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Contemplating the Dark Underbelly of the Empire

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(Patrick Willis has redone one of my poems and it dovetails perfectly with one last Bon Voyage for my dear and departed friend, Neil Rogers}:

Several people have invited me to come to the United States, given that I will be relocating somewhere in 3 to 4 months. There are many reasons why this is impossible. It's not the health care system that dissuades me but the Satanic minds and intentions behind that and so many other things. It's the mindset that does things like this and things like this; not to mention the callous brutality of law enforcement. I tend to get into trouble in the United States, given the things I say on stage and elsewhere. I have a direct karmic link to revolutionary America, I saw all kinds of confirmation of that during my early acid trips. Europe is a much easier gig for me. The police are sane and helpful and the crime level (where I am) is non existent. I'm sure you can find a different climate in some of the big cities but I don't live in big cities and have no plans to start doing so.

Things are going radically wrong in the United States. The country is owned from top to bottom by a small cabal of Zionist psychopaths and Satanists and there is no difference between the two. I'm actually using a gentile as an example. There are some. I'm assuming that Michael Rivero wrote this but there's no author's name attached. The dark underbelly of the empire is in torment from the heartburn of the homeless (did I just say that?). There's reality and there is that misshapen abortion that people like this present to us as reality. The ancient lampreys have got their hooks into the vitals of the country and they intend to suck it dry, whilst building concentration camps and death chambers for the unwilling. Will the cosmos permit this? That's a very good question. In times past, it was the hallmark of The Kali Yuga to permit all sorts of noxious activity ...because Kali Yuga is the resolution period for all the karma that didn't get resolved in former times and it is also a time when evil is allowed to flourish and prosper; just as it does now. Are we on the doorstep of a golden age? That is the consideration upon which hinges the quality and kind of all our fates.

I've been led to believe a golden age is just around the corner but... so are a great many other things and we shall see how that all gets sorted. Certainly balance has gone missing and imbalance is extant to the extreme, in every area of life. When one looks at the food being consumed, one has to know that epidemic health problems are already in effect. It has long been my opinion that the corporations making all of the bad food are hand in glove with the health care industries, in one of the most cynical partnerships imaginable. They create the conditions and diseases and then the public is compelled to seek out the outrageously expensive treatments handled by their sister concern. Cancers, of the sort running rampant in these days, were unknown only a handful of decades ago. Cures for cancer come up here and there, now and again, as the result of the efforts of some intrepid soul and these people are then either marginalized and stripped of all opportunity to help, or they are killed. The American Cancer Society is a business, whose business is cancer. Cancer is good business, whether you are a charity or a treatment center.

You can see the oncologists rubbing their hands together as one more patient, given the bad news, leaves their office; “Oh goody”! They say to themselves, “now I can pay off my yacht or... should I buy that condo in Boca Raton”?.

It looks pretty grim all around but, as has been said here many times, 'appearances are deceiving'.

Where I live, I have full medical and dental coverage for 140 Euro a month, including most all pharmaceuticals free. Now, I rarely need any of this but that's not the point. A wedge of Brie cheese is one Euro. A loaf of bread can be had for less than a dollar. Bio items are cheaper than regular food in the US. I've been here going on 14 years and the food is still cheaper than it was ten years ago where I lived in the US.

A few times a year, we have large festivals in this town. You might see an ambulance parked in case of need and a couple of emergency personnel standing around. You would have to search all over the place to find a policeman. People drink and dance and party, thousands of them and not one lick of trouble do you see. I'd like to stay in Europe, where I am, in this general area ..but I have no idea what the cosmos has in mind for me. I'll get my marching orders at some point.

People get high wherever they want. Of course a certain amount of discretion is called for but it is minimal. You can drink a beer openly in the public square. You can walk down the street with it if you want to. The finest German beer in half liter bottles can be had for around 60 cents at the super market. Though that is unlikely to be a feature in my existence from here on out, it's still a wonder and it tells you what thieves they are in the US.

Sure, I'd love to visit the homeland again but... not in it's present condition. I've got near a hundred readers in Texas alone. It would be great to travel around and see so many people that I know only virtually but... it's a dicey proposition. Here, I am under the protection of both the temporal and the unseen. I don't know quite why the former has been so good to me but it has.

