Why then if that's the case do you allow the Supreme Being to keep you here in the Fortress of Ultimate Darkness" ?

I have found in reading not just The Secret Teachings of All Ages, but Mackeys' as well that the word "Jew" is used as synonym to the word Israelite. . .

however there is no historical proof of any cocaine snorting Dallas Cowboys at the Alamo there is likewise no historical evidence of any so-called "Jews" in the Old Testament...

... it is ecxeedingly difficult to find anyone that can comprehend the meaning of those statements and will argue incessantly about what is provably irrelevant based on a misunderstanding that arises from ignorance and not just stupidity...go figure

lasers day one.

Khazars make Exodus....real soon !


Visible said...

Yes, that was said to Evil (David Warner) by one of his minions.

bee wrangler said...

Yee Haw...I am in a new world every day. I am learning to walk in the moment for I am free!!! looking forward to hearing your show tonight!-Jen

Rob in WI said...

You certainly bring the picture into focus by bringing the future of your family into the equation. I share that conundrum. The old adage "if you love them , let them go", comes to mind, but is difficult when your family and neighbors are the people closest to you. I'm old, and will probably pass away soon. Perhaps, that will be the final hurdle.
Be well. Chey, and all, Rob

Visible said...

Given my own reaction to listening back to the broadcast, though it is subjective, I would say it is one of my best broadcasts, if not the best broadcast ever.

This give me an opening to make a comment about something I say at the end about Jesus Christ. The name Jesus is taken from the name Joshua which translates to salvation, which infers liberation.

I just heard about some serious dark doings about a former reader who doesn't come around here anymore. This person is looking more and more like a government operative. We shall see if I tell the tale here or let it go by, although, at this point I am moved to give out some detail.

The point being that, if this person is to be considered righteous, why are they behaving in this fashion? Said personage also has direct ties to the main player in the India Slander-Fest.

I'm still surprised on a regular basis by the amount of people who bought into this and want to sincerely thank those who stuck by me.

As for the rest, and as I believe I have already said, I don't need friends like that and I'm glad you had this opportunity to declare yourselves. We shall see, in time, the truth of all things and I suspect it will not go well for those who have been engaged in the wrong things.

neal said...

I don't know, but it is always nice when people remember that all things work out for those who love the One. It is probably easier if they throw stones, and build some damn monument later, for those who were not paying proper attention. There is always the part where the stones do not stay put, that is funny, comets, and such.

Some build it, and others come, and piss in the wind. There is always that staying out of the way, and letting it play out, but that is where some really big stuff gets to pretend to be true. What to do? What is right, if that One is waiting on either end, and sideways, maybe swallow what is required, looks like magic, just gas in the car, prices paid, and such.

Time to jump. It is disconcerting when all the new stuff gets to be the same old thing, mostly.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

@McKenna I was going to post this today anyway before I saw your comment, btw..

My Could Atlas plug last month was a bit bodgy, it was a confused film , but I liked the special effects and some of it.. probably wont watch it again.
However, I will stand by this Australian comedy gem, all the way the the High Court (and of course the tribe makes almost all the movies and gives us tidbits of optimism for little little guy).

and yes I do see through a glass darkly and struggle to see where a group of people is not a conspiracy.
soo.. finished Naudon's The Secret History of Freemasonry (which doesnt bang on about the Jews as much as I would have liked) a couple of things stand out.

on the role and need of associations to be secret when..
"In France illicit assemblies were ranked as capital crimes until the end of the Ancien regime. In his Somme Rurale, Boutillier defined an assembly as illegal when it exceeded the number of three people" - didn't go far enough I say. takes two to tango. dont tell anyone about your invisible friends either (everyone will want one heh?)

and other the other hand (or bra cup - or both), Naudon finishes up on a positive note (given all the bashers like me)

"Let us not speak of the well-meaning men who introduce themselves into the most reliable lodges [ie Wauchaupt] with the expressed desire to share with brothers [almost always the blokes] of good will the pure and laudable tradition, but who conceal their true desire to destroy the institution by deforming it, opening it up to unjustified attacks, emptying it of its historical and initiatory content. These infiltrations are not new..."

