Monday, January 31, 2022

"You do THIS, and... THAT happens. You do THAT, and... THIS happens. It Really isn't Rocket Science."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Tavistock and MKUtra are twisted creatures who delight in perverting the sacred parts of humanity... growing human ears on pig's bodies, chasing the darkness no matter where their test tubes might lead. They have a real-life Island of Dr. Moreau in these places. It doesn't dawn on them that they come back as the people and animals they previously experimented on... over and over and over again. It never dawns on the people who make the huge errors in the drama of life that they will have to account for them all.

The game is fixed, and not in the way the conspiracy-minded will tell you; keeping in mind that there are ALWAYS conspiracies, but... guess who is listening in? The game is absolutely under the control of The Supreme Being... AT ALL TIMES, and outside of time to the furthest reach of The Akasha, and beyond into the unimaginable, which exists only in The Mind of God.

The same people now hold the record for the two biggest scams in the last hundred years; The Holocaust Hoax, and... Covid and The Killer Vaccines. These same people are the bankers who own all the politicians, AND The Media, and who apply the pressure when they want whenever they want something. They created the virus and then provided the vaccines; ALL THE VACCINES. It is beyond dispute what they are up to. Meanwhile... people's lives are ruined by the horrors of The Killshots. People are dropping dead. Women are miscarrying. This is not speculation. I am not making this up.

These are powerful people in their sphere. Did you see Joe Rogan knuckle down and kiss the ring yesterday? He's falling all over himself seeking that Good Housekeeping Seal (awk!! Awk!!) He's going to do everything he can to help stop the spread of misinformation and... when The Truth shows up, as it did with Dr. Malone, he's going to make sure that Wolf Blitzer... or some real empirical wizard, with Cliff Notes in hand can show up and take The Truth down a few pegs. You betcha!!!

These people are without conscience. They are of the Demonic Kingdom, living through the human form in bodies they have hijacked through the bad and selfish behavior that let the demons in, to begin with. Then... over time, they take over every aspect of the person until all humanity is erased. Heaven is well aware of all of this, permits it... even designs it for the Purpose of Demonstration. People without vision cannot comprehend how a deity... whose every facet of being is a permutation of Love, could allow the things that happen in this world to take place. You must remember that the cycling of a Yuga covers vast reaches of time. The Kali Yuga is the shortest yuga and it is also the Judgment and payback time of Karma from all other times in the yuga. It is the age in which certain things are resolved.

Is The Kali Yuga at an end? It cannot end until The Avatar appears. Scripture is clear on this, but... The Avatar is coming, so... yes... The Kali Yuga is coming to an end, but maybe not for everyone right away because it is that important to them. I don't know what figures you use to decide when an age ends and a new one begins. I do know that whatever math and conclusions you have, you got from someone else. I have no conclusions. I don't know about that. I do know that The Avatar is coming. More than that... I don't know.

People make themselves mad trying to define God... poorly defining God, and fighting the idea that there is a God. The False Self believes there is no God but itself. Each case is different and for some, it is a long time coming, but... they all discover that they are nothing at all, sooner or later... nothing at all; a wisp of smoke from a cigarette in a doorway of some no-name town, somewhere down a side street, as The Cosmos drives by.

Okay... We've jumped around a bit through The World of Appearances, where desperate minds reach around for something to hold on to. There is none of it you can hold on to. It is all ephemeral and evanescent. It's some cotton candy substance that they spin the clouds from. You can get trapped in it, but... you can't hold on to it; how does that make sense? Yeah... I don't get it either, but I do get it. It makes sense and nonsense at the same time, and if you can hold those two opposing perspectives in your mind at the same time... you're on your way.

On your way where? Exactly. From what I hear, you don't get anywhere you do not already happen to be. You don't discover new things. You REMEMBER what you have forgotten. You already are what you are trying to be. You just can't see it because of the scarves of Samskara over your eyes. You can't see yourself; not really. Otherwise... you would see yourself in everyone you meet. That is what The Masters and Initiates can do. Why is this? It is because it is true. Everyone else is you that took a different route, that sings on a different ray, from a different landing on The Eternal Stairs, about life seen from that point of view, until it moves beyond you. When you can see yourself in everyone, shining through the personal darkness they have wrapped themselves in; the tight weave of Fear and Appetite that gives the appearance of substance to their presence here... you have become Realized.

The simple key is to manage attraction and aversion and treat these two charlatans the same. The key is to be indifferent to either. You rise above the mechanical cause and effect of seeming random occurrence that becomes precise patterns leading you back again and again... for as often as you are reactive to it... for as long as you choose to be engaged in it.. You do THIS, and... THAT happens. You do THAT, and... THIS happens. It really isn't Rocket Science. The greatest tool to managing attraction and aversion is... (drum roll) Impersonal Love.

People torment themselves with endless questions... all while being driven by Fear and Appetite. The Truth is that they are unwilling to let go. They still want THIS... and they still want THAT. Cut yourself loose and put yourself voluntarily in the service of Love for... eternity, and you will be free as any bird that soars on the invisible zip-lines of the sky. Everything is under control, including the birds.

Why do people give themselves no peace and argue with others through their entire residency here? They refuse to accommodate themselves to The Will of God. They believe that they should be the ones in charge although they don't know a damn thing and are well on their way to knowing even less than that. As soon as you surrender to The Ageless One who supervises all things, it is taken out of your hands. You have consciously released yourself from hand grenade ping-pong with mechanical fate. You no longer have to worry about any of it. Heaven will now take care of The Details that you previously insisted on handling yourself.

