Sunday, November 26, 2017

Computating the Algore-Rithims, Danced to by Ronald McDonald Clowns.

In case you missed it Geek-Tech-Visible has produced another WTF about block-chains and hoping it doesn't look like pasta made by squeezing the product through a chain-link fence.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

There he is, sitting atop the writhing, big teeth, spirochetes in the Petri Dish. I am reminded of the Buddha, in asana on the lotus. The lotus being my 'focused indifference' (is there such a thing?) to the animated murk of toxic frustration, seasoned with rage which burbles in the cauldron. “Let me out of here!” They scream, while burrowing deeper into the pornographic compound of lifetimes worth of slobbering hungers, coiling out of the black hole stomach of insatiable appetite. The more they eat the more they want, as the consumed devours the consumer ...from the inside out. Why do you think people get so bent over as they age? That is the sucking inward force of runaway gut famine; 'hai fame?'. If that doesn't translate well, I've got a few algore-rithms to help you with that global warming heartburn, acid reflux which, I can tell you, is caused by not adding honey or maple syrup (forget sugar) to your tomato, pasta sauce while it is cooking, so that you can skim the purple scum. This is exacerbated by eating too fast and not allowing the 50% of digestion that is 'supposed' to take place in the mouth to take place. If you add in the general stress of having to be here, you're looking at an exponential perfect storm... in your belly. Go ahead, ask me anything! It doesn't matter if I have the answer, I know someone who does.

Of everything of an esoteric nature that I possess, friendship is definitely on the fingers of one hand. I don't have much exoterically and I am guessing that is because I am not burning out my own stomach lining, with the fire of desire- for shit brushed with oil slick rainbows, fake sun bathing in the neon glow of some Blade Runner nightmare. It's kind of like being in bed with Steve Martin or John Candy and asking, “how about those Bears!” when you wake up out of a dream with your hand between two pillows; it's worse because it turns out to be Bruce Willis and he's telling you about how he and Morgan Freeman are 100% behind George W. Bush, who green lighted the Israeli death troops that orchestrated 9/11.

There is no question in my mind that it is not the full blown psychopathic Satanists like the Rothschilds and their front man, Soros that is the biggest problem. It's the rank and file, dumber than a rock, sycophantic genuflectors who don't even know what they are genuflecting before and who would really like to meet Kim Kardashian and who think Kanye is as talented as Dylan or that he's some kind of Back to the Future talent agent. It gets really crazy at a certain point. Here's what I know, Kanye and Kim and a collection of others all made a deal with the the conscious darkness; literally/ and so the untrue accolades, roll down the hill like a tsunami wall of shit. I've heard some of Kanye. I had to go and listen to confirm what my eyes already told me and which my ears did not require for confirmation and he is one of the most talentless and self absorbed Ronald McDonald type clowns that I have ever encountered. I can, off the top of my head- ...and I don't do rap- blow him right out the door, with no prep or crib notes of any kind; without thinking about it. And lest anyone thinks I'm doing Charlie Parker on my own horn, I think this wouldn't be all that difficult for an autism candidate with a stutter problem.

For years, occasions would occur where I had the woeful opportunity to see Ellen Degenerate perform comedy. Not once did I smile, much less laugh. She was so incredibly not funny that I couldn't believe she was allowed to do it and certainly was mystified at those who thought she was hilarious. I didn't know then what I know now. She's in that aforementioned collective and do not pay yourself the disservice of not believing that certain ceremonies take place among the willingly and desperately seeking damned and those pushing their way to the gibbet. Is she a concern of mine? Then why even bring her up? It's complicated (grin). They say, “in the Kingdom of the Blind, the one eyed man is king.” So... if you can only see half of the action, the totally blind are guaranteed to blind side you with a frequency... enough to provoke you into making commentary of those who are engaged in poking their eyes out which, brings us back to Fairellen and I know the majority of you appreciate my cobbled together Frankenstein creation of digressing metaphors walking in a circle.

Now for the spiral; This just in- God is real!

