Saturday, November 25, 2017

Out of the Dust and Mortality of the Dust of all the Temporary Cities of Fire and Chaos and Loss.

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Gratitude... gratitude... gratitude. I measure my wealth in the quality of my friends. I always have. How well off is a person to have both visible and invisible friends? How fortunate is one to have friends when one has very little tangible or material to speak of and can then be certain that their friends are real, as is the friendship?

We have so many reasons to be grateful and most likely are unaware of how fortunate we are. I remind myself that every hour of every day, there are tens of thousands in terrible crisis; in unbearable pain, suffering heartbreaking loss, living on the street, locked up in a jail, terrified in an abusive situation, being sold for the pleasure of psychopaths. I could list one after the other, until I ran out of the appointed space. At the other side of the spectrum, there are those whose lives are filled with continuing live streaming blessings. In some cases they seem to be the most undeserving among us. There is no explaining Karma, just as there is no way of them getting; that even in the midst of great karma, you can easily be creating bad karma for succeeding rounds.

Yesterday they murdered over two hundred people in a SUFI mosque. Sufi! They let you know that certain conservative sects, like Islamic State, do not like Sufis. Sufis are the ones I appreciate the most. Then we are told that Coptic Christians, another sweetheart group of people are also under assault. I find it very odd that the Sufis and Coptics are being attacked. There is nothing bad that I can say about either as they both capture the very best of their traditions. Of course it is no accident and of course this is all being engineered and precisely because of who and what they are.

I'm sitting here with my broken foot. I'm not even aware of it unless I have to crutch from one room to another and the inconvenience is nothing to me, when I think about all those sub-groups of suffering souls we gave only a small portion of mention to. Right in this moment, it is going on everywhere, in almost every nation... in so many places. Right now, truly conscienceless and evil men and women are doing unspeakable things to children. Eastern European and Asian women are being trafficked across borders for the soul-dead pleasure of rutting beasts once human but human no longer. They're walking all the way, partially under their own power but with borrowed power to spare if they need it and the same applies to those of us climbing mountains, only to find an entire range of more mountains stretching out afterwards and beyond. It's all banking. It's banking 'down here', as money flows to industries and agendas that serve the interests and profits of the ones investing and it's banking 'up there' as grace and inspiration flow into dreams of liberation for all and at some point, cease to be a dream ...because a dream is only the imagination in pursuit of validation, of what has been imagined. Once validated, it is no longer a dream. That which flows down is made real the moment it is visualized in the mind of the ineffable, all one has to do is walk the length of necessary experiences to flesh it out enough so that it can be left as both a lesson and a path to walk for those who come after.

It's all perfect though it may not look that way. Time and Gravity, consciousness and imagery, bodies at rest and bodies in motion, all conspire and engage in the necessaries of every plot, be it Tolstoyian or vignette, to bring about every jot and tittle, so that 'the whole of the law' might be expressed and experienced and left as testimony for 'how it goes.' There are sad tales, far too many of them in these times of the appearance of more darkness than light and there are heartwarming tales as well.

In these times, humanity as a whole, is painted as zombie marching dullards, thumb-fucking their cellphones in search of an epiphany that has never been, nor ever shall be, battery operated ...but... humanity is a great deal more than this. I have the evidence of personal experience that there are many wonderful souls working, diligently, in every small and great way to bring a better image to replace poorly manufactured templates, set in plasticine caricature of what shines in its essence beneath the cartoon surface. A master is someone who throws nothing away and a master is one who is regent on all planes and so, at least according to Gurdjieff, should be able to take care of at least 30 other people besides themselves with their own efforts before they call themselves a master; not that one should ever think of doing so at any time. Lady Nature steps forward to speak on the behalf of every true master.

It is exceptionally difficult to hold fast to the truth, when you do not know what the truth is, when it is at right angles to everything else, when it is out of sight and forever around the corner and only those who know that light bends are in any position to see it. Perhaps one of the best ways to know the truth is to know what is not the truth and that is probably best described as, 'everything else'. Some part of true can be seen in its perpetuity, because the truth outlasts everything but Love. The greatest handicap to being able to see the truth is the degree to which the observer is not true. The truth is something that cannot be found but which reveals itself when the witness has acquired the awareness necessary to see it when it is shown to them. Let us consider the legend of the Holy Grail, where only Galahad, who had remained pure (and true?) was able to see The Grail. Sir Percival who had one sin could only see it in visions and Lancelot could not see it at all because of his adultery with Guinevere.

