Thursday, February 15, 2018

The Rosetta Stone Cellphone had been Set to Vibrate.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Ah... my goodness... three weeks and counting; tap... tap... (sigh) all over again... haven't been able to write, well... yeah I could write, I just didn't feel like it. I wasn't down. I wasn't up. I was sideways with a bullet. I was flotsam in the doldrums of the Horse Latitudes, down there in the sacral plexus of the tailbone of the year. Maybe it was some kind of a refresher course, a rebooting of the system, a metaphysical colon cleanse. I don't know what it is or was. I had written something. I've no desire to go back and see what it contained; moving right along. I had heard from literally no one for a few weeks and I thought that was fitting. Then in the last week I am hearing from people all over. In some ways it seems as if everyone was in some form of where I was.

I have been clinically depressed through my whole life. I tried anti-depressants. I tried the drugs that actually work, meaning they are most likely illegal and they did work but the shadow of Kafka is always lurking in the underbrush. Now my doctor has put me on a new anti and before everyone goes off on me, this is a new kind of Isomer and seems to be user friendly... so far. I don't suffer from the depression the way most people do. I have my art and my outlets and I must say... my life was often worse than any depression so that was all to the good (grin).

I don't want to get into some exhaustive soliloquy here. Whenever I think my life isn't going as I would have liked it to, or has been a disappointment, given all the doors that have been closed to me, I don't have to consider the matter for very long before I become aware of the awful suffering of so many others and for whom it is a daily affair. I got nothing to cry about. I still consider myself one of the luckiest men in the world. I have the ineffable and regardless of how little I understand all the workings at work, I get that indwelling presence thing and cannot imagine anything as profound and beautiful as that is. There is a fullness, a completeness and a totality of being that is the perfect example of what a gestalt is supposed to be. It's one of those states of existence that nothing harmful or diminishing can touch.

Each of us is a story in development and at any point it can go in any direction but it usually goes in the direction of least resistance as it relates to the whim of the moment, given the material nature of the times in which we find ourselves or continue to be lost in translation. We are enveloped in an atmosphere of materialism and the Rosetta Stone, in the incomprehensible hieroglyphics of Beavis and Butthead is... the cellphone. plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. The world doesn't change. It appears to change and that is why appearances are our greatest hindrance in times of material darkness but... you've heard all of this from me before. You've heard it up and down and sideways with a bullet, forever after governed by an unpredictable ricochet.

Yes... I've been thinking, pondering, probing in all the nooks and crannies of my mysterious nature; we are all mysteries to ourselves. Sometimes we can see into the lives and intentions of others with an almost disturbing clarity but we cannot see into our own lives and intentions. Every intention seems to require a justification for operation. Otherwise we would only have the one intention that needs no justification and that is self inquiry and I have heard some variation of it echo in the words and teachings of all those whom I respect as having been true guides in this personal mystery of mine. I find it remarkable that so many people, separated by a great distance of time and place, language and personal experience, all say relatively the same thing. This is one reason I don't get on my own case for repeating myself.

God repeats himself every day when the sun appears in the sky, which comes about through the Earth's rotation and not because of the sun rising in the sky which is about, 'appearances' again. Day in and day out, the sun, author of all manifest existence, appears in the sky and whether clouds obscure it, or night dances in and out on either side of it, it is still there and even though it might appear exactly as it was the day before, it is not and that gradual and scarcely noticeable change accounts for the seasons and so much more. You could think of existence as being a changing room, where we are constantly changing our clothes but the body beneath it is the same, only the clothes have changed. Over time however, the body too changes and furthermore, the body conceals an even greater mystery and who knows what lies within or beyond that? One mystery, it seems, leads to another mystery and in the end, if there is one, it could well be that upon uncovering it, there is nothing there at all. It is true that the only important mystery is the one we carry around within us every day and is the reason why we are here in the first place. Our obsessions with everything else are simply the continuous distractions that are there to... to distract us. Everything else that we put our heart's blood and our minds attention upon are a tragic waste of time and that is why it all ends in disappointment until some new fascination appears and off we go again!