Traveling in Europe is a gas and the beauty of the old cultures and buildings that reek of history are a delight. Sometimes the people are taciturn and insular but... so what? I like being alone and unto myself anyway. I spend almost all of my time alone and lack for nothing as far as company goes.

Well, my luck is due to change and I'm hoping for a farmhouse out in the country, where I can walk in the woods and daily contemplate the exquisite beauty and peace of Nature. You can walk in the woods here and not concern yourself with thugs or serial killers. Women walk their dogs alone here all the time and do not fear for anything. Furthermore, there are near zero mosquitoes here, no May Flies, Black Flies, Deer Flies or any of the like. There are no rats. There are no snakes (not that that bothers me). There aren't even that many of the usual flies. There are bees and wasps but I haven't had a problem. In fact, I've had near zero problems here and that is usually an indication that you are in the right place. Hopefully my Kundalini gets a move on and legs it up the last few landings on the staircase because then I can be anywhere I want, any time I want, for as long as I want. It's a given it will happen. The only question is; when?

There are some nice parts of the world, nice places where people could come together and forge a community and that is one of the things I hope for but... I no longer work toward that end. It will happen if it is supposed to happen and I don't have to do anything to make it happen. Recent changes in my schematic have transformed a great many things, fundamentally ...and I couldn't be more pleased. It's a little breathtaking at times now and, occasionally an emotional ride. It's like being in a new world where nothing is the way it was before, even though it is, I just couldn't see it. On the whole though, all in all, it's a vast improvement over the way things have been and I wish the same for all of you ASAP.

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There will be a radio show this weekend.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

If I had anything vested in Physical Existence, I'd be trying to get out of the u.s., myself. It's a vile place, but it's days are numbered. I don't expect to see 2014, and I'm taking a morbid pleasure in watching it go down. I'm drooling at the thought of all that's gonna happen to those on the wrong side of history.

I don't know why anyone comes here anymore, either to live or as a tourist. I guess some people just like being molested by tsa and dealing with psychopathic, genocidal 'caged gerbil shooters', which is what I call cops these days for all the animals they kill. I don't think they could handle a gerbil on the loose, so. . . I mean, tasing wheelchair bound paraplegics armed with pens and 45 kilogramme chicks, and 90 year olds? No, the thought of containing a loose gerbil would probably give them nightmares for months on end.

And when they're faced with real threats as opposed to someone who won't fight back, they're outta there. If they were real law enforcement, why is congress and all their minions still running loose? Instead they beat people up over arbitrary laws just to soak the public, and how many are innocent? Gotta make those arrest quotas, despite how many lives they screw up for no justifiable reason.

Laura said...

"Traveling in Europe is a gas and the beauty of the old cultures and buildings that reek of history are a delight."

I feel exactly the same! My trips to Europe have been some of the most lovely expereinces of my life.

That being said, I feel to comment on living in the US. There are many things transpiring here and being perpetrated, but the US needs all the light it can receive and this is co-created by those of us living here in service of the divine. Bloom where we are planted so that we allow heaven here on earth, anywhere we may find ourselves in this now. I have felt previously, after reading a blog where life in the US is discussed, to want "get out of Dodge" because I simply felt totally bereft about being here with these things being co-created around me. The US perhaps needs as many of us as possible to turn the tide, just by our divine presence here, and the feelings of defeat, and hopelessness of being "trapped" here, and the feeling that we have nothing left to give, will only grow as we feed them.

We are where we are, perhaps for reasons unknown, but we are more powerful than we sometimes think and feel, so I am most grateful for all who are here to make a difference in the darkness.

With love, in grace ~

Anonymous said...

Lasha Darkmoon says Israelis were behind the massacre at Newtown:

Anaughty Mouser said...

The video with your poem is so well done - images and narration.

Entry for a short-film festival?

Thank you.

JerseyCynic said...

oh dear Visible.... you forgot the Lamprey link!!

I'm still trying to swallow the fact that most of the "nutritional supplement" providers have been selling out like crazy. I'm sucking on my last elderberry from New Chapter. It was this amazing sublingual delivery of pure elderberry extract that cured just about every sore throat or cold within an hour -- no lie. I just found out that P & G bought them a year ago. my new order came and they are now in the form of a powder capsule. I feel SO cheated. - (and Burt's Bees sold out to clorox??)


welcome back. you make everything alright


Visible said...

