Thursday, September 09, 2021

"Love is the Lifeblood of the Heavenly Body, AKA as the Body of Glory. Love is What Makes it Incandescent."

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You don't hear about God from those on The Left at all. If occasionally you do, it is all venom and disparagement, directed at the tradition or the believers. That segment of The Separated Mind is Atheistic because it has been programmed by atheists, through the education system, and especially in Higher Education. A good way to take over a country is to kill people's faith in a finer life and a finer world; to kill their hope is to bring them despair.

As I began gravitating toward more and more commentary on the ineffable, the webmasters at the larger alternative news sites grew increasingly colder toward me, until my presence at any of them just bled out. It is rare to find people living an actual spiritual life. In most cases, it's a Front, when it isn't a direct affront.

In no way do I present myself as an expert on the intricacies of invisible life. All Visible Life is emergent from invisible life, so... to not care to be aware of this, and to not act accordingly, seems to me a dangerous and ignorant way to travel. I shudder at the thought of it. The 23rd Psalm makes the right road, and the right mindset clear.

There is a simmering rage that is moving across the landscape. It's in the streets and the supermarkets, in the watering holes of the night, and in the private dwellings of everyone subjected to the invisible and visible threats being directed at them. Fear and apprehension are afoot.

An obvious struggle is taking place between those hypnotized by Political Correctness, and those who see through to its real intentions. People are fighting at school board meetings, on planes, and other forms of transportation. Children are being attacked. Sure... you can look to COVID and the vile rules being enforced by those who use it for social control. You can reference the election fraud that took place some months ago, and the divide it created between the scoffers, and those who had the sense that something was off. Now... hard physical truth has been revealed in Arizona and Georgia and is soon to come to other locations.

A battle (metaphorically) for the soul of the nation is taking place in Kalifornia. Yesterday, the leading opposition candidate was attacked by demented Communist agitator bots. It is heating up. The Vaccine putsch is not working, and the hidden Underlords are getting restless because they are On the Clock, and The Clock is ticking. It doesn't help that they are subjected to stern warnings and admonitions in their heads, and the hot breath on the backs of their necks is a nice touch.

It is here that I have to address how it is that I come by the information and perspectives that are presented here. Yes... I have read widely and voraciously all of my life in all traditions, and have studied Occult History. So some of my presentations draw from that. Mostly, however, it comes to me through The Intuition, and either it serves the reader to hear these things or it does not. I am CONVINCED of the legitimacy of what I hear and that is enough for me. I am aware there are people of different minds concerning this. They are welcome to that. It was never important that I convince anyone else, only that I myself am convinced, and that is confirmed and affirmed every day.

It doesn't matter to me if people come here or not. I do what I do, regardless. For some reason, there is a small sector of visitors, some who have been coming here for a long time, and who adamantly disagree with this work. Why they continue to come back with such regularity is a mystery. Recently, due to mentioning The Usual Suspects, and for simply talking about God, I am getting the occasional forays at me, which are often disguised as something else, and which will hide behind a pleasant and engaging manner until whenever it is they think it most opportune to come at me.

None of this has the slightest effect on me. I often find it amusing because people expose themselves in everything they say and do (just as do I). If you are paying attention, you can see what that amounts to. There are filters for everything, and if you know where to look, you can get whatever filters you need for Incoming and Outgoing.

I have no intention of ceasing to talk about God. God is the ONLY THING that interests me. I am incurious about everything else unless it has to do with God in one way or another. The PROFOUND mystery of God is only a mystery for so long as one has not discovered a Higher Love. Let me explain a little about what I mean when I say, Higher Love.

It is a form of Possession where one is taken over by The Love, and The Love... being alive and conscious, then shapes the lover and directs the life. One becomes either ENTIRELY reliant on it or one is notified at every juncture concerning that. It begins to live and breathe within the lover. It purifies the being. It regenerates innocence. It restores the soul. It galvanizes every particle of one's being with Love. Love is the Lifeblood of the Heavenly Body, also known as the Body of Glory. Love is what makes it Incandescent. The highest expression of light is Truth, and that is made evident by the joining of Love and Wisdom. Higher Love generates Wisdom, and the polarity between them unveils Truth. Love is VERY important. Higher Love is far, far more important.

Writing about this is exceedingly difficult. This time, let me use the analogy of Breath. Everyone breathes, and if you discuss it with them, they know it only by their own subjective experience of breathing. There is another way to breathe, which Higher Love inspires, and effects within the breather. This causes every particle of the being to vibrate in resonance with The Heavenly Plane within. You have heard about the ecstasy of saints and mystics. It is a real thing.

It comes as a kind of keen trembling, like that which causes Chicken-Skin. It is not only over the surface of the body but it rolls within in undulating waves as well. It can be disconcerting when first it happens; alarming even (grin). I speak from direct experience of this. One can think of it as God making love to you within your being. This is also a real thing. Higher Love is immune to and unassailable by ANY of the forces of this world.

Higher Love is the persona of God, and when it moves through the prism into this world it expands into variations of itself beyond description. Why would anyone devote themselves to anything but this? It is because all they know of breathing is pedestrian, and all they know of love is NOT Higher Love. There is the intercourse of brutes and the intercourse of angels. There is a GREAT difference between them, and there are stages, steps, and stair-landings that rise by degrees between them. Aspiration is The motive force that propels you inward and upward. If you love God, you are drawn to God. Why would anyone spend their time on anything else? That... is a good question and one that should be contemplated.

