Saturday, July 27, 2019

Trying to Outrun the Hava La Gila Monster, Zombie Apocalypse Express Train, with Satchel Paige.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

If you are WATCHFUL. If you are a careful and focused observer of life, you can see things coming from some distance away. It's like being on the highway. There is the highway of cars and trucks ...and there is the Highway of Life and they are the same, except the latter is more comprehensive. It's a life and death thing, to pay attention on the highway but... many people do not and with the pandemic of cellphone hypnosis, there is a plague of cyber-junkie monkeys on the loose. The only real difference between cyber junkie monkeys and real monkeys is that they don't (yet) throw fecal waste at you and then masturbate... um mm, upon reflection I am going to have to say that, increasingly, there are more and more exceptions to that.

Those who don't pay attention on the highway of motorized vehicles, are usually even more inattentive on the Highway of Life. They seldom monitor their thoughts, words or deeds. Introspection has gone the way of objectivity.

Being one who IS WATCHFUL and carefully attentive to what is coming and going on both of those highways, including other highways, yet to be mentioned, I am seeing some disturbing trends. What is even more disturbing is that they are simply part of a gaggle of trends, cluster fucking for position at the entry gate to the Perfect Storm.

Before I forget, I did want to mention that darling Johnny Yaniv is a Tribe Member. It is said that God works in mysterious ways. I believe you will find that he is going to become less and less mysterious, as we pass deeper into this Grand Apocalypse. You've heard of the straw that broke the camels back. There are many other metaphors for that. Yaniv is going to prove to be Patient Zero, in more ways than one. He is going to find that, yes... there is such a thing as bad publicity. Wait and see.

Back to the trends. You've probably seen this. You've probably run across this as well. This form of activity is happening in multiples. Then there is this sort of thing. Events of these kinds are taking place all over the nation. Take a look at this!

I could keep adding links for a very long time; much longer than you would eventually pay attention to. Though I added only one of the recent attacks on police, there have been several. Then there is ANTIFA, who are our modern day equivalents of Jacobins, emergent Khmer Rouge and... there are a number of previous examples, having to do with political correctness run amok, under the banner of Communism in Russia, China and other nations and striving hard to happen here. The rhetoric of the Democratic presidential candidates and The Squad and the mayors and city council bots of the bi-coastal urban squalor, ALL give testimony to a bad moon rising. Mind how you go and Katie? Bar the door!

Do not be fooled by the tactics of street thugs abusing law enforcement. There is a method to this madness and it IS BEING ORCHESTRATED, by a cabal of dangerous agents of The Dark Lord, who are very determined to plunge the world into a cauldron of chaos and disorder. It's happening folks.

Look! Look longer and deeper. Look at the multiplying homeless, deranged, drunk, despondent and drugged, dysteleologists; the crepuscular feeding of the zombies, in the advent of the long and agonizing fall of western cisgender-vilization. Two headed troglodyte misanthropes, are fellating the milk carton children, who only went missing fifteen minutes ago, after corkscrewing like a pig's penis, into the puckered butt cheeks of all that might have been, sliding down the behavioral back slope of a Darwinian nightmare, to a soundtrack of clicking mandibles.

It may be that Kalifornia, shaking in the boots of its own abysmal destiny, is the only thing that saves us as a culture and what stymies me, what puzzles me beyond endurance, is the large numbers of decent, caring people, who make up the vast backdrop of everyone not saying anything and standing around like movie extras, while all the wild eyed lunatics fill the world with obscene noise. Why are they just standing there? Has courage and conviction left the building, leaving only shameful cowardice and confusion in its wake? This can't be!

Furthermore, how did tens of millions get swept up into this freak show carnival of immigration hysteria and perverted sex acts, with everyone willing and unwilling? Since when did everything from Arachnophilia to Zoophilia become not only tolerable but desirable? How is it possible that Communism is even considered as a workable social construct, by so many people, doomed to repeat a history that apparently they have forgotten? Is it because the ones promoting it are the ones who own the airwaves and every media porthole on the information highway? Last time, they had to create a holocaust fantasy to distract from their murder of 60 million Russians. What will they do this time, simply kill all the witnesses?

I see them revving the headers on The Anti-Semitic Express. The lead engine has the face of gargoyle, where the cowcatcher usually is and flames and black smoke stream from the nostrils. Hava La Gila Monster is blasting through what look like twin 70th Anniversary Floor Standing Klipschorns, where the ears of the gargoyle would be, except they appear to be much bigger. Open your mouth AT ALL about Dead Palestinians, False Flags, Live Fags, Holomodors, Armenian Genocides, Orthodox Trannies or Syrian Incursions and you will Rue Paul the day.

What is going on cannot continue to go on for too much longer. The anger, frustration, hunger, flaming appetites, resentments and all the rest of the unrestrained emotions, courtesy of helicopter parents, are coming to a head. Cowards who wouldn't even think of arguing with an angry, sexually frustrated girlfriend (on the slim chance there is even one around) think nothing of attacking anyone, once they are in a large mob of black outfitted, kerchief faced losers, that have every real outlaw from the last ten thousand years, turning over in their graves.

I am waiting here in the desert silence, the spirit of Edward Abbey is slipping in and out of the shadows of the late afternoon cacti. What's is gonna be? Will Lady Nature finally articulate the wrath that has been boiling in the subterranean caverns of the Earth for what seems like forever now? Will lightning bolts flame out of the sky, down upon these modern replicas of Sodom and Gomorrah? Will ever greater disturbances break out in the lawless cities, now that the barbarians are on the other side of the gates? It is an 'any day now' kind of a thing.