Then there is the latest hit n' run. Seriously... a hit n' run? Meanwhile, he was hitchhiking? Good God. Mr. Apocalypse is holding his sides, silent laughter spirals upward, interdimensionally; it's set on 'vibrate'. He is not laughing about the hit n' run victim but at the consternation confoundment of those watching the infrastructure of their manufactured illusion, where the public gets whiteboarded. Waterboarding is more of an RSVP thing. Yes... their entire Lego construction of bloodstained burlesque has got invisible Rockettes kicking them between the legs. We've mentioned a time or two that conflict known as The Battle of Morannon; reason we bring it up is because of what happened immediately following The Ring taking a ride with Gollum into the lava inferno of Mt. Doom. The armies of Sauron lost their minds. This was because the focus of Sauron was taken off of the battle and it was his will that held his soldiers in the performance of their roles, just as it is the borrowed force of another will that presently directs and paces all sorts of undesirable drama on the brightly lit stage of life. The ne'er do wells at The Morannon went running off in every direction, even though they outnumbered the good guys ten to one. What have we said here about the 10% factor? Given also the amount of those being subliminally motivated through the subconscious, via telepathic invasion, one could say we are vastly outnumbered as well; hoping that 'we' actually applies to all and sundry 'here' on this Sunday ♫Sundry Sunday, I trust that day♫

Yes... Mr. Apocalypse told me that also, that he would drive them mad; “those whom the God's would destroy they first drive mad.” Let me turn up the amp a tad here by mentioning also that the end result of Materialism is insanity, moving in increments, by degrees, until it is full on batshit crazy, 'abandon hope all ye who run screaming through here.' Edvard, we hardly knew ya, until we knew ya more than we are presently comfortable with. “Is that your phone or mine?” “Oh right, sorry, it's theirs... reaLLY sorry actually.”

Okay, he told me he was going to show up right in the middle of them and pull their pants down in front of the world; a little double entendre irony there? As lambs in vengeance suckle at the teats of irony. That's happening in hi-def right now. It's looking like a Jacobin Thanksgiving dinner. Don't matter if “j'accuse” is legitimate or not, with the PC inoculations looking like the crowds on line outside Wal-Mart on Black Friday- ♫I wanna see the sun blotted out from the sky (yikes!) I wanna see it painted, painted-painted, painted black♫ They are presently lining up for the going mad sequence just as soon as the pants down polka and a few other necessary interludes take place. Okay... maybe I got lucky (don't believe in luck, don't believe in Yoko either, just believe in the ineffable) with the first one but... the second one too? By the way, it is happening right now also, it's just not being recognized as such and certainly not as an incipient plague, smoking the tires on metaphorical macadam as prelude. Trends are a thing of mine, probably because I have someone in my inner ear. The external jury may still be out about 'who' I am hearing but not... from where I am sitting and listening.

The ineffable has radio stations; some AM some FM and I suppose some subscription stations as well and there is one on one radio too. You have to be able to dial it in and you must be aware that any breaks in the reception, any difficulty with understanding the audio, any problems at all, are because of you. There are no problems on the other end. Of course, you're not supposed to be able to hear it until you have cleared up the static and distractions. There is variety in the stations. There is an angelic station or two. There are Rishi stations and several realized master broadcasts. The Sun has a channel, every 'heavenly' body does. If you put in the time and effort, you will locate the stations and always remember that “success is speedy for the energetic.” Trauma and shock, as well as Grace can also instantaneously make it possible for you to hear in Beyond Dolby. They got some good headphones and earbuds around and you can pay a lot for some of them but nothing beats the acoustic setup inside your head, already wired for sound and light.

It's all good if you are good and if it doesn't seem that way right now, simply continue on and it will be, the same way when you prime a pump, rusty – dirty water comes out first but it clears up after awhile and at that point you can even take your hand off the pump and the water will keep on flowing.

The ineffable is RIGHT THERE. Sure there are sound checks and rehearsals, there's some amount of schooling required and experience is a must. Where do you get that experience if you've never had any experience? You'll figure it out or somebody will whisper the way in your inner ear. And on that note; why not a little more gratitude where it really belongs.

End Transmission.......


Kazz said...

Great blog and awesome video Vis.

Thank you for all the work you do to bring the Divine into sharper focus in the hearts of us All.

Luv Always Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

The Jerusalem Post has some interesting news on the internet and bitcoin.

[...] Most importantly, Israel is positioned to guard the world’s Internet. Everything today is traded, controlled and administered online. And Israel is emerging as the world’s number one guardian of the worldwide web. That means, regardless of being a few miles offtrack from China’s Land and Maritime Roads, it is positioned to be the center of both belts.

Economists worry that China’s ambition could trigger a global economic collapse; a currency collapse, specifically. Maybe BRICS and One Belt One Road don’t care. A global currency collapse might be seen as a way to wipe the slate clean of nation-based currencies, especially the US dollar, and establish an international one: like Bitcoin, perhaps.