I'm doing what I can from this end Laura, I only meant to speak of what I've been seeing and my inability to live there. I would if I could but I wouldn't be that useful behind bars.

Mike Dee said...

I don' post much but I've been following for a while now. Welcome back, Les. Your musings are much appreciated.

Visible said...

The more I read this man, the more I am certain he is a disinfo gatekeeper.

Laura said...

Yes, I know this, dear Vis. You are grandly serving the divine where you are now residing, and I am most grateful for who you are and all you contribute. I am aware that you cannot be in the US and be free and we certainly do not want you behind bars here! There is much going on here, of which you keep us informed, and we need to bolster each other up, those of us living in the US...:-)

With love, in grace ~

JerseyCynic said...

Thank you for being my wayshower. I mailed another copy of spiritual survival to a friend who is ready, WILLING, and after reading your book, am sure will be able...

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis

I loved Patrick's rendering of The Frayed Angels.

My condolences but I don't think I know Neil Rogers.

I hope Our Neil, the peace poet, is very well and that he and his family are in excellent health.

I am very glad you survived India and that on the journey back you met interesting and helpful people.

Nick in Cyprus

Anonymous said...

"Where I live, I have full medical and dental coverage for 140 Euro a month, including most all pharmaceuticals free."

do you need a euro passport for this? do they do root canals and implants? here 2 implants cost 5 grand.

thom j

Anonymous said...

The most sensitive secret in plain sight is the colossal wealth and power of the Rothschilds. They are the NWO or the World Government or whatever you like to call it. Here in China, a three volume work on the power and crimes of the Rothschilds have appeared. It’s by Song Hongbing, who spent many years working in the US banking system. He reckons that the Rothschilds must be worth hundreds of trillions. His books have been bestsellers since 2007 and have reportedly become the bedtime reading of the Chinese leadership. Any geopolitical article that doesn’t mention the word ‘Rothschild’ needs editing. The question is this: have the Rothschilds finally decided that the time has come to sacrifice Israel in order to take down Iran? Meir Dagan and Gen. Gabi Ashkenazi have been purged – they led the Israeli opposition to the Iran adventure. Gates has been replaced by the spineless Panetta. The Rothschilds are desperate – they lost Russia in 2003 and China in 2005. So the balance since the 9/11 operation has been largely negative – apart from getting us all groped at the airport. This is the endgame of the fractional reserve banking racket and there are very few people on the planet with anything to gain from the chaos that the Rothschilds are offering – least of all American officers and soldiers. The (VT-Duff) story conceals the real instigators of Netanyahu’s folly.

A real country with a real leader (Iran) does not do deals with a fake country with a fake leader (israel).

Visible said...

Here is an interesting person. who just showed up over at my Facebook.

Visible said...

An implant here is a little over a thousand dollars. My health program now covers 4 of them for me with some small paid portion. You don't need a Euro passport if you marry a local, which I did and even when that status changes in a few months I'm already here so everything will apply so long as I remain.

Visible said...

Here is another Patrick Willis gem taken from the blogs. It hasn't had many visitors so it is either lost in space or he just put it up.

JerseyCynic said...

"The country is owned from top to bottom by a small cabal of Zionist psychopaths and Satanists and there is no difference between the two."

Peter G. Peterson co- founder of Blackstone and America's new Landlord

before serving in the White House, Peterson was Chairman and CEO of Bell & Howell, from 1963 to 1971. From 1973 to 1984 he was Chairman and CEO of Lehman Brothers. In 1985 he co-founded the private equity firm, the Blackstone Group. Peterson was Chairman of the Council on Foreign Relations until retiring in 2007, after being named chairman emeritus. In 2008, Peterson was ranked 149th on the "Forbes 400 Richest Americans" with a net worth of $2.8 billion.
Peterson founded the Blackstone Group, which went public in 2007. He has been named the most influential billionaire in U.S. politics.[2]

(Sorry about using the wiki reference!)

Ray B. said...

Liz just shared this, so I thought I'd pass it on (sung in the proper Italian intonation):

"When you're down by the Sea,

And an Eel bites your Knee,

That's a Moray..."

(My apologies... grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

That reminds me of this guy that was in love with two women and couldn't choose between them and was torn and distraught. One was named Edith and one was named Kate. A friend noticed he was in a bad way and asked him about it. The man replied "I want to have my Kate and Edith too".

