Tuesday, April 12, 2022

"If You Walk the Path of The Flesh, You Reap Corruption. Walk the Path of The Spirit and You Reap Eternal Life."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Who brought the slave ships to America? A certain demographic has been manipulating black people since before then. Nothing has changed except the degree of subtlety in application. For decades they owned the pawnshops and were the slum-lords of the inner cities. Some of that continues to this day. They owned the music business and ripped them off with impunity. They still do. Now they manipulate them with equity and diversity, which set the urban streets on fire. They are behind this. They organize and finance the violence. One of their arch demons is pushing an army of defund the police zombies, and they destroy whoever gets in their way.

All of this is EASILY researched. They founded the NAACP AND the SPLC. They have an ongoing relationship with The Prince of Darkness; the left hand of God; the 'lead into temptation' meister. The ruler of The Carnal Mind. It is a province and he sees to its parameters of operation. It is its own world and these are those who celebrate and promote it. We each have the right to the pursuit of our desires. Desire is the agent of God's will. How that pursuit works out for you is in The Coin of the Particular Realm. It is another destiny, with its perks and liabilities. If it is what works for you, then... who am I to stand in your way?

It is not up to me to say what is good or bad. What I can say is that if you walk the path of The Flesh, you WILL reap corruption. If you walk the path of The Spirit, you will reap eternal life.

THEY control the money supply via their fractal, Federal Reserve scam. EVERYONE on The Inside KNOWS this, and they adjust accordingly. If what you want is to be found in that theater of operations, it is there for you. It comes at a cost, BUT... many are okay with that. It is one of the tenets of Rakshasa Culture. The people who are regulars there operate on a loop. The loop goes round and round like the seasons; birth... life... old age... disease, and death, round and round and round. Sometimes it lands on the red and sometimes it lands on the black. Sometimes... even... your number comes up. If you walk the other road, the road I call, The King's Highway, it is a spiral.

Scripture talks about those who are habitations of demons. Every tradition has references to it. In the Buddhist tradition, you have Benefic and Wrathful deities, as well as The Hungry Ghosts. They operate within their own sphere of enterprise. If that is where you find yourself, you brought yourself there, AND... you can BE BROUGHT out of there, once the taxes and duties are paid... unless you are the recipient of Grace. You can ask for Grace. You can negotiate a pay later plan, and this works in either realm. Yes... there are levels and levels within each realm. It depends on how low or how high you want to go... until you are happy treading water... until you are not.

If some are habitations of demons, and... in Times of Material Darkness you see more and more of this, then... it stands to reason (does it not?) that there would be those who are habitations of angels. That is the choice I have made for myself, AND... the scouring... the purifying that attends that; it can be painful for those who are not up to the transition phases. People are desperate for Comfort and Security. Both of these are fleeting, (except for the real thing) AND... with the pursuit of comfort comes... (ominous drum roll) discomfort. If you chase Pleasure, then Pain WILL follow you.

If you are accustomed to Ease, then Disease is on the calendar. You may not like this. You may insist it is not so, but that is akin to saying The Sun is not in the sky. The hard carapace of Denial causes the intransigent to close their eyes. I don't care what you tell yourself. I don't care what your arguments are; What is... IS.

Day follows night. Winter waits around the corner from Summer. Age follows youth and puts paid to all your delusions of Beauty. It fades because you have based the appreciation of it on temporary things. Fortunes fade... manifest existence fades, according to the cornerstone of existence, which is endless change.

Humanity is going to need a lesson. I sincerely wish it were otherwise, BUT... they've gotten entitled, selfish, and dangerously deluded. (you will note the link with Lizzo in it... below). Look at the strange twisted presentations that the sexually perverse have made of themselves. Everyone is the architect of their cycling returns here. Everyone inscribes upon their being, in an invisible magical language, the packaging and shipping details of their onward course. I did not orchestrate this. I did not make the rules. I ONLY seek to follow them. This I did not do so well at other times. I was as willful and impulsive as anyone, and... I had to pay the freight.