I pray for an awakening. A tilt of a few tens of millions would be a game changer. We wouldn't have to see, the formerly invisible demons, materialize on the new battlefields of everywhere. Have you ever been in a mob that has lost its mind? I have. It's not a pretty sight.

I'm no stranger to the ratcheting suspense of imminent conflagration. I spent near four years in some of the darkest hellholes in this country, for nothing more than not cooperating and they nearly sent me down forever, the second time. I will NEVER cooperate with the evil that men do. I will not go down like a beast to the grave. I will not let my heart be silenced by fear of what are only shadows. I have seen this to be true, up close and personal. I can only hope that in the desperate hours to come, enough of us still have some grit to stand and say, “You shall not pass!”

It is never enough for these monsters to accomplish mere subjugation and servitude. They are after torment and anguish at 11 on the volume dial of the Marshall amps. They want cries and screams unending, which they weave together for their enjoyment. Few of us have any idea of the level of depravity that the wicked engage in during that interlude following the fall of an Empire. One would be better informed to read about the Rape of Nanking, the Night of the Long Knives, the 90 day Reign of Terror and what followed after, ...the Gulags, The thousands of screaming men that Tamerlane had embedded in a concrete wall, the delicacies of Vlad the Impaler and the time of the Khan's and that period of shunned history which tells of what happened to the German people ...after the Russian Cheka came to town.

Oh... that's all been swept under the rug, in order for it to happen again. Not for no reason are phrases like, “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” remembered. “To the victor go the spoils.” and “History is written by the victors.” Better you don't find out what that means AND the stage is being set this very moment for more of the same. It doesn't have to be that way. A golden age waits on the doorstep of tomorrow. Surely there will be rough highway for some but it will not be so everywhere. So long as we are strong in faith, that which is ever unseen will manifest in the hearts and minds of humanity. God has no other hands but ours.

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Anonymous said...

Christ, Visible, I was waiting for a dragon to come flying out of my screen!!!!

Visible said...

Here is where you go to sign up at Pocketnet here.. if Facebook censors me, or if Google does the same, you can find me at Pocketnet. No one is throwing me off of there. I want you to check it out anyway because the news flow there is cutting edge and BETTER than anywhere I have EVER been. There is a high level of intelligence with a (thankfully) small percentage of dingbats and opportunists there. Anyway, you have been warned and you will know where I am and if you need to search for me there, my user name is visible. Many blessings!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wiggins said...

Top man....:-)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils up.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm a follower, but nothing is coming through. Kinda like you can't get to my blog. Me thinks google is messing with our connexion, and if I notice you don't have a prompt going to your next blogpost, I will do what I can to put that prompt down like I have done in the past.

Ray B. said...

Hey, Vis. A "fiery" column. Thanks!

Vis: "Have you ever been in a mob that has lost its mind?"

I actually think that is the case, except I would say Mind. The bad-guys have been working for thousands of years to slowly and gradually cut-off people's access to their Souls and their Higher Selves.

Our Souls point us to where we have not yet experienced, and are the repository for said experiences. Loss of contact cuts us adrift; we don't know why we came down here. That is why there is such 'milling around' at the present time.

The Higher Self basically 'extends' us. Only a small part overlaps with our day-to-day human concerns. It is kind of an 'intermediate' between us and really-high parts of all-God. As such, it is a fount of beyond-human capabilities and possibilities. Cutting-off access to this 'part' renders us bags of meat; just what the baddies want.

Loss of access to these two parts of each of us is the fundamental strategy of the bad-guys. It has led to the weirdness being exhibited. Fortunately, higher good-guy types have noticed this strategy. Their 'recent' response has been to go-after the higher bad-guys directly; cleaning or banishing them. (It is almost no use to try to clean-up humanity first; the baddies would just 'reach-down' and undo the progress from above. That was a hard-learned lesson.)

At some point, the 'lid' will come off. Humanity has been suppressed, and that will end. Yay! What comes next is iffy...

I suspect the view will initially look like the Orc army at the Black Gates after Sauron has been banished/killed. People initially without-access to their Souls and Higher Selves will be terrified - especially those who had been influenced or 'occupied' by baddies (think early Théoden). I am assuming that higher-good guys have a plan to get at least 'most' of humanity through this existential crisis. (No idea.) After that, a combination of embarrassed inner-reflection and celebrations.

We do live in interesting times, as the old Chinese blessing/curse relates...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Voltman said...

"I can only hope that in the desperate hours to come, enough of us still have some grit to stand and say, “You shall not pass!”"

The following is the story of a real man who still has some grit to stand and say, “You shall not pass!” it is also an example of what real journalism should be.

The REAL war on terror – Sweida civilians defending themselves against ISIS
Vanessa Beeley – Patreon July 26, 2019

Anonymous said...

Speaking of, “You shall not pass,”


Visible said...

A new Visible Origami is up now-

Having Love in the Engine Block and the Qualities of God in the Windshield, Light Up all the Future Exit Signs.

Asil said...

Hello Visible,
I prayed for Divine Intervention for many years and I prayed for enlightenment. Now I doubt that will be the process of awakening.
A while back I saw at the end of a road, looking from a cliff, the world in a similar view as a photo taken with a fisheye lens. It was totally devastated and what was not laid to waste was hopelessly neglected. The expression was that "the many will be shaken to the core of their being". It was quite dreadful and I felt a lot of grief for days.
Love always



Joseph Brenner

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