"For our part let us remain hopeful. Hope, in fact, is inseparable from faith and love. Only form is mortal: truth remains. It is knowledge and consciousness. it is life. Because the incomparable history of Freemasonry touches the Absolute, that is to say, the truth - it is reasonable to think that Freemasons will figure out a way to rediscover it beneath the antiquated veil now covering it and will discover a way to restore it with enthusiastic force and vigor".... and so on.

finally though..
"Those who have faith in God don't see him with the eyes of children, enthroned on top of a mountain of sugar [oh to live on] between blessed rivers of honey [ sugar sugar ] ."

Ill finish there, too long to ramble on. [ Led Zepplin]

Anonymous said...

Veeeeery Interesting....

walking hawk

neal said...

Oh, and once first and last thing, it is finished, in time, maybe space catches up, I do not make the rules, it only hurts when those in space go into certain motions, that is OK, nothing to hold onto to, for the course of the story,

insiam said...

I suppose it is easy to let the wheel slip when the course gets a little stormy. A little correction needed to maintain a true heading.

Thanks for the wake up call Skipper

Came across all nautical for a moment there :)

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Srila Prabhupada..

Just like the Christians. Jesus is guiding them, “Thou shalt not kill,” but they are killing. Where is the Jesus guidance? Simply saying, “I am guided by Jesus Christ”—will that do? “But I don’t care for his words.” Is that guidance? Nobody is being guided by Jesus Christ. Their claim is false. It is very hard to find a man who is actually being guided by Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ’s guidance is available, but nobody is caring for him. They have taken Jesus Christ as contractor to take up their sins. That is their philosophy. They commit all kinds of sins, and poor Jesus Christ will be responsible. That is their religion. Therefore they say, “We have a very good religion. For all our sinful activities, Jesus Christ will die.” So is that good religion? They have no sympathy for Jesus Christ. He died for our sins. Why should we commit sins again? Such a great life has been sacrificed for our sins, so we should be guided by Jesus Christ. But if you take it otherwise—”Ah, we shall go on committing all sins, and Jesus Christ will make a contract to nullify all my sins; I’ll simply go to the church and confess and come back and again do all nonsense”—do you think that shows very good intelligence?…

Actually, one who is guided by Jesus Christ will certainly get liberation. But it is very hard to find a man who is actually being guided by Jesus Christ.

Dublinmick said...

Whatever one says about Manley, I have never been able to dispute the truth of this particular phrase, and I use it often.

Those who represent an ideal beyond the comprehension of the masses must face the persecution of the unthinking multitude who are without the divine idealism which inspires progress and those rational faculties which unerringly sift truth from falsehood." -Manly Palmer Hall

Peaches said...

Such a wonderful post Visible with terrific comments, I can't even begin to respond, just acknowledge. It is the mood I'm in today. Good weird energies going on with me personally. Anyone else? I haven't felt good in a long time.

and McKenna fan, I can't wait to see Cloud Atlas but Netflix doesn't have it available as DVD yet. I don't stream lol

Visible I've been here for a few years now and have never doubted you. You have never wavered from yourself. And I paid attention.

Love and hugs to all,


zepheri said...

Mongoose has unleashed the beast, with help from baalmart, and soon I shall be traveling on bigger tires than ever. china china china

Sim said...

The Radio Show just went up!

Anonymous said...

Wet shirt contest, woo-hoo! Silk and steel rulez!

Augureye Express said...

" if by this late date you still don't see anything drastically wrong going on simply everywhere you look, indeed if you aren't outraged at these atrocities then I accept that you never will, & refuse to waste any more precious time trying to wake your ass up. It's that definition of insanity thing, you understand. With the amount and frequency of truly insane behavior we're witnessing across the planet, to not recognize that insanity is, well, insane. And is it any wonder what with all the nasty toys the powers that be are using against us that are designed to interrupt and mess with the normal functioning of the brain? HAARP facilities (there are many), GWEN towers, electromagnetic soup from cell phones, smart meters, psionic devices, scalar technology, and these are just some of the ones we know about. If these are not common terms to you by now...get googling! Just as the chemtrails make us sick, weak, and lethargic, these technologies give us headaches, confusion, depression, fear of insanity, & hostility. Toss in constant poisoning from fluoridated water, GMO food-like-products, Fracking, & of course the aforementioned radioactive fallout from Fukushima: and maybe it becomes clear that we are all not just mad here, we are dying the death of a thousand cuts here, and in some kind of macabre death ritual, we are dancing with the elephant in the room."