How are you supposed to handle The Details when you don't even know what most of them are? Take it off your mind and let The Professionals from The Angelic Realm handle it. They've been doing this for a really long time. They are ALWAYS willing to help... IF YOU WILL LET THEM!!! What do you think angels are even around for? They are the invisible workers (not always invisible) that handle what they are permitted to handle; it's the same with The Infernal Kingdom... if that is the direction you take. ALL roads lead to God eventually. Results may vary.

Some people want to run into a flame dancing wrathful deity; God accommodates them. Some want to see Jesus Christ; God accommodates them. Whatever suits the fancy of your imagination... so it goes. God The Father... God The Mother... God The Friend... God The Elder Brother/Sister... God The Impersonal and ineffable unmanifest... God The Child... What's your flavor? God comes in all flavors. There are religions for stupid people and religions for smart people. One God suits up for them all.

I travel The World each day for a brief period of time. I watch the endless replicating postures of people pretending to be God. Just about everyone thinks they are right. They'll go to war over it... or anything for that matter... because they are already at war with themselves. Your job is to not be in conflict with anyone. Block no one's way and no one blames you. Come into harmony with all life. It is not your job to set the standards for everyone else. Your job is to come into positive resonance ( and radiance) with all things... like The Sun.

It can be disappointing to find that so many heroes have feet of clay, not to mention... a price. Real heroes are not celebrated in this world. They are at cross purposes to The Binders. They set people free. The Dark Side does not like this, and... there are few times when The Dark Side has as much sway as it does now. It does not want to relinquish it. Well... that's not up to them, and... when you KNOW this, it changes the whole dynamic for you.

End Transmission.......

I watched a very disturbing series; two seasons actually of a show called Utopia. It's from The UK and came out in 2013. It is violent, really violent, and sociopathic. Be warned... this can be pitiless and gruesome. It is eerily like the moment we are in. It's about a virus and a vaccine. You will see things you did not expect. Last year they tried to make an American version with John Cusack. It is so woke it is intolerable and its main theme seems to be to mix as many races into improbable situations with each other as it is possible... and I mean they go to the absurd in this regard. The UK version is more tolerable. They didn't even make a season two of the American effort. It was that bad.

I also saw a film (still haven't seen the last 20 minutes) called The King's Daughter. It stars Pierce Brosnan and William Hurt in better presentations than I have seen in a long time from either. It reminds me of The Princess Bride, though it has no plot similarities... still... If you are a romantic at heart and love the supernatural when it is well done, I think you might like this. The acting, the writing, and the direction are super. I can't speak to the ending as I haven't seen it yet.

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Anonymous said...

'...a wisp of smoke from a cigarette in a doorway of some no-name town, somewhere down a side street, as The Cosmos drives by.'
Might it be that the cosmos is a tractor trailer rig?


Visible said...

at the very least. It is the whole thing passing through itself.

Leesa said...

Vis, common senses are coming down the pike... In our daily travels over the course of the last 3 months, we have noted that EVERY town we pass through 4 to 4.8 richter e/quakes happen within hours???Mmmm?..
I was watching an Australian gardening u/tube tips segment in tropical climate and the presenter
had to duck under a shelter in a torrential rainstorm..I said to my significant other
"Aww, I wish it would rain like that here!"..The next moment/instance, I paused the
video to the sound of heavy rain on our roof, we both rushed outside and revelled
under starry lit sky (we are in arid climate)..Other incidents includes calm weather
while we are inside, then turns to windy instantly, as if THAT ELEMENTAL wants
to say hello.. We have a family nest of crows in a huge gum tree out the back,
they too, say hello.. Do you summise Les, that as the Avatar approaches, these
subtle nuances, become more visceral for the eyes, ears, sixth sense awakening??
It sure FEELS like it!!!
Top o' the mornin' te ya Les, you're a gem... You make a BIG difference to peoples
journeys.. We'll meet you on the other side
Love Leesa

Anonymous said...

Yeah, like those paper loop figures Mobius strips, one sided. You can only ever be on one side.
Good analogy.

Anonymous said...

I should add, no matter how much it appears to have two sides, in reality there is only one side. People need to get use to that idea.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

A definite 'Nostrils Up'.

Anonymous said...

Just when you think a powerful voice for good is being heard above the the din of screeching demons , the voice its gone , a strong and ill wind has blown it away into the evil vortex of lies and deceit and mayhem. Joe Rogan, a flash in the pan..It happens over and over again. The reason why does not matter. Maybe the truckers will be the ones who make a break through. God works through us, as you say the Avatar may come in our hearts rather then be an actual physical presents. The good among us, those of us who see what is early happening here, know we need a leader or a movement that is not going to cave and that movement needs to gather tremendous force and strength to defeat those in charge now. God Help Us

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Re: #3

Are we related???????? ;O)

Kidding Leesa. You use some of my lingo, etc. . .

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It is the Inspiration of Love to Find The Light that Leads One into The Light."

Anonymous said...

"Everyone else is you that took a different route, that sings on a different ray, from a different landing on The Eternal Stairs, about life seen from that point of view, until it moves beyond you. When you can see yourself in everyone, shining through the personal darkness they have wrapped themselves in; the tight weave of Fear and Appetite that gives the appearance of substance to their presence here... you have become Realized."
Wow! That's really well put;much better for me than "....there but for the grace of God...etc.
It's a way for me to feel compassion for others ,which I often find very difficult but if I keep this in mind I think I'll manage it.
Of course this means I'm stealing it by committing it to memory so thank you very much.




Joseph Brenner

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