Saturday, December 30, 2017

Aloha 2017 and Welcome, Welcome 2018; Reflections and Predictions.

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It's that time of the year when, at any moment it could be next year and you are looking at last year in the rear view mirror, even when, moments before, it was still this year. Just like that! We are in a new time zone. Time zones; not the geographic kind, are more like a state of mind than anything else. It's what you think it is because 'thinking makes it so'. As Descartes once said a few hundred years ago; “I think, therefore I am not a retard.” Now, that might not be verbatim but it's close enough for metaphysics. My point is that the year is going to change and your life will change but... maybe not because it is often a case of wish in one hand and shit in the other. They say hope is the last thing to die and I think that is because it is the most questionable of emotional weather fronts. ♫wishin and hopin♫

Hope and faith are not the same. There is always more potential delusion in Hope than in Faith. A little known secret is that it is less important who and what you have faith in than the level of Faith engaged. Anyone who has studied or applied The Science of Mind knows that Faith is a power unto itself, devoid of icon or archetype. It also explains the parity between the seemingly simple minded and the complexity of a genius intellect.

What did we have last year? We had a full cycle of Boobus Presidentus, counterpointed by the biggest aggregation of lying weasels that the western world of skidmarked, yellow journalism has ever known. We had a plasticized Louis the 14th, iron pyrite gilded, numbnut, representing the Wal-Mart, every day all day, Black Friday, feeding frenzy of Materialism gone full Berserker and we had a regiment of which gave birth to the Fake News Meme.

Trump played them like a violin when it seems most of the time that he couldn't play a Formica table top. He did become extremely proficient at the Jew's Harp, though we suspect more than a little Milli Vanilli was involved. He did things like declare Jerusalem as the capital of Rothschildlandia. As you know, Rothschildlandia was a criminal enterprise that got sovereign state immunity, in order to rape and pillage at will around the world. That continued to go on throughout the declining year.

The George Soros funded Wack Lives Matter went turbo, or nova as you prefer and resulted in Soros and sundry busing in Antifa Thugs from around the country to Ferguson for some good old fashioned rioting. Tranny-speak and Gender viscosity was in the news every day and sexual parasites were unmasked throughout Hollywood in order to create an opacity over the spread of rampant pedophilia. This has resulted in hysterical Invasion of the Body Snatchers finger pointing by anyone with an axe to grind or a payday in mind and is now completely out of control. I have so far not been accused so... there is that.

There were a lot of violent false flags engineered by the usual MKUtra, Tavistock psychopaths.;

Some people had an appropriate take of the year in review.

There were hurricanes aplenty from Houston to Puerto Rico. ♫my heart's devotion, let it sink back in the ocean♫ Hey, don't blame me for that line, blame Stephen Sondheim. Trump went after the asthmatic kid down the street with the sunken chest and the mental problems.

Kim Jong Un

Actually... I think this is a better picture.

Trans Kim Jong Un

Chuck Berry checked out and so did a whole lot of others as is always the case across the span of a year. You can now buy a Pussy Hat on Ebay and... for the adventurous they got the battery operated multi use kind but I think you got to go to another site for that.

Trump took a Trump-Dump on the Global Warming Illuminati Carbon Tax scam and stepped out of the Asia Pacific Trade agreement or whatever it's called and he said bad things about the Israeli run NATO_ZATO but over the course of the year they snapped his slot car ass back onto to the rail and he's good to go wherever that may lead whether to Doom or Perdition, both of which I think are towns in one of the Bible Belt states.

Suits alumni Meaghan Markle or whatever her name is got engaged to the goosestepping Prince from the UK. It was a rough and tumble year- Israel's effort to destroy Syria with their captive American military might and head chopping mercenaries went belly up thanks to Putin, who was pilloried in the vulture press even more than Trump-Dump. AND...

It was the year of Virtual Currency where a whole lot of those formerly closed out of the economic spectrum made a whole lot of money and hardly anyone sent me any donations (grin) on this my worst year- by far- ever... so someone must suspect I did well too. I AM NOT COMPLAINING!!! I never have relied on anyone but the ineffable and ONE WAY OR ANOTHER he/she/it has taken good care of me while kicking my ass at the same time (grin) again and again.

And that leads us to our vain predictions for this coming year as we look into the magic 8-ball and I really do have a real crystal ball which I can't see anything in.

There will be a major war. Isn't there always? It will be the brain child of Deep State Zionist Atheist Satanists and the public will go along but they are going to get found out.

There will be at least 3 major false flag mass murder events and very likely some shit will get blown up. Highly placed individuals are going to be exposed in really unfortunate ways and the whole world will gasp at a few of them.

