Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Bryan Singer Pederasty Society of the Unprotesting Virgins.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Ummmm... why hello there. I'd like to announce a shift in policy that I hope the general reader will take the opportunity to ignore, as they do most every other announcement, regardless of how precise or comprehensive it may be. This means that next time there is a shift in the blog locations and some amount of time is involved to achieve transitions, I won't be announcing it. Subsequently, when emails pour in with some permutation of, “I know you said the sites might be down or unreachable for a short time but I can't find them now, where are they?” Yes, that is very close to what was being asked on me in a good portion of the dozens of emails I received concerning our temporary hiatus in into nicht gefunden land. “Do I detect a touch of sarcasm in this portion of your posting, visible?” Hmmmm, you know what? Now that I think about it there is every possibility that that is the case. I wouldn't swear to it but I get this sense, I get this sense that maybe... just maybe, that might be the case. It will pass though. It's sort of like when women in the Victorian Age would get 'the vapors' because their corsets were pulled a little too tight on the back end. I don't know if that's similar to what happens to ballerinas with their pony tails. It might explain why Natalie Portman got a Oscar for that piece of execrable dreck; “The Black Swan”. I'm thinking the Academy Awards committee might have had their pony tails pulled a little too tight, especially The Bryan Singer Pederasty Society of the Protesting Virgins.

Did we call it here or did we call it? I believe we mentioned the sophomoric Photoshopping efforts by mass media in placing Russian spetznaters all over the Ukrainian landscape. This time it took all of a day for it to be debunked. This fantasy was brought to us courtesy of the same rag that the loathsome Judith Miller worked for when she ran the Iraq WMD scam on the public.

The most worthy Mr. Apocalypse is working the crowd in all the best of ways. Whether it's exposing the head of the Injustice Department or blocking the First Lady of Botox from using an Oklahoma High School for a public relations stunt. He's floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

We had a powerful sunspot go off yesterday but as has been usual, things like the just passed Cardinal Cross, amounted to less than zero in the scheme of things; or so it might appear at first sight. We've mentioned before that when cosmic forces align in a certain manner, indicating the arrival of conditions for massive change that it is not to be expected that events have to go down in that specific time period. What it means is that, like the sunspot, a certain energy configuration vibrated outward and then inserted itself into the precipitation machinery as an indice of things to come. No doubt I have used 'indice' improperly but that is the nature of things around here when it comes to bending words to fit a projected image of something that you are not going to find in the places where the word is properly used but doesn't really amount to much. I hope that's clear, or at least as clear as our having mentioned that the visible sites might be down for a period of time, as we did recently (grin).

Well, aside from the New York Times attempting to insert the Duck Dynasty patriarch into the Russian special forces operating on the Hollywood set version of the Ukrainian Zio- hijack problem, reaction, solution thing, we don't have a lot to talk about, unless it's the mysterious appearance of motor vehicles crashing into crowds, stores and people's bedrooms, which has happened a lot recently, or sinking ferries or remotely hijacked planes sucked away on a cellphone tractor beam, operating out of some guys colon in Diego Garcia. Like they say, “It's quiet... too quiet”.

Pedophile coverup artiste John- Paul- Ringo- George- the Second got all glittered up in a sequinned saint jumpsuit and in perfect symmetry, a gigantic crucifix dedicated to him, jumped off of its pedestal and crushed some guy who got too close to the action. This is to indicate that lies can hurt you if you believe in them and we're going to see more and more inexplicable events of this nature and the number of those victimized en masse is going to get greater and greater because if you refuse to wake up you are going to get woke up by any means necessary.

I read a well written commentary of Joe Biden by a fellow writing an op ed piece in Pravda. As clear as it all must be to an uncompromising mind, it's incredible, at this point that people are still being taken in. I suspect that giant, metaphorical cruci-fictions are falling on all kind of people at the moment; shattering both the statuary and the denial of the ones they are falling on. A wave of mass awakening can happen with amazing speed, watch for it. I tried to post a comment there and the result was there was no button that allowed me to post it and as often as I tried to refresh the page... the comments never came back either. Interesting.

In the tradition of Mr. Visible's Nostrildamus projections, you will remember that we predicted that the hunger strike by the Mossad spy and agent provocateur in Cuba wasn't going to go on for very long and a few days later we were proven to be correct. It's an interesting article if you are the sort to read between the lines as we like to do around here. Maybe Netanyahoo can set up a prisoner swap of Pollard for Gross?

Here's a fascinating phrenological profile of yet one more upper class sort engaged in ostensible charity philanderings. He looks like a real sweetheart, yeah? And... if you appreciate some Marks and Spenser cheesecake, you won't want to miss this. Look closely at the medallion around his neck.

Yes... this is one of those all over the map postings; sort of incoherent and lacking in the sort of depth one comes here hoping for but I'm a little out of my depth at the moment and reduced to snatching a moment here and there to cobble together some kind of a communique before people begin to yell at me (grin). I've having to do a lot of juggling at the moment; trying to budget for all the things I need to acquire, besides what I can get for free by being sagacious and inquisitive; which can take a lot of time and, meanwhile, working through the day and being probably ten days away from having my own internet so... please bear with the paucity of articulation and insight that might be the case here for ' a short time', which I'm not going to announce but I've already dealt with that... sort of.

