Wednesday, January 26, 2022

"Love... You Have to Work It Until It Works You. Love Is the Manifest Presence of the Unseen Ineffable that is God."

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The censoring becomes more pervasive and selective by the day. People who tell the truth about conditions and events are routinely mocked by the hydra-headed media AND the anonymous comment sector. Evidence of it streams by me in every moment. A deliberate effort is afoot to make the cities lawless zones where criminals hunt with impunity. We are relentlessly assaulted by the doings of sexual degenerates and the clinically insane. They are going after the next generations. They are destroying their capacity for critical thinking and making them question everything about themselves that falls outside of The Police State Mind.

Psychopaths with deep pockets are consolidating their power among the witless and willing. They have made Bread and Circuses into a full-time event. I could go on for pages about what I see that indicates a world out of balance. People have been driven mad by vicious attacks on their sexual nature. Every agenda now has its enforcers. If you fall out of sorts with them, they will come after you... except when they don't, (or can't) and that is a curious thing.

Nothing anyone can say or do is going to bring life back on to an even keel. Certain events, apparently... must take place. Even now... hundreds of thousands, millions have been poisoned by vaccines specifically designed to that end. They were smart about it. They made various batches, so as to give different readings. Some of the vaccine batches were simply salt shots... placebos. Some are a death cocktail. It might not kill you right away, but... it will make your life a living hell.

In the midst of the shocking changes of recent years, stands an army of the intellectually comatose. It seems that they cannot be awakened. Now their systems are charged with a strange chemistry that will facilitate en masse control of them. To what end? Entertainment and the media have already dumbed them down to Beavis and Butthead-speak. The schools that have purposely killed out objectivity and independent thinking have done their part. Most importantly... they got to the kids in Middle School and twisted their sexual understanding. Now... nothing else will work right either. We are in a time of nihilism and fatal despair.

So far... this may have been the most negative four paragraphs I have ever strung together, and I have barely scratched the surface of the matter. To put it bluntly... there is a great deal of mean and nasty shit going on. Many of us who come here, have the good sense to be at a distance from it. It is not a matter only of that... however. What matters is what is inside us. It is that which tunes us to a certain pitch in relation to what is outside of us. Everything is vibration and all vibration is controlled by thought and feeling, most especially through a tandem effort of the two. All creation comes about in this way... as well as the certain destruction to follow, because all form is temporary.

What can you do when The World is losing its mind? My first thought is that you should keep control of your own. What others do is their concern... even though we are our brother's keeper, if... we know the basic truth of existence which connects all things to each other. There is harmony and there is disharmony and you will have to sort that out to your own satisfaction.

I could never understand why people would go to race tracks to watch a bunch of mobile billboards go round and round in a circle. I could add an exhaustive litany of examples of things I am unable to understand the attraction for, but... that's just me. The point is that tens of thousands of people attend these events, and I have been told on several occasions that one of the main reasons which draw people to these spectacles, is the possibility of terrible accidents.

I've been in the crowds at martial arts competitions; not often, but now and again. I've been to a very few music concerts and none of them very large except for Altamont. I've watched videos of crowds at rap concerts. I've seen how certain segments of the population behave. This is why I rarely (and these days... never) attend public gatherings of any size. I'm a student of history. I have often wondered what made people go to the French battlegrounds in the First Rothschild World War. I have many questions about the Second Rothschild World War as well. What causes people to willingly go and die in Banker Wars? I realize now that it is the same combination of inducements and pressures that causes them to get vaccinated for a non-existent pandemic.

When I first heard about this Coronavirus, I thought it was just another one of those seasonal maladies that have been coming around since people got here. As you know, they have been hammering on people to get their flu shots for a long time now. I never bothered nor ever will. Then I saw where they were attributing the deaths that used to be due to Natural Causes, Old Age, Obesity, Compromised Immune Systems, and whathaveyou to the same cause. Then I saw where The Common Cold and Seasonal Flu, and everything else within reach were all under the umbrella of COVID. I know a scam when I see it. I may not always catch on right away, but I do catch on because I NEVER stop paying attention.

When I looked into the vaccines, I saw that there were a number of ingredients that don't belong in a vaccine. As I looked deeper into the forensics, I saw that the vaccines were not even vaccines, just like the virus wasn't what it was made out to be either. I may not know entirely... why THEY are lying. What I do know is that THEY ARE LYING. This does not surprise me, since they lie all of the time anyway. Now... their bad ideas have gotten so out of hand and are bringing them so much scorn that they must now start a war somewhere and... this they are doing. They are poking The Bear. Anyone with any sense knows that you do not poke The Bear. This is going to prove to be one of the great historical screw-ups. Everything... these days... is a screw-up. It's an apocalypse.

In recent postings, I have talked a great deal about Love. Love or Panic is what you do when you can't think of what else to do. It is also what you should have been doing in the first place. Love creates an aura around you. It requires a degree of persistence, but you can accomplish this if you try. There is no Option B.