In 74 years we havent learned a thing said...

On April 9, 1939, Catholic priest Father Charles E. Coughlin broadcast his Easter Sunday message via his weekly radio program, to the people of the United States. As a preface to his Easter message, Fr. Coughlin warned his listeners of an impending world war involving Europe (World War II, which started in short order just as he had predicted). During the months prior to this Easter Sunday message, Fr. Coughlin had broadcast what was characterized as a very controversial series of thirteen weeks of hour-long radio programs, in which Fr. Coughlin refuted false claims of anti-semitism against him, and educated the public about the athiestic Jews funding and promoting communism worldwide. He also condemned the system of the private federal reserve, banks whose monetary policies are enslaving the people. He mentioned the Rothschilds specificlly, and insisted that the American people must heed the founding fathers edict of limited government refraining from foreign entanglements.

Visible said...

A new Origami is up now-

Feeding off of the Hydrologized Fat of the Golden Calf.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Step on the Gas and Save your Ass.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here's a perfect clue.

"Only one who can learn the process of nescience and that of transcendental knowledge side by side can transcend the influence of repeated birth and death and enjoy the full blessing of immortality."

Sri Isopanisad, A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Visible said...

No, it didn't come out right. That's not so clever troll shit, trying to pretend it's a real comment and hoping I'll get sucked in by the vanity lure at the end.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"Some things are not favored by heaven." -(Lao Tzu)

And he asked a question of everyone studying his philosophy.

"Who knows why?"

"Existence is beyond the power of words
To define,
Terms may be used
But none of them absolute."
-(Lao Tzu)

The level of existence to which Lao Tzu is referring is not the transcendental realm of in which Krsna's name and Krsna are the same, but to material existence in which such a thing as an apple is the actual fruit, while the word apple is only a symbol of the actual and conquers up only the memory of its sweetness. But there is another nature, another world beyond this one, another reality that is foundational to everything.
-(George A Smith)

Visible said...

Nah, there's no way that Lao Tzu wasn't plugged in about as deep as it gets. That's the problem with dogma and cant, somebody said this and somebody said that, so it has to be true. George Smith said something so Lao Tzu must be wrong. I wish everyone well on their paths but the idea that there is only the one path is poppycock; "In my father's house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so",

Of course, I don't quote just Lao Tzu. Most of the time it's Jesus Christ and I don't quote Krishna because you do that. That's true by the way.

Anyway, God is a little more liberal and forgiving than priests and scriptures let on. That is because the people who need these kinds of intermediaries are at a certain level of consciousness and need fixed lines to color inside of. However, since God resides inside us, should we provide a fitting habitation, at some point God assumes the role of informant and confidant and all those rules and regulations go out the window, replaced by spontaneity and trust. We hope (grin). At least that's what it 'feels' like from here (grin).

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yes, thank you.
I understand what you say and I appreciate your mien.

George Smith is brilliant. He would never say Lao Tzu, one of his dear preceptors, was wrong. Incomplete perhaps, in his impersonalism, yet this with sincere hope and belief in his ultimate personal victory.

He simply points out the obvious, in a very respectful and intelligent manner.

Anyone on a spiritual path has everyone's best wishes at heart. Lao Tzu's, yours and mine.

There are many paths and many destinations, but there is only one ultimate destination.

I believe Lao Tzu did indeed achieved exactly this.

(P.S. I'm not too sure about myself learning the process of transcendental knowledge, but I am sure about my learning the process of nescience)

Hare Krishna.

Visible said...

The thing is, Lao Tzu is not an impersonalist. What he says is that "existence is beyond the power of words to define. Terms may be used but none of them are absolute. He references the mother all through the sutra; "mysterious valley of motherhood" at least that's how I take it.

Obviously his kundalini went all the way to the top because he is an immortal and anyone with an awakened kundalini cannot fail to notice the female energy that composes it. I feel it inside me all the time. Now, of course, she does rise into the bridal chamber where she merges with the lord but trying to figure out what someone meant from 2600 years ago is no easy feat.

The master I met told me that "God is a serpent" and indeed, you can see the cobrahood behind the head of every deity, including Krishna. When I get into indefinable territory I just tell myself, "God has it figured out" and if I need to know something, I'll be informed. Otherwise, I don't know very much and I am very happy about that.



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