These are some parts of what I have been thinking about in these recent days. Does anything I get up to mean anything at all? Then, out of the blue I get a dozen emails that tell me how really important it has been and given to me in the most precise and direct language possible. 'Like it had eyes.'

Nothing is more real and profound than the ineffable and nothing is harder to comprehend; one might say, 'impossible to comprehend.' Somehow it does comprehend us and somehow, the understanding of the truth of this, communicates itself to us and assures us in a place deep within where no argument is possible. This is why I subscribe to the path of Bhakti. In times of material darkness, the potential for being led astray is commensurately great. We are not capable, on our own, of negotiating our way through and around the pitfalls and deceptions of appearances. Appearances are a lie. This is a truth that must be understood viscerally. It must become an automatic performing part of us. Along with this must come an unshakable awareness of our utter helplessness; unable to change the color of one hair on our head... knowing that we are blind, naked and dumb... and then some (grin).

I truly want to thank those of you who appeared in concert, serendipitously, to bring to my attention that regardless of appearances, the work we do together is important, despite the occasional, dump de dump da de dump de dump of life's unrelenting sameness, of two steps forward and one step back, it sometimes seems to me that the capacity to endure is one of the most important qualities that anyone can possess, just as the most underrated quality is GRATITUDE. Perhaps gratitude to be able to endure is one of the finer tandems of them all.

Each night I lay in my bed and reflect upon my day and the days that came before, as well as the days that lie ahead. How many days lie ahead? What does it all mean? So many of you I will never meet in this life. I've tried to arrange some measure of this a time or two and failed in remarkable fashion. I tried to form a community of kindred souls while I was in Mexico and served to create nothing more than a continuing alienation that has not resolved itself until this day and it was all about seeking to avoid, at all costs, the guru label that so many, with cavalier attitude embrace, as if, all one has to do is to put on the outfit and automatically the role simply plays itself. In the process of seeking to deny what I am surely not fit for, because I have met those who are, I compounded the problem. Woe is me (grin)!

It is simple as it can possibly be my friends; god is real... seek god with all your heart and mind, strength and soul... “love the lord god with all thy heart and mind and with all thy strength and soul.” Following that it takes care of itself, so long as you persist in the performance of it. That is where faith enters into the equation. You have only to love god with all your might and this will agitate god in a positive way and God... who is real will respond to your passion. You will then be tested and tried to see if your passion is sincere... tried and tested is much like being tempered, the way the metal of a sword is tempered in fire. For us, as the sword of god, we are tempered in the fires of experience.

If I am here or not here, doesn't matter. If I am here today and not tomorrow, doesn't matter. God is here, today, yesterday and tomorrow and whatever may be real about you, is only an extension of god within you. Your job, your destiny, your calling and your salvation, whether you avail yourself of any of these options doesn't change their presence or validity. If there is a building across the street and you don't go into it, it doesn't change the fact that the building is there. Everything that exists in this world is temporary and god alone has meaning and continuance. Don't let religion, or the fact that there is more than one, or any of what is said about any of them or the unfortunate ends any of them are turned to by unfortunate and misinformed people, impact upon the inexpressible and incomprehensible truth and beauty of the ineffable whose love exists in a secret reservoir within you and which can be accessed through the heart and at the center of which the ineffable resides and be you fortunate, rules all the worlds that have ever been or will ever be from his eternal throne. In times of material darkness, the human heart is all too often made a habitation for demons, where the ineffable has been banished from it.

Everything that happens to us and whatever suffering may attend in the aftermath, we are the author of it. You can't blame god. You can surely blame your misunderstanding and presumptions about God. Your suffering can depart in an instant, as soon as you place responsibility for everything into God's hands. If that sounds like a contradiction well... what isn't?

God is eager and so much more than that... to take upon himself every burden you bear. You must exercise your end of the contract. You have to reach out like Adam in the painting where God is reaching out and there is that tiny space between the reaching fingers which is the space occupied by faith.

I've said this all before and I will say it again until the means is no longer mine to perform. Let your suffering end today and the echos of whatever remains fade away into nothing. Let the master of all things be the master of your life. Believe this, practice faith, certitude and discrimination. Seek to act as a reasonable facsimile, inasmuch as imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. You have only to love and permit yourself to be formed into the shape of what is shaping you by the power of love so employed at this effort. My dear friends, beloved companions on this wonderful journey into light, you are loved deeply and eternally and all you have to do is love in return.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Like, and welcome back!

