Thursday, September 30, 2021

"Three Things are Needed to Bring ANYONE up to Speed; Faith... Certitude, and Determination."

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No one is more dangerous to everyone else than are social reformers. And never have there been so many as there are now. It is an actual movement being financed by The Central Bankers. If there is a major problem in The World anywhere today, they are behind it. They move in the background, using world leaders and lawmakers as their proxies. They pave your way... and you do what they say; or else.

Now we have people doing bad things for what they say are the right reasons, which means that moral standards and self-restraint are no longer valid mindsets. Garbage in and garbage out... Solving and resolving the situation is akin to unraveling The Gordian Knot. Alexander (as legend has it) took care of that by drawing his sword and cutting it in two. The Avatar will be bringing the sorting machine. Like a traffic cop, he will wave you through in the direction you are determined to go. There will be far fewer of us at some point in time.

We are all in various stages of imperfection, and we learn in cooperation only when we are capable of being taught. Before that, it's a smack to the left and a smack to the right, with a boot straight ahead to follow. We have to pay attention or our attention is gotten somehow, through enticement or intimidation; probably whatever works best, combined with a hearty assortment of our own past acts coming back on us. It's the Whitman's Karma Sampler.

♫ You put your left foot in, you take your right foot out, you put your left foot in and you shake it all about ♫ “Shaken... not stirred.” NOTHING is harder to accomplish than lasting change because there is no such thing. It will change yet again. In The Manifest World, change is the one true constant. Does it not make sense to take both feet out and stop shaking either one about? The Personality both suffers and thrives in The Manifest World. The Real Self is triumphant and unassailable, in and by The Manifest World. As long as you are engaged in its nonsense, you CANNOT see clearly, and you cannot escape it. You need help. Perhaps you have been told that “You better call Saul.” Neither Saul... nor any other lawyer can help you with this problem.

Life is very much like a river. Sometimes it's a lazy stream, and sometimes it is a roiling torrent. Sometimes it goes left and sometimes it goes right. This may seem simplistic; “Hey Buddy! My problems are a lot more complex!” People like to take their problems and groom them up like a pure breed at The Westminster Dog Show. They like to trot them around in public. People come up and pet it on the head, telling you what a lovely problem you have. People invest in their problems. Most of the time, they have little interest in fixing them. They ARE their problems. They would not recognize themselves without them. Eventually, the problem manifests in their bodies and proves terminal.

I have to EMPHASIZE again that The World is becoming crazier and crazier. That is the REAL Pandemic. Covid is a mere byproduct. Everything you see these days is the result of people losing it. Why is human insanity the worldwide state of affairs now? A Great Change has come sweeping through the human mind, and most cannot handle it. Their panic and loss of the sense of self is their reaction to it. This is The Awakening. It has ONLY just begun. In the early stages, we are seeing the negative results first. The weakest people with the most twisted perspectives are the ones with the weakest links in the chains that bind. Both their internal gyroscope and their moral compass are broken. They are experiencing what happens when the Gods decide to make you mad, as a prelude to destroying you. We are especially seeing this among celebrities and world power brokers.

Who are these “Gods” of which I speak? They are the enduring archetypes of your own Higher Nature. They are the part of you that wins in the end, though it may take forever and a day to accomplish it. You are a MICROCOSM. You are a reflection of The Macrocosm, via The Macroprosopus. Here is where it gets interesting. The pure light of Heaven moves down the planes into the shadow worlds. There are various reverse filters that cloud the mirror, alter the template, and result in an imperfect representation of the original Heavenly Pulse. We must aspire to get higher and closer to The Source. As we do, we become an ever more accurate representation of what we were intended to be in the first place.

Remember the Devil's Pitchfork? That is the cosmic goad that drives you forward. It also drives you toward, and into whatever your Mind Fever has made attractive to you. Then... by The Purpose of Demonstration, you discover through your own direct experience, the meaning and the value of everything you encounter. Very often, the outcome is painful. It is ONLY painful for so long as you hold on to it.

Mahatma Gandhi was asked if he could sum up his life in 25 words. He said he could do it in 3; “Renounce and Enjoy.” When you let go of what is hurting you, it stops hurting you. When your thoughts and your feeling are conflicted and tortured, they will precipitate down into your physical form and become disease and discomfort. THAT... is how it works. Perhaps it might be helpful to pay attention to the messages imprinting on you AND conditioning you. It is the influence of The World speaking to Appetite and Desire. Reject it all out of hand!

If you don't know that you are being played, you WILL continue to be played. You have a remarkable opportunity before you now. With The Coming of the Avatar, the force of his transforming Love and Wisdom are radiating out before him, as is ALWAYS the case. If you are SENSITIVE to it, you can embrace it, and it will wash away all of The Ties that Bind. Liberation will come to you. This is a real thing. I am not making this up.

Perhaps you think something else is happening. Maybe you think The World is turning to shit. The World has always been shit, gold-plated, and made attractive, like the worm on the fishing hook. As Lao Tzu said, “even a fish would survive if it kept its mouth shut.” That applies in every sense you can understand it in.

