Thursday, April 07, 2022

"My Point Here, What I am Implying, is the Incipient Press Toward Madness... by Tiny Incremental Footsteps."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The Craziness is intensifying by the day. People with an already tenuous grip on reality, are in danger of being utterly swept away on a sea of madness. The neo-con vipers, running the promo scam for a wider war in Ukraine, seem unaware that they have run the very same scams several times in recent years. They really do think people are Stupid; that is hard to argue against. I think it is that a sizable amount of the population really is near unconscious in so many ways and that is why the shit that happens to them happens to them. If they can keep control over, and manipulate their core group of zombies, they have a wide influence block of blockheads, to get in everybody else's way. Bread and Circuses really help.

The lies are all badly constructed to begin with. Now... with The Awakening, by the day... the lies become ever more transparent and ridiculous. There are all kinds of things that have been going on in Ukraine. Think back to Biden, and Hunter, and the people operating them. They were up to all kinds of bad actions there. It is one of the centers for human trafficking and porn. It has been for some time. Who knows what's been going on over there behind the curtains. We are likely to be finding out. We are going to be finding out about all manner of mysteries and the like. Many will continue to sleepwalk, and many... are well on their way to going stark, raving mad.

It's like the frog being slowly brought to a boil in a cooking pot. (I understand this has been exposed as a hoax; the idea still applies) It is also like the seasons changing. It was hot. Now it is cold, but... you didn't actually see it happen. You put a seed in the ground. You water it. In a few days, you note a green shoot. You did not see that shoot appear. Not everything happens in increments, but... I believe... most of what happens, happens in stages too small to see. Usually... when a person goes wrong, they don't suddenly go sideways with astonishing speed. They incline to The Dark Side, and... day by day, it slightly swerves to the sinistra. Sinister? Sinatra?

The same thing happens when they lose their minds.

My point here... what I am angling for, and about, in respect of... is the incipient press toward madness, by tiny incremental footsteps. Imagine a Chinese concubine with bound feet walking to the icebox and back. You say, “They did not have iceboxes then.” Yeah, they did. They called them refrigerators, but wait! They actually called them 冰箱. Do you see what I am trying to say here? While people are arguing over pointless and irrelevant side issues, everyone around them is going mad. At first... it is a slow process. Then it speeds up. It is like the difference in time... between modern industrialized Materialism, and... how it is in more rural and timeless spaces. Why do you think people say, “In a New York minute?”

Time is not the same everywhere. I have been in prison for considerably more than a week or two. I have been in solitary isolation for extended periods. It is not the same as a day at the beach. The closer you get to the hot core of Material Culture, the more rapidly time passes. Temperature trending toward cold, slows down time, the way water freezes. Temperatures trending toward hot, speed time up. What I am trying to say in an impossible and roundabout way, is that people are going nuts at a much greater rate of speed now.

Events... conditions... anything... do not just appear out of nowhere overnight. This is why I am a student of Trends and Patterns. I watch the parade going by. I am paying attention. I get the drift of what some of us are up to, and... what everyone else does in response to that. There are different camps from which responses come. Then... they argue about it. Mostly it is because so many people want a piece of the action. Then... they want a bigger piece of the action. It works them up... THEY GET HOT ABOUT IT!

Back to Lao Tzu again; something I posted already... in recent time. “If you want to be hot, keep stirring about. Be still if you want to be cool, and in all The World, one day... no doubt, your way will be The Rule.” Do you see how all of these features of Time, and Hot and Cold... do whatever it is they do... in The Dance of Opposites that is the Dvaita window through which we view The Material World?

Speaking of Trends and Patterns... have you noticed the number of dogs attacking their masters in recent times? Did you note the fox on The Capital grounds? They discovered it had kits (offspring- grin) One can easily see that the Fox had very little native environment to move around in. The latest report says the fox had rabies. Usually... animals with rabies DO NOT look like the fox in the cage. Strange.

It had to give birth and there it was. Getting to the underbrush around the Potomac was a dicey consideration and it could not rely on public transport. So... it was pressed. The situation is a little too close for comfort, for a fox with little ones. It is understandable that it would attack half a dozen people coming and going. That slides around the real issue of the fox pressed up against it and not having the skills of self-restraint. MEANWHILE... it had to feed. What was it going to live on there?

The fox went crazy for the same reason people are going crazy. They are pressed up against each other, and being bombed by invisible rays; the invisible spectrum of the variable frequencies of light. There are all kinds of radiation poisoning. MEANWHILE, the Two Minutes of Hate have been extended to pretty much all the time. Target groups are identified and talked up within the factions. You have the REALLY crazy cotillion of Joy Reid's and the quadrille of Joe Roganites.

When you lose control over your animal nature the balance of power is destroyed and you are lost in a jungle that intends to eat you alive.

On the Right, there is a modicum of discipline effected through self-restraint. On the Left, it has gone violent wacko. Almost all of the chaos and insanity is the result of overcrowding. It's rats reproducing in a confined space. MEANWHILE... there is the impact of Heavenly Force upon The Human Condition, which meets The Demonic Wave, rolling up out of the subconscious... because the hook was baited to catch a poisonous fish. If this seems confusing, it shouldn't. It is just the various alliances and tag teams in The Dance of Opposites going at it on the big dance floor of The Material Plane.