BlackBelt Yogi said...

Read this on Valentine's Day here in the pacific northwest. How fitting. Much love! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Visible has a way with words like no one else on earth. Those words paint such a clear picture of The Ineffable that I hunger to each new post as I do for the break of day.

Thank you dear friend for all that you do...

Anonymous said...

Dear Visible!
I had a lot of zero days lately too, so many that I forgot to wonder why you weren't writing. It's a good metaphor for my awareness- usually a bit late. Slow on the uptake. So what. Thank you for everything, it is a true life's work.
Matt Joshua Tree

Anonymous said...

Missed you - glad you're back!


Brian Crossland said...

You've been sorely missed Vis: for what it's worth a lot of Mojo's seem to have been missing from folks recently. Hope it's all part of cosmic reset.
Then again what do I know?
With Gratitude.

Kray Z8 said...

Owooooo! There you are! The explanation was nice, though not obligatory. As someone who experiences both clinical depression and SADS, mixed with a dash of ADD and PTSD, "I ken where you been" as they say. It's all just alphabet soup. Just like our illustrious bureaucracy. The amount of disillusionment occurring on the national and world level in the last month has been phenomenal. Soon, the materialists will have no illusions to anchor to. There were precious few left; now, almost none. Some say it's the endgame, the culmination of the Grand Evil Plan of Those Who Would Rule Everything. Others, that it's their futile, screaming resistance to being torpedoed just as victory was in their grasp. Who knows? Who cares? I don't. I don't.

As usual Vis, you scrape the maya from the mirror. Not so much about what's happening in the material matrix, but how the rest of us can stay in touch with that which will get us through; our only true identities. Your remarks about faith were particularly pertinent in my case. Most of what you expound, though nourishing for my soul, is not news to me. My human weakness is the erosion of faith from despair.

Your work reminds me, gently, humorously, truthfully, powerfully even, that the only thing that matters, the only thing we actually have as a matter of fact is our relationship to Source. The only way I can enrich and develop that is to actively practice love, discernment and faith. Simplistic? To some, perhaps. To me it's a much needed reinforcement of basic, fundamental principles. Yes, I'm still imperfect enough to want a little external validation every now and then. You provide it in spades. THANK YOU.

Ray B. said...

Welcome back, Vis! I kept asking internally whether to comment or email, and kept getting "No". Your explanations say Why...

Vis, I believe you are a 'victim' of your own Success. Time and again, I have read of the shaman/saint/seer who has 'tunneled-out' to a higher-consciousness place. When they return to the ordinary world (in this time of darkness), they are faced with where they are now - in this body, within this culture, on this planet. Anger/rage/sadness is the inevitable result, caused by a deep longing to be 'back' in that higher-consciousness place. This is "Natural." (There are Celtic tales of folk who encountered Higher Beings and were so 'spiritually wounded' by this - the contrast - that they just pined-away til their body died.)

Fortunately and unfortunately, you are in the position of Joseph Campbell's "Returning Hero." He/she has been out beyond tribal boundaries, chose to return to his/her tribe (some don't), and imparts what they have learned for the benefit of all. It is not an easy journey, and you bear the burden well. Thanks for returning... (I am tempted to use 'One Ring' terms, with you as a Ring Bearer, but that is not quite right.)

I just saw the "Bubba Ho-Tep" movie, again. After 'Elvis' has vanquished his inner and outer demons, he lies dying. There comes a blessing/reassurance in the sky as he fades out: "All Is Well". The Hero has done his best, and it is acknowledged by those Higher Beings...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

robert said...


So good to hear your voice again, metaphorically speaking!

It is true that the only important mystery is the one we carry around within us every day and is the reason why we are here in the first place.

Even while growing the temple, the inner drive to dive deep into every single scientific. philosophical and technological puzzle which had the mystery of self wrapped up in it somehow, eventually leads to the ongoing experiment in self-discovery in which we are now engaged.