At no time do I imagine that I fully understand ANYTHING. At no time do I imagine that I am anything but i. The Glory and Splendor of God has humbled me in a way I shall never recover from. I only try to share in my small way those portions of my life and thought that I feel might be useful. If it isn't useful, I discard it. To be Useful, I believe, is the highest calling of all. An everlasting life of service to The Divine seems like Paradise to me. This largely sums me up. Whether you believe I am sincere or not is up to you, and that doesn't matter either. I don't do what I do for you or anyone. If one is served here by something they read, it is ancillary, a byproduct to the main theme of serving Heaven.

It is my desire to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth within me, and to radiate it anonymously in a constant manner. Others have aspired to this as well, driven by the relentless impulse of Higher Love. The Avatar embodies it and brings it as an imprimatur of Heaven when he comes, and the effect of it is good enough to feed and fuel the centuries until he comes again. Of course, it is beyond my power to bring The Kingdom of Heaven to Earth, BUT... it is NOT beyond God's power. One must start from wherever they are on this Great Work. It is the fruit of the industry of lifetimes of a singular purpose.

Conversely, there are those of a carnal mindset who come and go here for no other reason than to feed their appetites and satiate their material desires. I have no quarrel with them, and I know better than to broach the subject. However... when one anonymously and invisibly radiates The Kingdom of God, there is no telling what might happen within the reach of the aura of The Kingdom.

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"(this was a rough first take)
"All romance is about the search for God and union with our own true nature. That's what this is about.""


Ray B. said...

(Before reading blog...)

Well, the clamps are tightening :
(Warning, this is from a site that believes The Establishment...)

"Biden signed an executive order Thursday requiring COVID-19 vaccines for millions of federal workers plus millions more federal contractors. The new vaccine mandate eliminates a previous option that allowed federal workers to undergo regular testing in lieu of vaccination.

In addition to mandating vaccines for federal workers, Biden will also require vaccination for over 17 million health care workers who work at facilities that receive federal funding. The administration had previously required vaccination for all staff of federally funded nursing homes. The new requirements will extend vaccine mandates to hospitals, dialysis facilities, ambulatory surgical settings, and home health agencies—most facilities that receive Medicaid and Medicare reimbursements."

Ray B. said...

Vis, a 'Higher' blog. Thanks!

Vis: "That segment of The Separated Mind is Atheistic because it has been programmed by atheists, through the education system, and especially in Higher Education."

As a breath of fresh air to the above, there are some who are Awake. I was at a u-pick strawberry patch today. (Yum!) While paying for my gatherings, I mentioned it was the one-year anniversary of a wind-whipped fire which swept-through two towns near here. The lady behind the counter slipped-out a photo which showed her burned-down residence, and related a story.

The day before that fire, she had a strong premonition of something Bad going to happen. (She clutched her stomach in relating it.) She had previously had different precognition experiences, so she set-about insuring her belongings. She got household insurance paid over-the-phone and signed-off that night. The next day, while at work, she lost it all in the huge blaze. Big payout. Good that she both listened and acted... (She camped-out at a friend's farm.)

As this lady related several stories, it became evident that she had a strong connection to the Unseen. A natural Sensitive, as it were. I did not pry into her background, but it was refreshing to meet a Connected Mind...
Vis: "It comes as a kind of keen trembling, like that which causes Chicken-Skin. It is not only over the surface of the body but it rolls within in undulating waves as well."

I had a version of this, early this morning. Lots and lots of Higher Vibes moving into me from Higher Self. Hard to describe. Very intense. Pleasant, but also half-electrocuting. And finally, a tapering-off when my various bodies have had all that they could 'absorb' at this point...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Well, 'tis obvious the wrong side of history is falling apart; and you do a good job of reminding us of it. Your posts a a breath of fresh air. A lighthouse in the dark. I send you 10 virtual nose pets, two virtual snorfles for your nose, and a virtual hug. Rock on!

Ray B. said...

Just saw a great joke:

Q. Why do the elite hate Ivermectin?

A. Because it is anti-parasitical.

Anonymous said...

"It is my desire to bring the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth within me, and to radiate it anonymously in a constant manner."That is a beautiful statement and probably divinely inspired.

Anonymous said...

Gotta have my daily dose of "Visible" to get me through another day in and out of bizarro world.

Just stopping in to say "thank you", and WOW! And "hi" to the kids in the peanut gallery who make
this little group of Visible (mostly) fans an interesting lot to say the least. I love it when the "old timers"
show up and it feels like an old friend stopped by for a visit. One day i would LOVE to see everyone who
has read the blog to stop by the comment section and say, well, something.

All kidding aside, thank you again for the valuable content and commentary. And the songs (wink).

Love, Priscilla

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"We are Surrounded by Evidence of Eternal Life but the Temporary Senses do not Report on It."

lilbear said...

My mom always said to keep yourself useful(todays her birthday, 80 years young woo hoo)I doubt if I'll live that long, and the way things are going here thats looking like a good thing.

I'm with you..God is everything. I actually like thinking about God, even though I usually dont get far in my musing. At this stage in my development He/She is beyond my level of comprehension. But I know He's here and everywhere. I dont need to see Him with my lying unreliable eyes. Like seeing something with your physical eyes can prove anything. Hopefully(and God willing) I'll better understand.

And I agree with you, Kalifornia does feel like its going to implode any day now. I'm sure it will be epic and make world wide headlines. It will also no doubt have repercussions globally. Make sure you have a good seat for the show.




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