Wednesday, October 25, 2017

This is a Fading Age of Darkness, in a Full Approach to the Everlasting Light

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It keeps on going; the relentless Satanic putsch is right out there in the open these days. According to the spokesthings for this no longer underground movement- “the goal of homosexual activism is to normalize all forms of perversion and sexual deviancy.” It's moving across the country along the greased wheels of Tribe librarian promotions. They've attached their names to it right on the site.

Behind the scenes... behind the scenes a long walking and stalking agenda has been shoehorning obliging zombie replicants into positions of varying levels of authority in order to make de rigueur every violation of normal that can be imagined into cornerstones of the coming age. This is not remotely possible. What it is is the last gasp of the passing age, now polluted beyond recognition.

I'm going to paraphrase here just a little and borrow imagery from scripture and attempt to provide meaning at the same time. During one of his inspired talks, which much of the time involved allegory, Jesus Christ was speaking about vines (grape vines) and husbandmen who tend the vines and he made reference to 'the life' that moved in the vines and the vines that no longer carried life and which were cut away in a pruning exercise and then cast into a fire. I think I have this right generally. There is another line in The Bible that says, “where there is no vision, the people perish.” I am guessing that this refers to spiritual vision. In these times we can clearly see that this collective vision has departed. It certainly exists in the hearts and minds of those who hold to the understanding that there is no true inspiration that does not come from the giver of all good things. At this time, whatever passes for inspiration is the GMO fruit of perverted templates which the general consciousness is being forced into and shaped by. In other words, you are no longer what you were and if you were a child you didn't even get to be what you were before you became something else.

The mind and being of the creator interpenetrates all things. It is often not acknowledged, especially in these times but it is there none the less because there is no life absent from the ineffable who is the source of all life and who ensouled the dust of the ground in the first place, so that we might possess animated shapes, in order to be present on the manifest plane for the purpose of demonstration. Those who have made the effort to seek out the indwelling spirit that is the life within them, have come to an understanding of the truth in residence as it flows through the vine that they are. In times of transition, such as we presently find ourselves in, the living energy of existence is being routed through those hearts and minds that are living in accord with the will of the divine. It is being withdrawn from those other vines that have ceased to draw the power of life from the creator and sustainer of life. This is a truly sad thing and I do not possess the necessary gravity of words to express how very sad this is.

In the beginning and... one might say there have been many beginnings and ends, when we, or those like us took up residence here, we were much less materialized than we are today. Existence moves through set stages, through times of mostly light, a time of more light than not, a time of less light than darkness and a time of mostly darkness and the latter is the time we find ourselves in. It must be said that there is not less light overall. There is indeed always more light than is manifest and always will be because the divine never expends into manifestation even half of itself. As Swedenborg once said, “the spiritual sun never reaches its zenith.” In times of greater darkness, the light concentrates in those locations where it is welcome to reside, or those untouchable locations where it waits upon the dawn.

I wish I could convey to you the real and serious importance of holding fast to the ineffable in times like these. The costs are great, as are the possible rewards. Let us look at the whole of this segment of manifestation as a drama set across a reach of 26,000 years. During this time, every possible permutation of life makes its entrance and exit. A wardrobe exists and in it are all the costumes that clothe the lifetimes that we collectively experience. At the end of such a cycle it is all recycled, a new wardrobe appears to clothe the lifetimes coming in the following cycle and those who did not succeed in what was required here, over the course of their comings and goings are sent back to the wardrobe for another cycle of opportunity and this repeats and repeats until the necessary number of cycles has passed and the ineffable then gathers it all back into itself and sleeps for a time; a long time.

For those who did succeed in any particular cycle, portals open for a specified period and depending on the soul present and the state of awareness that soul achieved to, the portals differ but they are there to be entered through and can ONLY be seen by those permitted entry.

As has been said here a few times, it is no accident that nearly 7 billion of us are present in this moment. There is reasons for this. Whether we see or know what those reasons are has nothing to do with them existing. They are a fact.

We had thought for a long time that a community of kindred souls was the way to go in these troubled times. The ineffable put the kibosh on that as far as this writer is concerned but... we do have a community and time and distance are both illusions after all. We are most certainly together after a fashion and share in all the privileges that such a community affords, be it virtual or otherwise.

We apologize for writing in a particular language and mood today. This all happens of its own accord. It is what it is and we have no real control over that. Sometimes the language might seem to come from a more doctrinal resource, lacking the folksy tone, lacking the sarcastic and humorous tone. Sometimes it is necessary to get near Biblical in tone.

Nothing said here runs contrary to the teachings of the New Testament and corroboration for any of it can be found in the teachings of the Rishis (who were not Biblical but that tradition came directly from the teachings of the Rishis). We aren't putting out anything new here. We do not know enough nor do we possess the power to chart some new variation on old themes. We feel that those who authored the old themes were and are far more informed than we are. Certainly... ideas are presented, often, in a new manner but they are drawn from old wells.