I mention Love because it is the solution to EVERY concern you have or may have at any time to come. I might as well be speaking Greek to most people (except for Greeks) because they have done little in their life to exercise their love beyond their possessions, which includes all of their familial contacts. Most love is selfish love and it won't get you very far. In order for Love to be truly effective, and to operate at a wide reach, it has to be Impersonal and Selfless. That is The Love that God feels for us. That is The Love we see expressed by The Sun. That is the Love that Initiates practice in all their interactions. The Sun shines on both The Good and The Evil. This is what it does. We are advised to do the same.

If you find Love attractive (well... it is The Attractive Force), if you would like to be a great lover, I suggest you model yourself on The Sun. We live in a world of incessant, “Yeah... but(s).” We live in a world of persistent argument. It is the presence of argument in many minds that leads to war. The majority of us are plagued by internal conflicts and these WILL surface at some point. Whatever you are thinking and feeling most is what is certain to appear in your life. We think things into being, and when feeling attends the thought, the process is accelerated.

All of these words... just to get around to saying that Love is all you need. It doesn't matter what is going on outside of you. It does matter what is going on inside of you. This is what sets up the polarities and relationships that form around you. If you can channel all of your thoughts and feelings into thoughts and feelings of Love, angels will be drawn to you. Love is the essence of Divine Harmony and when you possess it, all life... anywhere around you... is aware of it. Some factions may not like it, but they do know to stay away. Eventually... even the hardest hearts can be melted by the gentle rain of unfaltering Love.

There is no seminar where you can go to learn this. I don't care what the advertisements say. It is already present within you. It simply isn't put to use much. It is like those old-time hand crank water pumps that used to be outside of every home without indoor plumbing. I've shared this image before. When you first start cranking it, nothing happens. After a number of cranks, dirty water, rusty water comes running out of the spout. If you keep cranking... in due course, the water will run bright and clean. This is how it is with Love. You MUST exercise it.

Or... you might think of Love as a flame in the heart to which a bellows might be applied. I don't care what it is that we are talking about, you have to exercise it if you want it to grow. You have to attend it. You have to water it. You have to shine on it. If you lament about not having enough Love... you have to work it until it works you. Love is the manifest presence of the unseen ineffable.

Many others have spoken and written about this, and some have done it much better, but they are ALL in agreement about Love. Why is it so difficult for people to understand this? It is because of our selfish nature. We need to learn to read The Book of Nature. We need to love without reserve, as if that were all we do, regardless of what it may appear that we are up to. Love is a shield AND the greatest protector you have... against Viruses and Vaccines... against all the turmoil of these times... against ignorance and obstinance... against every argument and conflict. Only Love is victorious overall and over all. Hell is the absence of Love.

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Anonymous said...

That was lovely. Thank you, Visible!

Love, Priscilla

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Another 'Nostrils Up'!

Anonymous said...

Despite all the negative things going on out there, at least where I am, some degree of hope and love is returning. I went to the trucker convoy yesterday and I can tell you this, people are finally coming together in a really big way. It took 2 years of misery but that is ending now at least in one way. People have been injured and killed but some battles are yet to be fought and won by our side of brotherly love. You may not like this guy in the video, but where I come from he represents us at this time. YeeHaw. The time for action is at hand. No more self pity and no obedience to assholes in positions of power thousands of miles away.
From the land of ice and snow.
Please pass this video around, I think this fellow has talent, a sense of humor, and is a true spirit with a big heart. YeeHaw.
I know this is not your style Mr. V. my apology in advance, someone else may find it as inspiring as I did.

Visible said...

Actually, my style is determined by whether it is true or not. I am actually quite fond of Canadians. That is the majority of my neighbors. They are true-blue when it comes to their humanity... generous and with open hearts. The video was a little long for my tastes. Otherwise, I am glad to see it. I suspect a false flag is on the horizon so that they can continue what the pandemic did not achieve.

Anonymous said...

It is a long video.
Its a very long drive too. Not many people up in Canada, few and far between.
Surprized that, that many people showed up at -28C. A hearty bunch though.

How about the latest on Neil Young:
Neil Young was last seen shaking his fist at the neighbor’s kids, yelling ‘you kids get off my lawn!’


Steve said...

I one hundred percent agree with you regarding the love vibration, it should be worked upon and nurtured. Kind regards Steve

Anonymous said...

“The coward says in his heart “There is no love.” Because, standing in the shadows of the big, grand, and powerful existence of love, his small spirit is left feeling even smaller and less significant. And so he chooses to deny the existence of love altogether. Because he is too small to have it.”
― C. JoyBell C.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Carnal Mind Sees Him in the Anthropomorphic Absurdity of the False Self Writ Large."

Anonymous said...

'conscience doth make cowards of us all'
As Hamlet ought to know. Shucks, he even readily admits as much..

"Oh what a rogue and peasant slave am I.../ Am I a coward.../I am pigeon-livered and lack gall/ To make oppression bitter" -

Ouch! (lol)



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