I am not okay with the cost of such follies anymore. Everything I have is invested in God's Bank. I have no interest in what comes and goes here. Yes, I enjoy my meals (probably more than most). I am a Tantric in many ways, having to do with how I experience Life. I have all manner of engagements that come and go, but... as the old saw states, I eat to live. I do not live to eat. This is all a passing and temporary charade. Why give it such importance? You can hold on to none of it, BUT... it seldom stops the efforts to.

Any fool can see what is coming, especially in the cities. Those who cannot hear must feel. I do not know what they have planned for this summer, BUT... I suspect it is not good. Most people did not want to listen to Jeremiah. Well, Jeremiah happened to be correct, and... as you can see (unless you have your eyes closed) the worship of Baal is right back again, along with Babylon Rising. Jeremiah did not have a happy life, nor should he be confused with the converted brigands from AshkeNAZI-Land, where war is presently underway.

One has to understand that there is good and bad in every demographic. What makes anything good or bad? That would depend on whether it was for the common good or... otherwise. The thing is... in Times of Material Darkness, the trend is toward self-interest, and those to whom God gave the keys to the Candy Store (for the purpose of demonstration) are more likely to be in service to The Dark Side than at other, more illumined times. People play roles. In times of frontier justice, you have lawmen and outlaws. Being an outlaw can be romantic (in your mind). Being a lawman can smack of anal retentiveness and no fun. Yeehaw!!!

You want to be rich? You'll get there, and people will steal from you, and covet your wealth. You won't know who your friends are. You will be lonely in crowds. You want to be famous? You will wear a hairnet of flies and mosquitoes. You want to be powerful? You will have to take all sorts of steps to retain it. You want to be beautiful? Then you will hear the clock ticking. You want to be a cartoon, like Dolly Parton or a Kardashian? Help yourself. It's all there to choose from, AND PEOPLE DO!

This is why one should get Wisdom by whatever means necessary. To learn what is, and is not worth having, is of far more value than having it all and being devoured (literally) by it. Those who THINK they are running the show, living it up... having it all, are... assuredly in for a big surprise. If not here now, then here later or in-between times where time is very different than it is here. Time is like gravity, AND... how it weighs on or affects you, really does depend on what you get up to. That is another way to get Wisdom, though I don't recommend it.

I am an optimist and I pray for and hope for a finer world to rise out of the ashes. I am also a realist. I can see that there is no good outcome to be had in many cases. If you stab yourself over and over in the head with a fork it is going to hurt. A great many people are attracted to this. Perhaps they saw it on Tik-Tok? I've never been there, but... I've heard about it. All of what you see; the homelessness, the insanity, the crime epidemic, the political corruption, the depravity, and aimless wanderings of Je Suis Perdu; the threatening specter of The Four Horsemen (it is an apocalypse after all.) NONE of this is accidental, neither will be the absolute, surgical precision of Karma-seeking missiles in the aftermath.

I'm not going anywhere. I could become less visible, but I will appear somewhere else, as shall we all. I have something to say about that next appearance. We all do. I don't care for a lot of locations so... I won't be going there. I'm following in the footsteps of another... we all are.

Yes... the ships could come out of the sky. The gates of Shambhala could open. Those whom the gods would destroy may well be driven mad, to their own distress. The Awakening could be remarkable beyond expectations. The Avatar could appear very soon. There are so many possibilities, some harder to imagine than others... or... it could go up in a planetary conflagration; why I mentioned rising from the ashes. What I am more certain of than anything else... is that particular destinies will outwork in particular locations. However dark and tragic it might get in one place, it will be the opposite of that in others. There are rules and principles that apply to the Yin and Yang balancing act. Paramount in this is... you can't avoid winding up in Samara; unless you have no death to die.