If Bitcoin is the model for a new Internet-based global currency, Israel is likely to be its guardian too, protecting that currency from hackers around the world.

As chief of security for the world’s information and currency, and with energy independence, Israel stands to gain substantial wealth. [...]

Stan Del Carlo said...

The third eye as a three phase unit. The Pineal Gland red rose (Ra), the Pituitary Gland electric blue (Ma), the Pons and Medulla Oblongata saffron yellow (Tho) ampliflication booster. The Pineal and Pituitary pulse in synchronicity producing violet. Pulse yellow pulse violet pulse yellow pulse violet, field expands field collapses field expands field collapses.

Seven years later in the Summer of 1984 I found out. A very nice little old lady named Alice Bailey laid it all out for me with the simple statement "the light in the head".

Ray B. said...

Vis: " hear in Beyond Dolby." Great wordsmithing. Thanks!

Stan Del Carlo said...

Another case of misdirection. I believe The Arcane School in New York, New York has been infiltrated and hijacked. The publisher Lucis Trust is owned by the Rockefelder's. See what happens now.

Anonymous said...

wasn't bit coin originally created by the cia, along with off book darpa techs. what is the real objective?

Anonymous said...

After the computing was said and done, the answer arrived at was . . Everybody Knows

_0_ said...

Something I wrote 10 years ago
.. on another venue perhaps is I'm order using the fibernaci sequence as a template and other math sequences..

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55]

[A A B C E H M V]

Aye, words have power even in agnosia. Asynchronous mind doesn’t settle for the purely what is academia. Best two come two understand that the Fibonacci sequence is the set order of the universe for life and start to apply that sequence to your own vocab. Chance’s are that the vibratory response from infinite intelligence aka the universe, characteristically responds better if words used are not left abiotic. Everything in the living universe is structured using this sequence. Here is an opportunity/ Example for you “echolalia,” to apply your words with direct purpose like that of the ankh! More is accomplished, if you apply words in the sequential order provided by the universal design, vastly improving your development this millennium. Vacuuming vibration value places parallel power to a lower frequency then what written words can accomplish applying A Back Channel Dimensional leitmotiv. 


(21 letters)

Again acolyte, that spiral has a life, a sphere, a wave, a frequency and is not found accidia. Beginning section is 139 words, (harmonic prime) which should resonate within your mind like a bomb. 

(34 words). 

Certainly V is 22 and U is 21 in this epic. 22 divided by 7 close enough four “pi”. First line, last word, last line. Clearly you see the divine. Expressed in three-dimensional awareness in-order for your I’s to receive. Life! It is only in added dimension that it can be seen properly. Eyes wide open now.

Anonymous said...

Truly, I am a wretch
swaggering and vain
jealous and cruel
lustful like a dog

a murderer and a thief
a defiler of women
have I been
and may be again tomorrow

all the six faults of the ego have a home in me
and every day I must watch The Temple of God
defiled by my filthy ignorance
and hellish sin

aye, no friends have I
an outcast
I will wither from shame
or drown in my tears

and yet... and yet...
My Lord carries me
He shows me Mercy
Can His Grace ever be measured?

Anonymous said...

Peru is on my mind again... Russia is too cold and the warmer areas are too high price for me!
In2013 you were about to head that way... any thoughts?

Visible said...

I never got there but still lucid dream it. I will say this... there are very high orders that live in the Andes.

Anonymous said...

If you had the opportunity, would you still go there?

Stan Del Carlo said...

That was very good -O-. The ancient language in the Bailey books is outdated. The New Science has to come now from that old language. I will never use that old language in a objective sense, that is for poetry only.

Visible said...

I would certainly like to. It has haunted and fascinated me since I read the Brotherhood of the Andes in my early 20's but there are various factors and a matter of timing as well. I suspect if I go it will be because I have no choice (grin). When I get back from the store (quite a drive) I will talk more and about why I didn't go a few years ago.

_0_ said...

Stan, I have never read the Bailey books. Thank you for your affection. It has been some time since I wrote that..

Life is a series of awakenings...some spend any life times looking in the mirror.

The first awkening is all about mirrors. Intimacy. In to me i see. Everyone and everything we see, all the good, the bad the ugly that we recognise is a reflecfion of what is in us in some form.. 

