Monday, January 10, 2022

"Basic and Enduring Truths that Exist All Through the Whimsical Permutations of Humanity in Search of Itself."

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Love is the life and the magic that moves through the bloodstream of existence. Avatars come at regular intervals to spill their sanctified blood and radiate their selfless love, which redeems all the wickedness to follow and opens the way for the righteous to go home. It creates thousands of reservoirs on the etheric plane that The Wise and illuminated can drink from and pour out into the cups (hearts) of humanity. It sets The Portals and The Guardians, while Sanat Kumara creates the blueprint for what is to come on the drafting table of The Rishis who serve as The Elohim of The East, just as The Devic Realm and The Angelic Kingdom are the same place, differently presented for the perspectives of The East and The West.

All the coming consul postings of The Heavenly Hierarchy are being charted and announced. Those who handle the Stations of The Cross, all the other metaphysical service agencies get suited up, and whatever The East calls them; they get suited up too. All those who missed The Mark, east and west, are sent to The Wardrobe Department as we have previously mentioned. Certain positions continue from age to age, like Lord Vivasvan who is Sun Regent in Lord Surya's seat for 400,000,000 years. Do you think you could shine that brightly for that long? It makes me laugh to see how seriously people take themselves and the levels of self-importance they are able to maintain... for a time.

Few understand that we are all actors. Actors act and The Purpose of Demonstration is set into motion. All the dramas, high and low, are for the entertainment of Heaven whose residents watch us on the celestial television set. There is where the angels of our better nature reside. Heaven is who you want to appeal to... to woo... to gain the attention of... BEFORE you set out on the course of your ambitions. If you are strutting around in a miasma of temporary good karma, it won't last. Karma is currency. Once you spend it is it gone. Some of us choose to invest it in service and that does not get good mileage which is actually great mileage... and means you can burn up a lot of karma through the industry of selfless service. “Success is speedy for the energetic.” I do not tell you things I do not know to be true, and where it is something beyond my present understanding... it is because I trust the source I got it from... implicitly.

I would say that words are the most difficult art, but... silence, I think, is more difficult. Still... you will need Silence because how else can you answer people who ask questions for which there are no answers? Sometimes the answer travels on the Silence, and... like timed depth charges, becomes audible when the time is right. There are certain basic and enduring truths that exist all through the whimsical permutations of Humanity in search of itself. In saner times, they are more commonly understood and practiced among us... as existence spirals into disorder... which is inevitable (when people have lost their way), and as The Winds of Insanity blow like the Santa Anna through Southern Kalifornia... these truths become buried under the sands that once were the cinder blocks of fallen cities... now... no more than dust and debris.

Every time I watch the poseurs and pretenders of any present time, dancing through the mediums of communication technologies before the witless eyes of a comatose society... I wonder and reflect on what it might be that convinced them it was a good idea to be a clueless embarrassment before the eyes of their community. What made them think their ambitions would not only materialize but remain in place for any length of time, where the one constant is CHANGE?

I don't know how it looks to the rest of you, but to me... it looks like a large portion of the population is batshit, barking mad... and it presently has a headwind. For a long time, I have felt I should wear a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck to distinguish myself from the masses. It is like The King of Hearts these days. I can't remember how it happened but the inmates got out of the large mental institution right outside the town. It was in Europe, perhaps it was during the 2nd Rothschild World War? All the residents left and the mental patients took over as the mayor, the baker, the florist, the police and they acted out as their fantasies dictated to them. Did the Germans then occupy the town or something?

Here's a brief excerpt from a review of the film. I was wrong about most things. I got the atmosphere right though...

“It's World War I, and a Scottish Private named Plumpick (Alan Bates) is ordered to infiltrate a French village and stop a bomb that the Germans have planted from going off. Upon arriving, Plumpick discovers the entire village deserted, except for the patients of the local insane asylum, who have been left behind. The patients soon escape the asylum, play dress-up with the various clothes they find lying around the village, and take it over. Not only this, but they crown Plumpick their king! With the German army still in the vicinity nearby, Plumpick must find the bomb, diffuse it, and save his "subjects" from certain death....”