End Transmission.......

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I always get a bit tingly when people feel the need to remind me that they are prophetic, and? There's something a bit off about the tone. God is all-powerful. NOT appearances. But this... this I like; "For the record, this channel has not been monetized – none of my videos ever has been because I don’t want ads on my videos. There are no ads, no sponsors, and no requests for funds on videos or websites. I’d have only spent it all on ice cream."=

The thing is... it's too grim for my perspective.
I assume it will be like that in places, BUT... I happen to know, according to the laws of metaphysics that the opposite will be true in other locations.


Anonymous said...

no more "you", then no more "death" as you merge into the Cosmic Oneness of the eternal present moment.

Gregory said...

Kindess is Wisdom.

Visible said...

after reading Aghora, the left hand of God I had to immediately get the next two books of the series. Reading it I realized that I was an example of the western version of Aghora; being a hippie... the psychedelic voyaging, the pursuit of God by unorthodox avenues...

Anonymous said...

Damn, I'm old,

" being a hippie... the psychedelic voyaging, the pursuit of God by unorthodox avenues..."

Singing to the choir. Funny thing, allegedly we have the CIA to thank.

Mr. Nah

Anonymous said...

Mr. V,
Check this out...

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now=

"Love Becomes the Most Profound and Powerful Form of Protection... Once You Understand How Mirrors Work."

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Translation of # 5:

Jewish atheists created it in their intoxicated minds after eating turtle soup prepared with opium at the White Lily restaurant.
watch your steps
Inside the appalling head of a famous gay atheist


Man, I just finished reading 'Bachelor Nation' about that Bachelor series that I didn't even know about until I read the book, not that I'll watch on episode, but you are spot on with this post. When I read the book all I could think about is "What is wrong with people?" It took me a long time to read it, because I only read various chapters when I was 'on hold', and couldn't do anything else, like when the power supply to the computer got wiped, and we were under the impression the computer might have gotten wiped too, for a couple of days.

That thing with ease and sickness made me think of Henry VIII.

Personally, I think the ultimate thing to have is knowledge. Comfort is something I dream of at work, and have when I'm not running errands, though only when I'm not moving, these days. After all I'm a dishwasher/janitor who now oft works very long shifts on weekends, and find I can barely move on Mondays due to being sore. Some of those loads to carry weigh quite a bit. I can handle it all including the heaviest pot we got, but I do pay a price. After all, I ain't no pollo primavera.

Well, then there's that nose hair coat that I still don't have, but hey!

Anonymous said...

Nose hair,
Nice translation. Try these:

Visible said...

It is certainly in times of trial that we reveal what we are made of. As I often say, you don't really know if someone is your friend or not until you face real danger (I don't have to outrun the lion. I only have to outrun you.)

My intense feelings about friendship are the reasons I view treachery and betrayal (including slander, not the truth... just slander) with such irrevocable dismay. I can forgive even that, but, I am not compelled to forget it or remain around it. People who close their eyes to this (for whatever their reasons) deserve what happens to them.

Visible said...

I was looking through the sliding glass to the back about an hour ago. A really tiny little bug flew in front of my face. Had it not been so close I would have been unable to see it. It landed on the glass right in front of me. Immediately, I thought... I have no reason to harm this creature, so I did not. I've had the good fortune to be remarkably free of troubles with the lesser kingdoms. I don't know why, but I do hope and expect it to continue. I lived in Europe for about 15 years recently. I'd been there before. This time I was able to see how the Italians, Spanish and Portuguese treat their animals. They can be unbelievably cruel.

I love the animal kingdom. I love all of the kingdoms. What are the alternatives to that anyway? There aren't any, and I would like to receive the same. ALSO... to be able to read the Living Book of Nature is of EXTREME importance to me, and impersonal love is critical to that ability. I have a lesser mindset than even indifference when it comes to The World most people share. There is NOTHING there for me; I've looked



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