I have been told by sources that I trust that The Avatar IS coming, and may already be here. I have also studied many ancient texts and the Cosmic Clock. I have studied the nature of Apocalypse. I have even been visited by an entity called Mr. Apocalypse on several occasions for hours at a time. There has been many a message come to me in recent years, and ALL of them indicate the same thing. I well understand that this can make me appear to be crazy as well; especially by those whom I consider to be possessed lunatics. Well, I know... in as profound a manner as I am capable of, that you must go mad to discover Truth. If you think of The World as an ocean, those driven mad in a spiritual fashion, become a seashell beyond the reach of The Sea (or ocean, as you prefer).

There are different kinds of Crazy. There is ALSO, Senility, and Regenerated Innocence. There is Pure Light and False Light. There is Awakened, and there is Woke. There are traps that look like escape hatches, and there are escape hatches that can only be seen in The Right Light. Whether I am considered loony for believing in The Avatar, given the historical facts of The Avatar coming again and again, and given the titanic accomplishments of those who believed as I do, if I am crazy... I am in very good company.

I do not write these posts for those who have no interest in them or who object to the very idea of God. I don't appeal for money. I don't work to increase my traffic, and I don't care one way or the other if anyone comes here or believes anything I say. I am only fulfilling a commission, and the results will be what the results will be. Time will tell and we shall see.

It is my hope and prayer that many will respond to The Awakening in a Positive manner, and achieve a positive outcome. I work as a Herald. If I hear angels singing then I will sing Harmony; thirds... or fifths or in a compatible minor. I listen intensely all through my day. I do little else that does not include that. You hear what I hear, within the limited framework of my knowledge and abilities. Surely you can see that something big is happening in this world. You may attribute it to other sources. I do not. Perhaps we will all find what we believe to be true. That will prove either very good or very bad.

I understand how hard it is to believe in what you cannot see. This is most especially true in these times. The bombastic deceits of the committed liars rule the airwaves. I am very fortunate to be given evidence of what cannot be seen with mortal eyes. I KNOW there are others out there who have had their own share of experiences, and who wouldn't keep returning here if they did not in some way agree with what they read. Three things are needed to bring ANYONE up to speed; Faith... Certitude, and Determination. If you employ these, and most especially NOW, you will get evidence of what cannot be seen.

End Transmission.......

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Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for a most-pertinent column!

Vis: "I understand how hard it is to believe in what you cannot see. ... I KNOW there are others out there who have had their own share of experiences, and who wouldn't keep returning here if they did not in some way agree with what they read."

I got started with two personal experiences: First, I attended a Healing class in Seattle around 1980. The next morning, my 20/200 vision was better than 20/20! I could even 'see' into the electromagnetic frequencies, as indoor fluorescent tubes and outdoor fluorescent fixtures had a 'cloud' extending around them for some feet. This better-than-perfect vision lasted for a few weeks, and then slowly reverted to 20/200. Aarrgghh! However, it pointed-out Unseen possibilities...

Second, I went through a period of seeking-out channeled entities, hoping to discover more about the Unseen. In doing so, I met the most powerful one I had ever encountered. In our first meeting, this Being studied me without speaking. Then, he said to me, "If you meditate an hour before sunset for a month, I will bring a miracle into your life." Cool. So, I did the meditations (and there were a few 'tests' of my resolve thrown in).

Just after the month expired, an EC-130 aircraft with my #3 brother flying aboard crashed into the Pacific Ocean at night. Of the thirteen people on board, he was the only survivor. He doesn't remember anything between being pushed into his aircraft console and floating in a personal liferaft - about to be picked-up by a fishing trawler that had seen the crash. (He had a broken collarbone and a bunged-up knee.)

The next time I saw this Being after this 'miracle', I just posed "Well?" in my mind (he was majorly telepathic). He said to me, "You see, we keep our word."

(In the meditations-period, I had discussed my worries about my mother with this Being. My father had died a few years earlier, and my mother hadn't come out of her 'funk'. This Being said, "Don't worry. We will give her something to think about." After the crash/recovery occurred, my mother had a realization about how important and fragile life was, came out of her funk, and moved forward.)

As an added third experience, I met Robert Monroe several times around 1985 while taking a number of week-long, on-campus versions of The Monroe Institute's consciousness-expanding classes. On two separate occasions in one class, Monroe began to flicker. Two separate images were ‘displayed’ in a high-speed alternation. One was Monroe, and one was a distinctly different person. The latter had a strongly copperish skin complexion (Monroe's was pale white), was totally without hair (bald, etc.), and had more angular features than Monroe. This flickering lasted for roughly a minute.

I finally got up the courage to ask Monroe about this occurrence. As I did so, a classmate (a 30-ish French woman, who was there with her husband) also exclaimed that she had seen it, too. (Cool; two witnesses!) Monroe looked shocked and then sheepish, kind of like being caught with his hand in a cookie jar. He owned up to it, and then ‘explained’ it as an Atlantean past-life. Hmmm.

It is a wide, wide world, if you open up to it...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

jamesC said...

Another wonderful post, thank you Visible.

Thank you both Visible and Ray B for sharing your experiences. I hope we all get to encounter more of the higher realms as it all unfolds.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"It Will Soon Become So Apparent that The Obvious Will Be Unavoidable Even for The Stupid."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Aye, the world is shoite. I for one, will NOT miss this realm of the demiurge. But I've been here so many times. I swear, intelligence and pragmatism is not evident in anything that's here. I mean, we VOLUNTEERED to be here. Do they have an MA? Masochists Anonymous?

Physical existence is like a bad drug you get addicted to, me thinks. I may have said that before oodles of posts ago.



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