I saw this film when it came out in the '60s and never forgot having seen it. It remains a profound metaphor in my mind. I have come to see it realized in modern times. Do you have any idea how crazy teacher's unions are, now that they are being administered by The Usual Suspects? This is the same source for the bizarre sexual and historical perversities being taught at EVERY LEVEL of the education system. BLM...Antifa... Critical Race Theory...The Gay jackboots... the Communist agitators, ALL are the product of these twisted curriculums. All of these are creations of The Usual Suspects, doing 'ground and pound' on our humanity. They are really crazed in The Crown Colonies round The World where The Usual Suspects are much more deeply entrenched in the governing of the lands. Look at what is happening in Scotland!!!

The main tenet of the Satanic agenda, now running at high tide through all of the planet's institutions; here, there, and everywhere is... ATHEISM. They had enforced atheism in the Bolshevik countries, before it all fell apart, just as what they are presently attempting will fade away to nothing at the appointed time.

You cannot convince insincere people that you are sincere. They see you and they say, well... if I was like that this is what I would be. The thief sees everyone else as a thief. The liar believes that everyone is lying to them. The bombastic and self-aggrandizing become infuriated when someone else gets more attention than they do. The corrupt see everyone else as corrupt. Many see the whole world as a cock-blocking interference of their plans. With rare exceptions, nearly everyone is crazy now. The glitter and magnetism of Materialism are irresistibly hypnotic. In Times of Material Darkness, there are countless souls born to lose. The climate of resentment, envy... jealousy is near suffocating in these time. Millions of people DID NOT BOTHER to learn about, “certain basic and enduring truths that exist all through the whimsical permutations of Humanity in search of itself.”

Take a look at the mindless icons who are most followed by the public these days, and that will tell you all you need to know about the public and its state of mind. Hundreds of millions of them want to be like these people who have no USEFUL talents whatsoever. Gladly would they trade all there is of themselves to be a moth in the candlelight.

Here is what I have learned about life. There are those who have given up on life. Their selfish nature has come to predominate. Satan is the very image of cold and selfish. There is a cold and hard core of resentment at the center of their being... because they have failed at life. They do not want to hear a positive message. If they have turned their world to shit from selfish pursuits, then... the whole world must be shit too. You cannot stop and explain yourself. If your own life is a testimony to what you do, then... that is all that matters. I am not Gloom and Doom, I will not wind up among them when the sorting takes place.

I will close with something from Eknath Easwaran's translation of The Bhagavad Gita. He intros each chapter with a wonderfully concise commentary. This is one of them;

“When he departs from this body, he ascends with the rays of the sun, repeating the syllable Om. As soon as he thinks of it, he comes to the sun. That, indeed, is the door to the next world. Those who know enter; those who do not know are stopped.

There is a verse:

A hundred and one subtle tracks lead from the heart;
One of these goes upwards to the crown of the head.
Going up by it, he goes to eternal life.
Others depart in various directions.

In the Gita, as well as in this passage from the Chandogya Upanishad, the mantra Om is used. If the yogis can remember the mantram even as consciousness itself is departing the body – and, the Gita adds, if they can meditate on Krishna – they will go to the “highest goal.” Relinquishing the body in a state of samadhi, they attain the mystic eternity that is union with Krishna.

In this chapter, the Gita alludes to the two paths, “northern” and “southern,” that the soul may take after death. Verses 24–25 present in abbreviated form what the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad spells out in obscure detail:

Those who know this, who meditate upon Truth with faith while living in the forest, go to the light, from light to day, from day to the fortnight of the moon’s waxing, from the waxing fortnight to the six months of the sun’s northern journey, from those six months to the world of the devas, from the world of the devas to the sun, from the sun to the lightning. Then a spirit approaches them and leads them to the world of Brahman. In that world, they live for eternal ages. They do not return again.

