Monday, April 25, 2022

"Woke is A Defense Mechanism for Those Who do not Want to Awaken. It is a Kind of Sleepwalking Denial."

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It's a funny thing about going crazy; not funny hah hah, At first... it might seem quirky and eccentric, and it's fine if it stays there, but... where it is... is not a real place, so... off they go deeper into the complex psychosis of their tormented mindscape. For a while, since they are powerful individuals, they pick up a lot of people in their tailwind. The countryside gets more and more menacing in appearance. Then it becomes alarming. They spin right off the table. They don't know where to go, so they keep on going nowhere that they are familiar with. They become unhinged, which means to have broken your moorings.

This is what is happening in the halls of power, in the glitter-graffiti world of celebrity, in the area of sport's competition. Some will hold on and weather the interior sunspot activity, that activates the archetypes of the changing age. Some will never be the same again, and some? It is goodbye with no forwarding address. MEANWHILE... Mr. Apocalypse has struck up the band. Like the maestro that he is, he waves his baton (or wand, as you prefer), and he highlights sections of the orchestra; sometimes he highlights individual instruments. The spotlight follows the direction of his will, and... you see what is happening in The World, due to The Awakening taking place within. Woke is a defense mechanism for those who do not want to awaken. It is sleepwalking in denial.

It is also... also, a form of programming... the massage of the medium... the lulling to sleep of the siren's singing... Jim Jones and the Kool-Aid... the wind through your withers... like a hook in the mouth of a fish. There are better mindsets for survival in this world; not that you can put it off indefinitely; no matter who you are, you would have to change because all that is physically manifest is subject to change. There is the matter of The Body of Glory, however. I could see where The Sun might have something to do with that. At least Hermes Trismegistus thought so, and he's one of my favorite people.

Yes, my friends, The World is going mad, by increments, and... at an increasing speed. There are principles of physics that apply to this, and metaphysics gives you a perspective on it. The most important feature here, is... you do not have to go mad. This sort of thing tends to sort itself out, if you stay at a reasonable distance. Think of it as warming your hands before the fire, but not trying to dance in it until you are invited to. That sort of a thing is by invitation ONLY. You have to be at a particular level. Anything less will leave you with lasting memories.

There are people who can do these kinds of things, but you would not likely know you had met them until they had moved on. Still... if the meeting had remarkable after effects, you can be sure they will be back by again. They don't just tattoo you and leave you on the free range, without cover or protection. You become an obligation that they have assumed, on your behalf, in a conspiracy with your higher self.

Tremendous occurrences are directly ahead. In some cases... dead ahead. That which is being composted WILL BE recycled. That which is to reflect our new reality, generated by the harmonizing of the archetypes, in accord with the Will of The All High, is going to rise from the composted Earth. It's always been done this way. The confusion and lack of faith come because most do not possess the VIRTUE needed... to generate the acting presence of God through focused intent, also known as concentration, wherein lies the secret of the magical art.

Okay, visible, catch your breath and think about it. Eternity lies ahead in a shining repose. A beckoning ever after, come-hither... of a spiritual romance. One can be that Mystic Traveler. One is that mystic traveler, under the spell of pervasive dream. Awakening is the greatest of dreams, given its follow through and everlasting echo on the way out.

Well... we now know what happens when you take the leashes off of a pack of sexual degenerates. Everything good and decent becomes a threat to their appetites. The Family Unit, which is the building block of civilization, has been slaughtered on the altar of excess, by green-haired, gender-twisted obesity priests, who fellate the Prince of Darkness as a performance art, religious ritual.

I am not here to be a voice of morality. I KNOW that people get up to all kinds of things, and it is not my business until someone insists on making it my business, by leading the following generations off to captivity in Darkest Egypt (metaphorically speaking); if there is such a place. It might be called something else, and probably is by the people who live there.

You have to understand that demons take human form when INVITED to. Many who are not possessed are influenced. In this world, at this time, in The Advent of the Avatar, this kind of thing goes into high gear. It always gets super hot prior to The One who comes to Cool their Jets. Kids can go batshit when the teacher is out of the room, BUT... when The Teacher comes in, a change comes over the room; depending on the teacher, of course.

The perversion and degeneracy that is front and center in these times is not something new. It is yet one more effort of The Infernal Realm to take over the material plane, AND... this they can do in specific, AND collective minds, to their lasting distress. They don't even get to enjoy it. That is reserved for whoever is doing it through them in the first place. That happens in reverse fashion as well. You can become a habitation of angels, if you are persistent about it, and are willing to embrace the changes required for it to happen. Most who work great and beneficial change in The World are habitations of angels.

Angels do not stick around, however, if you stray from the requirements. It's like a marine who gets out of shape and leaves himself behind.

Those who wreak great destruction on The World are visited by the force that accomplishes it. Both sides work for God. That is a small idea of how powerful he is, AND... what a sanctuary that can be; a mighty fortress is Our Lord. This is one of the reasons you should not concern yourself with Good and Evil. They change shapes and definitions all the time; in a relative sense. One side most certainly does because that is one of its chief features. The other falls victim to moral relativism, which is a constant quality of the weak at heart. They have no fire to forge and temper their character. They make concessions where one should not; reminds me of Cardinal Wolsey again.