Sometimes it can be a labor when you're not a government operative and/or in tight with Bryan Singer (pun intended). You have to get very creative about the way you go about things because most doors are closed to you and so you have to troubleshoot your needs and dreaming operationals in an arcane manner. Still, you know? It doesn't really matter, any of it. We take it as it comes and we go about in the mind set that it is all being taken care of, or will be when it needs to be and day by day it all comes into being and one day you look back on it all and it's on to the next thing and that's life, basically, doing whatever it is you do until you get called before the higher court to answer for it all. Most people don't go through their days with this understanding uppermost in their minds but... I do; mostly because it is inescapably and unavoidably so, like it or not. That's the thing about existence... you can like it or not like it. That doesn't make any difference except in the way you feel about the inevitable; whether you actually consider it in that regard or prefer to ignore it because thinking about something in that way can very often compromise your ability to carry it out. This is because the writing on the wall begins to glow in flaming neon colors and you more or less have to pay attention.

Look for more and more weird stuff. You ain't seen nothing yet AND... look for the Ukraine situation to explode any day now.

I saw a photo yesterday of the California farmlands. There was this vast stretch of symmetrical dirt rows and no sign of green anywhere. Food prices are rising daily into ever greater levels of public discomfort and this is going to get much, much worse. Once again, the general public is tra la la ing it down the garden path singing, “row.. row... row your boat etc” Just imagine all of the conditions converging on future moments and once again, 'perfect storm' comes to mind. The Ring of Fire is agitated and I'm not talking about Henry Kissinger's haemorrhoids. I'm talking about inevitables that may not be on the clock, so as you could notice but are most definitely on the clock regardless.

Be alert and... if there is any one thing I could share with you that I think is important, it's to make the effort to tune into the intuitive side of your nature and act accordingly.

End Transmission.......

We will try to get a radio broadcast up tomorrow evening.


BCii said...

Good to see you back, Visible.

I've been reading Greg Calise recently. For a refreshing dose of cut-the-crap and an actionable, viable perspective on life for the awakening individual, check out his site, Riverbank of Truth. Much of his work ties in closely with what Visible aims to convey. The style is somewhat different, though, which works well. It's always good to have those eternal truths unveiled by different voices.

Another antidote for delusion is a classic article by Michael Topper, "Stalking or Precis on The Good and The Evil". This was passed on by Bernhard Guenther of Veil of Reality.

Glad to have this place to share. Thank you and carry on!

Much love,

Jenny said...

Such good words- be alert. But what is a lert? I could not resist... thank you for keepin it real- be `safe my friend- jen

Anonymous said...

Moving sucks. (Jim states the obvious). :)

Thanks for banging out a Dish amidst all the craziness! And speaking of crazy... I was just thinking of Muhammad Ali yesterday.

I'm listening the video ver,sion of "Creative Mind" by Ernest Holmes that you linked to a .few weeks ago. Amazing stuff! Basically it's the think it believe it and then it eventually happens to you kind of thing. I suppose, based on that, we've been doing this our whole lives and just didn't know about it.

Holmes then discusses karma and pretty much says that it is simply caused by faulty thinking and can be wiped away with proper thinking. That kinda goes against the grain of what I was taught about karma and of what I hear about it here. Any take on that,Vis, or anyone???

Continued prayers for a smooth transition !!


zepheri said...

With a big y, go forth and multiply.
no robot
ussatin agree

Anonymous said...

About that Ring of Fire, I think we might want to keep our eye's out for those earthquakes that will shake the living hell out of California and then hopscotch right over to Washington State.

Billy G Ellipseer

Anonymous said...

".....too quiet."

thanks for that one!


Visible said...

Jim; You are correct sir.

Visible said...

Okay... so the no commenting sign has been turned off in the visible plane and it's safe to run around the cabin and speak in Esperanto (not really).

sage691 said...

I don't very often comment but I've been reading for quite a long time. Your comment regarding the ferry sinking and the victims dutifully waiting for help and the only survivors were those that disobeyed authority got me to thinking. I wrote about it and sent it to my friend who has a blog and she put it up there. Kind of an open letter to my children. I prayed for guidance to get the words right. I hope you like it.

Please excuse that I didn't hotlink. I am not very good with computers. Thanks.

Visible said...

Another pot shot from my Nostrildamus sector. I get the distinct feeling that war between Russia and The Ukraine is going to break out at any moment.

The conflict will be quick, the aftermath... not so much.

galen said...

Thank God you bring a great drink of humor with all the necessary ever-so-serious and profound. Oh my, the visual on Kissinger's "Ring of Fire,". . . After I calmed down from laughing, I got a little nauseous. Understandable, no?

On another note. . .

Nuts And Us:

Decided to make pesto a few days ago. Of course, to be authentique, I needed organic pine nuts. Got just one cup at health food store. Ready? $14.50  Wow!, said I, but I splurged anyway. Then I was remembering when I was kid and we'd get a little bag of pine nuts still in the shell and they'd cost about a quarter. Made a kid's day. Anyway, decided to look to see what YouTube offered in regards to harvesting pine nuts. Here's what I found and it's understandable that they are so expensive since the harvesting is quite labor-intensive. Now I'm about the business of finding my own pine tress. (smile)

2 min:

More links here:

You just never know when a pine tree might save your life.