But those who conquer worlds through sacrifice, charity, and austerity pass into the smoke, from the smoke into the night, from the night into the fortnight of the waning moon, from the fortnight of the waning moon into the six months of the sun’s southern journey, from there into the world of the ancestors, from the world of the ancestors into the moon... and from there to rebirth."

Why did I post this particular section? One of these is the direction I am going in. I do not know what others intend. I do not care what is involved. I don't care how long it takes. This is the direction I am going in. You are welcome to drop in on me if you are ever motivated to do so. There are countless realms of being one can exist in. Some are sublime and beautiful beyond the reach of words to explain. Some are horrific in a similar indefinable sense. It is your choice which (or any of these) you arrive at. You are ALWAYS heading somewhere and that is defined by WHAT YOU THINK and SAY, and DO. You make manifest all that you encounter. It is you who decided on your area of residence and the neighborhoods that attend it.

“No!” you scream. I did not want this to happen!” Yeah... you did.

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A few links, still looking for positive news to counterbalance all that is not=

Via Brighteon
This will probably be too exhaustively complex for most of you... so, you could fast forward to the 40-minute mark (where she goes into actual conditions and circumstances), or... you could listen to the whole thing. This cigarette and whiskey-voiced woman is the closest I have seen of someone being remarkable about The Stars. I find her fascinating and credible. I met only one other person in my life at her level of understanding and that was Robert Aiken; now gone on to better things. I am not recommending her perspective... however... she is a deep one and you will get something from her, if metaphysics appeals to you=
Just So You Know , God of Mammon

Via Breitbart
Well, what do you expect?=
Fox News Drinks the Trans Kool-Aid

Via Gateway Pundit
Wheels... within Wheels... within wheels as depth charges, placed long ago begin to explode at the bottom of the sea and cause long anchored turds to surface=
“Non-Partisan” Judge Who Ordered PRIVATE COMPANY “Cyber Ninjas” To Give Up Personal Communications To Leftist Newspaper Or Face $50K/Day Fine Donated To Campaigns of Anti-Trump US Lawmakers

Via Gateway Pundit
Where did they get the idea she was talented or beautiful? I think I am looking at virtual Anne Frank back from the dead to die again and as proof, of some kind... that Israelis are just as vulnerable as you. What's the real message with this put-up obit? If you read carefully you can see this is an intricate web using every heartstring that can be pulled in order to make this one transcendent above the common folk= same as they ever was.
14-Year-Old Israeli American Girl Suffers and Dies from COVID Vaccine – Makes a Video of Her Story Five Days Before Her Death

Via Breitbart
Yes... it is going to get much worse in places, for The Purpose of Demonstration=
George Osborne Backs Colston Statue Smashers, Compares to King-Killer Cromwell

George Osborne

Via ZeroHedge
Yes... much worse in places. This WILL NOT end well=
Skyscrapers Go for Woke

Affirmation Tower
Affirmation Tower, first skyscraper to be built by African Americans

Via Daily Wire
This is one of the newer sites for The Usual Suspects to perform their controlled opposition through pretender Ben Shapiro. However... this is a key to what is happening, as is the last link=
Matt Walsh Suspended From Twitter Over Transgender Tweets:
Here’s What Twitter Has Censored

Matt Walsh Tweet


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Uh, that skyscraper. . .um. . .if I were to design something, the base would be occupying more square footage than the top. As for that Israeli dead kid bein' beautiful/talented. . .what can I say? SHE AIN'T NO SAM TOBEY!

Visible said...

Well, it is a comfort that I did not know who Sam Tobey is. I often do not know who someone is, but... in this case, now I do.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Sam adds a whole new meaning to 'ball o' fire'. Poetry in motion are her videos. Looks like a Celtic war goddess. Macha the Red has some stiff competition here.

Anonymous said...

"Tragic Israeli" girl certainly gave "literally" a good outing. I couldn't stand more than a minute of her tripe.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"You Would Know Better than Anyone Else what Your Footprints Look Like From The Moment You are Standing In."



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