Virtual currency is going to go through the roof and get into a helicopter and fly out of sight and a lot of a few people are going to make a lot of money and walk away with it... if they do it at the right time. There is going to be a terrific financial crisis, engineered by the fiat ghost money monsters as a defense on behalf of their ongoing control of the wide world which is now seriously challenged by Digital Currency and other things.

Aliens are going to be big news and there is likely going to be attempts on the lives of some of the most powerful men in the world.

Mr Apocalypse is going to get flat our serious about exposing all kinds of hinky and kinky things that have been fornicating under the radar for a long time.

The stupidity and profanity of social justice warriors and minority sex junkies is going to force its way into the mainstream and become a total embarrassment all over the place. The push back from organized Christianity is going to be fierce and it will be more and more clear who is behind all this nonsense.

A time will come when a lot of people are in fear that the world is going to end.

Corporations are going to be full steam ahead with sexing up prepubescent children and what passes for music is going to lower the limbo bar to the point that the soundtrack will have Chinese subtitles. The evils of manufactured infernal culture are going to be epic!

New technologies are going to change the world as we know it. Someone is going to try to do something about Amazon. Really amazing inventions are in the event horizon. There has never been a year of inventions like the year ahead.

There is going to be a spiritual revival and possibly a charismatic personality or two are going to attract droves of bobbleheaded Nimrods. It's going to be a new kind of chaos with cellphones and social networking and the health concerns of the former are going to be revealed as never before.

Have I covered everything? Not hardly. There are going to be plenty of surprises you may be sure.

I wish you all the most prosperous and fulfilling of times to come and may the ineffable richly bless you with all that there is to understand, that might be revealed ...and that can be enjoyed.

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In recent times I have been the recipient of nasty little efforts by the usual anonymous; more so than has been the case in a long while. We aren't concerned with it and after the initial introduction we don't even bother to read any of it. We also bin it automatically as it shows up. Anonymous has no rights here when it comes to slander, ad hominem and general garbage mindedness. If anything we are flattered to awaken such reactions among such types. We must be doing the right thing!

Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And God Bless you to the limits of your gratitude and beyond.


stef64 said...

Happy New Year Visible! And thanks for your writings

Visible said...

Makes all the difference to me that you like it.

Ray B. said...

Vis, you might like this observation on music by The Saker:

"Music is at the very center of my life, and has always been. I believe that music not only conveys emotions better than words can, but that it also conveys emotions for which words do not exist. I therefore consider music not only the highest form of art, but also the highest form of communication. I wanted to end this year by sharing with you my favorite album by Bill Evans: 'You Must Believe in Springs'. I think that the sad and kind intelligence of this album must count as some of the most beautiful music every played." [italics in original]
As far as Trump is concerned, there are strange happenings around him. By strange, I mean energetically. There is some form of 'field' around him. It was not there during the Presidential debates. It is very evident, going out about a foot or two beyond his body. Coupled with his strange - almost absent - delivery of lines, I wonder whether we are seeing some form of 'involvement' by others. Usually, if a person is 'overlighted', the field extends upwards over the person's head (to the Being doing the overlighting). This is not the case with Trump; it ends at his head.

Every time I see this combination of 'field' and almost-disassociation, I want to jump-in and investigate. Each time, Higher Self gives a direct and emphatic "No!" warn-off. So, for the moment, it is simply a disturbing 'mystery'...
A 'danger' time is in the run-up to the Russian Presidential election in mid-March. Putin is overwhelmingly expected to win. Since this may be Putin's last hurrah [getting older], the PTB suspect some fundamental restructurings from him. Central bank, perhaps. The PTB's modus operandi in such cases is to stir things up with a war or financial crash before the person or party gets in office. That way, the person or party is strictly in 'react' mode, rather than controlling the agenda. Interesting times...

Happy New Year!
Ray B.

Rob Kettenburg said...

Like it, love it, want more of it!

Keep up the great work Les!

Ginnie said...

Dave Barry! I read it twice so I could cry from laughter! He never let me down. Brilliant mind and razor sharp wit. Never needs to swear to get it across. Thanks for posting that. Going to read it a third time... right now!

frosty said...

Frostyboy says, keep it cool in 2018. But on a personal note, much respect and warm affection for your spirit, Les. It's been a few years now that I've had the total pleasure of reading your work, and listening to PW read your work on The Tube. You are a genuine treasure.

Karen Norman said...