Peter said...

***remotely hijacked planes sucked away on a cellphone tractor beam, operating out of some guys colon in Diego Garcia. Like they say, “It's quiet... too quiet”.***

yeah, the stories about the cell phone stashed up the wazoo rang foul (shoulda listened to my gut at the time) the dudez writing these stories have a peculiar fixation it seems, but your clarification is priceless...

Anonymous said...

I can not make out the medallion on the Former Brother of Cammi-babe (get the babe joke?). Anyone care to help me with that one?

Peaches said...

Fwiw I'm told from my friend who's son is in *pecial *orces that it is the Chechens causing the problems there in Ukraine, and that's what it's all about and of course we never hear that. Take that as you may. Idk

I went through a Science of Mind phase for a few years if study, have the book and subscribed to their mag for a few years. I got a lot out of it but always felt like they were leaving something out ultimately.

Hugs Peaches

Visible said...


If you want to draw attention to your work that's okay but it isn't necessary to quote me at things I never said, on events I haven't commented on except as a very, very brief mention in a listing of odd events where not one item of what you refer to got said.

galen said...

Sage691, a very powerful and stirring essay. Thank you for your gut honesty. If you teach your children nothing else but to love and respect animals, you are way ahead of the game. With that foundation, they will know how to "jump," 'cause love cares and often goes the distance. Again, a sincere thank you.


Visible said...

concerning this 'gut honesty', maybe I'm overlooking something. so... could you, or anyone, refer me to where I made the statements he attributed to me? "Your comment regarding the ferry sinking and the victims dutifully waiting for help and the only survivors were those that disobeyed authority" I'm confused about this. I don't remember saying any of it. It's possible I'm losing my mind and that would be a concern,

galen said...

I only commented on Sage's essay. Don't know about the comments regarding you, although they seem like something you would say, noble and encouraging, you know, like don't blindly obey. But I believe you when you say you didn't. The "gut honesty" was referring to his highlighting of what goes on with animal slaughter. Hope this clears it up. Maybe he'll tell you more soon. Things can get mixed up on line. Can't always iron them out, hard as we try.


galen said...

ps: There were other writers who wrote something very similar to what he is attributing to you. Sorry, can't remember who they were; it's been a few days. Perhaps he took those as yours because of similarity of spirit. If I find the articles that commented on the ones who died on the ferry were those who obeyed, I'll send the links.


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

The Great Work and Building the Body of Light.

Visible said...

If I don't inquire and sometimes I'm too direct about it; mostly cause I'm already on to the next thing, I learn nothing.

You are more generous and grant greater latitudes than do I. It's probably not one of my better traits; whatever that is but I have to go now. It bothers me when something is attributed to me that I didn't say, no matter what the justification is. Even worse is when accounts are given about my behaviour that bear no connection to reality. I've encountered a great deal of that over time.

Visible said...

If I don't inquire and sometimes I'm too direct about it; mostly cause I'm already on to the next thing, I learn nothing.

You are more generous and grant greater latitudes than do I. It's probably not one of my better traits; whatever that is but I have to go now. It bothers me when something is attributed to me that I didn't say, no matter what the justification is. Even worse is when accounts are given about my behaviour that bear no connection to reality. I've encountered a great deal of that over time.

sage691 said...

I'm sorry to upset you so. Evidently I'm mistaken by giving you undue credit but it was an honest mistake and one that I made because yours is one of the very few blogs that I regularly read now. My hope was that I could share or have an affect on those that have been so conditioned as to follow authority at all costs, including of their own lives. No harm meant and I hope none done. Thanks for the venue.

Visible said...

Absolutely don't worry about it. Basically I was confused more than anything, though I know I don't often sound like it. I'm a little too matter of fact but this is the me I'm left with at the moment.

Ray B. said...

sage691, April 26, 2014 8:36:00 PM

"Your comment regarding the ferry sinking and the victims dutifully waiting for help and the only survivors were those that disobeyed authority got me to thinking."

Possibly, you're 'remembering' an old Comment that I made regarding the "Titanic" sinking and the different options for survival if the crew/passengers thought 'out of the box'. If so, time does reassemble remembrances in strange ways, doesn't it?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

marilyn said...

so happy you are two of les is all you need and maybe a little imagination. :)
did i ever tell you my fave saying? no? dang it..."miracles happen, the impossible takes a little longer."
hangin' in and hangin' on.
love to all.

sage691 said...

Well, Ray B., that may very well be the case. I long ago stopped reading from forums and most blogs. Actually only this one and the one of my friend that posted my thoughts for me. In any case, I was mistaken. Thanks for remembering that. I'm not sure why I felt so driven to write what I did but it was on my mind for days and I prayed about it and then the words just came together for me. I'm not a writer and I don't have any interest in blogging, etc. So this was just something from my heart that I wanted to share, especially with my children.



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