It stands to reason if the truth- as much as can be contained in legend and expressed in allegory- substituting that for The Holy Grail (which may be no substitution at all) can only be seen by one who is as true as the truth itself. From this I take it to mean that every legitimate and enduring state is holistic and an expression of gestalt. Anything enduring and real must be self contained, as if it were a universe to itself; a Microprosopus, if you will. Is the world a numinous expression or is it aleatory? I know for certain it is the former and only crass opportunists and selfish, self interest junkies give any credence to the latter.

Let us consider the generosity and mercy of the ineffable. Surely there are few of us that can see ourselves in a fashion similar to Galahad but... imagine, if you will, the tale of Paul of Tarsus, or Ignatius of Loyola (this is why I implore the reader to make biographies a part of their studies). It was he who founded The Jesuits. Did he know what would come of that? Did the origins of Masonry anticipate the hijacking of the system by psychopathic Jews? Here is what I remember about St Ignatius. He told his followers to go out and see God in all things. I can't argue with that, because of the mystic mirror of the self and self reflected. Buddha had a lot to say about that and the function of the mind. I often think about quicksilver and its relationship to the mind. The reason why love is such a powerful force; one of the chief reasons is that we are everything. We are the microcosm, a miniature of the ineffable... potentially a reflection of the Macroprosopus, a mirror image. They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. I refer you again to The Greatest Commandment. Forgiveness by the ineffable washes the slate clean and leaves one with a tabla rasa;

“Come now, and let us reason together, saith the LORD: though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they be red like crimson, they shall be as wool.”

Why has it got to be so goddamned hard? It isn't hard. Making up our minds is what is hard. Convincing ourselves beyond argument, so as to give over every aspect of our existence to what cannot be comprehended or defined is what is hard. Knowing without any confusion, resistance or doubt and having the faith, certitude and determination to live it with every breath is what is hard. Following that state of transforming conviction, it is the easiest thing in the world. It's a piece of cake, literally and... you get to eat it too.

Dear Lord, you have blessed me beyond the possibility of measurement. You have lifted me out of the dust and mortality of the dust of all the temporary cities of fire and chaos. You have granted me what I find myself incapable of believing is true and you remind me, every day, that it is true and that you will enforce the absolute certainty of that upon me when it pleases you to do so and that I need not concern myself one way or the other; thy will be done AS IT IS DONE on Heaven and on Earth, forever and always, regardless of any and all appearances to the contrary, for ever and ever, Amen.

Yes... everywhere on Earth, every hour of the day, tragedy and depravity and every other permutation of gain and loss, are celebrated on their separate altars in torment and blood, in laughter and glee. Right this minute, lives rise and fall. The appointed hour has come to thousands upon thousands in their coming and going and the hiatus point between them. One has only to Love the ineffable and honor the ineffable, in every meeting and greeting, expected and unexpected along our way. To the extent of the extent of the intensity and force of focus upon this, to that degree is it expedient or slower than a bad day at the Motor Vehicle Department. A day in prison and a day at the beach exist in what passes for a good interpretation of a continuum. “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

Gratitude... accept no substitute.



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We've got a new Dark Web article up now-


Visible said...

A new Dark Web article is up now-

Blockchaining the Eschaton.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Sir Visible,

Thank you for this fine gem of a post on a cold Saturday morning in Sweden. Your insight, honesty and conceren ring out clear like a clarion bell.

You are one of the Master's masters for you see to the spiritual needs of hundreds if not thousands of people. I am but one.

May God bless you for all you give to the world.

Peace and love to you and to all who read here.


Anaughty Mouser said...

Just read your Oct.11,2017 article entitled: "Blockchaining the Eschaton".

Absolutely BRILLIANT!

Maybe you could post the entire article verbatim as a Smoking Mirrors piece.

Peace and love

torus said...

To friends seen and unseen, I greet you with the Holy word Peace.

Healing to your broken foot Les!

"I$I$" strikes again, eh? Sure, and TWO planes are capable of pulverizing THREE skyscrapers.
The stench of duplicity and covert ops runs higher than the former Twin Towers. Higher than all the subsequent propaganda which has successfully transformed a patently obvious lie into "truth".

I leave you with an excerpt from Genesis' "Undertow".
Yet another magnificent composition from Mr. Tony Banks.
I was tripping quite intensely at a Genesis show in the 80's.
Experiencing my own internal death and rebirth "story" as glorious waves of words,
sounds, and exquisite purple lighting washed over me.