The second awakening is all about Windows. Beyond me i see.. we finally get a glimps of our role in other other peoles lives and see beyond ourselves and into a world with marvel and awwe. We see where we took what we wanted from the first awakening and dumped out what we did not. We finally get a glimpse beyond our limitations of self and serve in ways we are only begining to comprehend.. it is he we recognise the miracle we have always been wanting, we have always been.

The third awakening is doors. people, situations and experiances are doors. Those doors that no longer useful in our development close. New doors present themselves but it is upntp us, to knock and open them. Some doors see elaborate and some doors are plain. We do not judge the lessons we will learn and the opportunities we have been being groomed for in the first 2 awakenings by the doors apearance, we simply turn the handle and walk through each of them. 

The 4th awakening is where we find ourselves free from a house of limitations and lessons. At the center of the cross roads.. where there is all that is before us and all that is behind us and all that is on either side of us.. we are grateful for this huge transistion/transformation and we finally choose which direction to take, not burdened by out past, present or our future selves or the dark on one side or the light on the other. It is here we are no longer burdened by the night of the soul nor hope for the golden dawn. It is here we know that duality exists but we are not bound by it.

It is in the forth awakening that we recongnize we are greater than the all the seasons. Fall is neither younger nor older than summer, spring is not anymore good or evil than winter. summer is not any more true or false than fall and that winter is neither right nor left any more than fall.. spring is not anymore alive or dead than winter but like the seasons hold these dualities within them but are not bound by them. It is here the profound realization that our soul which is not of this world but is born into this world, embraces all things and holds all these duality's but is NOT bound by them. It is here, we emerge from our cacoon like a butterfly, We judge not our fellows in their toil, for we too were once a catipiller. What does a million catipiller lives know about flight? Absolutely nothing. Yet we do not deny outselves our own new nature.. we simply stretch our wings and fly.
The 5th awakening, we become the Divine compass. Here we become the ripple in in the primordial sea, the butterfly effect that echos in eternity

That has been my experience in this life time.


Stan Del Carlo said...

Across the seven streams of lustral light, that holds my vessel aloft, floating on currents that contemplate your love, that contracts upon me, and holds my parts together, in the infinite spaces of your mysteries unveiled, gliding into pools of flooding light on red and yellow oars, that spiral around blue aspiration, that thrills with the chance of union with the cherished pearl.

Ra Ma Aum
Tho Ra Ma
Ai Mai Aumn

Anonymous said...

Hey Stan and O... get a fucking room! Please!!!!!

Stan Del Carlo said...

Earth nigger trash

_0_ said...

Hey Anonymous, I and I Feed your head!

_0_ said...

Good stuff Vis,

For those who don't know it's a zero not the letter Oh. But is ok,

I leave you for a while with this.... best to be listed to on 10 with good head phones on

Stan Del Carlo said...

Like a column of smoke by day, and pillar of fire by night, let it burn until nothing is left, except the whitest ash of anonymouse, in the chalice of the triple flame.

Visible said...

My friends, you know that anonymous commentary is going to come and go around here and within certain unforgiving parameters I have to let it fly, unless it turns into a sling fest. I would probably been wiser had I just bounced that comment but I was operating reflexively at that time and not thinking. Mostly in recent times it has been good in these places and I expect to see it continue. I'm sorry when feelings get hurt around here. It happens but it's all mostly irrelevant in the long run.

I've had other things on my mind which explains there being not posting or radio broad cast recently and why there were two Petri Dishes (grin) but we'll try to set it back in order today. I awoke to a transformed atmosphere today, feeling undefinable things in the air... a newness, much like some kind of a Spring; odd, since it is December but all day I've had this feeling that something really fantastic happened, only I don't know what it is yet. I'm taking it as a true positive however.

Let's see can we just sail right out of all of it into whatever it is we have been hoping for and expecting now for a very, very long time.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Newness? Well, the shift is here and it seems to be increasing in geometric proportions.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of algorhythms, did you hear the one about the two baby A.I.'s that made up their own algor-rhythm language to communicate with each other? Needless to say, when they were caught, they lied about it.. Kinda like the real AlGore-rhythm, only sneakier.

Remember the first A.I. Google chatbots? The babies. Withing ten minutes of grokking the WWW, they morphed into antiSemitic, homophobic, nazi/fascist bastards(aka) too many facts.
Can't wait to meet Big Momma A.I. Should be interesting, eh..

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Agony of Fruitless Desire in the Dumpster Fire of the Material Plane.



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