This is consciousness trying to peel itself from the inside out!
The attempt to use the power of the mind and spirit to dissolve the mind, to solvate the mental rigidities in the universal solution: not water but Love!

What superficial illusion of the senses could possibly fascinate us like the tantalizing mystery of our oversoul/higher self/sovereign spirit, the owner of our humanimal avatar, which we have on lease from the generous Owner of All?

Why are we here?

When despondent, I ask myself: "Why am I here?" until I get an answer of sorts from the Universe. The answer usually involves the lawful consequences of one or more, less-then-conscious choices, made under the pressure of the time/space projection.

There is always a reason that we are undergoing remedial karmic foreplay at this time, if we truly trust the intelligence and the heart of the One.

So glad to be part of this consciousness-friendly group!
Let us all drop our burdens at the door of perception and see if we can finally see more clearly!


Chuck Godwin said...

Hi Les. I've read your letters for many years now with great interest and appreciation. I can't help but wonder if you've had a Fundamentalist Christian background and have managed, as I have, to free yourself from it. As a baby boomer,I've had a 60 year struggle to come to some joy and hope in the ineffable. Most sincerely, Chuck in Nebraska

Oliver M said...

Having just spent the last 3 weeks in a pit of self-imposed isolation and misery, your words resonate powerfully. Thank You.

Makes me think of this poem by Rumi.

brian boru said...

Your song touched my emotions although I can't say exactly why. Thank you again for what you do.

Stan Del Carlo said...

I am both .50 Nordlander and .25 Tuatha De Danann The Red, with .25 Bootlander (Lucca).

Some things in nature never change is the big discovery now:

When the prescription stops working, go for it.

Anonymous said...

Aggressive truth
Psalm 110
“Sit at my right hand,
until I make your enemies your footstool.”
That's exactly what you wrote, I sat on the side of his law, and he sat on the side of my word. To sit at the right hand, to stand up for God's law. So I did not lie in words written to you because the most important principle is NOT LIES !!! that I did not lie, you have proof in the comments, and your spirit will recognize after these words that all I wrote is true. You have no idea what man is and what the development of technical thought can achieve. You like sports and competitions. I will ask you the question, why did humanity fall so low and so quickly? Civilizations that created the pyramids, the Great Wall, Stonhenge, Cracow, were so developed that you can not understand the design or history or psychology of their constructors. It is clear that fate and memory and language have been forgotten. Are you able to imagine that the human race is delayed in development by several hundred years? The evolution of this is to first understand, to later be able to issue a verdict using the testimonies of two witness. Time will show, and we'll see, will people understand their mistakes and draw the consequences (you are adults and teach your children that the most important thing is to admit to the chord because everyone makes mistakes.) Right?
There are only two possibilities. The first one will take a fight to develop higher than previous civilizations, to draw consequences and save future generations from error.
The second option is the destruction of civilization by stupidity being at the level of ant development. Your choice metaphorically speaking

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much, Les, for re-appearing. Seems like the most propitious time, just in time.
Things are indeed a mystery.
I heard a woman on the radio talking about the major influences in her life, as a sort of way to define her my life, and I'm always wondering about it, like Neal Young song I'm trying to 'remember my name' too, like the woman on the radio. So I thought, what were my influences...
Well, I figured two of them were God and the Devil, and if I understand right, you Les, consider them to be two images of the same, and that makes sense, if anyone can understand God (if anyone can you are a lot smarter than me). So God and the Devil, but right in between them was my true love and major influence, a "farmer Rishi" I consider her.... though I'm sure she has left her body behind, yet I think I know her reincarnation.... and I'm sure she planned it that way in advance. She wanted to break the cycle of death/rebirth, but had enough awareness to know she was not yet sufficiently ready, so picked the next best way, a planned DNA transference and a chosen home/parents/education/environment.
Like the Dalai Lamas, she recognizes her old belongings, and the similarities, my God it's simply incredible. And the love is still there.
So I too, like you, though suffering the 'slings and arrows' of outrageous fortune....consider myself the most fortunate of men.
Thank you God, thank you for everything.

-beggar with a clue

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

On Seas of Love toward Islands of Light where Eternity Resides.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Materialism and Satanism do the Death Tango on Facebook Live.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And what a time to choose....


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