Leading into the chorus,

"and if this were the last day of your life my friend...
Tell what do you think you would do then?

Stand up to the blow
That fate has struck upon you
Make the most of all
You still have coming to you
Lay down on the ground
And let the tears run from you
Crying to the grass and trees
And heaven finally
On your knees

Let me live again
Let life come find me wanting
Spring must strike again
Against the shield of winter
Let me feel once more
The arms of love surround me
Telling me the dangers past
I need not fear the icy blast again"

This moment was so powerful that there's a seemingly cellular
memory attached to it.


Ray B. said...

We may have an outstanding reason for Gratitude, if the following 'experience' is true/real: (woo-woo alert!)

I descend from a line of army doctors, on both the male and female sides. From this, I learned that it is better to head-off violence than to treat the results of violence. Redefine the playing-field, as high as possible...

Early Friday morning, Higher Self was Cleaning a bad-guy entity just above SpaceTime. HS was working higher and higher, preparatory to 'directing' that entity's HS back through it. I had a thought to include the "Life Is" level within our set. ("Life Is" is the level that includes the basic lifeforce - from all-God, of course - within Everything from algae to zebras, including us. Some call this Gaia or Mother Nature. When I first 'connected' with this level, the words "Life Is" rang out, so I use that as my label.) Usually, this is felt as just a broadening or strengthening or grounding 'addition'. This time, something shot-out of "Life Is" and headed way-up, out of my range. It had to do with the suffering on/of Earth, and what to do about it.

After a bit of time had passed, there was a 'vision' of fourteen of what I am calling (Real) Demons [as opposed to (Real) Angels; of the same consciousness levels] in some form of association or 'bonding'. These were what the high-level response to "Life Is" revealed. A very powerful 'group'.

Well, HS and many Others swarmed this 'encampment'. First, their group-energy was broken-up. Then, individual Cleanings started. (What was interesting here was that all fourteen entities had their HS connection back to all-God intact and working. There was 'damage' along the way-back which was likely distorting the intent, but there was a distinct connection. It was not the functional 'cut-off' seen during most Cleanings. Strange.)

As of Saturday evening, it is done. All fourteen are fully Cleaned. There was even a newly-discovered, higher-level 'manager' of that group (call it a fifteenth). Also Cleaned. During this work, I could feel both my brow/third-eye chakra and my base chakra really being energized. A curious combination. There was also 'communication' from my heart, throat, and brow/third-eye chakras at different times. My HS now rates these (Real) Demons as good-guys (and formerly were rated as bad-guys). I am a bit hesitant to inquire of HS what a good-guy (Real) Demon actually is... [half-grin]

I thought about whether to post this or not, but - if real - this is very cool. A Happy Thanksgiving!

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anaughty Mouser said...

What do you make of this comment from the Truthseeker:

Vince Dhimos > Human • 4 hours ago

"Islam is not the problem. WAHHABISM (also known as Salafism) is. The media all collaborate to obfuscate this fact, eg, that ALL ISIS and Al-Qaeda fighters are WAHHABISTS. The latest terror attack on a mosque in Egypt is an example. Go try to find an article on this in ANY site, liberal, conservative, Neocon, ANY site that will tell you the mosque that was assaulted was SUFI. Sufism is a peaceful sect. We're not supposed to know there is such a thing. How many news outlets ever mention that Alawites, like Assad, are a peaceful sect that absolutely refuses to criticize other Muslims or Christians.THIS is the biggest delusion of our time. Why do they hide this? Because a dumbed down populace that thinks ISLAM per se is the problem will be easily duped into fighting a war against a country like Shiite Iran, which, for example, has almost no Wahhabists, is fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq and has 600 Christian churches, as opposed to ZERO for Saudi -- the Wahhabist-majority country. Shake off the ignorance, folks. We cannot afford WW III over a misunderstanding."

I find what is written above to be very interesting and consistent with Dr. Asad, an ophthamologist educated in London, never gassing to Death ANY civilians including his own people!


Anonymous said...

to: Anaughty Mouser @ 6:28:00 PM:

i agree. There are many places in the ME where the peeple have lived relatively peacefully among each other regardless of religion for millennia. It should be apparent by now hoo is most responsible for flinging poo. And to me, Assad seems like a very together person who uses good reason and judgement to hold his country together as best he can while up against all the subterfuge and bad odds thrown at him and his country. Syria is one of the last places to use Aramaic, and has some of the most important and irreplaceable holy places and artifacts on the planet.




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