Sometimes I think of Will Smith. I was aware of him early via Six Degrees of Separation. I never saw his TV show. TV stopped being a thing when I stopped watching the Saturday kid's series in the morning. I never got the feeling he was a nice guy, but... he's a big name entertainer. You wouldn't expect him to be. He made his biggest mistake when he got married. It is an odd karma that follows entertainers. There is Yoko, and Amber Heard, and Angelina Jolie. They can destroy a man's life, and distort his work. Of course, once again, the reverse is true as well. Many a Lothario has been the downfall of a lady. I call them star-crossed lovers. I know it well.

Anyway... I was talking about Will Smith. It was terrible, watching his peers turn on him. I'm not trying to minimize what he did. It wasn't that big a deal anyway. The way they turn on each other. That is what got me. I was not fond of Will Smith. I quasi-enjoyed half of his films and not the other half. So... I have only seen so much of what he has done... but the feeding frenzy! The self-righteousness of the hypocrite industry! What really goes on behind closed doors in that town is the fruit of a poisoned imagination.

I wouldn't turn on someone like that. I despise Schadenfreude; there but for fortune... goes you and I. Why is it that so many people do not get that they are movie actors in the film that is their life? “All the world's a stage!” The dream web is very strong. However... it is fraying in particular locations, and losing its sway in certain instances. This is one of those times of waking up because a whole new stage is being erected. Yes... The Crazy are out front racing toward their date with reality. The more reasonable minds are minding how they go, watching where they put their feet. It will all smooth out up ahead, but... not everywhere.

As the needle red-lines, it would behoove the attentive to mind their situational awareness. I have seen demonic entities squatting over urban jungles of compressed souls. Dark archetypes... shadow archetypes are embodiments of our lower nature, drawn to locations where the behavior is celebrated. You see the press for programming children with perverted sexual mores. Who can be so insane? Their belief system is generated by these entities who overshadow areas where an intense diabolical harvesting can take place.

Think of it like this; all doubt, all fear, all lust and anger... all negative qualities GO TO FEED SPECIFIC ENTITIES. Just because you cannot see them does not mean they are not there. If millions of people are paying a soul-tax into the coffers of spirits most foul, they are making them powerful indeed. They are NOTHING next to The Sun... BUT... there are places where The Sun does not shine.

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Anonymous said...

Many, very many things to consider in this post.
On a personal note in the area where I reside, constant storms.
Kind of like in Star Trek, where you beam down to some odd out of the way planet
and its in a constant state of storm. It never lets up.
High winds, blizzards, driving rain, clouds, lightning, dangerous cold, flooding.
Such is the place I reside. Still its my home, I built it to handle all those storms. I have most of what I need for now, even internet.
It will be grand home one day when the storms let up and the sun comes out again.
Best wishes.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

It is nice now not having a TV, only aware MSM exists because I used to watch/read it, living a virtual life for the most part, and watching the world go by; being minimally effected by all this garbage. Gods, but the waiting is a pain in the patootie for one with the patience of a hungry honey badger.

Nostrils up!

Visible said...

One needs only be self-convinced that it already happened and is now in the afterglow, forgetting all the things they did not know.

Kazar said...

Hi Visible from someone not quite as Visible. I wouldnt mind a clarification about your journey if you choose to do so. You have obviously contemplated many schools of thought. Some considered ancient mysteries, some maybe new age thought. I was struck just a bit ago when you stated that Jesus Christ is the "Guy.". The reason this stood out for me is because many new agers might use the term "The Christ" as a go to, without mentioning Jesus. The ancient mysteries obviously make no mention of the name Jesus and the hard sounding J didnt evolve until 1700 or so. So in that regard many adopted Yashua or version to speak of the Christed One. I myself have used that as I speak to what I Feel is the Aspect of the Trinity known as Love. If I were to use a version of my own intuition I would say that it is your VERY RIGHT BRAIN that helped you arrive there. Part of the inquiry of course has to do with Christian insisting one call the Christ --Jesus,. or you are not "saved". No judgement, many of my beloveds are Christian in that manner. However, it would seem to be a large Internal movement to make that step--like being Born Again. So it seems like you have committed to that in some manner. I enjoy your work--just interested how you arrived. Peace

Anonymous said...

I understand that many people are turned off by Woke and CRT. Many of the advocates of Woke and CRT are overly aggressive and self-righteous. Agreed. But the aggressiveness and self-righteousness do not invalidated the idea that this society has always turned a blind eye to systematic discrimination and racism. Instead of facing the systematic discrimination and racism, society makes up for it with exaggerated fixes, which includes welfare and affirmative action. That is like a person who does not acknowledge his sins but goes to church every Sunday and donates big with the idea that big donations will make up for his lack of acknowledgment of his sins. I hope that people will try to understand where the Woke and CRT crowd is coming from, and that the Woke and CRT crowd will wake up to the fact that yelling and aggression are the worst ways to get people to agree with you.

Visible said...

I'll know when I get there (grin).

Meanwhile... there are twenty years of posts that have endless detail concerning your query.

There is ONLY one God. It was my visceral apprehension of this that put all the arguments to rest.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Just for anyone who doesn't get the Cardinal Wolsey reference - he was referring to Henry the Eighth here, it is a very moving quote -

' but if I had served God as diligently as I have done the king, he would not have given me over in my grey hairs. '

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"The Outcome is a Testimony to The Journey. Life Itself Arranges and Accommodates To... and Around You."



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