Happy New Year Vis and all,

I think my New Years resolution will be -

“Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

Because, 'if you are not living on the edge you are taking up too much room.' — Colleen Mccullough

God bless
Luv Kazz

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Happy New Year's Eve to all, like, and aloha back atcha, and to all else. No time for a real comment, since working at a prosperous Chinese restaurant and another flakey dishwasher are making me be trapped there for 15.5 hours and I gotta leave in 5 minutes.

At least it ain't a split shift today. Gods, with a car that doesn't get good mileage, that's not cost effective.

Visible said...

Happy new year anonymous, wherever it is that you are gnawing on the bitterness of your liver. You have no impact here and that is probably not what you were expecting. Nothing to see here, moving blithely along (grin).

John C Carleton said...

Just got to keep the old car between the bar ditches, trust That Which Is, to keep the engine running, the jackals and the sheep from stopping the momentum of the ole jalopy.

Voltman said...

It would be better to know nothing than to believe the utterly despicable creeps who front for the money monsters of monopoly crapitalism.

Behold the wasted days and wasted nights of the brain-dead teletubbies who believe those lying hippocritters on TV. Brain-sullying more aptly describes the process that poisons their minds. A good and thorough brainwashing would do wonders, under the circumstances...

Those who persist in believing the meanstream nonsense are backing in to a corner while holding a sign over their heads that says:

How stupid am I?
Watch me!

I'd rather be a smartass than a dumbass
Yes I would
If I could
I surely would

George Sorass & The Mass Morass Dumbass Ensemble

Anonymous said...

999 lists of resolutions on the wall, nine hundred and ninety nine lists,
take one down and kick it around, 998 lists on the wall.
(and counting)

torus said...

Happy New Year, one and all.
@Ray. Bill Evans? YES! Sublime genius. I learned tasty chord voicings for guitar by studying some of Evans' harmony. He often played major 7th and minor 7th chords as a stack of fifths. Very cool. Try this voicing on the piano, Les. E - B - C - G.
It's a Cmaj 7, with the 3rd in the bass. This one trick removes the inherent "schmaltz" of a major 7th chord. Doubly cool because of the stacked 5ths; E -B & C - G, but also the semitone cluster in the center of the voicing, B-C.
For D min 7th, voice it; F - C - D - A.

Please seek out the Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays composition, "September Fifteenth", which is a homage to Bill Evans.

For 2018?

"The key to transcending the inherent limitations of the ego/mind is humility, without which the mind is hopelessly trapped in its illusory house of mirrors."

"Untrained, the mind becomes an unruly onstage performer and a nuisance. The Self needs to learn respect for the SELF and the silence of the Presence. By observing the mind, it becomes apparent that the self represents the disruptive unruly child who constantly seeks attention."

(constantly seeks a tension)

"Ask, 'how am I aware or even know that I exist?' Identify with that quality, capacity, or condition of ever-present subjectivity, which is experienced as an underlying awareness, it is, "I AM that I AM" - this is the direct route. Practice that leads directly; focus, meditate, and contemplate - and to realize that the source and substrate of existence is the radical subjectivity of the Presence of God as the light of consciousness."

"What gives the 'I'-thought its subjective quality of reality is the radiance of the true-Self, which is the source of Reality that emanates as the Presence."

"It's beautiful, but you can't understand it with your head. All you can do is practice it every day. Practice carried out quietly and calmly because a passage to freedom opens only when you deal with RIGHT NOW, RIGHT HERE.
So under all circumstances, whatever feeling, emotion, or idea your dualistic human consciousness has produced - just accept it - don't attach to it, just let it go, let it return to oneness. Then you can return to oneness. This is nothing but practice in action. This practice is naturally pure and clean."

Anonymous said...

John Carlton,

Your post reminds me of the lyric to an old, obscure blues song---"I ain't no chauffeur but I keep it between the lines...".


Visible said...

I'm not proficient enough to engage in it that way. I understand the theory but my music is complex or simple by intuitive movement. I've never been able to 'stay within the lines' musically. The tune gets adapted to the way it gets sung without a musical score and then there is a score.

Of course I love Jazz and I certainly know who Bill Evan's is.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Mass Midnight Renditions to Guantanamo that have not Come to Pass.

Anonymous said...

Shaking it here boss

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

"Tap... Tap... Tap... (Sigh)" I Love You Lord.

Visible said...

Numbers 4,5,6 and 7 of the series, Discourses on the Ineffable and the songs of Les Visible are up now and can be found here--- Discourses on the Ineffable and the songs of Les Visible.

Whoops, #7 isn't up yet but it will be in about half an hour.

At some point the elf, without whose incredible and tireless efforts you wouldn't have anything nearly so professional and attractive, will soon have box ads up in the margins of every blog so that you can check in for the video process which should include a couple of hundred offerings.


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