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Glad to hear you will not go to the USA, Vis. All Americans who live abroad should be warned that with the FATCA FATWA underway they could be in real trouble if they haven't submitted perfect 1040s and impeccable FBARs every year. (The USA is the only country in the world, other than Eritrea, which clings to its hegemonic, demonic citizenship-based taxation.) The CIA, TSA, FBI, etc. are the obvious terrorists in the USA but the most over-looked yet perhaps the papa of all terrorists is the IRS.

I'm not American but I wouldn't step foot in that country and haven't for over 15 years -- not that my own country isn't owned by Israel too. I just don't have the get-up-and-go that I used to have so I shake my head sadly and embrace the fact that I am rather old now and don't face too many more years of enduring the pain which has come with my awakening. You have found yourself a relatively comfortable niche in Europe, Vis, and if there exists a perfect niche here on earth I'd like to know where it is. I wouldn't be able to move there but I could at least incorporate it into my dreams.

Beautiful work by Patrick and you. Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

Chautaugua said...

"They were safe enough back when we believed the Rothschild’s and illuminati were behind all the pernicious evil, back when we had a human face to put on our enemy."

The quote is from yesterdays article of disinformation (imo) which was posted at Zen Gardner, giving zionism a pass in terms of responsibility and instead stating it is perniciously evil aliens (sic).

I'm thinking new-age zio troll.

Visible said...

Well, my comfortable niche is only going to exist for a few more months but hopefully the divine finds something for me in the area or just drop some of that financing (I keep getting promised) on me.

Anonymous said...

I come in here when things are grim. Offered one of the Daves in here a job and place to stay over 2 years ago but he preferred to stay in his sister's basement and collect free money and/or free food. That says it all about the USA.

The USA is finished. The mail does not get delivered, the law is not upheld, the money is all counterfeit, and the people are obese and ill.

The USA is no place to come home to. It is now gone.

abinico said...

Oh wow - free pharmaceuticals - how lucky you are! Here in the US we have to pay in order to experience all of the debilitating side effects. Eurpoe is so advanced and avant garde - IDIOTS.

Ray B. said...

Chautaugua, February 27, 2013 11:10:00 PM

"I'm thinking new-age zio troll."

There are actually three independent axes (axises?) involved here. One is the 'human face of evil' demonstrated by what David Icke refers to as 'Rothschild Zionist' spawn. The second is indeed bad-guy 'space aliens' of varied outlooks and capabilities. The third is bad-entity types who go all the way up the consciousness scale to what I call the farmer . There is overlap.

Leaving out one or more axes both limits one's ability to expand and leaves him/her with a gaping hole that bad-guys can drive a truck through. Ye be warned...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

after reading Franz Springmeir's (13) Bloodlines of the Illuminati, I am not only looking at the Rothschilds (and the Chinese Li family is in there)..Satanists will suffice (though it gives Satan a bad name, for incompetence and tripping over is own shoe laces - his Jack (Lew) Boots , if nothing else).
no ticks, leeches, Horse Flies, death adders (they dont get out of your way and they hid in the litter), bull ants, wasps, infected bats, wild dogs, mozzies .. paradise. But the health care here in Australia is reasonablly sane and effective (not as complete as its made out, waiting lists, gap fees etc, usual incompetence, same Corporations, same end game, same illusions).

flying cossack said...

there are thousands of lying agencies employing millions of jews ... this is no basement office, its huge ... if you cant see it now, you never will

aliens doesnt explain or absolve them of guilt ... rothschild/illuminati doesnt explain such a massive global contingency either

obama obamaaa obamunism is beginning to look at lot like stalinism ... kermit the frog didnt go door to door murdering 40 million people himself

ziotroll hasbara sayanim will sell you any irrational theory youll buy, just so you dont look at them

Unknown said...

Wild horses couldn't drag me to the States. Few things in life scare me... being on US soil is one of them.

Regarding your observation about Duff; I wrote to him on FB about 7 months ago and asked him directly why he was behaving like disinfo. His reply was that he was the only one with the inside edge and all the rest were merely guessing.

Visible said...

abinico; try to read a little more carefully and not be such a nose in the air cynic. I seldom ever have anything to do with my health coverage except dental. The point was how good the coverage is compared to US but I suspect you know that.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Flying Cossack I believe you are completely correct on all points.