For the sane; the most endangered species on the planet at this time, the only (sane) option is to resolve the conflicts within yourself. As Lao Tzu said, “before you attempt to fix a bad man, you must first find what is wrong with the bad man in yourself.” Buddha approached it by another method; “only pursue an offender to show him the way.” What I am trying to say is that you are in NO DANGER from the ever-intensifying swirl of violence moving on the slipstream of contemporary life. If you have resolved the conflicts within you that serve to feed the conditions you see, there will be nothing to magnetize you to the out of control. They won't even see you.

Lao Tzu again;

“Death might appear to be the issue of life,
Since for every three out of ten being born
Three out of ten are dying.
Then why
Should another three out of ten continue breeding death?
By use of sheer madness to multiply.

But there is one out of ten, they say, so sure of life
That tiger and wild bull keep clear of his inland path.
Weapons turn from him on the battle-field,
No bull-horn could tell where to gore him,
No tiger-claw where to tear him,
No weapon where to enter him.
And why?
Because he has no death to die.”

It seems to be his day, BECAUSE... he lays out the best behavior PATTERNS by which to get through, over or around ANYTHING. The bottom line (it seems to me) is to MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!!! and serve (as you are permitted to) as you go, without thinking about it one way or the other.

Most of us would like to help each other. Anyone who has been around for a while and may have made an attempt to do so, will... probably... tell you it is not all that easy, and it can come with many complications. Here is something I know to be true; There is a fine line between encouraging and enabling. You really do need to know the difference, otherwise, you might find yourself in the same situation as the fox, and which so many people are now experiencing in their own life, and which is driving them slowly, and also rapidly... INSANE. Take a look around you.

End Transmission.......

So... I finished the post. Then I went to the kitchen to make my next cup of tea and I started singing “Sea Of Heartbreak” for no particular reason. Then I decided I wanted to hear it. So I told Alexa (grin) to put it on, and... next thing I know, I am dancing around the kitchen and singing the harmony part. It went quite well and I was in a splendid mood at that moment. It has a joyful feel, that song, but... God! It's called Sea of Heartbreak!

Yeah... I know and it ties into the intentions of the post. It's crazy, but it makes sense, once you understand it.

Yes... I know they are listening to me. I make it a point of addressing them and have had much amusement as a result.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Oh, what a mess is the current state of things. Hopefully this year is the apex of insanity, but who knows? Nostrils up!

. said...

In response to 'Sea of Heartbreak'

This chick rocks!


'Bless my heart
Bless my soul
Didn't think I'd make it to 22 years old
There must be someone up above saying "Come on, Brittany
You got to come on up!"
You got to hold on
Hey, you got to hold on
So, bless my heart and bless yours too
I don't know where I'm gonna go, don't what what I'm gonna do
Must be somebody up above saying "Come on, Brittany
You got to come on up!"
You got to hold on
You got to hold on
Yeah! you got to wait!
Yeah! you got to wait!
But, I don't wanna wait
I don't wanna wait
So, bless my heart
Bless my mind
I got so much to do, I ain't got much time
So, must be someone up above saying "Come on, girl!
Yeah, you got to get back up!"
You got to hold on
You got to hold on
Yeah! you got to wait
I don't wanna wait
Well, I don't wanna wait
No, I don't wanna wait
You got to hold on
You got to hold on
You got to hold on
You got to hold on'

Luv Kazz

. said...

Here's another one Vis, to all those twin flames out there who are lost on the sea of heartbreak

Luv Kazz

Anonymous said...

time is not the same everywhere...

In Vrindavan things definitely seem a lot more slow and calm.

3 hours north in New Delhi, well... that's probably the worst city on earth. And it's not even the vibe, I can handle the vibe, but good god the noise pollution in the big cities in India is just insane.

Himalayas by the same token, well... that's a place where you can transcend time by dropping the mind and separated ego self.

Oh right, i should mention one place. The quietest place I've ever seen in the entire world, is the place where it is said Radha and Krishna first met. The sound of silence, emptiness, quietude, that's what that place feels like. It's also the happiest place on earth. It's as if, the kundalini energy is flowing everywhere, not just inside you, like an ocean of energy. I guess Radha is the supreme kundalini.

Anonymous said...

"Almost all of the chaos and insanity is the result of overcrowding"

Well, the vaccine is gonna fix the overpopulation problem. It may also act as a zombie pacifier, that is, it will turn people into unconscious zombies who then are more easily controlled. Because if 90% of people were given freedom, they would simply behave like violent animals because they haven't even thought about acting out of love yet. The control system is very necessary when humanity is in such a hellish consciousness.

The real issue is the raising or ascension, and 90% of humans refuse or are unable to evolve and so they are being slowly removed by the vaccine. That's literally what the kundalini showed me in 2014, that there would be a new earth and that 90% of people would be unable to evolve to the level of consciousness required for that new earth.

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"He is The Stillness Before All Forces of Expression and He is The Source of The Force as Well."

M - said...

Poor fox. Poor babies. Many scoff at me (NOTE: Those that do can go F**k off.) but I have very deep empathy for creatures we share this planet with. We (the Royal we) treat animals like shite and then we turn around and decry ourselves being treated like shite from "the elites" because they view us as animals. Perhaps we need to take a good look in the mirror every morning.

Speaking of dogs. I know that most "problem" pets are a result of their owners, but I spent an unfortunate time with two pit bulls who liked people but wanted to KILL any other animal in their site. My cat and I were literally prisoners in a room which had to be secured with a security fence so the dogs wouldn't kill my cat. Spoiler Alert: We escaped.

Too bad about Cher but it doesn't surprise me.

I have a quote on my laptop (which is in for repairs right now) that says something about being in times of great stress such as now...the true nature of humans will surface. I think THAT's the madness we are seeing. The masks have melted off...



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