We not only believe in God here but we KNOW that God is real. There is not the slightest doubt in our hearts and minds concerning the existence of the divine. Having said that, we also know that the divine is beyond comprehension and interpretation and we make no efforts to accomplish the impossible here. The nature of the times breeds a kind of arrogance into the hearts and minds of those who think they understood what they read and know what they are talking about. I make no such claims. The new age movement comes directly out of this arrogance; claiming that we are gods. We may be gods in the making but we are not presently gods. There is no such thing as 'discovering your own truth'. That is more poppycock that works in tandem with the absurdity that we are all gods. Certainly the truth of that would be in the demonstration of it; no? The lingo used by the charlatans and hypocrites of the new age movement is the same lingo used by the sexually and politically degenerate.

It is possible to read the truth. It is possible to encounter someone in possession of some amount of the truth but the truth in its essential nature can only be apprehended within through the agency and good intentions of the one who has authored the truth and that comes through the medium of revelation and revelation comes through grace or the performance of spiritual austerities and might still only come through the former, regardless.

My friends we are ♫standing on shaky ground♫ unless we have encountered that firm foundation; that rock of certainty and perpetuity which is unassailable by any opposing storm generated out of insubstantial darkness. One of the most powerful expressions of what is possible for us has been most effectively impressed upon me by walking into a dark room and lighting a candle. That says it all and we all have a light within and that light can grow exponentially according to the persistence of our expression of love at every opportunity. True light, true love and the ineffable are inseparable.

Take what moments of reflection are possible for you at this time and think deeply about what is and what seems to be. Think about what is real and everlasting and what is temporary and ephemeral. Do not spend useless hours attempting to define the ineffable, rather spend that time seeking the ineffable because all you seek to know and all that you can ever know will be conferred on you by that which you seek, if what you seek is true.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...


Anonymous said...

"Come out from among them and be he separate ". That sure doesn't sound like joining any groups to me either.
And where it says He will gather his elect from the four corners of the earth sure sounds like being on your own.
It's an inside job!!!!!

Brighten the corner where you are
Brighten the corner where you are
Someone's right behind you,
You may guide across the bar
Brighten the corner where you are!

You. No plurals.

mike m said...

It's going down.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I asked ALL THAT IS to protect Corey Feldman. Hopefully he'll get the ball rolling. He's in a lot of danger, though. Maybe I'll do a ritual later today, if not tomorrow. They seem to work whenever I have the right intentions for the right reasons.

Ray B. said...

Vis: "We may be gods in the making, but we are not presently gods."

Yes and no. Or, no and yes. On the ego-driven side, absolutely not. However, as and when we connect-up with our Higher Self, the situation is more blurred. HS, as I understand it, includes all the Consciousness Levels right back to all-God. Those levels are available at the whim and at the necessity of HS.

Personally, after I have connected-up with HS, there is a whole cornucopia of added possibilities available. They can be felt and perceived. Most times, HS does what it does with Ray as a witness or observer. Ray gets a 'down-translation' of the action. But HS tends to 'drift' after a time. It is naturally ungrounded. Ray, if focused and stubborn, can supply an Anchor. Also, Ray may spot fruitful-avenues that were too primitive for HS to entertain. Sometimes, these are pursued by HS. Other times, HS says that certain things would not have happened if we had not just 'connected-up'. Together, we make a good combination.

So, "presently gods"? Yes and no. Or, no and yes.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...


From what I can see and what I got from what you said, you only confirmed what I said; not to mention using only subjective analytics to do so which really aren't the right tools for objective argument. In any case, it served to amuse me so (grin), please continue.

Anonymous said...

Ray B,

Jousting with Vis on these matters is like sitting down to play chess with Bobby Fisher (Bobby also had strong feelings about the Tribe :)

As an enthralled observer of the chess match, all I can say is that I love the fresh perspectives you always bring here and admire your willingness to do so.

Best wishes


Ray B. said...

Glad to amuse you, Vis. We all have our purpose in life (grin).

Visible said...

Ya think?

Ezra Ounce said...

The very best exegesis of John 15 I have ever read!

The “Church” as understood by most Christians is the very antithesis of the Greek word “ekklesia” from which it is translated.

The original language term refers to a scattered fellowship of "called-out’ [as opposed to ‘called in” to a denomination] individuals.

These are the allegorical/metaphorical “sheep” scattered upon a thousand hills, with apparently ["for purposes of demonstration”] no one to care for them.

See Ezekiel 34:6,12. Also 1st Kings 22:17, 2nd Chronicles 18:16. Also Matthew 9:36. Also 1st Peter 2:1-10.

Stay close to the shepherd! He will deal with the wolves in your life...

Thank you, Les! Keep on truckin’ !!!

Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

To Grant You Salvation from the Flaming Inferno of the Desire for Temporary Things.

Visible said...

Apparently something is wrong with my linking process so I am just going to put the HTML in for the new post at Smoking Mirrors-



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