The question becomes; why is the credible Zen Gardner allowing a blatant zio troll (Chautaugua) to poison his blog?

Zionism is killing the world seven ways to Sunday - a strawman alien meme is intentional distraction.

Starvation, war, central banking usury, pornograghy, lethal pharmaceuticals, chemtrails, gungrabbing, forced imigration, prostitution, paedophilia, homosexuality are all being normalised by zionists according to the protcols of zion.

Aliens are a cover story like Bin Laden to 9/11.

Don't believe a word out of their lying mouths.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up-

Talking about Spiritual Master's Blues in B-Flat.

Smyrna said...

I'm with Ray B.

I have no knowledge or experience with ETs/aliens, but malevolent spirits/'Demons' etc are very much real. I have had encounters with that.

One had a mega-watt energy signature. That was like one of the kind named in the book of Enoch. It spaketh some strange shit through its human host. Most others more a '60watt light bulb' type of imp. Another was in human form, anonymous to the non-discerning. Many 'people' in high office are of that ilk. Be told.

Neal said...

USA? Does not really mean anything, this is the truth, the high ground has never been anything but my island, and God's country, we around these parts, do not need no doctor, or money, not much of anything that everyone else is clamoring after. I tell you the truth, there are places in this island that never got erased and rewritten by the world of Man, just because that bumps up against little temporary intrusions, is no cause for worry, that is just the borders that naturally emerge around the worlds of the clamoring for stuff, and the thing itself. There are wolves, and large cats, and bears, and bluebirds, and eagles, even polecats, around here that would all tell you the same thing, if they were not making me speak up.

You all should maybe think about praying for the restoration of Turtle Island, that could increase the buffalo, and the uppity humans, in these parts. Blanket judgements are wasted works, that is way above any pay grades, not this department, I pray for the restoration of most everything, all over.

Not to say that looking at it in a certain way preserves life, but be careful what you write off, and save, it is never what you think.

Anonymous said...

Just curious, where in Europe are you? I'm moving to Germany (near Frankfurt) for a while and I'm scared to leave the US...but it's really better?

ChewyBees said...

I can't blame you for your hesitation to return to America, Les Visible. It is becoming a very spooky place, in all the ways you describe.

Even still, it holds some of the most beautiful scenery and natural wonders the eyes and mind can comprehend.

I climbed a fourteener this year, not my first, but a challenge, as I am in my mid forties with crappy knees. As an easy (rated, but my bare A, grin) climb that is easily accessible, there were quite a few people on the trail, back and forth. One thing that was consistent was greetings, kindness, willingness to engage in brief conversation, and although it wasn't needed, an obvious all out effort to aid any person in need. Every time I have been on a hike or climb in natural surroundings, these have been the conditions.

It is this way because at 12000-14000+ feet above sea-level, there are no police, no firefighters, no medivac. Sure, those things can be called upon, but if you are in the weeds with a sharp stick up your aspiration, there's no 911. The people there have engaged in a situation and know that this is their liability and responsibility as a brief but immediate community.

In the cities, people lay off the liability for their entire existence and life-force to corporations and strangers. At the same time they assume that these systems of convenient delivery cannot fail. This is the mindset that increases the growth of police, military, government, corporation and religion.

We have lost our connection to nature. If we had it, we would all be more than willing to secure, produce for and shelter our selves and our neighbors before allowing any government agent strangers to offer up their services for a handsome fee.

Nature in America means watching the NG channel. It means going to the city zoo and howling at the animals, as if the howlers didn't belong there. It means throwing another bag of Sevin on your flower beds because you saw a bug. It means stomping life, and then wondering why you live in a society of death worship and poisoned greens.

America may very well be the place you belong. It will get extremely bad here before it gets calm. Stay in stability and send your message with calm mind and presence. I know your projection, and it is global, as I am global. In the same breath, we are universal.

There has never been a greater environmental disaster than the systematic killing of the Native American Peoples. After that concerted effort to murder nature for profit, America has been the profit driven corporate, war minded life killer it always was intended to be. The profits are running dry; guess what's left?

Visible said...

I'm in Germany at the moment. Yes, it is way, way better but not 'in' Frankfart, oh no. Further south is much better and there are other good places too.


ChewyBees, you are something else.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Ides of Hell are Calling your Name.



Joseph Brenner

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